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This is the one subject
that we have given less
attention to than any
other, owing to the fact
that the demand has
been for Wash Fabrics,
but our line of spring
and summer wool goods
Covert Suiting,
Figured Novelties,
Bayadere Stripe,
Changeable Effects,
Diagonals, Ladies' Cloths,
Are now attracting considerable attention and
we are anxious that all who contemplate buying
should know that we are prepared to show all these
late things with the most carefully selected, line of
trimmings ever shown in the city.
This line is now thoroughly complete in every
particular and is extremely interesting to the mothers,
as these garments are dainty and just what you have
been asking for.
Infants' Eiderdown and Cashmere Sacques in
all colors and prices.
Infants' Long Slips in white
Infants' Long Flannel Skirts, handsomely em
broidered and hemstitched.
Childrens' Dresses from 6 months to 14 years;
all colors and st3'les.
Just received a shipment of ' Black Cat" brand
Hose 20c, 25c, and 35c per pair.
v- All Goods Maiked in Plain Figures.
The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
THURSDAY - - - APRIL 20, 1899
Telephone No. 1.
All Changes in Advertisements must
be handed in before io o'clock A. M., as
no changes will be accepted in the aft
ernoon. This rule will be positive.
The Dalles, January io, 1899.
Read A. M. Williams & Co.'s al.
New drees goods just arrived at Pease
& Maya.
unuaren b lancy reeier jackets in
Pique and Welts, all colore and daintilv
trimmed, at Peaee & Mays.
Club ties, stock ties, bow ties, separate
stocks, Tecks, four-in-hand and chiffon
ties, and chiffon . ruffs last arrived at
Pease & Mays. ,
Yesterday morning when A. Bruner,
a sheep herder, was splitting wood, the
ax slipped and cot his left foot very,
severely. Dr. Hollieter was called and
was compelled to take eeven or eight
stitches in the wound.
bam L. Simpson, the Oregon poet,
whose "Beautiful Willamette" made
hina famous, ha9 decided to qnit the
Webfoot s'ate. He will ho to San Fran
Whip Cords,
Pin Head Checks,
cisco and engage in literary work, for
wmcn occnpation he is by natural en
dowment well qualified.
j) . v;. Keeu, the new state nan com
missioner, will arrive from Portland this
evening and remain over tomorrow. .His
headquarters will be at the Umatilla.
Any fishermen who desire licenses
enouia eee mm tomorrow and procure
them. .
The Salem bowling team which will
play against the - club, team Saturday
night, is composed of Messrs. McGrew,
D' Arcy, Hatch, Barker, Griffith and
Minto. It is probable The Dalles team
will consist of Messrs. Bradshaw, Nolan,
Houghton, Baldwin, Schmidt and either
DeHuff or Hertz, the latter name being
decided by the result of their try-out
There are to be a number of change
in the location of busmesB firm's
soon. We understand P. G. Daut, the
optician, will remove his store to a
portion of the building which is to be oc
cupied by the First National bank, while
C. F. Cathcart will occupy his preeeut
stand, putting in a cigar store. Other
changes are .contemplated, but not de
ter mined upon. , .
Last night at the Masonic hall the
Royal Arch degree was conferred upon
three candidates. The remainder of the
evening was very pleasantly spent, at
the close of which a banquet was served
A delegation, consisting of E. L, Smitb
A. S. -Blowers, G. R. Castner, G. E.
Williams, W. A.' Slingerland and E. E
Savage came np from Hood River and
were present at the meeting.
The nurse, Mrs. Ida Crawford, who is
'n attendance on George McKennon, the
man who was badly . injured in
runaway Monday evening, informs ns
that he shows litt'e eigne of improve
ment, being in an unconscious state
most of the time. The left side of his
head was badly cut and the skull press
ing against the brain causes him untold
suffering. An-, operation . will be
performed tomorrow "morning.
"Hello, Endershy," was heard to
-vibrate over the Oregon Telephone wires
yesterday afternoon, the line being con
nected with that poptoffice yesterday.
No doubt the people of that section will
be delighted to be in direct communi
cation with the outside world. It will
be particularly advantageous to them
should 'phones be placed at various
farms throughout that section..
Mr. and Mrs. W. "H. Biggs returned
on last evening's train, after having
spent six months visiting relatives in
Missouri and California.' Their first
visit was in Canton, Mo., after which
they went to Kansas City for a short
trip. They report the winter a bard
one. Coming to Southern California
they spent some time in Los Angeles
and other cities. On their way home
they remained in San Francisco about
two weeks. Altogether they have had a
delightful trip. - Mr. Biggs says Los
Angeles county is still suffering sadly for
want of rain, only about four inches hav
ing fallen this season. Much of the
fruit crop will be loBt. Mr. and Mrs.
Biggs will remain here for a short time
at least, and we trust will decide to
make The Dalles their home.
