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    Fruit Cans.
In Our Corner Window
1 quart 50c doz.
2 quart G5c doz.
You will find displayed a line of
$ Summer Hall
J Woolen Dress Goods.
y 40 Cents
a v
We are satisfied with
Small Profits.
Ths Dalles Daily Chponiele.
AUGUST 16, 1898
Crushed vioiete, the latest flavor for
ice cream soda at the Columbia Candy
Factory. Give it a trial. tf
Furnished rooms to rent, also suites
of rooms suitable lor housekeeping. Ap
ply to 19 and 20, Chapman block. tf
lee Cream wholesale and retail at the
Columbia Candy Factory. Orders to fur
nish lodge socials and ice cream festi
vals solicited. Don't forget that our
ice cream sodas are tbe beet in thecity.
Max Vogt, who was out to his ranch
when the fire occurred, came in yester
day, and for once after a big fire, found
himself not a heavy loser, although his
building suffered somewhat. He is now
congratulating himself.
Miss Emma Jacobson and her brother,
Johnnie, went down on the boat yester
day to White Salmon, called there by
the drowning of their cousin, Harper
Hansen. Miss Jacobson will Temain for
a few days, her brother returning last
Sunday evening many of our citizens
noticed a large fire in a wheat field
about two mileB below town, near tbe
Anderson place. A rumor was afloat
today that it was in Mr. Anderson's
field, but nothing definite as to that has
been ascertained, and it is believed to
have been on an adjoining place.
To add to the discomforts which the
fire has caused, the electric light and
telephone wires have been seriously im
paired, and for a time we will be com
pelled to go back to tbe days before we
had these two conveniencies. Many of
the 'phones are still in working order,
but it will take some little time beiore
all of them can be used again. Last
night the town seemed so dismal that
the blues were the prevailing complaint.
We are now wondering how in the world
we ever managed to get along without
electric lights, and have made up our
minds that we never lived until we had
During the progress of the fire three
men were seen to carry away several
rifles belonging toMays & Crowe, and
before it was really discovered that they
were stealing them, they had escaped to
the country. Today they were over
taken, brought back to the city and
lodged in jail. The time for the prelim
inary examination has not been set, but
whatever its outcome we have only to
say that anyone who would take advan
tage of the distress of another to commit
depredations of that sort, would, in the
not overly-elegant expression of the im
mortal Cradlebaugb. "use his grand
mother's shin bones for knife handles."
It baa always been a question in oar
minds why, during a serious conflagra
tion like that of Sunday night, so many
men stand idly by seemingly uncon
cerned aa to the result, and fail to see to
what an extent a helping hand might
aid those who are bravely fighting the
flames. Our fire department is not a
paid one, and on every such occasion
take their Uvea in their handa in defend
ing the .. property of others. On this
particular occasion those who were
fighting the flames were also compelled
to carry out goods and cart them away,
and although soliciting aid from many
offer you these goods
per yard
"A word to the wise is sufficient."
standing by, in a number of cases were
refused. On the other hand, many who
were not members of tbe department
and had no property in jeopardy were
among the foremost to face the flames,
bravely fighting till the danger was
over. To them credit enough cannot be
given. '
Harper Hansen Drowned.
Sunday morning Mr. E. Jacobson and
step-son, Harper Hansen, and Mr.
Forbes, of California, left this city in a
large fish-boat bound for White Salmon.
When opposite Straight's landing, the
Sarah Dixon came up, and seeing the
boat steering directly across, whistled
for the occupants to change their course.
For some unaccountable reason Mr.
Jacobson failed to- heed the warning,
and consequently his boat was struck on
the side by the steamer, which had
slowed up aa much as possible. Mr.
Jacobson held on to the mast, and Mr.
Forbes grabbed a rope on the Sarah
Dixon, but Harper Hansen was thrown
overboard and was not seen afterward.
