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is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
go the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fio Sybtjp
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
All the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Pig Sybtjp Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding' the worthless
imitations manufactured by other pat
ties. The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fjo Syiicp Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
Tvhich the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
towels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company (
C. E. Loonris, of Eugene, is in the city,
G. E. Phelpa, of Portland, ia regis
tered at the Umatilla
. Madden, one of Wasco's business
men, is a visitor in the city.
G. J. Friend and G. F. Gainther came
in from Kingsley yesterday.
W. H. Medcttlf arrived in the city last
night from Vancouver to attend the
iiineral of his brother.
J, A. Bennett, a traveling man veil
known to Dalles people, is in the city
in the interest of hia company.
Tom Purdy, formerly in the employ of
J. T. Peters, ia in the city today, in the
interest of the firm he now represents,
tudebaker & Co., of Portland.
Mrs. Blanche Eckler-Tolinie, who hag
teen visiting Miss Belle Eckler and Mies
Goliiie Amos at the Ludiea' Hall in this
eitv, left for Dayton yesterday. Walla
Walla Union.
SO Reward.
Lost, Eomewhere between the postof
fice and my home on west Second street,
a gold watch. $5 reward will be paid
for its return. Full name, Ecu ma Janet
Fisher, engraved inside. Return to this
offico or to Mrs. Eruuia J. Bees.
Wood Wood Wood.
"Ve can furnish you with strictly first
' class, dry, fir wood at the same prices
which you have been paying for inferior
quality. Snd ns yoar orders and get
the best. Phone 25.
Mcb.1. Jos. T. Pktkbs it Co.
Casti in lour C becks
All county warrants registered prior
to Mch. 14, 1895, will be paid at my
office. Interest ceases after Jan. 14,
18S9. 1 C. L. Phillips,
County Treasurer.
To Care a Cold in One Day.
' Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money if
It fails to cure. 25c.
Mr. S. .A. Fackler, editor of the
Micanopy (Fla.), Hustler, with his wife
jund children, suffered terribly from La
Grippe. One Minuto Cough Cure was
.the only remedy that helped vthem. It
acted quickly. Thousands of others use
this remedy as a specific for La Grippe,
and its exhausting after effects. Never
fails. Snipea-Kinerely Drug Co.
. Coughing injures and inflames sore
lungs. - One Minute Cough Cure loosens
the cold, allays coughing and heals
quickly. The best cure for children,
perfectly harmless. Snipea-Kinersly
Drui Company.
Freas Saunders bas purchased the
.wood business of J. T. Reynolds in this
city. Those desiring good wood will find
trim by ringing up' 'phone number 12.
Men Wanted
To cut-cord wood. Inquire at The
Dalles Lumbering Co. ' " ' 24tf
For Five Dollars you can buy a Camera
hat will take larger pictures than any
other Camera on the market. For sale
by Clarke fe Falk. tf
. Good Wood. , ,
T9 get the best dry fir and pine wood
'that the 'market affords line up 40,
Prompt delivery. The Dalles Lumber-
ingCo. Jan27-2m
. You need have no boils - if you will
ake Clarke & Falk's sure cure for boils.
Use Clarke & Falk's . Quinine Hair
Tonic for dandruff and falling hair. ; tf
Heavy Fall, Followed By Rain and Low
er Temperature.
Long Creek, Feb. 8. Grant county
has in the past few days experienced the
coldest weather known -to the earliest
inhabitant?. Since Friday night the
thermometer has registered constantly
at from 5 to 30 delow zero. Up to this
time the winter had been an excellent
one for stock. Considerable hay had
been fed out, and many who bad not
supplied themselves with hay were com
pelled to pay exborbitant prices for the
article, which they did rather than sac
rifice their herds. Should cold weather
continue the loss in Grant county will
be enormous. Sheep and cattle are al
ready beginning to euccumb, and it ia
impossible to purchase any more hay.
