The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 06, 1901, Image 1

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MO. 249
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borate the stamtnre
been made under bis
" .. . r - f - - , -a I w
t (f i - m has been made under nu per-V6Wy-
aonal supervision since its tnmaey.
leWaSrVA fccMZ Allow no one to deceive yon imtnis.
All Oeuuufguitit f mttatiom and " Jmt t gean" but
Experiment fhat trifle with and endanger the health oi
Infanta and Children Experience against Experiment.
He Appears Occassional It In Echo
Coantrr Preaches His Alleged
Insane Doctrines and Tien Disappears.
What is CASTOR1A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor OH, Pare
gorsc, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Peverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
n a
The m You Hate Always Bought
in iioa Cnr Over SO Years.
an sbtsjsTW we Jaw w ww sr -mw - . - .
Bcarraun 1
Congressman Weeks Says Aguisaldo Is
Now Harmless Young Lady
Teachers ia Islands Ought to Be
Sent Home. .
Sam Fbancibco, Dee. . Congressmen
Edgar Weeks, of Michigan, wbo arrived
from Manila on tbe transport Hancock,
when asked about conditions in the
Philippine, said:
"I saw Agoinaldo sad a pent half a day
with bim. He is not an intelligent man,
and I tbink be feels tbat be is inferior in
intMliMt to the Amerieant. He seemed
to me not clever, bat conning. Tbe
general opinion among tbe military men
it tbat Agoinaldo aboald be allowed to
escape. He is a dead tone a ad it no
longer a menace to tbe United Bute. It
ia supposed that Je does not want to run
away, at be would at once be aac aaainated
by the friends of General Luna, a bom
be ordered to be killed.
"Tbe new method of educating tbe
natives aa adopted by this government
Is wrong. Refined, handsome young
ladies from Vaster and other eol leges
went dawn to lbs PWUppinas to educate
these natives. They bare bad to pnt np
with all kinds of privations and to eat
native food, and ia sous places their
live have been in danger. I tbink this
is entirely unnecessary. In place of
these young ladies discharged soldiers of
education, woo had besoms acclimated,
st.onld be appointed and tbe young
ladies should he sunt home.
"Tbe question of the Sultan of Solo
and bis harass is s very small matter
when yon are confronted with tbe great
questions that are now involved. The
but be is s veryinsigslteant indlvtdsal.
I do not aeareaf troahat with him."
imposed on an innocent men, in whoso
behalf be, Labor!, and others, in a
passion for an ideal, had not hesitated
to stir up tbe country.
Replying to the charge that be wanted
to live off the affair, Labor! declares that
his connection with the case bad coat
bim almost his ' entire practice, which
ku,n in nir.k tin a sain after tbe
amnesty was granted, and against which,
contrary to bis own interests, he bad
unceasingly straggled.
Tbe Slede says that Dreyfus repudiates
tbe Echo de Paris interview, which be
neither directly nor indirectly inspired.
S.MI After Aaarefcirts
Washington, Dec. 4 Practically tbe
entire time of the senate today was
devoted to the introduction of bills and
resolutions. To of these measures, re
lating to tbe anppression of anarchy and
dealing with tbe anarchists, were al-
in li. nn the table so that tbelr
authors, McComas, of Maryland, jnd
West, of Missouri, may bring tbem to
tbe early attention of tbe senate. The
Isthmian Canal report was transmitted
to tbe senate by the president, and
s veral bills providing for the construc
tion of ths aatstwsf, ne.olbem by
Morgan, who has led the rabsstnent for
tbe canal ia tbe past, were prssen ted.
Thy Sref Srae rf ASSMra.
v Ynu. One. JL-rThe Rev. Henry
C. HMkelliasBTj lbs
A rneriean Mission St asg. Rulgari. ,
has sent tbe following cablegram to trie
World regarding Mite Stone sad Mme.
