The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 02, 1901, Image 1

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NO. 845
1 Teas. Have Always Bought, and which hat
mr orer so years, has bona the
and has been made n
sonal supervision since its!
Allow no one to deceive yon la this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Jnst ma good are bat
Experimants that trifle with and endanger the health of
Jnfiuts and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute lor Castor Oil,
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Fleams
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor otb
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething1 Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend,
Bean the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Some things Tongue Will Work
in Washington.
Washington, Nov. 30. Representa
tive arrived in Washington todey and
attended the caucus of the republican
members of the bouse, sustaining the
speaker in his contention for a con- Receipt showing tnat they made payment,
tmuance of the old rules. Jones of
Washington, voted likewise, Cosh man
joining the Hepburn revolters. Repre
sentative Moody has not yet reached the
Mr. Tongue will devote hie best efforts
tlIa session to river and harbor ap
propriations, and hopes to have the
Oregon provisions of the last bill re
adupted, with the addition of an ap
propriation for opening the Columbia at
The rdll. He thinks the visit of the
and, in default of such receipt, they
will be fined flO. The proclamation bas
been posted in Chinatown, and is to be
distributed all over the country.
Oared Bis Life.
"I wieu to say that I owe my life to
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure," writes H. C.
Ubrestenson of Haytield, Minn. "For
three years I was troubled with dyspepsia
so that I could hoid nothing on my
stomach. Many times I would he un-
nltln to retain a mor-Hnl of food. Finally
rivers and harbors committee last euin-J T .. j , n,. a
ri n sc luiiuuvm iu m j a.' t s c rtiu
created a sentiment in favor of this
proj ?ct, having awakened in the members
a true realizition qf its merits and the
extent of country dependent upon this
improvement.' Mr. Tongue wiil re
introduce the Indian War Veteran bill,
sod will continue to press bis bill to
establish an assay effice at Portlaud
"until it is passed." He will reintroduce
the bill to create the Crater Lake
National Park.
An Bvaogetlat'e Story,
"I suffered for vears with bronchial or
long trouble and tried vanons remedies
but did not obtain permanent relief
until I commenced using One Minute
Cough Core," writes Rev. Jamas Kirk
mat), evangelist of Belle River, III. "T
have no hesitation in recommending it
to U sufferers from maladies of this
kind." (Joe Minute Cong h Core affords
immediate relief for coughs, colds and
U kinds of throat and long troubles,
for croup It is unequalled. Absolutely
' Very pleasant to take, never falls
JM is really favorite with the eLildrsn.
"ke it. Clarke Falk's P. O.
WIU Visas It Mars.
8am FaAMoiaoo, Hov. SO. To Chinese
l reparian to make a vigxross Ufbt
ealsn tbs s s otmsart of tbe Gassy
wlttiion law. A proclamation hai Lssa
noed by tea Obis ass Bif
"Wiring every Obtaeae to las Oattss
States to ccn'ribnte, at once, the sum of
$1, the fund thus raised to be used in
tbe ff jrt to defeat exclusion. In order
to compel prom ppay men t of tbe assess
ment, tbe proclamation states that if
payment is not made within one month
the amount exacted will be doubled, and
delinquents who fail to pay within two
months will have tbelr assessment
doubled once more.
Lest Borne should still seek to evade
tbe enforced contribution, the proclama
tion adds that Chinese desiring to return
to China will be compelled to exhibit a
Perry-boats oa San Francisco Bay Met
Ose Went Down Xnmber sf
People Drowsed Not Known, but
I could not live. I read one of our
advertisements on Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
and thought it tit my case and com
menced its use. I began to improve
from the first bottle. Now I am cured
and recommend it to all." Digests your
food. Cores all stomach troubles. Clarke
& Falk's P. U. Pharmacy.
Chas. Replogle, Atwater, 0,'wae in
very bad shape. He says : "I suffered
a great deal with my kidneys and was
requested to try Foley's Kidney Core.
I did so and in four days I was able to
go to work again, now I am entirely
well." Clarke A Falk.
