The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 23, 1898, Image 4

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Tbt Dalles Daily Ghvciii
Both tlio method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acta
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
.Liver and Jiowcls, cleanses the ays
tern effectually. disDcls colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Symp of Figs Js the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duccd, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
leal thy and agroeablo substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60
cent bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliablo druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
D. C.'Allard, of Boyd, is in the city
G- W. Williams, of Hood River, is in
the city.
J. B. Haverlev is in the citv from Du
fur today.
Cash Cooper, of Pnneville, is in the
jUy today.
Wilbur Ilendrix, of Kingsley, is in
ktlie city today.
Emu Anderson, of Nansenae, was in
We city touay.
Leon Rondeau is in the citv from his
iionie at Jvingsley.
J2!mer Kearns arritvd in this citv last
-sight from Southern Oregon.
Michael Callahan is in the city today
from his home near Kingsley.
James LsDuc of Dufur was in the city
yesterday and left for his home this
A. J. Dufur, of Dufur, Oregon, re-
turned from . a week's visit to Portland
last evening.
Harry F. Fredden returned last night
Trom California, where he has been for
several months.
A band of fine fat porkers was shipped
- down from Grants last evening for Wood
-i.Bros.,, of this city.
ii5r A. W. Giesy is in the citv on buei
"Tress. He will leave for Salem on the
early train tomorrow.
C. M. Donaldson, of Baker City, nom
inee for congress, is in the city today
and made this office a pleasant call.
Mrs. C. G. Hansen, of Hood River,
who has 'been visiting at this place for a
etiort time, returned to her home on the
unornins train.
A. Fields and wife and son, William,
left on the boat this morning. They
were on their way to Southern Oregon,
where they will reside in future.
The Meeting L,at Might.
Evangelist Miller was at his best in
fiin;itig last night. Many new faces
were lu the audience, and it was plain
ly to be seen that they were ciptivated
by the singing. The meeting was very
informal and all seemed to feel at home.
Bald the preacher "I will not preach to
night, except in pong.
After reading the parable of the rich
man who pulled down his barns and
built greater saying, "Soul, take thine
ease; eat, sleep and be merry." But
-God eaid, "Thou foolish man ; this night
thy soul ehall be required of thee; then
whose ehall these things he." The
thought conveyed in the parable is that
the man was profoundly selfish and
totally dead and indifferent to God, his
creator and benefactor, which is the
dominating sin of today. The talk was
(brief, but telling.
Taking hie seat at the organ he began :
3. ast alone with life's nitniorlci,
in tight of the crystal tea;
vAnd 1 mw the thrones of the sUr-crowned ohm,
Jtfttt never a crown for me.
Wfaen the song finished, profound ii
Jawee reigned, and silent prayer followed.
Whwi the invitation was given, the
front' seat and altar was filled with anx-
Toe leader Mid: "I feel like tinging
What would yea like?" 'The "Trundle
,Um" was 9lnfd ht. This be tang with
great pathos, and then fended eong
after tong In together, until tiiey Hit
seemed to catch the spirit 'it joy, and
the meeting closed with an old'iHgh
ioned shout in the camp.
Sunday evening will he Mr. Miller's
last eetvice. No one should (nil to hear
him slug. H.
The Shakers of Mount Lebanon, a
community of simple, honest, God-fearing
men and women, have prepared the
Shaker Diuoitive Cordial for many years,
and it is always the same, f imple, lion
est, curative medicine that has helped
to make the Shakers the healthy, long-
lived people that thev are. The Shak
Tills Is
era never liave iniliirestion
partly owing to their simple mode of
life, partlv to tho wonderful properties
of Shaker Digestive Cordial. I ml ice
. . . . ... '
Hon is caused by the stomach glands not
supplying enougli digestive juice.
