The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 28, 1900, Image 3

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Some men need a change
of clothes this spring, and
others need a change of
You can get the kind of
clothes you want if you will
come to the right store.
We would like to talk it
over with you and show you
our new suits and prices in
the Hart, Schaffncr& Marx
tailor made clothing.
They're the kind adver
tised In the leading maga
zines and worn by good
dressers everywhere.
Dent's penulne French Kid
three-clasp Gloves never fail to
give the wearer satisfaction.
Colore brown, tan, grav. blue,
while and black .$1.50
This is the popnlar.pi ice Glove.
We strive encli Eeaeon to improve
qnnlitv and colore, and this
spriiiK's linn ol $1.00 Gloves sur
pHftt'8 our expectation in values.
All the latest shades of colors in
This is a new price for a pair of
good Gloves one of the ennps of
the eeason. All sizes: in reds,
browns and blacks.
New effects in laco stripes, neat
checks and fancy plaids.
Black, white and colors, especi
ally for the now pulley belts. All
widths and colors of
purih sbt.s,
piiniiN taffetas,
Are you making your Shirt
Waists? Look at our yoke ma
terials. Embroideries,
Rll-OveP Iiaees,
Fancy Parasols...
Little ones for the lit'tle people, in all colors.
Lidieb' fancy white or colored ; plain, ruflled or lace effects.
All GockIb. Mai'kocl
In Plain FlRiiros.
Danes Daily unronicia
Telephone No. 1.
iTl'KDAY - - - APRIL 18. 1000
served In
Kuinoiiihcr thu danco tonight at the
Thu Observer snys Moro is ut last
TIid Pioneer hujb Dny Bros, expect to
miiiunci) work on their saw mill ut
itculc Locks in the near future.
We learn from A. W. Mohr that the
lbany will eouio buck bore Monday
itli n loml of rails for the portage.
Two ilullnrs reward will bo paid by
rs. II null Kraser for the recovery of a
rk grey canary bird that escaped from
B fKiim in. .17.1. t.
...pu .... V.,VJ Ail fc.l. lUC'Ub
W. V Hovle. a carnoiiter and builder
f this city, has (lied a petition in bank-
!tcy in the United States court in
"mmm, i us nubilities umouiit to
2018.50 and his assets to f IL'o.
Slalo Superintendent Aekormau m-
iveil huro on the noon nassenner and
mid iiiLLTiiiKin ii nil ltd iitiiii I'rniitsynr i i.
Gilbert to Dufur to take part In the
raduiitlng exorcises ut that placo to-
Mr. J. F, Ferguson, of Hood Hiver,
as hi town last night attending a meet
iK of thu ll)uai odd Fellows. He was
ccompanled by Mrs. Ferguson arid both
"lumen nome on the JJaliea Uity tills
1'ulher HroiiBL'oeBt was a nasiemrer on
In. i.n fi. . .
" imi rn i.n.v linn mnrninor nr i ah.
.11111 IriKlO 11.1. l.i. ...Ill l.-.l.l .. ..!....
-- -wvnc, nilOlU D Will IIUIU OCIVIUOD
!.. . . .
- mhiiijii WU ,0 conuuuieu uy uev.
iiier .Mnller, S. O. U.
J- 0. MeltiB has been notified by the
"oniuuer oi pensions mat .inuou u.
"Si of com pan v M. Second Oreiion
iifantry, (Spanish war) has been ill-
fiu-.i.i ... . .... . . .
.. iii'iiniuii mi ail hi- mniirii. in I 111 10
m .March 1!1, 1800.
i'liH cook of the Bteamer Iraldu got on
'i'kIi lonesome" last night and in
in nn iiueu k hub morning
ii:c i w ill. i...
' " nil eiuiuv exui timer, uv
in pay aim was released.
A, Hunt, who nnpiioil 11 furniture
fin in.. . . . ii
. . ,u " "ioihu ngo. is iimiKinc up
u i in. I..... -i i i i
u "111111111111 oi i wiving in u tow
HVu II ...
u iiiiuiius ior iiiu nreacm iw
- miiuiy iq uoou wiver ami may vuuit) miur n uuiiuiu ui
'"0'itlis rust.
Tlio Oreiron
l"B an tirurt to have , the old pioneer
I across tho mountains iparked by a
enea of permanent monuments. The
overnor of Idatio has been asked to co-
operute and he lias signified his willing
ness to do so. -I
Tho DalleB Commsion House will
keep fresh milk ut all times on liund
und deliver it nnywln're in the city at
the following prices: One quart, i $2 per
month: three pints, $3; two quarts, $4 i
three quarts ifo.50; cream 20 cents per
pint. Fresh butter every day. 18a lin
Tho new postage stamp books have
Ikiuii placed on salu ut the postofliee.
The books aieof a convenient size for
carrying in the ve-t pocket, and are in
three, carrying twelve, twenty-four
and forty-eight two-cent stamps. Leaves
of translucent paper prevent the stamps
from sticking together. One cent is
added to the amount of stamps.
