The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 26, 1901, Image 1

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The Kind Ton Hare Always Bought, and which has been
in use tot over 30 wan. tuim. .. -
ana has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy
Allow no AM to dAMlvA mn In tJilo.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Jnst-as-good" are hot
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
ftrihnta and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend,
Bears the Signature of
The Kind Yon Hare Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years."
Iowao Will Succeed Gage as Secretary
of Treasury Wilson Will Stay in
Washington, Dec. 25. It was au
oonnced authoratiyely this evening that
Governor Leslie M. Shaw, of Iowa, will
be appointed secretary of the treasury to
succeed Secretary Lyman J. Gage. There
will be no change in the office of secre
tary of agriculture. Secretary Wilson,
also of Iowa continuing to retain that
The date of transfer of the treasury
department will depend on the mutual
convenience of the outgoing and incom
ing secretaries, Mr. Gage having signi
fied an entire willingneee to remain at
the head of bis department until such
time as it may be agreeable to bis suc
cessor to take bold. It is supposed,
however, that Governor Shaw will be
inducted into bis new office some time
in January. It has been known for
two or three days that Governor Shaw
was elated for appointment to succeed
Governor Gaga, but it was not until to
day that the Iowa xecutive accepted
the tender made to him.
The definite announcement of Gover
nor Bbnw's selection gave the greatest
gratification to the Iowans resident
here. They regard him as a man well
quipped for the plans sod feel confident
the appointment will give general satis
faction. Secretary Wilson voiced this
sentiment when asked about Governor
Shaw tonight, nod be added tost tbe
governor la batter known to the people
east of the Mississippi river than any
man in private life west of the Missis
sippi on questions of finanoe.
tafWUH mt rif relator.
Pbsdistom, Dec. 26.-J. D. Betts, of
this city, is one of the happiest men in
town. He bas jnst received word from
bis attorneys at Washington. D. 0.. that
be will receive bis letters patent as ap
plied for covering bis invention of n sew
railroad snik. Mr. Setts is s painter to
the emptor of I. J. Murphy, and has
resident of Fwnslotos for the peat
He hat already pwt the prtos of
patent bas been secured. The patent at
first will onlv be for Ganada and the
United Stater, but latter will be taken
out for all countries where railroads are
operated. Mr. Betts rays he has in
vented a spike that a ill ho'd railroad
iron to the ties, and which cannot poe
eibiy be polled out without tearing up
the tie. As soon as be bas received his
patent he will make known tbe nature
of tbe rpike. At present be refuses to
give out any of tbe drawings of his in
ventions. Fir on a lUuur,
Mi m en is, Tenn., Dec. 25. The stern
wheel steamer Sun, ply togs between tbis
port and Fulton, Tenn., burned to the
water's edge at 6 o'clock today at her
moorings at tbe wharf on the city front.
The boat arrived from Fulton about
midnight, with 15 passengers, all of
whom were asleep on board when tbe
fire broke out. Of these three are
known to be lost, 0. Ranor and wife, of
Oid Biver, T-mo., sod Mrs. G. M. Tims,
of Richardson Lsnding, Ark. Their
charred remains have been recovered
from the wreck, The 3-inontbs-old
child of Mrs. Tims is missing. It is be
lieved that all the other persons on
board escaped.
Tbe fire originated in a pile of seed
cotton ou tbe boiler deck, and probably
was started by a spark from tbe furnace.
The boat was valued at $10,000 and was
about half insured. Tbe cargo wss
totally destroyed.
Mf4 Herself.
Salbu. Dec. 25. Mrs. Mary Faltinate
committed suicide st tbe asylum this
evening by banginc herself. She had
just been placed in her room, when she
made a rope from a bedebeet and banged
herself to tbe window guard. Tbis is an
unfortunate event, which could not be
averted unless an attendant were em
ployed for each patient who bad suicidal
propensities. Mrs. Faltinate was 31
years old, and ner borne is in Kersey,
Colombia county.
That Clothing Sale we've been tellinir vou about since earlv this month, is mm
ing to a close soon. DcCe 3 1st is the last day. If for any reason you have
neglected to provide yourself with suitable clothing Mens or Boys delay no
longer. You will positively regret it if you do for neither this store, nor any
other, will hereafter ofTer the same inducements we are now making.
For a few days longer these prices will prevail until DcCe 3 1 Ate
Boys' Suits j& j&
-i ' re
QoeJd any offer comfe at tinn1
mote opportune than tlna'.'
The wiiit'-r is before you ijiiitt'
possible your boys' clothing is jtet
tin worn ami snobby should We
have a storm with a Hiirry of snow
lie illicit Hissilly suffer for the want
of a warm overcoat.
In the fare of all these possibilities
We say any suit or overeoat for
lare or small boy avt at re
duced price!
Brinr this list with you ami select
$2 or 2.50 garment
for $1.80
$3 or 3.50 garment,
for 2.65
$4 or 4.50 garment
for 3.35
$5 or 5.50 garment
for 4.15
$6 or 6.50 garment
for 515
$7, 7.50 or 8.00 gar
ment for 5.90
$8.50, 9.00 or 10.00
garment for 7.35
$12; .12.50 or 13.50
garment for 9.85
Ulsters j&
Suits and Overcoats
for a lew days longer at these special
In the next fiur days of this sale we
exH-rt to put the finishing touches on
the most successful December clothing
business this store has ever enjoyed.
