The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 11, 1901, Image 1

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- KTu HPHBV .LM saata
NO. 253
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been,
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his por
reXf$472 sonal supervision since its infancy,
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Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Temporary Scheme For Raising Philip
pine Revenues Dingley Rates to
Apply on Goods Shipped to the
United States.
Washington, Dec. 10. The republican
members of the waya and means com
mittee today agreed upon a Philippine
measures, and later the entire member
ship of the committee was called to
aether for the first time. At an early
meeting of (he republican members,
Oolouel El wards, chief of the ineular
division of the war department, was
further lu a'd as to the methods employed
in framing the schedule of rates on
imports to the Philippines.
In particular be brought out the fact
that care was taken to consult wi'.h the
interested industries whenever a delicate
question of adjustment arose. The war
department showing brought out tbe
fact that in effect the United States
enjeya a preference in the present
Philippine rates, for although no prefer
ence is expressed, yet articles are 10
described as to prefer the American
product. Canned goods are specified as
a marked instance of thlv, the description
being such as to fit tbe American
product and give it a decided advantage
over foreign canned goods.
Mr. Russell's proposition to impose
80 per cent of the Dingley rates and Mr.
Tawney'a to repeal the export tax in the
Poiiippines waa voted down 3 to 6. The
Cuban commission, through Chairman
Payne, asked for a hearing1, tat upon
Mr. Russell's motion they were adviead
that no hearing would be given until
after the holidays, tbe object being to
postpone tbe matter of Cuban reciprocity
until after (ha holiday.
The commit tee waa formally organised
nd sub-committees appointed. Tbe
bill agreed upon Is designate! a tem
porary meatore, and provides that the
tariff laws of the Philippine commission
ball five fnll force and flec Upo i all
Roods coming from the Philippines to
the United States tbe r resent rates of
the Dingley lav eball be levied sad
collected. The same tonnage taxes shall
be levied apoo v Meals eoaalag into lbs
United States from the Philippines as
levied npon vessels coming from foreign
countries until January 1, 1905, with a
proviso that tbe coastwise laws of the
United States shall not apply to foreign
vessels plying between tbe United States
and the Philppines. All duties and
tonnage taxes collected either in the
Philippinet or in the United States are
to be covered into the Philippines
treasury. Articles exported to the Philip
pines eubject to internal revenue tax
eball be exempt from eucb tax and pay
only the duty provided for in the Philip
pines. The democratic members were in
formed of the programme regarding tbe
bill, which includes reporting on Friday
and passing it after oue daje's debate
next Tuesday, under a apodal rule.
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Cabinet Meeting.
Washington, Dec. 10. Tbe proposed
gift of $10,000,000 by Mr. Andrew
Carnegie for educational purposes was
discussed at today's meeting of tbe
cabinet. It was stated after the uieet
iuit that the president had received a
communication from Mr. Carnegie on
the subject of the creation o( a fund for
t ii ovtMnsioii of hisrher education. It is
said that his proposition does not in
volve the establishment of university
buildings in Washington, but rather the
niacins: of a fnnd in tbe bands of govern
ment reoreeentatlvet, from which tne
expenses of deserving students may be
naid in tbe line of original investigation
at borne or abroad. Tbe proposition, it
Is understood, has not reached a concise
form, except in general terms as to tbe
amount. Tbe president will confer with
members of congress in regard to the
proposed gift before making its terms
It was also stated after the meeting
tbatGcome T. Whitehead, at present
collector of customs for Porto Rico, bad
been offered tba position of appraiser of
merchandise at the port of New York, in
lace of Wilbur F. Wakeman, who bad
heen reauested to resign.
Tbe Philippine tariff queation occupied
a considerable part of lb time of tbe
meeting, and the recent insular decisions
of the supreme court were also under
consideration. -
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Far) lament Member Talk. Tr.aaoa.
New Yobk, Dec. 10. A telegram from
Dublin to tbe London Times and New
York Times says that William H. K.
Redmond, M. P., speaking at a Oorey,
Wextord county, meeting of the United
Irish Lesgue, said there never was a
time when there was a better chance
than at present to strike a blow for
Ireland. Thanks ba to uod, ne saio,
they bad lived to see the day when John
Bull had been caught by the throat by
the men in South Africa, who were
giving hiui the greatest whaling be ever
got. Mr. Redmond said he prayed that
God might strengthen tbe Baers until
they danced on John Bull's ctiest.
foi ty-aevn Mile. 1b Thirtjr-two Mloat.a
Niw York. Dec. 10. According to
th London correixndent of the Tribune
oromoters of the London & Brighton
Electric Railway mate tne imounw
meat that tbev will convey passengers
the forty-seven miles in tDiriy-two
minutes. Tbe tugaested length of their
mnnelirw Is enormous. It Is proproeeo
that there shall be fourteen tunnels with
a total lenntb of 1 miles. The scheme
- . a S a.
is looked upon aa an interesting out
costly experiment.
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