Citizens no doubt would be much
concerned were they aware that a
scorpion was killed Monday afternoon
on the sidewalk surrounding H. Nielsen's
etore; and the ladies would take to
wearing rainy-day skirts for tear of them
stealing a ride on their trains. They
are not frequent travelers through the
streets of our citv. however, and this
one proved to be a foreigner, as it
jumped from a pack of umbrellas which
the umbrella mender laid down on the
sidewalk. It is supposed the ecorpion
crawled into an umbrella while the old
fellow was on his way from Hood River
here, he having walked from that place.
It is a very large one, being about two
and a half inches from tip to tip, and is
now preserved in alcohol in Mr. Nielsen's
store. : -
Senator McBride has been urging up
on the officials in Washington that work
be taken up and pushed to secure, the
right of way for the proposed boat
ra'lway at The Dalles. lie con
sulted the chief of engineers as to just
what had been done in this direction,
and was told that for the right of way
and for the terminal facilities of the
boat railway, 323.83 acres of land were
equired. Of this amoant. up to June
30 last, title to, or right of way over
188.09 acres had been obtained. .In view
of this fact, be has nrged that the' matter
be pushed to a speedy conclusion, that
the right of way may be completed, and
some of the money now on hand be ex
pended in getting the project under way
n time to secure a further appropriation
from the next congress. -Until the right
of way is obtained, none of the fund on
hand can be expended, and congress will
make no further appropriation. The
fact that the right of way was not fully
obtained prevented any appropriation
for this project in the last congress.
jMgniwatcnman rnirman was this
morning about 1 o'clock called upon to
straighten out aman (?) whom, he
should of at once thrown into the Co
lumbia, and prpbably. would have done
so, had not hfa reepect for our grand
river caneedyfiim to hesitate to so Bully
its waters The aforesaid individual
lives somewhere in the vicinity of the
garrison, and unfortunately has a wife
who is now helpless, and four children,
who for years have been scarcely able to
eke out an existence, and have been
wandering from pillar to post, the thing
who calls himself their protector spending
every cent for that which pnts the
finishing touches on the job which
nature pretty . aoiy accomplished in
creating a fool. At 1 o'clock this morn
log be came home reeling, and kicking
open the door gained admission and
made things lively for his family for a
short time, when Phirman was sent for,
and the culprit landed in the city jail
Such brutes Bhould be settled once for
all, and tie amazing thing, is that
women have no more stamina than to
put up with their brutality.
When TrarellDK
Whether on pleasure bent or -business,
take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of
Figs, as it-acts most pleasantly and ef
fectually on 'the kidneys, liver and
bowels preventing fevers, headaches
and other forms of sickness. For sale in
50 cent bottles by all leading druggists.
Manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Co. only.
Pneumonia, la grippe, coughs, colds,
croup and whooping-cough readily yield
to One Minute Congo. Cure. Use this
remedy in time and save a doctor's bill
or the undertaker's. . Snipes-Kinersly
Drug Co.,. ;v " '. ' - ...
: .Handsome plaids and stripes are the
newest thing in silks for shirt waists, at
Pease & Mays. -
A Deaf Mate Thrown Off the Track, Dot
Mot Seriously Injured.
" Another instance of the folly of a deaf
mute 'attempting to walk a railroad
track was given yesterday afternoon. As
No. 4, east-bound passenger, rounded a
curve about ten miles below town, the
engineer noticed a man on the track,
and whistling supposed he would - step
atide at once. He was astounded, how
ever, to see he made no move, and it was
impossible when the discovery' was
made to stop the train, which was going
at the rate of thirty-five miles an hour,
and the engine struck the man, throwing
him about eight feet up onto a bank. '
The train men, supposing of course he
was dead, stopped as soon as possible
and goini back found he did not appear
to be badly hurt, but what his injuries
really were they could not fully deter
mine as he was uuable to hear them or
speak to . them. They assisted him to
the train, and brought him to The Dalles
telegraphing ahead for a physician to be
at the Umatilla House. ' Upon reaching
that place, tie walked out of the car and
could not be found when the doctor
arrived. Nightwatchman ' Phirman,
however, ran across him shortly after
and took him to the city, jail, as he
seemed to have no friends and no one to
look after him.
Dr. Logan was called this morning and
fonnd that his ankle was badly eprained
and also a torn wound on his left elbow.
Further than this he was not injured.
He informed a reporter that his name
is Will Gillett, and that be lives at 61,
North First street, Portland. He had
come up from Portland Monday, to work
for a fisherman below the Locks; but
not finding him, and being told that he
had gone up the river he started in
search of him. Had about made up bis
mind to turn back, when the train over
took him. . He says be did not even see
the train, and blames no one for' the ac
cident but himself. Claims he has a
good home and that his people will
probably Bend money for him to return.
The poor fellow may thank his lucky
stars he escaped as easily as he did, as it
was positively miraculous that he was
not instantly killedT . It is feared the re
bults may yet be more serious than
present appearances would indicate.
Says the Latent Report Oregon's
Fourth of July Celebration.
A dispatch published in '" another
column to the effect that the soldier
boys will return home in June or July,
will gladden the hearts of thousands of
Oregon people, who, with the assurance
that their duty has been well done, now
are anxious tor their return. Portland
is - already planning a Fourth of July
parade, which would cause enthusiasm
that would know no bounds, and fairly
cause the snow-capped peaks of Oregon
to bellow iortn a . welcome such as our
braye boys justly deserve. What a
parade that would be. But would not
each citv and village who contributed
these heroes come in for their ehare, and
demand that their' liberty car be filled
with these gods of liberty, as -they
might well be termed?
