The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 09, 1901, Image 1

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NO. 25!
The TOmA "tH sfchre Always ftonght, and which has been
in me tut fftt 30 years, hffi home' the slnkMnre of
jr v m m
ma nas oeen maae nnacr nis per
Mmml supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive van fat tills.
All Counterfeit, Imitations and " Jnst-as-good are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
infiants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Gastorla h a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays feterlsnness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
Only thirteen more shopping days till Christmas. Only about a week more in which you will be allowed to
shop comfortably after that come the rush days. Wouldn't you much rather do your holiday shopping now this
week and avoid the crowds? We are all ready for you . . . and extend a hearty welcome
The ClotHintf Department a store in itself announces our regular
lafiuary Clearance Sale to commence next Wednesday. JmT
The IW Tffit Bare Always Bought
fn Use For Over 30 Years.
Suits, Overcoats Ulsters,
Without reserve at Great Reductions
Men's Suits and Overcoats in fancy and staple Casaimores, Cheviots,
Worsteds including blues and blacks round-cut, square-cut and double-breasted
ack as well as frocks in sizes to tit anybody and everybody. The celebrated Piok
wick Clothing goes with the other. We intend to do the greatest December Clothing
Business in the history of this store and if good clothing, offered right in season at
greatly reduced prices is any inducement, we will do it.
All Suits and Overcoats worth $10, $12, $12.50. reduced to uniform prieo of $8.45
All Suits and Overcoats worth $13.50, $13.75, $14 and $15, reduced to the
form price of $0.85
All Suits and Overcoats worth $15.50, $16.50, $17.50, $18, $18.50 and $18.75. ,
reduced to the uniform price of $13.85
All Suits and Overcoats worth $19, $20, $21, $22.50 and $21, reduced to tlu)
uniform price of $18.85
All Suits and Overcoats worth $25, $27.50, $30, reduced to uniform price of 21.86
Saturday Review Advocates German-
Enciish Alliance To Check the'
United States.
London, Dec. 7. Io an intensely
bitter anti-American article, the Satur
day Review today advocates German
English friendship for the purpose of
holding the United States in check.
Emperor William, it declares, sees in the
growing German population of Chile and
Brazil the inevitable necessity for lot are
interference, which, "in any form,
involve a conflict with the United
States." This, the Satoiday Review
holds, it ia impossible for Germany to
wage successfully if Great Britain is
hostile. fc
"While not advocating an alliance
with Germany against the United
States." the Review save, "we advocate
still less one with the United States
against Germany. Bdt in the event of a
conflict we might with advantage to
ourselves, hold the balance. With a
friendly Germany forever eliminated
irom (be r olitioal chess board of the
New World, we should, with onr present
policy, fitting the unbridled pre
tensions of the United States everywhere,
one day find' ourselves elbowed out
forever frbfh both North add Booth
The Saturday Review
Great Britain's policy regarding Nice
rajua arid ether matter a fatuous,
rid'culous and an popular.
How English opinion differ, however,
can be judged from today' Spectator,
which devote it chief article to advo
citine a closer understanding with
Russia, in order to bead off Germany,
addina- s RtruiK alliance ia. tb
least staWe ground on which we eaa lay
the foundations of foreign policy."
.wle Mat tWfieii.
New Yds. Bae. 7. Prince Henry
the World at Tne Hague. Hi picture
has been withdrawn from the kinetograph
exhlbitioi s in tbe music halls through
out Holland owing to the fiery demon
strations of anger it provoked.
Tbe firet printed accusations against
Prince Henry appeared in the Rhenish
nnn. VnrdnrinF the Dutch frontier. He j
W 1 " 1 m
was charged bluntly with neglect and
drnnkenne3. Honuric carousals are
still kept up, traditional in the German
military set of junior officerr, with whom
Prince Henrv graduated and saw service.
They think it attests their manhood to
get helplessly drunk at dinner, and the
German newspapers accused Queen
Wilbelmina's husband of frequently
ot'Servioc this genial custom after bis
The young queen, heretofore tbe pink
nf .itM oraftufnt. robnst womanhood.
now looks sbocklnalv bad. It is said
she shuts herself up alone for hours in
ber apartments where it is believed she
passes the time crying over ber troubles,
but no one has ever seen ber cry in
public. Her pride is overmastering.
Those who are acquainted With bar
character and temperament declare sbe
will never forgive her husband, and will
not long endure bWprwsent peHtiOD.
El Paso. TWf., Jer fJ dispatch
from LastiUegfhMfbetlrtt tbe oil
borers of Engfet N. W., hef itrock an
through ft tVe-rM- weW- JSogle is
.i.n.tprt in the heart of tbe famous
hsrM, nf DMLh Desert, wbfeb I
of tbe moat and regions known, and tb
trika of water will prove far more
valuable than an oil k usher. During
tbe Mexican War, out of a column of
185 soldier who attempted to croes tbe
desert, ail but fourteen perished. Great
excitement has been create.! ly the
This will be good news to the man
who has denied himself the comfort
ol a good, cosy overcoat probably
because he considered the good kinds
beyond his means, and would not
wear a cheap coat.
