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NO 325
Best Conrt ot Injuiiy Will Hut
Snslaitt Hilts.
Findings Will Probably be the Effect
That the Fresh Beef Was not
Chemically Treated, but that
Grounds for Suspician That it Was
So Treated Existed.
New Yoek, April 21. A. special to the
Herald from Washington Bays: General
Miles will not altogether be sustained by
the findings of the beef conrt of inquiry,
if the general opinion about the war de
partment as to what these findings will
be is correct. It is understood the court
will complete its work and forward its
final report to the secretary of war some
time next week, and although no authori
tative statement as to the finding can be
made, such information aa can be gath
ered tends to indicate that the report
will not completely sustain all the alle
gations made by Major-General Miles,
nor will it completely dismiss them.
' By the order convening it, the conrt
was directed to investigate allegation
made by General Miles as to the unfit
ness for issue of certain articles of food
furnished to the troops in the field in
Cuba and Porto Rica and to submit with
its findings of fact such recommendations
as to further proceedings as must seem
to be warranted by the fact developed.
The opponents of General Miles made
no secret of the fact that it was expected
that the court would find the allegations
of General Miles entirely without founda
tion, and would recommend that pro
ceedings be instituted against him.
These expectations will not be realized,
and the probability is that the conrt
will not recommend any further proceed
ings either General Miles or any one
Among officers of the army it is be
lieved that the findings will that the
charge made by General Miles that the
refrigerated beef was treated with chemi
cles has not been proved, though there
was some ground for a reasonable sus
picion, and that some of it has been so
treated ; that the canned beef was good
when purchased, bnt that it spoiled
easily in the climate of Cuba and Porto
Rico, and that it was not suitable for
issue as the main part of the meat ration
to troops engaged in field operations in
those islands.
It is probable that the court will make
recommendations as to the best method
of supplying the army with fresh meat
in the fntnre, and it may advise that
special investigations into this question
be made to the' commissary department.
Washington Dispatch Says He Had
Applied for the Peruvian Mission,
but Senator Simon Says He 'Had
Not ' -
Washington, April 21.--Ex-Governor
Lord, of Oregon, has declined the tender
of the mission to Persia. Governor Lord
was an applicant for the Peruvian mis
The foregoing dispatch was this morn-
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
ing received by the Associated Press
from Washington.
In relation to the appointment of ex-
Governor Lord to the office of minister
.to Persia, and his declination, Hon.
Joseph Simon, United States senator
form Oregon, who is a warm personal
friend or Mr. Lord, this morning eaid :
"The statement that ex-Governor
Lord was an applicant for the Peruvian
mission or any other diplomatic mission
is not true. The president, recognizing
ex-Governor Lord's ability and devotion
to party, felt kindly disposed to him and
anxious to appoint, him to some good
position when the opportunity should
present itself. It appears lhat the Per
sian mission was the first to present
itself to the president, and this he tend
ered to Mr. Lord, not knowing, of course,
whether it would be accepted or not.
Mr. Lord has seen fit to decline this post
of honor, and that is about all there is
to it.
"In regard to the statement that ex-
Governor Lord was an applicant for the
mission to Pern, I know that he was not. 1
The first private dispatch from Washing
ton announced that the post tendered ex
Governor Lord was the mission to Peru.
This was evidently a mistake in trans
mission. Ex-Governor Lord might have
accepted this office, and might not.
This mission is a better one from a finan
cial point of view than the ministry to
Persia, and, besides, would have been
better suited to Mr. Lord by reason of
being so closely identified with our own
republic. But Mr. Lord has never been
an applicant for any diplomatic posi
His Life IV as Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonder
ful deliverance from a frightlul death.
In telling of it he says : "I was taken
with typhoid .fever, that ran into pneu
monia. My lungs became hardened. I
was so weak I couldn't even sit np in
bed. Nothing helped me. I expected
to soon die of consumption, when I
heard of Dr. King's New Discovery.
