The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 18, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Established 1890 The Dalles, Ore.
Published Every Hvenlng Exoept Sunday
by the Chronicle Publlfihlng' company Inc
Ben R. Mtfln doncrol Manager
Alvln L. Uuoklin
Entered In The Dalle postofflce as
econd class matter.
One year. In advance 15.00
81k months. In advance ......S3.00
onojnonth .60
One year, in advniive $5.oo
una montn
One year. In advance.
12. uu
in nrApHnv -hann nf aAAramm ..ih.
new S32ff ,W- B,V6 M " We"
fffl&l?cirvSiM 111
w ' ' ,. . -
ouuKnumi iu mu unrunicio are guar-
antccd service. Prompt and regular de-
Uvcry of every subscriber's paper Is the
aim of the circulation department. The
.hr0.Tlte carr',r are required to put
the papers on the porch or wherever th
subscriber wishes 'ho paper delivered,
I He's afraid of what his neighbor
With the United States literally win think of him and say of him.
staggering under the readjustment if he Ignored the opinion of his
load, drives for this and that con- neighbor and would be guided by hi
tlnue in monotonous regularity. Most own inclinations and the dictates or
of the money raising campaigns are his pocketbook, he wouldn't sub
worthy. Some are vital. ! scribe to all these drives.
Hut where is it all to end?
Millions of American men are idle.
Stills and factorlnn in ihn fnat tmva
ht v., V u 7u ,7
shut down. Farmers through the mid-
u neni uuu weal nave Deen unauie
to sell their wheat at a profitable
figure. Some have not disposed of
their crops. The cotton growers of
the southern states are unable to
sell their cotton at a prof it. Foreign
exchange has prevented England buy
ing much cotton and failure of crops
over in India has curtailed the buy- (
ing power of the greatest cotton pur-
chasing country In the world. Fralts
and vegetables of California lie rot-
I'r.K in the orchards and fields. There '
is no market far from home. The
excessive rail rates. Construction
of the products of the soil out of
the question.
The lumber of Oregon can find
no eastern market owing to the same
etcesslve rail rates. Construction
costs are so high yet, that little de-
mand for the product is evidenced
nearer home. Lumber mills have
shut down.
The cost of living has not been
reduced materially. Rents and fuel
and other commodities which in,
fluonco ultimate living cost are still
at llgh poak. i
Wages in many Industries nre-bo-
Ing slashed mercilessly.
Yet many people got a tremendous
kick from contemplating the starv- j,reB8VOi
Ing condition of tho Humpty Dump- crops" and orchards and gardens
ties or tho Splfflenecks or the lack WOre destroyed by the middle west
of sanitation among lho Dlddle-Dees. atorm, according to tho reports. Can
Now It Is all very wojl to con- 00u conceive this, you who can go
sldor lho other fellow's pllKlit and to tho window or tho door and see
help him In material way. crops gwn , tno prlng 8Unanmo
Bui why go afield to find abject of Tne Dailes, orchards laden with
want and misery T Thousands of bBftUtlrm Dioora8, gardens unfurling
Btomachs In the United States are Kreen ,uaV08 t0Wllrd Ul0 blue 8ky.
hungry this .wetting. Millions of eat- Tn,,yi thi8 COmmuulty Is favored
nest men who oek work or.) trump- U8 tt j,,uco to plnnt crop8i grow or.
ing up and down this land' Idle. cluml8 1U1U teml Kunions. No tor
Their families and they are In want. mu,oos horo t0 .anj0 the work
Many who have jobs nnd business- of ,mm ln a twinkling. No snow and
es are caught between the millstones slut,t flUls ,n luto BprinK to mako a
of high prices nnd stagnating bus! mock ot tno greon growlnK things,
ness conditions. , NoW8 of tornadoes in the middle
Oh, we are not preaching pessl- W08t makeg ua Bynlpathetlc for those
mlHin. Things are bound to come out who 8Uf(ered disaster. Yet in tho
all right. SIkhh point to this even- miWH i8 u certain satisfaction to
tunlly now. But let's face tho facts. local dwcliers who know that this
Conditions In tho United States uro cummim,ly l.ioal climatically
serious. Consider tho national debt speaking. Also such news from the
if you doubt this. That t.wt alone middle west indicates that dwellers
should prove tho contention. Idleness (hero will In time tire of residing
is everywhere. Factories and mills in a country where death lurks,
turn no wheejs. Production is cur- where loss ls ever present, where
tailed. I'rlceB of many nocessaties nature Is unkind. They are coming
aro high, influencing m(iBt costs to to spots whero tornadoes are un
remain up In tho clouds. known, where crops grow bounteous-
Listen If we glvo to the Hump- y and In profusion, where the dom
ty DumptluH, the Splfflenecks and Qont note ot Ufa Is happiness and
the Dlddle-Dees, we are sending mon- contentment. i
oy out of this hind which sorely with the local chamber of com
needs every cent of capital Rt this merce revitalised, with activities In
time. We are overlooking hunger this community manifesting new vlg
here aad seeing hunger In other or, with merchants sounding the top
lands. Are we mentally fsr sighted, tliuUtic note, The Dalles and Wasco
unable tj soo tho need at hand, ablo county should attract those who aro
to view the misfortune some dls- tCVlQg death dealing tornadoes and
tanres uwny?