Shaker Digestive Cordial supplies what's
wanting. Shaker pigestivo Cordial in
vigorates the stomach and ult its glands
so that after awhile they don't need
help. As evidence of tho honesty of
Shaker Digestive Cordial, the formula
is printed on every bottle. Sold by
druggists, price 10 cents to $1.00a bottle.
HuoKlen'n Annua salve.
The best salve in me world for cult,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, feei
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruption,, and posi
tively cuits piies, or no pay required
It is guanu. teed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price ih cents
per box. For sale ty Blakeley and
Houghton, druircists.
A little boy asked for a bottle of "get
up in the morning as fast as you can,"
the druggist recognized a household
name tor "DeWitt's LittleEarly Risers"
and gave him a bottle of those famous
little pills for constipation, sick
ache, liver and stomach troubles.
Snipes Kinersly Drug Co.
DeWitfs Witch Hazel Salve
Cures Pilrs, Scalds, (Surns.
I have sixteen head of 3 and 4-year
mules (broke) tor sale. I also have
horees, mares and geldings for sale,
weighing from 900 to 1400 pounds. Any
one wantinc work stock or stock for
Klondike, here is the place to get them
cheap for cash. James Beow.v,
123-lm.t Victor, Or.
Two lots, N03. 11 and 12, in block 14,
Gates Addition, The Dalles, Oregon.
For particulars address the undersigned.
M. E. FuilHMAKV,
19-4w Box 178, Goldtndale, Wash.
If the United States and Spain become
involved in war, it will be impossible to
import Havana tobacco. Consequently
high grade Havana cigars will increase
in price. Lav in a supply of Prize
Medal cigars while the price remains
toe same. iu-tt
Ons Minute Cough Cure, cures.
That Is what It wis made far.
Af 11 r,maa flnnrcn.v.l tn . ha.t tnr I
. , , .,,,. .1
o at iygn a..ey itouer .urns, at
prices to suit the times. Also mill feed.
W. M. McCoukle, Prop.
Thousands of sufferers from grippe
have been restored to health by One
Minute Co 111: 1 1 Cure. It quickly cures
coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia,
grippe, asthmu, and all throat and lung
diseases. Snipes-Kinersly Drug Co.
Sheepmen, call at Clarke & Falk's
and get prices on the La Plata Sheep
Dip. It is non-poisonous, mixes in
stantly with cold water, and it is an .in
fallible cure (or scab, hoof rot, lice and
ticks. 1-tf
DeWitt's Littic tariy Risers,
The lumcui II -(It- ollls.
Thirty-five years make a generation.
That is how long AdolpU Fisher, tf
Zanesvllle, O., suffered from pike. He
was cured by using three loses of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. Suipea-
Kinersly Drug Co.
Smoke the popular brands Prize
Medal, Guarantee and Ito&e Queen
cigars manufactured by S. F. Foots.
La Plata rJhtep Dip, proven by every
teat to be the best iion-pol'onou- fluid
dip in the world; guarantee 1 to cure
scab, itch, (ore throat, lice and hoof-rot.
Clarke & Falk, agents, The Dalles.
When you smoke the Rose Queen 5
cent cigar vou get your money' worth.
To lleut.
Seven-room house below the blnfl",
Enquire of A. H. Mac Allister, Chronicle
Use Clarke &. Falk's Floral Lotion for
rough fkin.
Use Clarke & Falk's Koeofoam for the
Physicians and Surgeons,
Special attention given to surgery.
