The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 27, 1898, Image 2

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    Tb3 Dalles Daily Chronicle.
One week $ 15
One month 50
One year 6 00
Advertising Kates.
Per inch.
One Inch or less in Dally 1 50
O two inches and under four inches 1 CO
O Ter four inches and under twelve Inches.. T5
Orer twelve incheB 50
One inch or less, per inch 2 60
Over one inch and under four inches 2 00
Over four inches and under twelve inches. . 1 50
Over twelve inches . 100
IIob80n having sailed for Manila,
news of bis arrival there will be
awaited with interest. The country
will be curious to learn whether dele
gations of dark-eyed Filipino girls
will be waiting on the wharf for
"This nation," says Mr. Bryan,
"can not endure half' republic and
half colony, half free and half vassal."
As no one has made the proposition
it is not worth while to demolish it.
But this nation can stand the results
of a Dewey victory.
The Aleutian Islands number 150,
the Hawaiian group fifteen and the
Philippines, according to one esti
mate, 1400. A total of over 1500
'islands in the Pacific insures for
Uncle Sam a commercial future in
the region where the day begins.
Mr. Bailey said in a recent speech
in Texas that if congress had recog
nized Cuban independence at , the
proper time there would have been
no war. The inference is that Spain
would have packed up and left with
out a fight. Mr. Bailey is an amus
ing person.
A French paper says of the Ameri
cans and the Nicaragua canal: "Their
audacious contempt for all difficulties
will lead to that success which only
resolution, tenacity of purpose, with
the best machinery and an abundance
of dollars, can accomplish." Uncle
Sam's qualifications for a big under
taking are beginning to be understood.
If Grover Cleveland had gone
south when he was president, and
made a speech declaring that the
nation should care for the confederate
dead, and worn the badge of a con
federate veteran. Grand; Army posts
would not have passed resolutions
commending his acts. A different
sng would have been sung. The
difference is clue in part to the more
cordial feeling which has arisen be
tween the north and the south as a re
sult of the recent war, and largely to
the fact thut President McKinley,
liaviug fought with the union armie?,
has a better right to be magnanimous
than the president who hired a sub
stitute and staid at home. Spokes
man Review.
stop to the talk from Cushman K.
Davis in favor of a league between
this country, England and Japan.
England is not the sort of a nation
which would enter into an offensive
and defensive alliance in time of
peace with any country. Still less is
the Unite! States a nation which
would, in the absence, as at present,
of all shadow of outside pressure, tie
its hands by such a compact, even
with England. There is a strong
probability that the relations between
the two countries will be harmonious
heieaiter. Certainly everybody in
this country hopes they will be so.
An alliance, however, would not pre
vent discord if there was a spirit
which tended in that direction in
both countries. An alliance can al
ways be evaded if there is a desire to
escape it, but an understanding based
on common interests and aspirations,
as at present, will be binding without
any formal agreement. The alliance
talk will find no favor in the United
Two Pointed Questions Answered.
What is the nee of making a better
article than your competitor it yoa can
not get a better price for it?
Ans. As there is no difference in the
price the public will buy only the better,
bo that while oar profits may be smaller
on a single scale they will be much
greater in the aggregate.
How can yoa get the public to know
your make is the beBt?
If both articles are brought prominent
ly before the public both are certain to
be tried and the public will very quickly
puss judgment on them and use only the
better one.
This explains the large sale on Cham
berlain's Cough remedy. The people
have been using it for years and have
found that it can always be depended
upon. They may occasionally take up
with eorae fashionable novelty put forth
with exaggerated claims, but are certain
to return to the one remedy that they
know to be reliable, and for coughs,
colds and croup there is nothing equal
to Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For
eale by Blakeley & Houghton.
How to Look Good.
To the credit of the young women
of Denver we are glad to say that
they did not forget their maidenly
modesty so far as to vie with each
other for the privilege of kissing
Lieutenant Hobson. In truth, the
osculatory exhibition was entirely
dispensed with in that city. It seems
that the further west Hobson traveled
the fewer 3Toung women he met will
ing to make silly exhibitions of them
selves. Hobson has almost reached
the danger line of ridicule, and there
is nothing that so fast destroys a man
in the estimation of the public as be
ing made a part of its laughing stock.
A"buse creates sympathy, but ridicule
gives birth to contempt. He yet has
time to pull himself together and not
permit his sudden leap into fame turn
his head so that the navy department
may lose confidence in him. This is
easily done, and to regain it may cost
efforts of a lifetime. Telegram.
The discovery which the American
peace commissioners are said to have
made that there is no widespread
popular demand in England for an
American alliance, ought to put a
Good looks are really more than Bkin
deep, depending entirely on a healthy
condition of all the vital organs. If the
liver be inactive, you have a bilious look ;
if your kidneys be effected, you have a
pinched look. Secure good health and
you will surely have good looks. "Elec
trie Bitters" is a good Alternative and
Tonic. Acts directly on the stomach
liver and kidneys. Purifies the blood,
cares pimplee, blotches and boils, and
gives a good complexion. Every bottle
guaranteed. Sold at Blakeley & Hough
ton's drug store. 50 cents per bottle, o
Buclcien'a Arnica aalve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fevei
sores, tetter, chapped hande, chilblains.