Tho whole proposition comes down
to this: shall we help America or
shall we help other lumls? With our
resources strained, it Is evident that
wo cannot alleviate the suffering in
both pluces. Which is It to be, Araer-
ca or foreIgn countries? Are you
lor America ursi or are you most
Interested in some foreign misery?
Have you stopped to consider that
'the average man importuned -to glvo
to this and .that, having limited capl-
tal, will very soon place himself in
the condition which he seeks to re-
Ifeve by his promiscuous giving?
Somehow we feel that a man who
refuses to give to this drive and
( that drive but keeps his small work-
ing capital and pays his blliu prompt-
ly, is after all the best citizen ot
Mm mmmnn Iv In whliMi h run don
" " "
Of course It is pleasant to be point
" " v
ed Ut 88 haV,Dg thTOU6h b,BneBS
of heart subscribed so much to the
HUmpty Dump,Ues But truIy' ,u
Beems more worthwh,,e to have paid
,, Mil.. ..I hrm nf 1.xo1 mnr.
J v.
Drives for one thing and another
which come In regular waves show
that the average cltlren of the Unit
ed States, is afraid of public opinion.
If it weren't , for the fear of what
someone would think, he'd look out
- m .1- mi l j .1..
1 ' y i
Humpty Dumptles and the Spiffle-
necks and Dlddle-Dees afterward, if
he wa8 financially able to do so.
where is it all to end?
Sixty were killed and 49 injured
in vicious blizzards and tornadoes
which originating in Texas, swept
through Arkansas and Missouri,
thence through the entire middle
west. Of courBe this sort of thing
iB merely an incident in. the life of
the middle west. Tornadoes and vlo-
,ent BtormB crash upon villages and
towns now nnd tnen hurllng death
and de8tructlon.
B'ut la mnkef3 UB favored by the
md Cimate of The Dalles and Was-
co county renllze with an added full.
ne88 tnat thls commun,ty climatl-
cnlly speuklnB ls 0ne of the Ideal
B)0ts of lhlfl earth J
Nevop ,lo Volonl stormB smlto
th,8 localIty 0nce , a whUe a wlnd
b,0W8 whlch ls dl8agreeabiy strong,
Yet , Us BtrcnRth lies boneficlence. j
During tho hot summers this wind
drawn up by th0 draft of the Co-
' lunibia gorge tempers the suns ray's
Qere B0 that lho heut ,B not
destructive billiards,
Three young men In festive ood
uttonded a dauce. held la Chemowlth
grange hall a few weeks ago. They
naa in weir possession a Dome 01
moonshine whiskey. From time- to
time they partooE of this liquid re-
freshment which added to their mer-
Tneir COmedy wasn't appreciated
by the other dancers and deputy
sheriffs at the hall placed 'two of
the disturbers under arrest.
third man escaped
Tn0Se arrested were Edward Col -
by and T. W. Comstock. They were
charged with possession of liquor in
tu. i I
uuuiiavcuituu ui kuu taw
Testimony showed both men eoual
guilty. They both had quaffed li
DUiions irora me uuiwe conuuuuig
moonshine whiskey. They both had
been a bu t0Q
T. W. Comstock realizing that he
was guilty, so pleaded and was fined
$25 in the court of Justice of the
Peace J. W. Allen.
Colby refused, to plead guilty. He
demanded a jury trial.
Now It developed at the trial that,
what Colby was guilty of, Comstock
wan also guilty of. The ownership of
rite bottle of liquor was not estab-
llHl.fd by testimony. Reputable per-
soua however testified that Colby
had taken a drink of moonshine.
The Jury hearing the evidence ac-
jjUmed Colby
The man who pleaded guilty was
f imjd whereafl maQ Wfl0 8UDmlt.
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each Insertion. If Inserted 6 times or
more. 3-4 cent a word. Monthly publi
cation rates on application at the office.
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405 Washington Main 68)1. IS
ted his caae to judgment of the pub-
11c was acquuiea.
The cases of Comstock and Colby
serve to show that strict. enforce-
ment of the Volstead act and the
prohibition amendent is almost fan-
possible. Law enforcement depends
upon public opinion in the last analy-
Bi8. Laws are but the reflex of pub-
iiC opinion.
