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    VOL. XI
NO 130
The Conquered Territory Will Remain
Under Military Rule Commission
to Be Appointed Within Ten Days.
Washington, Aog. 13. It is probable
thut conquered stations like Porto Rico
and Manila will remain under military
government until congress can act. It
is believed the military commissions
will be appointed within ten dayp, and
will make such recommendations to the
president. In fact, it is pointed out
that little else can be done, for Porto
Rico and Manila officially should be
governed at present by the war depart
ment and a military commander. As
to Cuba, it is likely eo far as the UniUd
States authority is extended, it will be
governed by the secretary of war and of
ficers in Cuba under bis direction.
The energies of the war department
are being directed toward making the
soldiers in the field and in different
camps as comfortable as possible.
General Merriam Will Send Such Troops
As Are Intended for Manila to
That Place.
San Francisco, Aug. 14. General
Merriam in referring to the disposition
of the troops says:
"I shall make no change in the present
arrangements unless ordered by the
authorities at Washington. Every man
of the expeditionary forces will be Bent
to Manila if I am permitted to send
them. I cannot say whether the jour
neying of the troops to the island would
be construed as an infraction of the pro
tocol. With peace an assured fact, the
troops would be merely guards to pre
serve order. Still I look for orders from
Washington settling the matter one way
or the other.
President Expresses Thanks to France,
and Spain Sends Similar Message
to Patenotre at Madrid.
Paris, Aug. 13. President McKmley
said be was pleased that the final nego
tiations would be conducted in Paris
atter the signing of the protocol and
asked Cambon to thank his government
for its good offices in bringing about the
terms of peace.
Madrid, Aue. 13. The minister of
foreign affairs has asked Patenotre, the
French ambassador at Madrid, to trans
mi to his government the thanks of
Spain for its good offices which have re
sulted in the signature of a protocol ol
peace with tte United States.
A. J. Stevens, a Young Man Well
Known in Portland, Drowned
While in Bathing at Long Beach.
Lonq Beach, Aug 13. While batt ing
in the eurf today at noon, A: J. Stevens,
of the First National Bank of Portland,
got too far out and was carried out by
the current. . His body has not been re
covered. Be is well-known in Portland. Is a
young, unmarried man, about 29 years
of age.-
The Spanish Refuse to Surrender Man
zanello and a Fight Ensues Ef
forts Made to Stop Hostilities.
Washington, Aug. 13. A dispatch
notified Secretary Allen that a naval force
sent by Admiral Sampson had appeared
in the harbor of Manzanillo and de
manded the surrender. The command
ant of the city declined to comply with
the demand an an engagement took
place, which -is said to have resulted
yictorously for the Americans.
In view of the signing of the protocol
and the suspension of hostilities, every
effort was made by the authorities to
stop the fight at Manzanillo. A dis
patch was eent by Adjutant-General
Corbin to San Francisco, directing Gen
eral Shaffer to get into communication
with Manzanillo as soon as possible, and
inform the naval commander there that
hostilities were oyer.
A dispatch was also sent by the navy
So Far One Hundred and Fifty Millions
Have Been Expended and Still the
Expense Goes on.
Washington, Aug. 13. Although the
war lasted only 114 days it is estimated
that it has cost the government so far
$150,000,000, of which $98,000,000 have
been actually paid out of the treasury.
Beginning with March 1st, when the
first increases in expenditures in antici
pation of the war became apparent in
the daily expenditures of the treasury,
actual disbursements have been approx
imately as follows:
March Army, $600,000; navy, $2,400,
000 ; total $3,000,000.
April Army, $1,200,000; navy, $9,
800,000; total, $11,000,000.
May Army, $12,000,000; nayy, $7,
000,000 ; total $19,000,000.
June Army, $16,500,000; navy, $6,
500,000; total, $23,000,000.