.Brother Ireland, of the Sherman
County Observer, baB a warm spot in
his heart for tho Oregon hen. lie re
cords a strong remonstrnnce against the
weather clerk for sending the late cold
spell and says : "It isn't treating liens
right to send this cliill when thev have
so much work to do." We infer that
the brother's rations of hen fruit have
been cut off. Hence, possibly, these
The ladies of the Good Intent Society
who pledged themselves to raise a cer
tain amount of money for the church
debt, announce that they are ready to
make their report, und will do so at a
social to bo given at the Methodist
church Tuesday evening, to which all
nro invited. An admiision fee of 10
rtjiUs will be charged, those havimr sub
scribed being admitted free. A program
has been prepared and lunch will be
served. 28 2t
Willard Taylor, of Dufur, known in
The Dulles as Saturday Taylor because
he comes to town every Saturday with
butter and other farm products, was in
town today, as usual, for tho eleven
hundred and nlnety-tlfth time, missing
just one Saturday In tweuty-three years,
In all these twenty-three yeara there
was only one Saturday when the weatlr
,or was so bud that lie could not make
tho round trip of 110 miles. This, Mr.
Taylor thinks, eould bo said bf few
countries in the world.
Captain Johnston took the Albany to
Portland this nlternoon, after having ac
complished tho wotk for which she was
chartered, namely, testing tho naviga
bility of Three-Mile rapids. The Al
bany or some other boat will be brought
hero in the near future to transfer the
construction material for tho portage
road from hero to tho present terminus
ut the big eddy. Captain Johnston
will return here Monday on tho Dalles
City and take charge of tho liellnneo,
which expects to make her first trip to
Portland on Tuesday.
The libel suit of Jacob H. Jacobsnn et
al. vs. The Dalles, Portland & Astoria
Navigation Company was dismissed in
tim United States circuit court at Port.
iiin.l vfigterdav. Jaeobeen hud med thu
company for iflO.000 for the death by
drowning of Ills step-son, who wub in a
ybkifftlmt came into, collision wiin ine
Sarah Dixon, then in commission by
the D. P. A A. N. Company. The skiff
was apparently racing with tho Sarah
Dixon and attempted to cross her bow
when she was run down and capsized.
It was believed the men on board were
under the Influence of liquor. Tho ac
cident happened some three years ago.
Captain Johnston took the Albany tof!
the Inn eddy today with 1200 railroad Christian Science meeting in small
ties aboard. The trip was accomplished K. ot r. tiau every fcunuay morning at
with ease. The captain says there is no ijH o'clock.
Lutheran church Rev. W. Brenner,
pastor. Services tomorrow at 11a. in.
and 8 p. m. Young People's meeting
lat 7 p. m. Sundav enhool al 12:lo.
German services at 2:30 p. in.
Calvary Baptist church Rev. W. IJ.
Clifton, pastor. Regular services at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p. m. Young people's
meeting at 6:30 p. m. Sunday school
at 10 a. in.
Congregational church corner Fifth
and Court streets. Rev. Poling, pastor.
.Morning service at 11; Sunday school at
12:15: Junior Endeavor. 4 p. in.;
Christian Kndeavor, 0:30. Evening
tervice at 7:30 p.m. Morning 9ubjiiet,
''ITIih Aiiinifipsinpn nf Dr. Hillifl' AttiludH
Toward the Westminster Confession."
Methodist Episcopal church Corner
'Fifth und Washington, Rev. U. F.
more danger or difficulty in crossing
Three-Milu rapids at the prepent stage
of water, or at a lower stage, than there
is in climbing the rapids of the CaB
CHdes, At n higher stage of water the
trip would be difficult or perhaps im
possible, pi relatively" small expendi
ture of money used in blasting out a
rock on the Oregonian side of tho cur
rent would make the rapids navigable
at any stage of water. The captain
could eaBily have taken up 2000 ties had
he not desired to make assurance of suc
cess doubly sure. t -w
The young men of the Students' Lit
erary Club have finally organized them
selves into a Y. M- Q: A., adopted a
constitution and elected officers. The
officers are T. Brownhill, president; H.
Xorthtin. vice-preeiifent : Clyde Rid-
dell, recording secretary and Rev. U
slxtv members have signed the roll.with
the prospect of a probable increase to
ono hundred ad fifty. The young men
will hold a meeting in the Congregation
al church tomorrow afternoon at 4
o'clock, with Will Cross as leader. An
interesting program is promised and a
profitable time is expected. All persons,
young or old, male or female, interested
in this work are cordially invited to at
tend. Complaint Is made at thi9 office by
residents ol the bluff of some boys that
have been in the habit of setting fire to
their neighbors' burns so often that pa
tience toward them haB ceased to be a
virtue. L8t summer they set fire to
Mrs. Hart's barn and it was burned to
the ground. Last Monday they set lire
to C. H. Browu's new barn but fortu
nately the lire was discovered before it
had made much headway. Some time
before they eet lire to Charley Adams'
barn and It too happily was discovered
in time. These young firebugs are a
terror to the neighborhood and one com
plainant warns them that no future
olll'iiso will go unpunished. If their
natural guardians will not take care of
them the law will bo invoked to do so.