The young man who was drowned was
about 18 years of age, and a very indus-
trioue, promising fellow. He was a
brother of Miss Lena .Hansen, of this
city, and a nephew of Mra. Henry
Laaritson. His sister is at present at
home on a vacation, which will no doubt
be a sad one. The body baa not been
recovered ; but the river will today be
dragged and vevery effort made to find
the remains.
News From Co. I.' Camp.
Company L, consisting of Misses Anna
Thompson, Lizzie Bar tell, Julia and
Clara Nickelso.n, Frankie and Georgia
Richmond and Lena Thompson, whose
camp is situated near Mcffett Springs,
were pleasantly surprised by a visit
from Misses Rachel Morgan and Rath
erine Sargent, of Maple Dell camp lo
cated at Cascades.
Through the courtesy of Messrs.
Motta and Price, of Portland, we spent
a very enjoyable time boating on Lake
Mystery, near the Springs. Upon onr
return to camp, we gathered "cat-tails"
which are abundant along the lake, and
they also served as souvenirs.
Last evening Company L entertained
visitors from the "surrounding camps,
numbering twenty-one in all. Candy
pulling, music on guitars by Messrs.
Reese and Parkins, and singing were en
joyed until a late hour, when all ex
pressed themselves aa having spent a
pleasant evening, and their only regret
was that the late hour came only too
soon. A Guest.
To Care a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund tbe money if
it fail a to enre. 25c.
Don't expect Schillings
baking powder
flavoring extracts
and spices -
to turn the world upside
They won't; but they do
take some of the wrinkles
out of living.
For sale by -
L. Rorden & Company
they last.
& MAYS. . 5
The Dalles Suffers Another Great Loss
One Hundred and Fifty Thousand
Dollars Go Up in Smoke.
Caught In the Crystal Ice Company'
Building and Destroyed Over One
islock List of the Losers.
After a respite of Beven years, the ter
ror of Tbe Dalles, the fire-fiend, again
made bis appearance in our city Sunday
at midnight. Ilia coming waa heralded
by the screeching of whistles, and be
fore the bell could be ruig many were
aroused, and, gazing put, were confront
ed by a lurid light which told too plainly
that our little city was again threatened
with destruction.
The fire was first discovered by Jim
White, who npon returning from his
customary trip to the 11 :45 train, saw
that tbe building recently constructed by
the"Crystal Ice Company on Ruch's lot,
two doora from Maya & Crowe's hard
ward Btore, waa all ablaze. By way of
arousing the neighborhood he fired two
shots, which ' were answered by two
more from some men coming np the
street. Just at tbia juncture a double-
header freight train was passing and the
engineers began blowing the whistles.
Soon the fire-bell rang, and by thia time
people were seen rushing from every
direction to tbe ecene of the conflagra
Such a headway had it gained before
being discovered that the large building
next door, occupied by Johnston &
Faulkner aa an implement warehouse
waa enveloped in flames before a mo
ment's time, and the email store of L.
Comini was licked up aa if at one gulp.
The row of houses across Second street
then began to catch, and the Wilder
photograph parlor, Lynch 'a barber shop,
the old Times-Mountaineer office, owned
by Vanbibber, Gilmore's restaurant,
Hoyle'a carpenter shop, Gunning &
Hockman'a blacksmith shop and Sand
rock's wagon ehop were each soon swept
away. At the same time the second
hand store on the east aide of the ice
company'a building waa burning, and
tbe flames leaping across the street soon
laid waste the warehouse of Pease &
, At one time .it waa hoped the hard
ware store of Maya & Crowe might be
saved, but all efforts were vain and this
business house, which had recently been
fitted up until It was second to none 'in
tbe state, had to go. Every energy was
then bent to prevent their large new
warehouse, over which were several
suites of rooms occupied by the family
of W. E. Walther, John Hampshire and
mother and Dennia Bunnell and family,
from suffering the same fate; but to no
Fruit Jars.
Pints....... 60c doz.
Quarts........... .....75c doz.
2 quarts :..$1.00 doz.
Yacuui Fruit Jars.