July Army, $29,500,000; navy, $5,-
WASHINGTON, August 12. The president issued the follow-lon-ing
proclamation :
" By the President of the United States of America A procla
mation :
" Whereas, By a protocol concluded and signed August 12, 1898,
by William R. Day, secretary of' state of the United States, and his
excellency Jules Cambon, ambassador extraordinary and minister
plenipotentiary of France, at Washington, respectively representing
for this purpose the government of the United States and the gov
ernment of Spain, the United States and Spain have formally
agreed upon tho terms which the negotiations for the establishment
of peace between the two countries shall be undertaken ; and
" Whereas, It is in said protocol agreed that upon its concession
and signature, hostilities between the two countries shall be sus
pended, and notice to that effect shall be given as soon as possible
by each government, to the commanders of its military and naval
Now, therefore, I, William McKmley, president of the United
States, do, in accordance with stipulations of the protocol, declare
and proclaim on the part of the United States a suspension of hos
tilities, and do hereby command that orders be immediately given
through the proper channels to the commanders of military and
naval forces of the United States to abstain from all acts inconsist
ent with this proclamation.
' In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused
the seal of the United States to be affixed.
" Done at the City of Washington, this the 12th day of August,
in the year ot our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety
eight, and of the independence of the United States the one hundred
and twenty-third. WILLIAM McKINLEY,
"WILLIAM R. DAY, President.
Secretary of State."
department to Key WeBtto be forwarded
to Manzanillo, and it can be confidently
stated that General Blanco has tele
graphed to the Spanish commander at
New York, Aug. 13. A cable mes
sage from Gibraltar to an evening paper
says :
According to reports the sultan of
Morocco is dead. News as to the cause
of his death has not been received.
Whether he came to bia death from nat
ural causes or by the hand of an assas
Bin cannot yet be stated.
Everybody reads The Chronicl.
Total Number of Sick 277
San Francisco, Aug 13. There was
an increase of three cases at the division
hospital yesterday, making the total
number 277. Percy Whittaker, of com
B, First Tennessee.died of cerebro Bpinal
About a dozen men of the Eighteenth
regiment, which is about to leave for
Manila, have been reported to the re
gimental surseon as physically disquali
fied. Surgeon-Major' Rafter reports
about forty cases of disability in all have
been reported to the board. ---
Every day the-warehouses are being
cleared of the wool clips consigned to
them, the prevailing price seeming to be
from 13 to'14c.
500,000; total, $35,000,000.
To August 13 Army, $5,500,000 ; na
vy, $1,500,000; total, $7,000,000.
Total, war department, $65,300,000;
total, navy department, $32,700,000;
grand total $98,000,000.
Appropriations made by congress on
account of the war aggregated about
$360,000,000, end cover the time to Jan
uary 1, 1899.
Troth wears well. People have
learned that DeWitt's Little Early
Risers are reliable little pills for regu
lating the bowels, curing constipation
and sick headache. They don't gripe.
Snipes-Kinersly Drug Co.
Royal makes the food pare,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
Tomatoes Mot a Disease-Breeder.
1'eopie were wont to enijy eating a
bunch of good grapes until of late years
when the fear of swallowing some of the
seeds and causing that dreaded disease,
appendecitis, has taken away the pleas
ure. The same thing applies to toma
toes, and now when one eees a dish of
sliced tomatoes by his plate at the table,
the fear of cancer immediately takes
possession of bim and causes bim to
leave them untouched. The following
from Dr. Andrew Wilson, of London,
should dispel this dread : "I have re
ceived eeveral letters of late, reiterating
a question I might well be' tired of an
swering: Do tomatoes cause cancer?
But for the fact that one takes a .pleas
ure In stamping one's foot on a mislead
ing statement calculated to prejudice
people against a vegetable food which is
entirely healthful and eafe, I ehonld
grow weary of asserting that not a jot or
tittle of proof has ever been offered' in
support of the outrageous statement
noted above. One might as well allege
that cabbage causes cancer, for there
would be no more proof to be had con
cerning the tomato myth. I can only
repeat that the tomatce is an excellent
vegetable enough and may be partaken
of by those with whom it agrees, with
out any fear of its initiating any disease
Notice to Delinquent Taxpayers.