One bottle gave great relief. I con
tinued to use it, and now am well and
strong. I can't say too mUch in its
praise." ThiB marvellous medicine is
the surest and quickest cnre in the world
for all throat and lung trouble. Regular
size 50 cents and $1.00. Trial bottle
tree at Blakeley. & Houghton's dm 2
etore; every bottle guaranteed. 2
Elegant new Pullman palace sleepers
between Portland and Chicago have just
been placed in service via the O. R. &
N., Oregon Short: Line, Union Pacific
and Chicago & Northwestern railways
daily every day in the year. Cars are of
the very latest pattern, in fart being the
most improved up-to-date sleeping carB
tuned out by the Pullman Company.
These new palaces will leave Portland on
the evening fast train of the O. K. & N.
arriving at Chicago the morning of the
fourth day and running through with
out change via Granger and Omaha. 19tf
No Right to Ugliness.
The woman who is lovely in face, form
and temper will always have friends,
but one who . wonld be attractive must
keep her health. If she is weak, sickly
and all run down, she will be nervous
and irritable. . If she has constipation or
kidney trouble, her impure blood will
cause pimples, blotches, skin eruptions
and a wretched complexion. Electric
Bitters is the best medicine in the world
to regulate the stomach, liver and kid
neys and to purify the blood. It gives
strong nerves, . bright eyes, smooth,
Velvety skin, rich complexion. It will
make a good looking, charming woman
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Bismarck's Iron Neive
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy
are not found where stomach, liver,
kindeys and bowels are out of order. If
you want theBe qualities and the success
they bring, use Dr King's New Life
Pills. They develop every power of
brain and body. Only 25c at Blakeley
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Fate of Lieutenant Gilmore's Party
Remains a Mystery..
New York, April 21. A dispatch to
the Herald from Manila says : Admiral
Dewey, in an interview today, said the
expedition of the gunboat York to n to
Baler was purely to rescue the Spanish
soldiers and privates who are being be
seiged in a church there. The soldiers
refused to surrender when expected to
lay down their arms by General Rios at
the end of the Paris peace conference.
Admiral Dewey eaid he did not know
what had become of Lieutenant Gilmore
and the 14 men in the launch,' ; They
had been sent to sound the month of
the river, but went beyond the bend,
out of sight of the Yorktown. The sup
position is they were captured or killed
by tbe Spaniards or the 400 Insurgents
who are besieging the Spanish garrison.
Admiral Dewey declines to say. what
steps be will take toward a punitive ex
General Rios, the Spanish commander
when interviewed, said be did not think
the garrison at Balar knew tbe war be
tween the United States and Spain bad
ended.' He had sent an officer in Jan
uary to tell the garrison to surrender.
The garrison refused to surrender, either
not believing tbe officer or fearing they
would be trapped by the insurgents.
Since then General Rios - has had no
communication with the garrison, and
this is the first information that the
Spanish flag is still flying at Baler.
" He thought the Americans were shot
by the insurgents, as the 'Spaniards
themselves are besieged and have no
way of getting to the river. General
Rios said that he bad not been con
General Otis doubted whether tbe
proposed exchange . of Filipino - for
Spanish prisoners would succeed, as tbe
insurgents are holding the Spaniards in
the hope that it will help their cause,
They are not eeeking money.
. The letter containing General Rios'
laBt appeal to Aguinaldo said , the sur
render of the Spanish prisoners would
create a bond of sympathy between the
Filipinos and Spain.
t)regon Boy Wounded.
Washington, April 21. General Otis
forwards the following list of additional
casualties: Wounded-Second Oregon,
April 17, company A, Private W. O,
Walker, foot, moderate.
Thirteenth Minnesota, April 20, Priv
ate Nicholas Hansen, William Winders,
Corporal G. H. Burlingham.
(Private William O.. Walker, company
A, Second Oregon, enlisted at McMinn
ville last May. He was a f aimer by oc
cupation. His father, W. W. Walker,
is also a farmer, and lives near West
Cbehalem, Yamhill county.)