Pints 90c doz.
Quarts $1.00 doz,
2 quarts.... $1.25 doz.
167 Second St. THE DALLES. OR.
avail. Previous to thia the dwelling
house of Peter Anderson, occupied by
Fred Bayley ; the adjoining building, in
which waa stored hay, owned by J. H.
Cross ; the wagon shed of Tom Ward and
the dwelling house of Annie Dehm, oc
cupied by Tom Ward, were laid in ruins.
At one time the planing mill of Han
sen & Thomsen caught, and only by su
perhuman effort was it saved. Much in
terest waa directed to the large barn of
Ward & Roberteon, which waa the key
to that section of tbe reaidence part of
the city so ruthlessly devastated in the
fire of '91. However, aa there was a west
wind blowing, tbe large stables and that
section were spared. Much anxiety was
felt jn regard to the livery stable of Mur-
chie Bros., very nearly opposite Pease &
Maya' warehouse, and the horses were
turned loose, running frantically down
the street. Had it not been for the val
iant work done here, much ot the East
End must of "necessity have been de
stroyed. Wet blankets were placed over Pease
& Mays' atore arid Max Vogt's block,
both of which became very hot, tbe plate
glass in the latter cracking and the cor
nice melting off. Men were also busy
carrying water, with wbicb they satur
ated J. T. Peters' implement house.
At 3:30 the fire was under control, al
though still burning briskly, and the
streets in that vicinity were thronged
with people and covered with articles of
every description which bad been car
ried from burning buildings. From
that time on till noon yesterdaw the wa
ter still played on the smoldering ruins,
and many of our citizena did not close
their eyes in slumber.
Tbe excellent work ot the fire depart
ment cannot be overestimated. The
Dalles can never be grateful enough to
tbe brave fire-laddies, who, without the
slightest remuneration, bravely serve her
when the demon fire so frequently makes
hia appearance; fighting is the very
jawa of death to save our homes. Far be
it from us, who are at their mercy, to
utter a word of criticism. Indeed no
human beings could have done better.
Engineer Brown stood nobly at his poet,
and he informs ua that the supply of
water was adequate for the emergency,
the rumor that the water had given out
having arleen from the fact that being
anxious that the plnga be given every
drop possible, he naed aa little aa he
could for the engine, and consequently
that supply had increased.
The assistance rendered by the fire
department of the O. R. & N. Co., un
der the supervision of Mr. P. DeHuff,
waa invaluable and timely. Much brave
work was done by thia company of men.
It baa been impossible to get a com
plete list of the losaea sustained and in
surance carried.- - The following ia aa
near as can be eatimated at present :
Maya & Crowe, between $ 55,000 and
$60,000; inanrance, $38,000.
Louie Comini, $2,000; no insurance.
W. A. Johnston & Co., $6,000, insur
ance, $2,000.
The Dalles Crystal Ice Co., $5,000, in
surance, $1,450. "
Great Northern Furniture Co., lost
not estimated ; covered by insurance.
Pease & Maya warehouse,, Iosb not
estimated ; covered by insurance.
A. Sandrock, loes not estimated ; ' no
Gunning & Hockman, $2,000 ; no in
surance. Mrs. Gilmore, restaurant, $500; no
We have just received a shipment of Gents' "Victors.
The name is sufficient guarantee of quality.
lCays &
, - Lynch Bros. , barber Bhop, loss not ea
timated. " '
Wilder'a photograph gallery, $1,000;
no insurance.
W. H. VanBibber, old Timea-Moun-taineer
building, $400; no insurance.
Thos. Ward, household goods; cov
ered by insurance.
J. II. Cross, warehouse, $700; partly
covered by insurance.
Ward & Robin eon, building occupied
by Johnston & Co. ; covered "by insur
ance. - - -
P. Anderaoif losa $1000; insurance
$700. -
W. A. Johnston had his bands severe
ly burned while carrying out goods from
the implement building. "
Dalles people have had bo many se
rious experiences with fire that many
who were not in the immediate vicinity
of the conflagration packed their house
hold goods, and were ready if the worst
The large' safe of Mays & Crowe's,
which waa supposed to be fire-proof,
proved itself otherwise bv blowingopen.