When thu late Bill Nyo was editor of
a newspuper in Laramie he had his
office over a livery stable. The direc
tions at the lower entrnnco read: "Twist
thu gray mule's tall and take the eleva
tor." And now comes J. Nat Hadeon,
a latter-day humorist, of the Granite
Boulder, tells tho Ivi Grande Journal,
who is triumphing smilingly over the
difficulties of getting out a pioneer news
paper, with the following announce
ment: "Our friends should' note that
the front on trance to Dlttmar's barn is
tho front and only entrance to the
Boulder office in the rear. Speak to the
horses and they will not kick you ex
cept the gray mare next to our door ;
she is a holy terror, if she gets scared,
and we won't be responsible for any
ilawk,treasurerp1n Services at 11 a. m,
nembership repot 'that already about P- ,Jtjf "
10 a.m.; class meeting at the close of
morning service; Junior League at 3:30;
Epworth League ut 0 :30. The eubjtel
tomorrow morning will bo "Christ in
the Midst." In the evening an address
will be delivered on the "Mormon Prob
lem." Notice of K&trtiy.
I have taken up as an estrav a dark
brown mare, aged about seven years,
about fifteen bauds high and weighing
about 1000 pounds; branded quarter
ciicle CT on leit stifle. The animal came
to my feed yard in The Dalles about two
weeks ago and could not be kept away,
The owner can havo her by proving
property and paying charges of feed and
advertising; other .vise I shall proceed
with her according to law.
Ciuui.ks Paykttb,
The Dalles, Apr '28, 1900 1.28 6w
Win. Orr, Newark, O , suje, "Wo
never feel fufo without Ono Minute
Cough Cure in the house. It saved mv
little boy's life when he had the pneu
moiiia. Wu think it is the best medicine
made." It cures coughs and all lung
diseases. Pleasant to take harmless and
gives immediate results.
Pur Sulo
A four-yoar-old Jersey cow that will be
fresh in about two weeks. Warranted
gentle and a good milker. Apply to
28tp3tw W. Hakhnos, Boyd.
For Infants and Children.
The Kiotf You Hivi Alwiy$ Boutf!
Bears, the
Biguaturo of
Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought and which has ticca
iu uso for over 30 years, has homo tho signatnro of
and has been made under his pcr-
rwyijJ7-: sonal supervision since its infancy.
AH Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but;
Experiments tltat trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Costoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It;
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
Bubstance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worm
and allays Fcvcrislincss. It cures Diarrhoea ami Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend
Bears the Signature of
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Knows the merits of the
xt a "DTTrn-Dn
$50. $35. $2S
g Many new features for 1900 which you cannot afford to overlook.
6 Complete Line of '1900" Sundries. -
Win. J. Lamlere, resident manager of
the Lion and Iuineiial Fire Insurnnce
Companies, withes to announce to tho
patrons of these companies that owing
to tho sickness of Mr. C. E. Bayard and
the resignation of Mr. Hugh Gourluy,
their former auents, the agei.ey (or both
companies for Tho Dalles ami vicinity
has been placed in tho hands of Mr,
Timothy Hrownhill. Any business
given to Mr. Hrownhill will receive
prompt attention and will be appreciated
by the companies. Office in C. E. Bay
ard's old stand. No. 85 Waehinton
stieet, The Dalles. Oregon, nlO-lm
We know that in modeling, draught
ing, construction and material
Shoed aro perfeiMbin. This is proven by
the perfiei Ii', perftet comfort and ex
cellent enrvieo experience ri by weareie.
Our Street Styles
are especially hamhome and up.todati,
shapely, btylish and easy on the feet.
All sty les, one pried
Oxfords $2.50.
Garden Hose
Wo have laid in a largo
stoek of Cianlen Hose and aro
carrying llio same brand of
Hoso that wo havo beon carry
ing for tho last fivo years,
which is tho celebrated Mal
tese Cross Brand. Wo carry
tho same brand of lloso that
j tho Dalles City Fire Depart
ment has been using for tho
last twenty years. Tho Mal
teso Cross Brand is without
doubt tho host grado of J loso
on'tho market. Call and got
our prices lieforo buying.
JVIaier & Benton
Solo Agonta
Subscribe for Tho Chronicle.
Exporienco Is the best Teacher. Usa
Acker's English Remedy in any eaeo of
cough?, cold or croup. Should it fail to
give immediate relief money lefiinded,
25 cts. and 50 cte. Blnkeley & Houghton
i Druggists.