"There has been no result as yet
from effjrtt to ascertain ths
troth about the reports that Miss Btons
and Mme Tsilka are dead. It is denied
tbst they ere in tbe Rilo Monastery. 1
do not ixpeet definite Information lor
two or three dsys."
Echo, Dec. 5. Mysteriously appeal
ing at uncertain hours to promulgate
hit strange religious doctrines in the
streets ot Echo, Elwood Cheooeeth,
erstwhile Wallowa county lunatic In a
sheriff's beads, and now wanderer on
the faos of the earth, baa again revealed
hie location to the public. After dis
ssmiaatina bis weird theories, Cheno-
weth disappears to some unknown re
treat, for the officers of Umatilla county
are on his trail. Has he friends?
Not for years has Umatilla county had
so mysterious a case aa that of "Wallowa
El" Cbenoweth. His first appearance
waa in Pendleton several weeks ago.
where to curious groups on street corners
he made known bis beliefs. Arrested on
sn order from Union county for alleged
thelt, he was taken to that town,
examined, and on tbe charge of insanity
over to Union county's sheriff for com
mittment to tbe insane asylum at Salem.
He went pesceably'aud apparently asleep
to Kolin. eighteen miles west of Pendle
ton, when be suddenly sprang from the
train and escaped over tbe Umatilla
For a week be was lost. Then he ap
peared in the little hamlet ot Alba, on
Camas prairie, forty miles south of
Pendleton, where be resumed bis mission
of nreaehinsr to tbe people. Moving on
to Ukieh, ha waa snorted by officials
there en order from Sheriff Blskety, at
Pendleton. As the sheriff wss making
preparations to start with him to Pendle
ton, Cbenoweth mads a second sensa
tional escape, fleeing to the mountains.
He sent back a "defi" to the officers,
outlining his Intended route for tbem,
and addin that in three nights he would
preach in Portland. Then he wss gone
as strangely as if the earth bad swallowed
Now he baa appeared in tbe Echo
country, atill preaching to the people.
TTaoaUv he comes in the afternoon and
after a few hoora goes away in a. manner
as peculiar aa bis coming. No msn
knows what be subsists on. He never
stops anywhere for anything to est, and
it it known tbst be baa no money to
bay. Yet be always goes neat end tidy.
Hence the question, "Mas be irienut,
and who?"
&he Ribbon Sale
brought us our first customer this morning and before she
finished her purchases others came and likewiso for ribbons.
KiribonaRibbonsRibbonsRibbons are the talk of the
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V v v a a aa v - - q o - w
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JShm Ribbon Sole
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The Ribbon Sal
nets Soturslsvr
Dlrtj Charges atjataas Lefcari.
PAWs, SS.eJai l: aasos, arete
in ths Journal, published this morning,
M. Tails I SSsJwso tsllr islervlew ia
1 tbat ho waatsd
Wr PrS wing
T. A. Van Borden, the jeweler
diamond rius free to tbe
drawing tbe winning' numoer wo
Years' See. Ttskei frse wttft every owe
purchase. Diamond ring on esblbit in
tbs show window. ntMwk
The following: story is going ths rounds
t the ex Dense of J. P. Morgan: He
was approached while in London by the
representative of e great amiy to wnom
h. Mnt word tbat bis time wss worth
tM a minute. Hs received the snswer
tbat the newspaper man would take two
minutes en those terms. "My cortosuy
a. aroused." sstd Mr, Morgan, "and I
gave orders to admit him. He gave me
$100 and talked for two mi n a tee. When
be arose I asked him why be bso Been
uiviona to sss me. He quietly
answered that he bad s bat of $600 be
eoold get to seems in his newspaper
Several years ago a number of Eastern
rail -ay nabobs got iato a private ear
tad were whirled over their lias st the
rats of 117 miles in li mioatos and tbe
alary was heralded abroad through ths
country as s temple of feat ronning
wbieb It wss. But tbs other nujm aca
Wright, sn engineer on tbe Snake river
line, pulling s train of passenger coaches
and without soy paOcular nabob on
i :... mmkm an lost time, make
83 miles is 07 miaataa. -
go the effete
Or Benefit to Yon.
n. h. Mitchell. Folford. Md. : "During
a long illness I was tronblsd with bed
tores, wss sdvlsed to try DaWitl's vv itch
Hsssl Salve and did so with wonueriui
results. I was perfectly cured. It U
the b?st salve on the market." Sure
core for piles, soree, burns. Beware of
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Pharmacy . ..