When the return of the volunteers was
first talked of, the government an
nounced that - the various regiments
would be brought home in the same
order ia which they went out. . This
would make the Second Oregon and the
First California the first to come. Thirty
days is required to ' make the passage
from Manila to San Francisco. If the
first transport sails May 5tb, therefore
it should arrive early in June. That at
least part of the Second. Oregon will be
on this vessel there is no cause to doubt,
The boys will probably be in Portland
by June 15th. -
Willamette Valley Cnatanqua.
This association, the yearly meetings
of which onr people look forward to
has engaged some stars of great magn
tnde for the next meeting of the as
sembly, which will be held at Gladstone
Park from July 18th to 29th inclusive.
Among them are Sam Jones, J. DeWitti
Miller, Frank Beard and Camden Co- 1
bern, all platform entertainers of nation-!
al reputation. This is the strongest
array of talent ever engaged for this
assembly, and it was .only through the
combined efforts of the assemblies at
Ashland and in California that made it
possible to secure these celebrities. . Ar
rangemeuts are perfected to make the
coming assembly at Gladstone Park a
greater event than any kindred organi
zation in the United States, except the
parent Chautauqua in New York.
The, management are planning new
features for the assembly, and expect
a daily, attendance of 5,000 people from
all parts of the Northwest.
; Recreation, art, song, oratory,- games,
instruction, life and happiness at Glad
stone Park for twelve full days. To
thoroughly', en joy 'the- assembly one
should camp during the whole season.
Every season brings an increasing num-
ber of campers. Reduced rates will be
given on all lines of transportation, and
the living expenses are nominal. Season
tickets' $1.53. Day tickets 25 cents.
Children under ten free.
W. S. Neece is in the city from Moro.
C. M. Brown is a Grass Valley visitor
in town today.
Joseph Moll and John Allen are in
from Ridgeway today.
John Cnappelle and James Sare field
came over from Goldendale yesterdav.
aud spent today in the city.-
J. B. Venable and A. R. Mitchell of
Rufus, are in. the city today, and will
leave for home on the evening train.
Dr. Siddall boarded the afternoon train
for Portland. When he returns we trust
he will remember us all with a good
sized nugget of the Atlin gold.
Mrs. Lee Weiicel came in from Prine-
ville yesterday and left this morninn on
the boat to visit her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. S. N. Wilkins, at Corvallis. Her
cousin, Mrs. Woodbury, came up from
Portland yesterdav and accomtanied
her down the river.
If you suffer from tenderness or full
ness on the right side, pains under
shoulder-blade, constipation, bilious
ness, eick-headache, and feel dull, heavy
and sleepy your liver is torpid and con
gested. DeWitt's Little Early Rieers
will cure you promptly, pleasantly and
permanently, by removing the congestion
and causing the bile ducts to open and
flow naturally. They aee good fills.
Snipes-Kinersly Drug Co.
Boy Wanted.
A good steady boy, of 16 years or over,
can find employment at The Chronicle
office. He must enter with the deter
mination to master the trade and not
imagine he is ready to graduate after a
few days work.
Good Wood.'
To get the beet dry fir and pine wood
that the market affoids ring up 40.
Prompt delivery. The Dalles Lumber
ing Co. Jan27-2m
New plain and changeable Taffetta
silk just received at Pease & Mays.
Dewey white wash? Yes, and wash white. You can
Havana thing washed at the Steam Laundry. The
Maine point is quality and the
Merritt of our work is such that people go
Miles to patronize us. Our
Hobson's choice, but the
Cevera high as some people
C-U-B-A customer of ours.
Corner of First
'Phone 341.
hays mm
hae Lisks' is the Best,
exclusive .Pon9t Purchase
agency for t? be
best pf heaviest -Sore seeing
Tinware made. A. "Os.
Guaranteed-never to rust. 0". r
Aftetf the holidays..
We have a large stock ot Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music, Musical Instru
ments, etc.," that we are eelling at popular prices.
Our stock of Stationery and Books is complete.
- - . " - - '; ; '
. .v ..It-.' (.,' ,K : i . v.-.'L-1 ,- i ' - .'.. - '.
Jacobsen Book & Music Co.
17o Second Street, The Dalies, Oregon.
1041 wanes
Ten Hours.
With each returning season the Lozier
Manufacturing Co. show something; new
and desirable in Bicycle construction.
This season finds them with more
good things than ever.- One of these
good t nines is the BURWELL BALL
Examine the illustration notice par
ticularly that the little steel Roller be
tween the balls transfers the motion
without interruption and the Balls can
not grind together as in ordinary
There is nothing ordinary about Cleve
land Bicyc!es; every piece of material
and every hour of labor is the best
money can buy.
We cater to a trade that wants the
best and knows the best.
Sole agents for Cleveland Bicycles.
prices are not
standard rates, which are not-
think, and we want to
and Court Street,