Information Wanted.
Tbe manufacturers of Banner Halve
bavins always believed that no doctor or
medicine can ours in every case, but
never having .heard where Banner Halve
failed to cms ulcere, sores. Utter,
ecsema, or pitas, as a matter of curiosity
woold liks to know if there- are socb
eases. If so they will gladly refund tbs
tbe money. Clarke A Falk.
So Stop Col.
Aftsr exposure or wars you foal a sold
coming oa, take a doss of Foley's Hooey
and Tar. It osver falls to atop s sold if
taken in tiB. Clarke A Falk.
ass tbs bast advertisers for Foley's
Bossy t al Tar and all who sis it a ass
teat it is a epleadW rssaady tar
or sors lungs. Clarka A Falfc.
8a FaaKctsco, Nov. 30. The ferry
boats Saosalito and San Rafael collided
tonight in a dense fog, and tbe San
Rafael sank in ten or fifteen minutes. It
is thought tbst not more than three
people were drowned, although the San
Rafael carried between 150 and 200
passengers. Tbe Sausslito was not
seriously iujared, and after rescuing all
tbs passengers on tbe San Rafael that
she could find, proceeded to San Fran
cisco ander her own steam.
N, ver has tbe fog been thicker in San
Francisco and on tbe bay than tonight.
It was a day and night of anxiety. In
the early hours tbe fog came op "as
thick as mush," and tonight it was al
most impossible to see a boat's length.
Tbe San Rafael left San Francisco at
6:15 with between 150 and 200 pas
sengers. Captain McKeesie, of tbe San
Rafael, sent bis ship along under slow
bell. He was somewhere near Alcatraz
island when the Saosalito, coming from
Sausalito to San Francisco, crashed into
the San Rafael. There were but few
passengers on the Sauerlfto, but they
were badly scared, and for a few minutes
it looked as if both ships were going
down. When it was seen that the
Saosalito was not badly damaged, she
stood by the San Rafael, and officers,
crew and passengers engaged in tbe
rescue of the unfortunate passengers of
tbe sinking vessel.
Health nod Beauty
A poor complexion is usually tbe fe-
snlt of a torpid liver or irregular action
of the bowels. Unless nature's refuse is
carried off it will surely cauee impure
blood. Pimples, boileaod other eruptions
follow. This is nature's method of
throwing off the poisons which the bowels
failed to remove. DeWitt'e Little Early
Risers are world famous for remedying
this condition. They stimulate the liver
and promote regular and healthy action
of the bowels but never cause griping,.
cramps or distress. Safe pille. Clarke
A Folk's P. O. Pharmacy.
or ttcueSt to Von.
D. S. Mitchell, Fulford, Md. : "During
a long illness I was troubled with bed
sores, was advised to try DeWitt'e Witch
Hazel Salve and'did so with wonderful
results. I was perfectly cured. It is
the best salve ou the market." Sure
cure for piles, sores, burns. Beware of
counterfeits. Clarke A Falk's P. O.
Tot Cauaaa Might Alarm.
"One night my brother's baby was
taken with Croup," writes Mrs. J. C.
Snider, of Crittenden, Ky., "it seemed
it woold straogle before we could get a
doctor, so we gave it Dr. King's New
Discovery, wblcb gave quick relief and
permanently cured it. We always keep
it in tbe house to protect our children
from Croup and Whooping Cough. It
cured me of a chronic bronchial trouble
tiist no other remedy would relieve."
Infallible for Oooghs, Colds, Tbrost
sod Lung troubles. 50c and 1.00. Trial
bottles free St U. V. Blaaeley a orug
store. 8
Four hundred acres of deeded land
situated sixteen miles south of Tbe
rwllao in tho heat rain dlatriet in East-
m OiMin btIII ha aold at a barcaln.