However all the valuable papers had
been removed. The vault still remains
Several buildings caught during tbe
progress of the fire, among which were
the electric light plant, Columbia Brew
ery and the Diamond Flouring Mills.
They were quickly extinguiebed by thoee
on the lookout.
Several of the email bnildinga on the
north side ot the burned district
were owned by R. B. Hood, but
the loss has not been estimated. Mr.
Hood, who is now in California, ia ex
pected here on a visit soon.
While helping to aave some of the
household goods belonging to Tom
Ward, Harvey Allen was - pushed off a
high porch in front of their home, and
it ia feared, internally injured. Lateat
reporta from his physician are to the
effect that he is improving and ia likely
to recover. "
Mays and Crowe have removed part
of their gooda into the vacant building
on the corner of Third'and Federal Sts.,
and the remainder into tbe Vogt build
ins on ' Washington. Nothing definite
baa been planned as yet; but It is ru
mored that this firm will probably erect
a brick on their vacant Iota.
During the fire Mr. Matthewa, who
was sleeping in the building where the
fire originated, after escaping went back
to save a trunk full of some articles, and
after throwing it through the window,
jumped out himself, severely burning
his handa and feet and otherwise shak
ing him up, He waa getting along
nicely yesterday.
. Not the least interested in the
result of the fire waa Louie Comi-
ni'a billy goat, which . waa eeen to
amble slowly np Third Btreet yesterday
and planting himself directly in front
of his former home, gazed wonderingly
on the - ruins. Then diegustedly he
turned and walked across the street,
climbed up on the old ruins of the Fitz
Gerald building and epent most of the
day. Much sympathy ia expressed for
Mr. Comini in hia loss, he and hia fam
ily barely escaping with their lives, and
having no insurance whatever on their
To Cleanse the System
Effectually yet gently, when costive or
billious, or when the blood ia Impure or
aluggiBh, to permanently overcome ha
bitual constipation, to awaken the kid
neys and-liver to a healthy activity,
without irritating or weakening them,
to dispel headaches, colds, or fevers, uBe
Syrup of Figs. Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co.
All persona are hereby notified that I
will not be responsible for any billa con
tracted by my wife.
Joseph Kohlek.
The Dalles, Aug. 13. . ; lw
DeWitt'a Witch Hazel Salve haa the
largest sale of any salve in the world
Tbia fact and ita merit has led dishonest
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out for the man who attempta to deceive
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Kinersly Drug Co.-
Office over French & Cc's Bank
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Collections a Specialty.
3eeond Street, THE DALLES, OREGON.
With Dr, S. H. Frazier, Dentist.
Plflfpn Pnrti'nlH K5' fnll nnm.n.lA.. t an
. - . " . . u.. " l ('V 1 V 1 1 W " L J I ,(7U.
Office 'phone 276. Umatilla House, 37.
Booms 1 and 2, Chapman Block.
Physicians and Surgeons,
Special attention given to surgery.
Booms 21 and 22, Tel. 82S Vogt Block
Office oynr First Nat. Bank. -
Office ovei First Sat. B-iuk.
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Sight. Exchange and TelesrraDhia
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Collections made at all pointa on fav
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All freight for points east of The
Da'les must be delivered at the O. K.
& N. depot by 3:30 p. m. in order to go
forward the same day. All freight for
pointa west of The Dalles must be de
li verde at the depot before 5 p. m. to go
forward on train No. 23, leaving at 7 :45
next morning, except perishable freight
which will be received from 7 a. m. un
til 7:15 a. m. on the date the train'
leaves. Jab.' Ireland, Agent.
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GItb Vm at Rest.
Gallery closed till August 22nd. Ifc
will pay you to wait for ' Gifpord.