To Gain Flesh, to Sleep Well, to Know
What Appetite and Good Digestion
No trouble is more common or more
misunderstood than nervous dyspep-.ia.
People having it think their nerves are
to blame and are surprised that they
are not cured by nerve medicine?. The
real seat of the mischief is lost siwht of.
The stomach is the organ to be looked
Nervous dyspeptics often do not have
any pain whatever in the stomach, nor
perhaps any of the symptoms of stom
ach weakness. Nervous dyspepsia shows
itself not in the stomach so much as in
nearly every organ. In some cases the
heart palpitates and is irregular; in oth
ers the kidneys are effected; in . others
the bowels are constipated, with head
aches ; Btill others are troubled with Iobb
of flesh and appetite with accumulations
of as, sour risings and heartburn.
It is safe to say that Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets will cure any stomach weak
ness or disease except cancer of the
stomach. They cure sour stomach, gas,
loss of flesh and appetite, sleeplessness,
palpitation, heartburn, constipation and
Send for valuable little book on stom
ach diseases by addressing F. A. Stuart
Co., Marshall, Mich. All druggists sell
full sized packages at 50 cents. Prof.
Henry W. Becker, A. M., the well-known
religious worker and writer, of St. Louis,
secretary of the Mission Board of the
German Methodist church ; chief clerk
and expert accountant of the harbor and
wharf commission ; public secretary for
the St. Louis school patrons' association,
and the district conference of the stew
ards of the M. E. church ; alsJ takes an
active part in he work of the Epworth
League, and to write on rehgioas and
educational topics for several magezines.
How he fonnd relief is best told in bis
own words:
' ."Some weeks ago my brother heard
me eay something about indigestion, and
taking a box out of bis pocket said : 'Try
Stnart'e Dyspepsia Tablets.' I did, and
was promptly relieved.. Then 1 invest!
gated the nature of the tablets, and be
came satisfied that they were made of
just the right things- and in just the
right proportions to aid in the assimila
tion of food. I heartily indorse them in
all respects, and I keep them constantly
on hand.
Use Clarke & Falk's Floral Lotine for
sunburn and wind chafing. tf
Jbn Englishman's Impression of
Greater New York.
Americana Come In for a Genereu
Share of I'rnise for Their Cor
rect Conduct Same Carl
oqi Tilings, f
Had the initial stage of existence been
ordered" under different circumstances;
and I had been given the choice "of a
birthplace, I might have elected to be
born an American citizen somewhere
outside' of New York. For what is one
to say of a city that will not permit you
to carry pickles through the streets on
the seventh day rior allow you to kiss
your best girl on the sidewalk on any of
the others? I might not want at any
period of life to do either one or the
other of these proscribed acts, yet if it
should happen that I did1 1 Ehould hate
to call my own that city which forbade
me. V
Indeed, the niceties of life in New
York have been somewhat of a puzzle
to me. I have not been permitted to
smoke a cigarette while walking along
Fifth avenue with a lady, but I have
been allowed to take her to the theateT
and occupy a front seat in the stalls
without-donning" evening dress a thing
no lady would tolerate in London.
Spanish cities are famous for their
noises, but New York I found to be
noisier than any three of them. My
nerves were at a tension during the
whole of my visit. It is not an unceas
ing, distant rumble that soon becomes
no discomfort, as in London, but a suc
cession of jarring, jerky noises, dis
tracting to the senses. Why you tol
erate it I cannot understand. What
with cable cars, the "L" railroad, the
cabs and; carts rattling over roadways
with no pretense at paving, and the
thousand and one street cries. New
York is a perfect inferno of clamor.
Indoors I find another curious things
curious, you must remember, to the
Englishman. You heat your houses to
suffocation and then dTink gallons of
iced water to keep cool to the ruin of
your digestion, temper and nerves, un
til you have become the most dyspeptic
people uncJer the eun and the special
prey of the quack-medicine venders.