Tbs land is nearly all under cultivation
and wall improved, having a good boose,
barn, granary aao otner osiooom, eo
sufficient water for fifty bead of horses
during tbe dryest seasons. A windmill
and cistsr o is constructed so ss to furnish
water lor tbe bouse, stock and garden
TKm U aamelant
for a small bead of stock sad splendid
bog pasters os toe urm. sor larvner
particulars apply to
at-lsadaw Bos Me. Too Dalles.
Flas tsrksys, fattened especially for
tbs Oerasby Market, Hisses' sweat
pickles la balk, walk disss, sweet cider,
apsis batter, sasktad trips, pigs lest.
ess to bad all tas
usne si
Tomorrow's pa par will
tell all about It . . .
Reefer Suits
S'z 4 to 8 years'; made of
heavy w eight gray oxford cloth,
blue chinchilla m.d blue bonds
cloth with velvet collar and
strong linings
Regular prices $2 50 and 3.
A. M. Williams & Co.
F. J. CLARKE, Manager.
MONDAY, December 2d.
Sexton & Walther
Hardware, Iron
and Steel
A foil Mas of BRIDGE A BRAOH
Cook and Heating Stoves.
FARMING IMPLEMENTS. Agents for Hoosisr Drills, J. I. Case Steel Farm
Harrows and Plows. Spring Tooth Harrows, Brssell Chilled Plows, Mitchell Waf
ons and Hacks, Henney Boggles.
...Star Windmills...
With Ball and R ller bearings, and fully warranted.
Write us for prices and catalogues.
All orders entrusted to us will have prompt attention.
Prices always right.
The only Exclusive Hardware Store in tbe city.
I hare re-omened this well-known Bakery,
and am now prepared to supply every
body with Bread, Pies and Cakes. Also
all kinds of Staple and Fanoy Grooer es.
GEORGE RUCH Pioneer Grooer.
America's Leading Romantic Actor,
f eSBSaao.
5fl Bora.
er vb- aw a
Famous throughout tbs world as "Tbs
Silver Ring," will present his grand
scenic melodrama, in four acts,
By Arthur Shirley sdd Bsnj. Lsndsk.
As produced 1000 times in London.
A carload of special scenery and mar
chanical effects.
PRICES First flvs rows, 76s i balasce
or tbs bouss, 60s. Children, IBs
fasts oa sals Thursday morning at
There Is not a esse of nervons wsakrirs In tbs world
today (no matter what ths eaaea or of how long standing)
that the use of LINCOLN SEXUAL PILLS according to
directions, which are simple sad very easy to follow, will
fail to core. Whv do you rsmaia weak when
LINCOLN KKX'l'AL PILLS will make you strong?
Plo, $1 00 per box buy of your druggist or seat by
msil mi rwclnt of price, In plain wrapper.
L-INC3LJ PROPRIETARY 00., Ft. Wayna, lad.
M. Z. Donnell, Agent, Tbe Dalles.
He People's national Family Newspaper
To al) oM and new subscribers paying one year Is advenes we offer
Tri-Weekly Tribune and Semi-Weekly Chronicle for $2.00.
Weekly Tribune and Semi-Weekly Chronicle for 91.60.
I' .,, i.lll'il Molllla),
vtetinrwtajr and Friday-,
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day Dully, Jiving the
laleat iiiwi on day. f
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trial IttfonaaUoa,
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Secular urM!ri'
Hon "lt. 1130 ir
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Html Weekly t hroui
(-U for f.UO mt J ear.
FuMtobeS on 1 bars
day, ajd known tor
nearly iltty years la
fry part of Mm Cal
led rtlatea as a ua'ioa
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f tbs blgbatt elaaa,
for farmera and villa
gers. It eoniatua alt
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at aaeeptad aeaetkr
ortly by farmer aai
raerrnaiila, and Is
Uh. uu to-daia, la
laraatteg and issues
eU turllJS par yeas
Send all orders to Chronicle Publtebing Co., The DsUlee. Or.
If yos want Is retain yoai b ir yos
bets to kssp year soalp etsss. ebsp
trill Basks yesr ss!r barsb. dry sod
srlssy. Vse trs bets two. of tbs reri
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