Booms 21 and 22, Tel.&H Vogt block
Thin Blood
Where the Mood loses its t
$ intense red grows thin and
g watery, as In anemia, there is w
m a constant feeling 01 cxhaus- w
j tion, a lack of energy vitality $
& of Cod-liver Oil with Hypo- $
! 2 phosphites of Lime and Soda $
- i. m s . W
JP is peculiarly aoapiea 10 correci w
' this condition. The cod-liver $
A II 1 I I
$ olL emulsified to an exquisite
fineness, enters the blood direct w
and feeds its every corpuscle. &
Ji restoring the natural color and $
giving vitality to the whole ft
system. The hypophosphites u,
reach the brain and nerve &
aft 'nwan(i ann hit cttvnerh.
m ening and beneficial effect. &
S If the roses havs left your &
9 cneeks, it you are growing
4 . . W
tnm ana exhausted trom over- ij
2 work, or if age isbeginnmg
9 to tell, use SCOTT'S Emul-
ston. v
Be ure you get SCOTT'S Emulsion. j
All druggisti; 50c. nd $1.00.
crnTT JE. DrtWWC (-U ! . . . . V.l.
A London Doator'a Peculiar Ex
porionco with a Patient
: The Treatment lit More GroKrnphlcal
Than Mcdleul, Show lint
Trouble to lie of a Meu
tHl Nature.
Dr. William O'Xeill, late physician to
several Lincoln institutions, sends the
following' account of a strange ex
perience to the Lancet. It describes a
case of that vry old and cotnnionplaee
complaint, jealousy, or "spirit of jeal
ousy," a3 it is named in the Scriptures,
where it is fully described and treated.
Some years ago, he states, I was re
quested to visit a lady who, it was rep
resented to me, was very ill and re
quired immediate attention. On en
tering tiie house I was shown into the
so-called sick room, in which there
were three persons, all of whom seemed
to nic to be in good health. There were
present an old lady (owner of the
house) and her daughter, who had ar
rived a few days previously from a
neighboring county to spend two or
three weeks with her mother, and the
daughter's husband, whose visit wus
only to be for a day or two. '
The man was about 35 years of age,
small in stature, swarthy in com
plexion and plain looking. The wife
was a striking contrast to her husband.
She was rather tall, remarkably fair
and handsome and was a few years
younger than her good man. I asked
which of them was the patient, but no
answer having been given to my in
quiry, I nslced again, men Uie young
Cr "ith SOnle hesitation, Said:
"I am the patient, and my complaint
Js jenlousv. 1 am jealous of my bus
band, and if 3'ou do not give me some
thing- to relieve rr.e I shall go out of my
This accusation against the littic man
seemed to me to bo most ridiculous; in
deed, I could not help thinking that if
the accuser had been the accused it
would have been more in the nature of
things. I ussured the lady I was ex
tremely sorry for her, the more so that
I was quite incompetent to treat auch
a case. The husband protested his in
nocence and declared there was 110
cause whatever for her accusations.
The wife persisted in reiterating them,
and so the wranulc went on till sud
denly she fell from her chair on the
floor in u fit the spasmodic movements
of which were strange anil varied.
At one moment the patient was ex
tended ut full length with her body
arched forward in a state of opisthoto
nos. The next minute she was in n sit
ting position with the legs drawn up,
making, while her hands clutched her
throat, u guttural noise. Then she
would throw herself on her back and
thrust her arms and legs about, to the
no small danger of those around her.
Then becoming comparatively quiet
and supine, she would quiver all over,
whilo her eyelids trembled with great
rapidity. This stnte perhaps would be
followed by general convulsive move
ments, In which she would put herself
in tho most grotesque postures and
make the most unlovely grimaces.
At last the fit ended, and, exhausted
and in tears, she was put to bed.
The patient was a lithe, muscular
woman, and to restrain her movements
during the attack with tho assistance
nt hand was n matter of impossibility;
so all that could be done was to prevent
her injuring herself nnd to sprinkle
her freely with cold water.
The after treatment was more geo
graphical than medical. Tho husband
censed doing business in n certain
town whero tho object of hia wife's sus
picions lived. He was enabled to do ho
by tho kindness of a friend, who ox
Changed part of his district with him.
The fit not the disease, but'it was
the fiymptom or monlfextntlon of a
mind diseased or deranged, the atato
of the mind baJng the result of a wom
an s breedings over her real or imag
inary wrongs, London Mall.