You claim to be a sensible people, and
yet your candy stores are filled every
day by crowds of struggling women
who eat indigestible pastry to such an
extent that the graveyards of America
contain more tons of gold than of
The New York man d'oesnot hustle
as much as you would have others be
lieve. In fact, you don't work, man for
man, so hard as the Englishman. But
you think quicker and larger, and you
think more than you work. You have a
great idea, tire of it halfway through
because another greater id'ea has come
to you, and leave your subordinates to
work out the minor details of the first
scheme, with the result that it is never
wholly finished. The average Englishman
will see the thing through from begin
ning to end,and give his whole attention
to the-smallest detail. Yours is a city of
diversified thought and aspirations.
The one thing in which you seem to
have a common mind is that you should
wear a crease down the front of an old
pair of trousers.
As to you generally, you are the
kindliest and most hospitable people on
the face of the earth. This I say with
out reservation, and every Englishman
who has visited' your shore will bearme
out in my statement. v You never seem
to tire of extending to him civilities and
courtesies such as overwhelm a sensi
tive man, whether it is in showingwith
just pride the wonders: and resources
of your great country, or spendicgyour
dollars or your time in h:s service. To
one gentleman, who would not wish me
to identify him by name, I owe a deep
de"bt of gratitude1 for all he did' for
me a stranger and his, I believe, was
a spirit that pervades you all. Leslie's
Weekly. -
The Foot of the Reindeer. '
Everything in any way connected
with Alaska and the Klondike is of spe
cial interest at present, and among
other items the foot of the reindeer de
serves particular mention. The forefoot
of the horse to a great extent deter
mines its value, as upon this portion
of its anatomy its speed and endurance
depend. The foot , of the reindeer is
most pecujiar in construction. It is
cloven through the middle and each half
curves upward ' in front. They are
slightly elongated ' and capable of a
considerable amount of expansion.
When placed on an irregular surface,
which is difficult to traverse, the animal
contracts them into a sort of claw, by
which a firm hold is secured. When
moving rapidly the two portions of the
foot, as it is lifting, strike together, the
hoofs making a continuous clattering
noise, which maybe heard at a consider
able distance. It is this peculiarity of
the feet that makes the reindeer so sure
footed and so val nable in that rocky and
uneven country, where almost any
other animal would prove a failure as
a beast of burden. N. Y. Ledger.
Are You Interested?
Tbe O. B. & N. Co'8 New Book
On the Eesoursea of Oregon, Washing
ton and Idaho is being distributed. Our
readers' are requeeted to. forward tbe
acquaintances, and a copy of the work
will be sent them free. ; This is a mat
would ask that everyone take an in
H. Hcklburt, General Passenger Agen,
O. E. & K. Co., Portland. .
Sheriff's Sale.
Oregon, for Wasco kunty.
J. P. Shannon, Plaintiff,
Mary W. Lewis, Wayne F. Lewis and Wm. Mo D.
Lewis, Minors, by M. A. Moody, their guardian
ad litem, mid Z. F. Moody, executors of the es
tte of W. Ale. D. Lewis, deceased, Defendants.
iy virtue of an t- xecutioil, decree and order of
pale, duly issued out of and under the seal of the
circuit court ot the state of Oreeon, for the
county f Wasco, to me directed and dated the
28th day of December, 1S98, upon a decree for the
foreclosure of a certain mortgage, rendered and
entered in suid court on the -20th day of Decem
ber, 1898, in the above entitled cause in favor of
the plaintiff nd against defendants, in the sum
of Thirty-two hundred and Kiity-our dollars,
and commanding me to make sale ot the real
property embraced in such decree of foreclosure
and hereinafter described, I will, on the
7 th day of February, 1809.
at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, and at
the from door of the- County Court House in
Hulk's City, Wasco Count , Oregon, sell at pub
lic auction to the highest bidoer for cash in
hand, all the right, title and interest which the
defendants or either of them had on the 11th
day of June, 1883, the date of the mortgage fore
closed herein, or which said defendant or any of
the defendants herein, have since acquired, or
now have in and to the following described
Sroperty, situated and being iu Wasco county,
regon, to-wit:
The H'A, NW, and the fcH NKJ, Section 19,
Township 6. south of range 12, Hast of Wil
lamette meridian, containing 100.47 acres accord
ing to the government survey thereof, the same
being known on the maps and plats of tbe
United States as Cash Entry No. 85, of John P.