This sale levels the difference a good
coat may be had for the former price
of a poor one.
18.45 buya any 10, $12 and $12.60
$10.65 buya any $13.60, $13.75, $14
and $16 coat.
13.85 buys any $10.50, $16.60, $17.60,
18, $18.00 and $18.75 coat.
$16.85 buya any $10, $20, $21, 22
and $24 coat.
$21.85 buya any 25, $27.50 and $30
All boy' and young men's Over
coat at like reductions.
9 O
Boys' Suits and Reefer Coats.
Mto Youths' Suits, atEXTRA
$2 and $2.60 Suits and Keefer
Coats $1 80
$3 and $3.60 Suits and Reefer
Coats ..: 8 05
$4 and $4.60 Suits and lUefer
Coat 3 35
$5 and 9.50 Suits and Hoofer
Coat . 4 15
$rt and $6.60 Suits and Reefer
Coats , 5 15
$7, $7.60 and $8 Suit and
Reefer Coats 5 90
$8.50, $0 and $10 Suits .... 7 35
, $12.50, 13.60 and $13.75
Suit W
$14 and $15 Suits 11 85
This applies to our entire stock of
those tfoodt nut to a few specially
selected nunibosx.
An excellent r pport unity for peo
ple to make thoir mas selection.
has net' appeared In public aince tbe
recent djeuore io regard to Jh
dousstlfc dMbkr la the oofirt of TU
Roaui, Dee. 7. The torus! d Rom
psbUabsa tb acnonssreeacs that Moo
ignore 8ealabrlnl. archbishop of Pla
Mi whs reesutly returned Irons s
visit to th United BUUs. will bs atv
pointed apoetohe deiegsiO at Washlng
ton. Ka aTertWM WEaBanMl
fevvsi, ckUo;. 0. 7 rtw to
ds say fN MfJ oB,Miar s
MuKr,i.ui.tU mum
la Mies wick's half.
Washington, Dee. 7. Tbe legal offi
cers of tbe state department are looking
into an application made by tbe family
of Him Eastwick, the unfortunate
American girl confined in London after
conviction for having raised a stock
iAeMineste. The ourpdse of the applicant
is to have tbe department appeal to tbe
British foreign office in Miss East wick's
behalf. They have presented an over
dhstmin mass of testimony to show
that the girl ha in tbe past been subject
to fits of derangement, rendering ber
irMaoontible. and it I asserted she i at
LafcaV iii that condition. Tb stat
department will transmit these papers
ta the Doited State ember sy at L.
idem, with instruction to do all that can
n.,riw hji itant in behalf of tne
Y Vwi m j "
areermt sjbataa Cr
Inm Mnnt Dec. 8. A UW and
mnnShHM natural cav. bcTieved to be
loo of tbe largest ksdwo, ha jost ben
discovered is tb canyon of tbe Jenvreon.
on tfaelinS ol the Northern racinc nan-
... .tnt iRvmtles'eastot Butt. Ao
exploration petty frd BsUe apat
" . ... .. LI Jl. -- - A.
several days In tb car, going over
ran of tan mile, and to a depth of
nssrly 1005 test. A hugs near wiw s
eaaat sf about W0 feet wat explored
for s diatsnos of several mile, without
dleovtng Iti scarce of outlet. mm
srtislst o7atM td copper utensil and
to be human, were
A nrtii...
buy her a
nice cosy psir
of bouse shoe.
ffothing really
mot appreciated.
Ladies' Ml, for trimmad Juliet,
in red, wine, Wes o Kt
Miss', red and brown. )1.25
Children's size at 1.00
ff. M. Williams ft Co.
BLsaaarSall aVaw I r
Sexton ft Waifher
Hardware, Iron
and Steel
A full line of BRIDIE A BEACH
Cook and Heatiag Stove.
uumeeuc VOBDHM 10 coo conn 01 " ' -'tiiasl' ilsdsssl
Nethsrlsods. If Is did be woold oartsin- boattion tiseyesW k 101mm jsbwubb
r . . . 1 j mu vts ssl-A; - M I sal at sal k
.M Ummd lM4f the lArge apart mssU
tsenwat. -
KlaS Swr4's Crwwb.
iMM. Das. 7. The design for too
..iu Nsha have dually been de
elded upon. Over 5600 preVo taooa
I; root, ssppwir""
crown. TMrSJ
aassBoodi, sa
PA K wINO Ivf PLK VI EM T - Igewti SS'JSSA 9-5
Harrow aixl I'loW.. Sj..i..a l'.li Mat row r, Blssell Lhllld Plowg, Mitchell wa$
des s'hd flacks, fl-ni-v Burfsle.
...Star Windmills...
With Ball ahd Rdler bearlogs, and folly warranted.
Write us for prices and catalogue.
All ordr entrusted io us Sill bar prompt attention.
Prices always right.
The only laeiotlvS Hardware Stare In the elty.
Froneb Periodtcti Drops
rs f
- - "' ' laaiasieaa, Tseaa tosat sbla
mm w ami 0. aniaarsy. VMa
to atianaiaiall
.W T i.W SET
Mtais reanasT.
y oe msejuwT, mft tor ostssoyoooosw