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NO 264
ViUaeB Was Easily Tatra . Alter BsiM
Mmi to Ashes.
Montana and Kansas Regiments, Sup
ported by Artillery, Charged the
Rebel Forces in the Face of a
Heavy Fire.
Manila, Feb. 10. 7 :40 p. m. The
American forces at 2 :40 this afternoon
made a combined, attack upon Colocan
and reduced it in abort order. At a
signal from the tower of the de la Lome
church (United States signal station)
the double-turreted monitor Monadnock
opened fire from the bay with the big
gunB other fore turret on the earth
works, with great effect. Soon after
ward the battery bombarded the place
from another position. .
The rebels received their fire until the
bombardment ceased, when they fired
volleys of musketry as the Montana
regiment advanced on the jungle.
The Kansas tegiment, on the extreme
left, with'the artillery destroying to the
right, charged across the open and
carried the earthworks, cheering under
a heavy fire. Supported by the artillery
at the church, the troops further ad
vanced, driving the enemy, fighting
every foot, right into the town line, and
penetrated to the presidency and
lowered the Filipino flag at 5 :30 p. m.
The enemies' sharpshooters in the
. jungle on the right fired at long range
on the Pencsylvanian regiment, but the
-rebels were soon silenced by shrapnel
shells and the Pensylvaqians remained
in the trenches. As the Americans ad
vanced they burned the native bouses.
The rebles were mowed down like grass
but the American losses were slight.
Threatened Uprising Not Materialized.
. Manila, Feb. 10. 3 :45 p. m. In an
ticipation of a native uprising in this
city unusual precautions were taken
here last night by the American military
authorities. Fortunately this proved
unnecessary. The Filipinos are evi
dently convinced that an n prising would
pr6ve suicidal to them. The American
fighting line is about the same as on
Scouting parties of the Dakota regi
ment yesterday surprised some Filipino
scouts at the bridge across the Paranque
river. The enemy . retired , hurriedly,
swimming the stream in order to reach
the main body of the rebels, entrenched
opposite troop K, of the Fourth cavalry.
A few rebels have concentrated at
Paranque. " j .
Many of the rebels are coming in,
hoping to be allowed to enter Manila,
but they have beon refused the necessary
permission, and are now afraid to return
to the enemy's ranks.
Not Yet Reported at Washington.
Washington, Feb. 10. Alger went to
the cabinet meeting today without any
official advices from Otis as to the situ
ation at Manila. As Otis' lines are -extended
it becomes more difficult to keep
up speedy communications between
American outposts and the base at Ma
nila, and he has purchased 600 horses
for this purpose.
Otis said nothing in the cablegrams
received today about the engagement
and expulsion of the insurgents from
Calocan. . The action at that point re
ported in the associated press dispatches
exactly bears out the opinion of officials
of the war department as to the course
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
likely to be followed by Otis in dealing
with the insurgents.
How American Troops Are Disposed.
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 10. A spe
cial cablegram to the Times from Manila
says: Brigadier-General H. O. Otis
holds the extreme left of the American
line from the bay near, Calocan. ''The
regiments on the line and in support
are as follows :
The Twentieth Kansas, Colonel Funs
ton, eleven companies; First Montana.
Colonel Keesler, nine companies ; Third
Artillery, Major Kobbe, four batteries
ot infantry, and the Tenth Pennsylvania,
Colonel Hawkins, four companies.
Two companies of Tenth Pennsylvania
are behind the walls of de la Loma
church yard. Across the ravine from
the Montana regiment is Captain Jen
sen's company, holding the etone fort
supporting Grant's battery of four Utah
guns, a fifth gun, to the left and on the
railroad, supporting the Kansas troops.
To reach its present position the brigade
has advanced four times since Saturday
in a series of brilliant combats on dif
ferent parts of the line of action,- espe
cially soon the fourth, fifth and seventh.
The last advance was the most san
guinary, the American loss being one
killed and five wounded, while the
Filipinos suffered a loss of 34 killed, and
were utterly routed.
. The brigade has lost to date six killed
and 55 wounded. The Filipinos lost
130. All the dead were buried.
Several bayonet charges were uade on
the 7th during the advance of the right
and center. The taking of the Chinese
cemetery on the 5th by the Montana
and Pennsylvania regiments was a su
perb piece of work. A brilliantly exe
cuted advance up the slope. in the open
made a battle picture - that would de
light any veteran.
No Right to Ugliness.
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State Tide Lands.
Vancocvke, Wash., Feb. 9. At the
regular meeting of the citv council, a
special committee was appointed to take
action in the matter of the state tide
lands in this city, concerning which
there has ' been considerable discussion
and some litigation during recent years.
The committee will make an effort to
secure legislation to the effect that there
are no tide lands within the meaning of
the state constitution on the Columbia
above the month of the Willamette.
How to Frereat Pneumonia.
You are perhaps aware that pneu
monia always results from a cold or from
an attack of La" Grippe. During the
epidemic of La Grippe a few years ago
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monia,' it was observed that the attack
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Umatilla River Rising.'