Shannon; or so much of said property as will
satisfy said judement and decree. Said property
will be sold subject to confirmation and re
demption as by law provided.
Dated at The Dalles, Oregon, this 2Sth day of
December, 1898.
I)ec31-il - Sheriff of Wasco County, Or.
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT of the State of Ore
gon for Wasco Countv.
Edgar S. Pratt, Plaintiff, -vs.
Emi5y Pratt, Defendant.
To Emily Pratt, the above named defendant.
In the name of the Stale of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear in the above en
titled court on or before the 23 day of January
1899, tben and there to answer tbe complaint of
plaintiff filed against you in the above entitled
cause, and if you fail so to appear, ai d answer
said complaint, for want thereof, the plaintiff
will apply to the above entitled court for the re
lief prayed for in his complaint to-wit.
For a decree of the above entitled court dis
solving the bonds of matrimony now existing
between plaintiff and defendant.
That plaintiff be Awarded the sole care and
custody of their minor children. Katie Pratt and
Keubin Pratt, and for such otber and farther re
lief as to the court may seem equitable and just.
This summons is served upon you, tbe said
Emily Pratt, by publication thereof, by order of
tbe Hon. W. L. Bradshaw, J virtue of tbe above
entitled court, which order bears date tbe 12th
day of December, 1898, and direct, d that said
amount bo rtublished once a week for not less
thsn six consecutive weeks in the '-Dalles
Chronicle,"' a newspaper of general circula
tion published in Dalles City, Wasco couuty,
Oregon, and said publication to begin w'th Sat
urday, the 17th day of December, 1898, and cud
wun Saturday tne zut day ot January, 1899.
Dufur & Menefke,
12-13-1 . . Attorneys f9r Plaintiff.
Government Breeding; Them for tbe
Purpose of Producing; av New Kindt
of Silk An Interesting;
Some very remarkable bugs are be
ing1 hatched and reared just at present
by the experts of the government bu
reau of entomology at Washington
Most people would suppose that there
were enough insects in existence with
out resorting to artificial propagation;
but the fact is that this kind of scientific
work has a very useful purpose in view,
This, too, notwithstanding the fact that
the srjecies selected for breeding are
the most pestiferous that can be found
The bug hatchery, or "insectary," as
it is called, is a brick building close by
the department of agriculture. In con
struction it resembles a greenhouse, the
upper part being of glass, so as to admit
plenty of light for the insects. It is
divided into two compartments, one of
which is artificially heated forhe ben
efit of tropical and other species that
require warmth, while the other is cold
On shelves-all around the interior, And
on the floor as well, are glass jars and
queer glass-sided boxes containing a
great variety of odd-looking objects.
The objects in the glass jars are parts
of plants, fruits, dried-up vegetables,
pieces of branches or roots, etc.. One
does not see any bugs at all, and the
reason why is simply that the veg
etables, fruits and so forth are tihe
natural food of the insects, and the lat
ter are either inside of them or ' else
are "done up" in cocoons for the win
For example, there is a huge cocoon
nine inches long hanging from a twig
in a jar of exceptional size. This is the
temporary communal dwelling built by
the so-called "gregarious butterfly" in
Mexico. More correctly speaking, it is
the caterpillars transformed later into
butterflies that construct the cocoon
for a residence while they are under
going their metamorphosis. The co
coon iooKs antl iee;s as n maae or xuick
parchment, and at the lower end of it
is a small hole that serves lor a door.