Little Sickness at Manila.
Washington, April 21. The following
dispatch, was received at the war depart
ment today :
- "Manila, April 21. Adjutant-General,
Washington -The troops are abundantly
supplied and the sickness, wounded in
cluded, is only seven and a fraction
per cent of the command. Otis."
The Best in" the World.
We believe Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is the best in the world. A few
weeks ago we suffered with a severe cold
and i troublesome cough, and having
read their advertisements in our own
and . other . papers we purchased a
bottle to see if it wonld effect us. ' It
cured us before the bottle was more than
half used: . It is the beBt medicine out
for colds and coughs. The Herald,
Andersonville, Ind. - For sale by Blake
ley & Houghton Uruggists.
Three Companies of Souti Dakota Regi
ment and Three of tbe Minnosota '
" Encounter Insurgents.
Americans Exhausted Their Ammuni
tion Rebels Unusually Active Be
tween Malolos and Calumpit
Manila, April 21, 9:05 a. m. At 6
o'clock this morning three South Dakota
companies marched from Bocave and in
conjunction with three companies of the
Minnesota regiment from Gnginto, north
of - Bocave, encountered a rebel force
numbering fully 500, when two miles
out. The rebele retired three miles in
fairly good order, in spite of the fact
that they Buffered heavy losses. The
Americans, having exhausted their am
munition, were compelled to. return to
their camps.
4.05 p.m. The heat is intense. At
noon the thermometer registered 95 de
grees and the mercury was still rising.
There were several prostrations from
beat among the troops, but only one
man was wounded. Later army togs
opened fire on tbe enemy along the river
The rebels are unusually active from
Malolos as far aa Calumpit. " They have
been discovered within two miles of tbe
railroad. Fires are burning east of ..the
railroad and it would appear that tbe
rebels are evacuating the foothill towns
In anticipation of an attack upon the
part of the American troops.
Washington Regiment Repel An Attack.
Manila, April 21, 10:45 a. m. A
force of about 200 rebels yesterday after
noon attacked tbe outposts of the Wash
ington regiment near Taguig, south of
Pasig and Pateros. Two companies im
mediately engaged tbe enemy and ad
vanced into tbe open in skirmish order.
Tbe rebels were checked and routed
after two hours' fighting, leaving twelve
men killed on the field and several
wounded. The American ' troops aleo
obtained possession of Mauser rifles and
many other weapons. Three Americans
were wounded. -
Remarkable Cnre for Rheumatism.
Kenna, Jackson Co., W. Va.
About three years agj my wife had an
attack of rheumatism which confined
her to her bed for over a month and
rendered her unable to walk a step with
out assistance, her limbs being swollen
to double their normal size. 'Mr.. 8.
Maddock insisted on my using Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. I purchased a fifty
cent bottle and used it according to the
directions and the next morning she
walked to breakfast without assistance
in any manner, and she has not bad a
similar attack since. A. B. Parson. For
Bale by Blakeley & Houghton Druggists.
The -steamer Spokane has been placed
in eervice on the Snake river between
Sparta and Lewlston with double daily
service and will be operated as a through
mail, express and passenger steamer,
making round trips daily except Satur
day. Leave Riparia at 2:30 a. m. ar
riving at Lew is ton at 12 o'clock noon
Leave Lewiston at 2:30 p. m. arriving
at Riparia at 7 o'clock p. m. The
steamer Lewiston will take the place of
the Spokane on the same schedule Sat
urdays and at other times will be oper
ated on a wild schedule, taking care of
all local work. The object of this new
schedule is to place the Wisten and Buf
falo Hump countries more in touch with
points on the O. R. & N. " tf
Silks for.
-Weeding out all short length in Silks today preparing
them for. Monday's selling.
Monday morning everything will be ready and whether
you want a waist pattern or just a fraction of" a yard, yon
will find it in this collection of fifty pieces of bargain-priced
There are present representatives from the families of
Bedford Cords,
Pricesjust about two
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