The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 23, 1901, Image 2

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    The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
PEC. 23. 1901
The bill to provide revenue tern- collected under the act, whether here;
porarily for the Philippine Islands, : or in the islands, less the cost of col-,
which passed the bouse last Wtii- lection, must be paid into the trea
oesdaj by a vote of ICS to 128, is sury of the Pnilippinc Islands, to be
justified in part by its supporters on
the ground of necessity.
Tbey say onr people have made
nroeress in the Philippine Islands
Pine the commission went there to
establish forms of civil government.
Tbey have established municipal gov
ernments in 765 of the towns or
townships of the islands. In each of there is a president, a vice
president and a certain number of
councilors who are all elected by the
votes of the natives. They have es
tablished provisional governments in
which the common interests of many
municipalities are united nnJer our
government. Tbey have established
a governor in the person of Judge
Taft. over all the islands not under
military jurisdiction and bis jurisdic
tion now extends over an area
74.000 square miles, including 58 per
cent of the territory of the islands,
and over 5,000,000 of the people, or
over 70 per cent of tbe whole people
of tbe islands.
They bave established a supreme
court, composed of a chief justice
and six associate justices. Under
them are district courts wbicb are
provided in fourteen districts. In
addition to this all tbe townships
have justices of tbe peace who bave
jurisdiction in minor cases- The
chief justice and two of bis six asso
ciates are Filipinos, as are many of
the justices of the circuit court. Tbe
justices of the peace are all Filipinos.
ucj iuc(.u.0i,cu,.,1:
in all the township which have come
under tbe iunsdiction of the United
States. They have established a con
stabulary force of e to 150 natives
in each of tbe fourteen districts, with
a force of inspectors who inspect
both tbe police and the constabulary.
In a word they bave organized a
force of 6,000 natives who perform
tbe duties of police and constable and
all of them, or nearly all except the
chief of constabulary and his assist
ants, are natives.
Tbey have liO.000 children en
rolled in the common schools, and
have provided 1000 American teach-
rs to educate them, in addition to
betwe.n 3,000 to -1,000 native teach
ers. Tbey have a normal school in
Manila with an attendance of 5.0
pupils apd night schools with at on-
rollment of abou
'5,000. They
bave established an agricultural
rhrwii in th isiitri'l nf X.ifr anrt
. . , w
scnooi ror me lnausmai arts in Ala-
They are building roads that call
for an expenditure of if 1,000,000 and
have let a contract for the improve-
ment of the harbor of Manila that
cali6 for between 12,000,000 and $3,-
000,000. Of tbe 73,000,000 acres of
land in tbe islands all but 0,000,000
acres belong to tbe government, and
of these 5,000,000 acres 403,000
acres belong to the friars who bave
been retting these lands to tbe na
tives for so many generations that
tbe natives have come to believe
that their title is as good as tbat of
the friars. It is something like tbe
old story of Ireland over again. A
good deal of tbe trouble of adminis
tration arises from tbe hatred toward
tbe friars from this cause. Tbe gov
ernment Las
been trvintr to aettle
the difficult! with iustice to all con-;
cerned and nronosea. as the onlv tu
isfactory remedy, to buy all lands
- J
from tbe friars, and as fast as title
can be obtained, to sell it to tbe oc
cupants on such easy terms as tbey
will be able to noeea.
v- .11 t - ;- 1
IWow til of these ttemes to pro- ,
greet, or ia eoUdpetion, require
. . .
ey to ea-r? mm on, and loU of ,
it, and
bum cone irom
l i.l 1. -K,
new Uu-iff bill, ap It peeeed the boose,
imposed Ibc Dingley rates on sood !
entering the United Sutes from the '
Philippines, and the rates established
by the Philippine commission on
goods entering the Philippines from '
the Unite. i States, Bat every dollar'
used and expended wholly for their
government and benefit.
Such toe Philippine tariff bill
ud 9Uch tne founds on which it
opporters justify it
1: is only na
tural that democrats and constitution
al free lraders should oppose and de-,
nounce it, but their denunciation
would come with better g ace if they ,
would offer a single suggestion, which
none of them bave done, of a mea
sure less oppressive
and equally ef-
fective for raising the necessary rev
enue. Mayor Harrison, of Chicago, has
come out in favor of tbe municipal
encouragement of athletics, and says
that if we want to develop a pbysi-
callv as well as mentally strong race
f we must dc everything in our power
to encourage athletic sports. He be-
lieves that cities ought to provide
free play ground? and athletic fields
and promote physical culture.
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the hr
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1 a Pnorn
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To W hum It Umj
t oocrrn.
At a meeting of The Dalies City
council held on Monday nigbt Dec. 9, 1
1901, it was moved and carried unani
mously : "Tbat the city marshal be or
dered to collect a monthly rental on and
after January 1, 1902, from all parties in
Dalles City wno shall then own houses
or otb-r obstructions that bava not been
removed from the public streets of the
city dl0-td
Change of Uaadijuarter.
Tha headnnartpra nf Trm D-llau an A '
Shaniko stage line is now at the Coinm-
hia Hotel. Stage leave there for Shan
iko every morning, except Sunday, at 6
o'clock. Passenger rate to Sbaniko 2.
20u-tf J. M. Toomey, Agent.
Maw HhtMt abo.
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BE. T.
at 7 A. M.
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DAILY except scxdat.
W. C. ALLAWAY, General Agent,
Tbe Dalles, Oregon.
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The Dalles, Or.
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White Collar Linn
TH Htts-Pirtltn mis
Str. "TAMOUA,"
Portland, The Dalles and
Way Points.
Leaves Portland at 7 a. m. on Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday.
Arrives Tbe Dallas, same day, 5 p. m.
Leaves Tbs Dalles at 7 a. m. on Sun
day, Wednesday and Friday.
Arrives Portland, same day, 4 p. m.
Meals the Very Beet.
bis Route has tbe Grandest
Scenic Attractions on Earth.
Portland-Astoria Route
Daily Round Trips except Sunday.
Leave Portland 7 a. k.
Leave Astoria 7 p. m.
Landing and office Foot of Alder
Street; both phones, Main 351, Port
land, Oregon.
E. W. Criebton, Aeent Portland,
Pratber and Barnes, Acts., Hood River,
Wolford & Wyers, Agte.. White Salmon,
J. C. Wyatt, Agent, Vancouver,
A. J. Taylor, Agent Astoria.
R. B. Gilbreth, Agt., Lyle, Wash.
J. M. FILLQOH, Aeent, The Dalles.
J. 8.
Max A. Voor.
First national Bank.
A General Banking Business transacted
Deposits reserved, subject to Sight
Draft or Ghack.
Ooliaet iotas mads and paueserte promptly
remitted on dav of oollection.
Sight and Telewraphic Ksehnnge sold ( a
New York, Baa Franejaeo an. port-
D. P. Tnee-rnon. Jen. 8. Scnsac a.
So. M. Wsiii.iaara, One. A. Ltass.
H. M. Bball.
First-gass in Euery Fespoet.
Hals at ill incurs
The table always supplied with
oast in tne
74 Front St.,
Court. Tbs Dalles.
Qso . t AMrnaXL,
lentlna Mrtdwa SalliaaS aait Water Buw'
rawSKawsrt lead narvaytus. n.
i-Hsn-n, OSsaStucttaa anS Malrtaaanrr ol
flSZ m ateat. Saw