The labor employed in building it must
be enormous. Under a powerful mag-
nifving glass, it is seen te be composed
ot an infinite number of shining and
very slender silken threads, crossing-
each other in every direction. when
iut into, the nes't is found to contain
100 or more chrysalids, attached to the
walls on the inside each one repre
senting a future butterfly.
The habit of combining together to
build a house seems to be peculiar to
this species among butterflies. The silk
somposing the nest is exquisite, anid
from 20 to 25 sheets of it can be stripped
afE from the greatcocoon as if woven
in a loom. If the silk could only be
spun, the "gregarious butterfly" would
soon displace the silkworm; and the
silks and satins of commerce would be
of' butterfly manufacture. Unfor
tunately, the difficulty remains un
solved, though many, attempts in this
direction have been made. . Could a so
lution of the problem be found, silk
vvould become at once enormously less
costly, inasmuch as the cocoons of this
kind of butterfly are to be gathered in
immense numbers as a wild crop in. the
forests of Mexico. Boston Transcript.
"North-Western" Advertisers
la tbe Shortest and Best Route to
And also, the eauimnent of its trains is the moxi
modern of the car builder's art embodying alj
the luxuries, comforts and necessaries of travel.
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Is electric lighted both inside and out. an
equipped with handsome butfet smoking libra rj
-- " . Miiupaituicuif umi bbnuusru sleepers, iret
chair car and modern day coach; and on which
no EXTSA PARE is charged, it makes connec
tions at Minneapolis and 8t. Paul with Northern
Pacific, Great Northern, and "Soo-Pacinc"
trains; and leaves daily Minneapolis 7 SO p.m.;
St. Paul 8.10 p. in.; and arrives Chicago 9.30 a. m.
For berth reservations, rates, folders and
illustrated booklet KREE of the "Finest Train
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Offices 218 Washington St.. Portland; 606 First
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ar aauress -x-. w. 1EA8DM.V. t General .PassenKsi
Agent, St. Pan 1 Minn. "
Chronicle Pub. Co.
TJ. S. Land Office, Tm Dalles, Ob., (
December. 12. 189H. i
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his Intention to
make final proof in support of bis claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Tbe Dalles, Oregon , on
xuesaay, January j&to, viz ;
Lewis At Sears,, The Dalles,
Homestead Application No. 5310, for the KW!i,
NH'i BectUn 31, Township 1 north, Range 14,
East W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
saia iana, viz:
Newton Patterson, of The Dalles. Oreeon
John Ferguson, of The Dalles, Oregon; Henry
Ryan, of Tbe Dalles, Oregon; Andrew McCabe,
oi i ne Danes, Oregon.
13-1-t-i . JAy P. Lucas, Register.
- , Guardian's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,
guaruian or tne person ana estate or francisc
C Fox, an insane person, will on the
6tb Day of March, 1S90,
at the honr of 2 o'clock: in the afternoon of said
day, at tbe front door of the county court bouse
in Dalles City, Wasco county, Oregon, sell to
tne nignest bidder tor casn, tne following de
scribed real property, situate and being in
Wasco county, OreKon; The s w!i of the n e 14.
tbe s e W of n w J, the n e W of 8 w , and the
n w of s e li of ejection 5, Tp 2 N, of Range!) E,
w m. gala property will De sola suDject to con
firmation. "
febC-i SARAH L. FOX, Guardian.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
has filed bis resignation as one of the adminis
trators of tbe estate of Perry Watkins, deceased,
and the county court of the state of Oregon for
Wasco county, has appointed the 30th day of
January, 1899, 'at the hour of 10 o'clock, a m. as
the time for hearing tbe same and tbe accounts
of said administrator up to said date. All per
sons interested in said estate are hereby notified
to appear iu said court at said time to show
caue, if any exists, why said resignation should
not be accepted and said administrator discharg
ed. Dalles City, Or., Dec. 27, 1898.