The delinqent taxes of Wasco county,
as shown on th6 rolls now in the bands
of the sheriff are $60,000, an amount al
most equal to the indebtedness of the
county. Every citizen will doubtless
admit that this state of affairs should
not exist, and that all taxes should be
collected. On account of hard times
in the past the county court Las shown
leniency to taxpayers, but that leniency
has reached the limit, and the court
cannot wait longer on delinquents to
make settlements. For this reason a
warrant has been attached ' to each de
linquent roll commanding the sheriff to
collect all taxes by seizure and sale of
property. With a bountiful crop now
in sight, there can no longer be any rea
sonable excuse for the non-payment of
taxes. The sheriff is bound by oath to
comply with the terms of the .warrants
attached to the tax rolls for the collec
tion thereof, and has no option in the
matter. Delinquent taxpayers can save
the cost of eeizure and sale . of property
by settling their taxes at once.
Robert Kebi.y,
Sheriff and Tax Collector for Wasco
Dated, August 4, 1898.
Keal Estate Sale.
The Laughlin estate offers for sale all
their land property in and near The
Dalles, consisting of city lots, blocks
and acteage. Terms reasonable.
Apply to the undersigned at the office
of the Wasco Warehouse Co.
tf B. F. Laughlin.
And Still the
Sale Goes On...
All light 75c Wrappers reduced to 50c.
Orsrandy Wrappers worth fl.00 re- rypzi. .
' duced to ' -"-'
Dnintv Dimitv Wrappers worthdll OCJ'
11.50 reduced to qX.SO
Wrappers made of Sheer Organdies, nice
ly trimmed, worth $ 1.90 and dl cri
f i.00 reduced to ipi.OU
Organdy Wrappers, beautiful colorings,
elaborately trimmed in Lace d0 Kfl
or embroideries, worth $3.53 P3.0-
At Half Price.
Going like ice on hot day. Better come
50 eent Waists now 25c
75 " " " 38c
$1.00" " " 50e
1.50" " " 750
Special Bargains in
Ladies' horn Shoes
Blouse Suits
$16.00 Suits now.. ..$8.00
$18.00 Suits now.... $9.00
JWen's and
Boys' Sum
mer Suits
A v &
Bucklen's Armea salve
The best salve in the world for cuts,
braises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruption", and posi
tively cui na piles, or no pay required
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or mouey refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale by - Blakeley and
Honghton, druggists.
Our baby has been continually troub
led with colic and cholera infantum since
bis birth, and all that we could do tor
him did not seem to give more than
temporary relief, nntil we trjed Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedv. Since giving that remedy he
has not been troubled. We want to
give you this testimonial as an evidence
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M. Law, Keokuk, Iowa. For sale by
Blakeley & Houghton.
to put "cheap" baking powder
into your husband's and children's
I; Schillings Best is pure and
leafmeai Cannot be:Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is eaused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
im per feet hearing, and when it is en
tirely dosed. Deafness is the result, and
unless the inflammation can betaken
out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed for-,
ever; nine cases out of ten are caused,
by catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous sur
faces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deaf ness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars ; free.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c. 6-10
Farm for Sale.
A good farm for sale four and a half
miles from town,' consisting of 420 acres
good land, 120 being in grain, four
horses, 10 head of cattle and 6 of hogs.
Also a good dwelling house and barn.
The land will produce anything grown
in Wasco county. A good school within,
a quarter of a mile ot the farm. No
mortgage or land agent in the way. Call
on or address Setu Morgan,
july2-lm-w The Dalles, Or.
: The Rev. W. B. Costley, of Stock
bridge, Ga., while attending to his pas
toral duties at Ellenwood, that state,
was attacked by cholera morbus. He
says : "By chance I happened - to get
hold of a bottle of Chambet'.ain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and I
think' it was the means of saving my
life. It relieved me at once." For
by Blakeley & Houghton.