Public opinion is divided upon the
1 wet and dry Issue. Some assert that
they didn't support the dray law
and they don't propose to abide by
lt now. Of course, if we have a law,
we should see that It is enforced.
But on the other hand, many
.. .l.i .v. i.,..,..
uenevu iuui uie yruuiumon amend-
ment Is an infringement of personal
Uberty 8hould therefore De hon.
od in the breach,
! One may argue until- one 1b hoarse
to the effect that since prohibition
nas Deen voted it should be enforced
and thousands will go on Ignoring
he. law. or breaking , it deliberately
and juries will continue to acquit
men equally as guilty as those who
without trial plead 'guilty and are
( fed.
This is no criticism of the Jury
which brought In the Colby veTdict
of acquittal. It is just a statement
of fact to the effect that inasmuch
as laws depend upon public opinion
for enforcement and inasmuch as
public opinion is divided upon the
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ity nnd increasing demand for
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city, river and mountains. Close in.
Three-quarters of an acre consist
ing of spacious shady lawns, large
fruit trees of all kinds with small
fruits. and excellent garden spaces.
Cherrlea alone bring fine returns.
Pleasant rambling house. Five
rooms and bath with modern plumb-.
Ing. Detached house suitable for
sleeping quarters or shop. Large
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This Is neither lots nor acreage but
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C. F. Spauldlng, 414 West Twelfth
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Chronicle office, five cents per
pound. tf
desirability of the prohibition amend
ment, It must needs be that juries
'which are representative of public
opinion shall refuse' to convkt per
cons whose offense iff taking a drink
of some beverage in which there is
more than one half of one percent
. I
i-iiBi I
(From The Chronicle, April 18. 1896.)
Dr. Slddall came in from Portland
. Hon.' A. S. Bennett boarded the l:30
train for a flying trip to Porflwid.
Mrs. V. C. Brocks and Miss Mildred
Larsen are visiting in The Dalles this
Mr. L. Henry of Hood River is in
the city and will attend the Populist
county convention tomorrow as a del
egate. Mrs. and Miss Sherman of Elgin,
111., and Miss Martin of Nebraska are
in the city, the. guest of Mrs. S. L.
Mr. Fred Oottfreid of San Francis
co, a brother to Carl Gottfreid, has
been visiting him for several days. He
returned home this' morning.
Hon. Wf H. H. Dufur and wife of
Dufur were in the city today. Mr. Du-
WANTED Housework by day or
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LOST 32x4 i tire and rim. Return
to Dalles Garage for reward. 20
. i.
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erty in Hillsboro, 200x146 feet, seven-room
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fmit trees, for good Improved city
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11 tf
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D. M. Pierce, proprietor. Telephone
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17-11 Veft INi-Ow Creafcyt
iur reports the serious Illness of Mra.
Woodford who Is not expected to live.
Died: George McNulty, aged 34, son
of Captain John MoNulty, at the ranch
njear Mosler, yesterday morning. He
has beep afflicted for a long time with 1
consumption. The body will be
brought here tonight on the Regulator.
The arrangements for the funeral
have not yet been made.
By United Press fl
NEW YORK, April 18. Avowing,
that Anna Luther, moving picture ac
tress, devoured f404.53 worth of deli
cacies for which she did not pay, Reu
ben, delicatessener, has gone to court
to collect. Caviar and goose livers
are -mostly what Anna ate, declared
Reuben, but. she did not pass up
Italian olive oil, .Norwegian sardines,
nor Chinese bird-nest puddings, said
Month after month, starting from
September and ending in January of.
this year, Miss Luther dropped into
Reubens and secured appeasement for
her hearty appetite with such coarse
morsels of food as satiate the palate
of royalty and chorus girls', he claims,
and only $200 of the original $604.53
bill would she ever pay.
Reubens is the same close-margin-ed,
small profited merchant, whom
the courts a w'hile back refused to let
charge $25 for a roast ham.
Byes tested, glasses utted. Dr. Geo.
F. Newhouse. ti
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mother made up a mixture, of Sage
Tea and Sulphur to keep her locks
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women and men who value that even
color, that beautiful dark shade of
hair which is so attractive, use on
ly this, old-time recipe.
Nowadays we get this famous' mix
ture Improved by the addition of
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drug store for a bottle of "Wyeth's
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en, a sponge, or soft brush with it
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By morning the gray hair disap
pears; but what delights the ladies
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pound ls that, besides beautifully
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plications, it also brings back the
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pearance of abundance. Adv.
I finrget-Mogan Co
Funtral Director
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Eyflsifkt Sfaditt
Drug Srs Pwsae Slaek 1111