Satlafiva I'eopU.
are the beet advertisers for Foley's
Hooey and Tar and all who use it agree
that It Is a splendid remedy for coughs,
or tore luogt. Clarke & Falk.
I... - '
OI4 Bolster's Bsaarlavce.
M. M. Anttin, a civil war veteran, of
Winchester, Ind., writes: "My
sick a long time In spite of good ooc.
tor's treat wen i, nor w w"7
by Dr. King s New Life Pills. wWe'j
worked wondert for her bHh." They
always do. Try them. Ool ie at ti.
f Dl.l.Ui'aHrnf Hon. 3
V. a.i.wj r.
I hawe re-opened t Ml weU-known Bakery,
and am now prepared to supply erey
body with Bread, Piee and Cakes. Alio
all kinds of Staple and Fancy Grooer es.
GEORGE RUCH Pioneer Grooer.
the Am 9mAm.
pardon waa sweated e4 aeptod asvd
ths silence wbknh seems to nabs bona
ia mhmbm r whan you fssi s sold
J tmkm a Aoas ot Foisr'S gSSSf
nasTTer, b nsesg fails to stsp s sold li
taken in atssa. Okarnoo Falh.
nlasaas. obior young, aosr aigbtad sa
fer sighted.
Th. munfactnrsrs of Banner bs've
bavins always bsllsvsd tbst so doctor or
medicine can ears In every ease, but
i i wrl arhare Banaci Seive
failed to sure ufaeis, sores, tetter,
piles, sa a matter 01 carwtiiy
Uka to know if thsrs are mmma
If so they will gfsdly rsfsed ths
Olsvke sV Falk.
pi... p.ninffin At water. O . waa
viim. r'm' , '
r l,ad ahane. Relays: "1 suffered
s great deal with my kidneys snd wss
requested to try Foley'e Kidney Core.
I did so snd in loor daya I waa ahls to
go to work again. now 1 ,m "''''J'
well." Clarke at Falk.
mhm DMi'l Wear a Mask,
nnt hr beaut v was completely hidden
hv aoraa. blotches and pimples till ths
used Bscklen's Arnios Salve. Then
thaw vanished aa will all crapueao,
wZStoiZ Boll., Ulesrs ftrhuncUt
san mm Htm ifssss s
CutsCornt, Bsrnt. ealdt and Piles.
uors isaruifw.
drug store.
! Has i.
Just wet tbe sSaoted part freely with
Mysterious Psln Curs, si b iwsisd y.
tmd ths pain Is sons, bol by Clsrka
j JtH
fflggjLMgaV '01 Htw 9& mm
sad TwV
Sexton & Wafthar
Hardware, Iron
and Steel
B Cook snd Heating Stoves.
. mm i.. rt.Ml. i I Haaa Steal Ferae
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7lua. Horiiie Tooth Harrows, Blssell Oblllsd Flaws, Mttaaon waa-
ont snd tlacts, rirnnry nnii,
...Star Windmills...
With Ball and Roller bearings, snd fully wsrrsBtsd.
Writs us (or prices snd eatslogucs. .
All mdara antresled to US will bsvs arompt attention.
Prises always right.
pn. yaois ajaAl.,
ltesp at.
sArtsvaafe. Ostoeaeen
Tbsoaly Esclaslys Hardware store bj tbe slty. Ian
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