Wehavejriven values Sttofa as m one
expected even here. Skeptical people
have come ami gone away Satisfied.
Satisfied with what they boufhi with
what they saw ami satisfied thai we o
just as we advertise t do always
$10 to 12.50 garments
choice $8.45
$13.50 to 15.00 gar
ments, choice 10 65
$15.50 to 18.75 gar
ments, choice 13.85
$19 to 24.00 garments,
choice 16.85
$25 to 30.00 garments,
W w
i M
Bar Omm Life
bKATTLK. Dee. 86. Dolly Qoappa took
does of carbolic acid and died from its
fleets this afternoon. She loved Well
Di.k-.oii .hum she believed to be a
bo. Tbe Piekerell girl msrqeeraded
In men's clothing and has won tbe
beets of several soaoeptible girls. Tbe
Qeappe girl bad worked hers as a wait-
8bc earns bare worn
her mother Urn, 628 South
Argentina Will Sign the Protocol Of
fered by ' Chile Disputants Mutt
Withdraw Their Troops From
New Yokk. Dee. 25. The Tribune,
President Roca's organ, according to a
dispatch from Buenos Ayree to tbe Her
aid, announces that tbe second proposal
of Chile about Ultima Esperaosa is ac
ceptable and both governments will
sign tbe following protocol :
Firet Argentina will withdraw her
police etsiion from Cerro Paliqus and
transfer it to Los Morros, situated many
miles to tbe eastward.
Second Chile will transfer its station
to Puerto Consuelo. Tbe whole cone
thus remains included in tbe disputed
bflud la WllllBf.
Naw Yokk, Dec. 26. It is understood,
esyatbe Loudon correspondent of tbe
Tribune, that tbe government will rend
a favorable reply to the request from
Chile that tbe British government
should speedily use its influence to
bring about a solntios of tbe difficulty
with tbe Argentine republic.
Brain Pood Nodmum.
r Another ridiculous food fad has been
oranded by tbe moat competent author
ities. They have dispelled the silly no
tion that one kind of food is needed for
brain, another for muscles, and still as
other for bones. A correct diet will not
nnlv nntiriah . narttanlAr tkrt nf the
j body, but it will sustain every other
Krt. i et, bowever good your food may
, its nutriment is drrtroyed by indi
gestion or dyepsysis. You must pre
pare for tbelr appearance or prevent
their coming by taking regular doses of
Green's August Flower, the favorite
medicine of the healthy millions. A fsw
doses aids digestion, stimulates tbe liver
to healthy action, purines tbe blood, sod
makes you feel buovant and vigorous.
You can get Dr. G.'C. Gi sen's reliable
j remedies at Blakeley's drug store. Get
Green s special Almanac 1
have lost it
bair appears dry and to
ts vitality it wants something
ti mi,m it Ufa and visor. We have whet
tbe hair needs when it gets In that con
dktioa. We have s the Crews of
belenos H a irgalg) Grower and
Ceeaanat Oreem W Took. The
will cere swssi sW rnff nM sfi
MS, roc SBJe a r rwarr mm.
Fries Km aod76e a beetle.
If you wsnt to retain yooi bair you
have to keep your scalp dean. Soap
will make your bair harsh, -dry and
crispy. Now we have two of tba yery
best preparations for cleansing tbe
scalp Egg and Pine Tar Shampoo. It
will leave your bair soft and glossv.
Prina. 2f, And 50 cents a bottle, at Frasor's
I barber shop, The Dalles. tf
A rmmr MllllaBalre
Lately atarved in London because be
could not digest his food. Early use of
Dr. King's New Life Pills would have
ssved bim. They strengthen tbe stomach ,
aid digestion, promote assimilation, im
prove appetite. Bold by G. C. Blakeley,
the druggist.
I can secure tlte services of an expert
music teacher at regular rates if several
more pupils run be secured. Address
Charles Betsler.The Dalles.Or. dJ0-lw
Floral lotion wilt core wind chapping
and sunburn. Manufactured by Car as
A Folk.
Oifford't Potot Htftr Psds.
Sexton & Walther
Hardware, Iron
and Steel
A full lineol BRIDGK A BEACH
Cook and Heetlag tttovse.
-awea saweys-
FAR wl Mi I mVLU MfcM le -seoie for Hooeler Drills, J. I -&ff f
Harro and Plow. Spring To nh Harrows, Blssell Chilled Hows, Mitchell Wag
ons Slid llscss, Heuiiev Kugies.
. .Star Windmills...
With Bsll and Riller bearings, snd fully warranted.
Write ui lor prices anl calalogust.
All orders entrusted to us will hsve prompt sttsntioo.
Prices always rlgbt.
The onlv Esclnslfs Hardware Kiore in tbe city.
Of tbe product of tbis well-known brewery tbe Dslted States HeaRb
Reports for Jane . 1900, ssyo: "A move supeilor brew never eatwed
tbsTlabratory of tbe Uaited States Health resorts. It M akately deeehj
of tbe sligbtsst trass of adulteration, but on the other hand Is m pom4oI
the best of malt snd choicest of boas. Its tools isw hh.
est and It can be used with tbe greatest beeeitsnd gto Jfff
young. lis use can ooneelenilonsly be ff '11! ilS
tbe esrsalnty that s better, purer or mors wkilisiws keverageeoeM
possibly be tounn."
Vse4 Bwcond Btrt, TBI DALLBf, OMOOM.