- Pendleton, Feb. 9. Unless there
should be a fali in the temperature soon
a flood will be experienced here, accord
ing to present indications. Specials in
an evening' paper here say that the
Umatilla river at Thorn Hollow is now
higher than has ever been known in the
history of this country, and - the low
temperature ana heavy rains but
just begun. At Meacham the report is
that the rain is falling steadily and that
the enormous depth of enow there is
fast melting. W. S. Byers has private
advice that unless the water should
cease rising, his mill race will be in
danger. At this point the river has not
begun to rise, but the effect of the flood
would not be noticed here before late
tonight or tomorrow.
His Life Was Saved.
Mr. J. . Lilly, s prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonder
ful deliverance from' a frightlul death.
In telling of it he says : "I was taken
with t7phoid fever, that ran into pneu
monia. My lungs became hardened. I
was so weak I couldn't even- sit up in
bed. Nothing helped me. I expected
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Blockade May Be Raised.
Leadville, Colo. Feb. 10. Every ef
fort is being made to open railway com
munication. There is only 24 hours' coal
supply in the city, but as the storm has
ceased there is hope of relieving the situ
ation in time to prevent the threatened
flooding of the mines by the stoppage of
the pumps.
Elegant new Pullman palace sleepers
between Portland an 1 Chicago have just
been placed in service via the O. R. &
N., Oregon Short Line, Union Pacific
and Chicago & Northwestern railways
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most improved up-to-date sleeping cars
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These new palaces will leave Portland on
the evening fast train of the O. K. & N.
arriving at Chicago the morning of the
ourth day and running through with
but change via Granger and Omaha. 19tf
Will Isue Bonds..
Antelope. Or.. Feb. 10. The citv
council, at a called meeting, voted an
issue of $4000 of a 6 per cent bonds.
These bonds are for the purpose of pav
ing of the balance due upon the water
works system, and for the completion of
the reservoir. The bonds will be ad
vertised at once. -
La Orlppe Successfully Treated.
"I have just recovered ; from the sec
ond attack of La Grippe this year," says
Mr. Jas. A. Jones, publisher ; of the
Leader, Mexia, Texas. "In the latter
case I used Chamberlain's Cough Bern
edy, and I think with considerable suc
cess, only -being in bed a little over two
days against ten days for the former at
tack. The second attack I' am satisfied
would have been equally as bad as the
first bnt for the use of this . emedy jas 1
bad to go to bed in about six hours after
being 'struck' with it, while in the first
case. I was ' able to attend to business
about two days before getting 'down.' "
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President Signs the Peace Treaty.
Washington j Feb. 10. The treaty of
peace was signed . by the president at
2 :35 this afternoon.
To Care Cold. In One Day.
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limit for Surrender ly Insurgents
Has Expired.
Americans Anxious to Have the Phil
ippine Problem Settled News ot
the Results Would Not Reach
Washington for Two Days. .
Chicago, Feb. 10. A special irom
Washington say 8:
Iloilo is now being bombarded by a
portion of Admiral Dewey's fleet, un
less the natives have snrrendered on
demand of General - Miller, who is .in
command there.
Gen. Otis advised Secretary Alger he
had sent the First Tennessee infantry to
reinforce Gen. Miller, and the command
ing officer of that organization carried
instructions for him to demand the sur
render of Iloilo by 9 o'clock Friday morn
ing. . If this demand was not immedi
ately complied with, the instructions
were to begin the bombardment of Iloilo
and continne it until the rebels ran up
the white flag.
The Boston, Baltimore and Petrel are
at Iloilo and if the rebels are indiscreet
enough to refuse to lay down their arms
the heavy guns of those ehipB will be
turned on them and followed up by the
trops, who have been lying in the harbor
for some time.
May Have Been Delayed.
Washington, Feb. 10. For reasons
which they will not divulge officials do
not expect an attempt to be made to
land the American troops at Iloilo im
mediately, though that was the inten
tion a day or two ago, based on Otis' ad
vices as to his intentions. It is possi
ble it has been concluded to be good pol
icy to allow the natives on Panay to
learn for themselves the disastrous fate
that has overtaken Aguinaldo's forces
in the neighborhood of Luzon, hoping
they may be induced to abate their re
sistance to Gen. Miller's attempted land
ing. , Even if the attack baa taken place,
according to original plan, news of the
result would not reach here for two days.
The Ttlinclehei A-verasre But Llttl
Under 81x Feet.
The tribes to the east of the Cordil
leras, in southern Patagonia, belong1 to
Araucanian stock,, and are a superior
race, says the Boston Transcript. The es they call themselves
of southern and eastern Patagonia are
the people whose unusual stature gave
rise to the fables of early days to the
effect that the natives of this region
were giants, averaging- nine or ten feet
in height. It is a fact they are the tall
est human beings in the world, the men
averaging but slightly less than six
feet,, while individuals of four to six
inches above that mark are not uncom
mon. They are in reality by no means
savages, but somewhat civilized bar
barians. They are almost unacquaint
ed with the use of firearms, notwith
standing Borne contact with the whites,
but they have plenty of horses and
' Unsurpassed hunters, they capture
the guanaco and the rhea, or South
American ostrich, and from the skins
of these and other animals they make
clothes and coverings for their tents.
They make beautiful "capes" or man
tles, of fur and feathers, which are
highly prized by Europeans and find a
ready 'market, v most of the proceeds
being spent for bad whisky, which is
brought into the country in quantities
by traders. - ' -.
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Absolute silence.
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The jude never lifted his head.
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.papa, don't you?"'
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