Frank Watkins,
One of the Administrators of the Estate o
Perry Watkins, Deceased. d2S-4w
Land Office at Varcouvie, Wash..) x
January 14, 1X99:
Notice is hereby Riven that the following
named settlers have tiled notice of their inten
tion to make final proof in support of their
nlnim V. ., . ..(H nntm ...111 V,.. - .. 1. .f..-..
W. B. Presby, United States Commissioner forl
District of Washington, at nis omce in uoiden
dale, Washington, on Thursday, March 2, 1899.
11 O. Copeland.
Homestead Entry No. 7775, for the south half of
northeast quarter, and lots 1 and 2, section 3,
township 3, north of range 13 East, Will. Mer.
He names tbe following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz:
Charles E. Berrv, Samuel Courtnev, Angus
C. Ci-mpbeH, all of Hartland P. O. Wash.; Wen
delin Lcidl, of Goldendale P. O.: Wash. Also
Charles K, Kerry.
Homestead Entry No. 8644, for tbe southeast
quarter of section 2, township 3, north of range
13 East, Will. Mer.
He names the following witnesses o prove
bis continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz.:
Eli G. Copeland, Angus C. Campbell, Samuel
Courtney, of Hartland P. O., Washington; Wen
delin Leidl, of Goldendale P. O., Washington.
1-18 i W. R. DUNBAR, Register
Restores VITALITY.
Cures Impotency, Night Emissions and
wasting diseases, all effects of self-
abuse, or excess and indis
cretion. -A nerve tonic and
I blood builder. Brings the
pink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth.
By mail SOc per box? 0 boxes
for $2.50; with a written guaran
tee to cure or refund tbe money.
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHICACO, ILL.
and Efflhlmer.
Rooms on Third Street,
One Block Back
French & Co.'s Bank.
H. M. Bbai, ,
First national Bank.
A General Banking Business transacted
AvepoBiiB received, euDject to eignt
Draft or fJruv.k.
Collections made and proceeds promptly
roxxiAirbeu uu uav oi collection.
Sight and Telegraphic Exchange sold on
iittw i or, can f rancisco anc Port
D. P. Thompson. Jno. 8. Schbnok.
Ed. M. Williaks, Gbo. A. Likbb.
H. M. Bbali..
TtieCoiuiiia Packing Co.,
Fine Lard and Sausages
Curersof BRAND
U. 8. Land Officb, Vancouver, Wash.,)
January 14, 1899. (
Notice is hereby given that tbe following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of hiB claim, and
that said proof will be made before W. B. Pres
by, United States Commissioner for District of
Washington, at his office in Goldendale, Wash
ington, on Friday, March 10th, 1899, viz:
Carl C. FriDies.'
Homestead Entry No. 7688, for the fractional
W'J$ of 8WJ4, section thirty, township three
north, of range thirteen East, W. M. and & of
8Ei, section twenty-five, township three north,
of range twelve east. W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
hiB continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of said land, viz-:
Stephen Marlett, Porter Hardison, Robert An
derson, lyle P. O., Washington; Gabriel Hardi
son, of Hartland 1. O. , Washington.
1-181 W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
bos been regularly appointed by tbe county
court of the State of Oregon for Wasco county ,as
administrator of the estate of John Broolthouse,
deceased. All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to present them,
with tbe proper vouchers, to me at the office
of Sianott & Sinnott, in Dalles City, Oregon,
within six months from the date of this notice.
Dalles City, Oregon, January 20, 1899.
R. J. GORMAN , Administrator.
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Sleeping Car
Through Tieketa
For information, time cards, maps and ticket,
cal on or write to
W. C. ALLAWAY. Agent,
. The Dalies, Oregon
AKLTON. Asst. G. P. A.,
rrlson Cor. Third. Portland Oregon