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cuirs piles, or no pay required
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale by Blakeley and
Houghton, drueizists.
For Five Dollars you can buy a Camera
that will take larger pictures than any
other Camera on the market. For sale
by Clarke & Falk. tf
Teacher of Vocal Culture.'
Sight Reading and Harmony.
Studio at Residence, Cor. 6th and Liberty,
Intesgtion oltcitea. THE DALLES. OR.
Office over French fc Co.'s Bank
Attorn ey-at-Law.
Collections a Specialty.
Second Street, THE DALLES, OREGON,
Art Studio.
Room 3, Chapman BIock.
China painting a specialty.
Branch Office.
Oregon Viavi Company,
Room 7, over French's Bank.
Office hours,
2 to 4 p. m-
Charlotte F. Roberts,
Local Manager,
Office ovw First Nat. Bank.
For a catch, but we have good 'well-made Clothing manufactured for city trade, and one
third or one-half off cannot reach out prices for the same quail ty of goods. All we ask is a call and
we will convince you that we sell clothing for less money than any store here in The Dalles.
Melton, Kersey, Cassimere Overcoats, in blue or black, worsted lining, double raised heame, single or double breasted, a coat gold all dK
over the country at $12.50; our price ; tpO.OvJ
Men's satin-lined Overcoats, latest cut, double stitched and raised Beams, guaranteed all-wool, sold elsewhere at $12,00; on sale here at $7.50
Men's Ulsters, Irish frieze, blue or black, cut extra long, large storm collar, handsomely lined, equal to the fineet tailored gaiment in d1 f tf
eery respect, and sold elsewhere at $18.00, on sale here at . tpXv.VsvJ
All-wool, worsted and cassimere single breasted, round sack suit, handsomely tailored, made especially for our trade, so we can guarantee d tS
it. Sold everywhere elee at $12.00; on sale here at , tpO.OVJ
Ulsters, large storm collar, cut extra long, worth $6; on sale here at
Boys' Cape coats, cat extra long, for ages 6 to 15 years, guaranteed all wool, a garment that we'll put up against any $6 coat in the city ;
on sale here at .'
Boys' all-wool cheviot and cassimere suits, blue and black, fast colors, double breasted, handsome, dressy garments for boys from 6 to 15
years old, on sale elsewhere at $5, here for
Young Men's Washington all-wool cheviot suits, ages 12 to 19 years, double-breasted, double-stitched, eeams and edges eewed with silk,
sold everywhere else at $12.50 ; on sale here at .
Underwear and bats we will guarantee better quality for lees money than can be had anywhere else in the city.
Johnston's old stand, 166 Second Street, The Dalles Oregon.
Mail orders promptly attended to. If goods do not suit, return at our expense.
In anticipation of yonr holiday needs we have
gathered a stock of
Toilet Articles, Perfumes,
etc., which should prove pleasing. The quali
ties will speak for themselves, aiid the prices
Srove that there is remarkable value in each of
ering, Some are good to look at and to use, some
good for use alone, some are entirely ornament
al, but all will serve the purpose for which they
were made in the best possible manner.
Just What
Yoa xxtant.
New ideas in Wall Paper here. Such
wide variety as we are showing never be
fore graced a single stock. Real imita
tion creton effects at ordinary prices.
Good papers at cheap paper prices.
Elegant designs, tasteful colorings, yours
for a small price, at our store on Third
street. Also a full line of bouse paints.
D. WlVAUSE, Third St.
A good
drug sign..
Yoa well know that a good drug sign
is the patronage which is bestowed on
the store. It is the purity of the goods
handled and the manner of doing busi
ness that makes and keeps Ibis business.
We are pleased with the result of our ef
forts to supply the best drugs at the
best price. We are particular about the
compounding of them.
175 Second Street. THE DALLES.
$6.50 PER TON
For car load lots call on
E. KURTZ, Agent,
Tel. 38. The Dalles, Or
Wasco warehouse G
Headquarters for Seed Grain of an kinds.
Headquarters for Feed Grain ot ?n kinds
Headquarters for Rolled Grain, ail kinds.
Headquarters for Bran, Shorts, mSueeo
Headquarters for "Byers Best" Pendle-
-yri jR1! OUT This Flour is manufactured expressly for family
A"'J-L use : -every pack is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
We sell our goods lower than any bouse in the trade, and if you don't think so
call and get our prices and be convinced.
Highest Prices Paid for Wheat. Barley and Oats.
I have re-opened this well-known Bakery,
and am now prepared to supply every
body with Bread, Pies and Cakes. Also
all kinds of Staple and Fancy Grocer es.
GEORGE RUCH, Pioneer Grocer.
Wholesale and Retail
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Agency for the Greatest American Liquor
Yellowstone Sour Mash. Whiskey.
WHISKE"Xfrom$2.75 to $6.00 per gallon. (4 to 15 years old.)
IMPORTED OOGNAO from $7.00 to $12.00 per gallon. (11 to 20 years old.?
A LIIOBBIA BBABDIE8 liom $3.25 to $6.00 per gallon. (4 to 11 years old.
EOF GOLD BEEE on draught, and Val Blatz and Hop Gold Beer in bottles
Imported Ale and Porter. .