Wny do wo retail morotCigura than
Why do smokers go out of their way
and pats cigars of the same grade?
Not becauso wo have better cigars
or better brands, or any greater variety ;
no, not that.
Why, becauso we have the finest ci
gar case in the state and keep our uigars
in better condition.
Snlpos-Klnorsly Drug Co.
Patronize the
All kiwi of work. White Shirts n smeliilty,
Fnnillv work nt rwtucinl rates WnsU collcotcil
and UCUVClCd free, Telephoim No. 110.
H. D. Parkins, Agrt,
Harry Liebe,
All work promptly atttndel to,
ami warranted.
Notice Is hereby alvcn Hint tho uniliTf Imicd
Rtsigneoot tut: cstniu 01 .101111 1. uoot, 1111 111
solvont debtor, lia Med his tlnnl rctKirt nud nc
count in mill estate mid that Mid report mill ae
count will be, called tin for hearlnir inthoClr
cult Court, of the statu of Oregon, for VHeo
uounty, on .Monday tuu rai day ot May, ISM,
said nay belne the first day of tho next reitulnr
itnn 01 biiiii eourt, ana mat Hani report win nc
ueiru hi sum lime oy inn jiiuee 01 said Lonrt.
or asi soon thereafter nt the same can be heard
by said Court. All persons Interested therein
are iiouiieu 10 nio incir ODjecnons ut miiu au
count If any theru re, prior to said day.
uaieu inisa uay 01 April, l.tus.
IIIIIlll fil.KS'V.
AtMsncoof thi) estate of John F. Uoot. an in-
toivem ucotor. uunu-wi
Land Office, Thk Dallks, Or.,j
February 15, ls'JS. j
IvOtlcc Is hereby clvcn that the following-
mimed scttlei has tiled notice of his Intention
t'i make anal proof in ,uptort of IiIk claim, and
iuui mini ir'Kii mil ui maue ucioro uesiMer nuti
Kecelver at The Dalles, ureeon, on Saturday,
Airll 10, lttii, viz:
(luiuftH Hull, or The IiiIIak,
H. E. No. 1717, for the BK NWJf. 8!i XKA and
XKli SK4 See. 31, To I N., H. 12 K. . !.
Ho names the following wltnetu to prove
bis continuous retldeiicu upon and cultivation
of said land, viz.:
Alexander Vance, Albert Walters, William
Wolf, Frank ObtUt, all of The Dalles, Oregon.
Ml JAS. V. JIOOKE, UcrtUter.
Atthe Diamond Mills,
Good milling wheat,
Tiie highest price
jyns. kvanh.
noon in Mrs. Utittln's lodging House,
ELY'S CREAM BAT.5I Unpotltlvncnre.
Apply Into tho noitrils. It Ii quickly alisorlicd. CO
cents at DruecUta or by mall : namolea 1 Oc. bv mull.
.SLY UHOTUKIiS. CO Warren &L New York City.
Wasco Warehouse Company
Headquarters fqr Seed Grain of u kinds.
Headquarters for Feed Grain of au kinds.
Headquarters for Rolled Grain, au kinds.
Headquarters for; Bran. Shorts, SiELKKSD
Headquarters for "Byers' Best" Pendle
ton FlOUr. This Flour 18 wpnnfMtawil expreialy for family
ue j every nack la Ruarantoed to give Mtiibotlon.
We tell our soodi lower than m hnnn in h. 1 1 .. .. ..
call and get our pricea and be convinced.
I Hihert Prioes Paid for Wlwat, Barley and Oats.
..GflAS. F-W..
and Farmer's
Kciioti tlrmiKht tlio rclebratot
COI.D.MlllA IIKKU, ncknmvl.
tilKiil tho best liwr in Tlio Dalles, .
nt tlio UMiul price. I'omo In, try N
It ninl he roiivhieeil, Alo tlio
l'lmst brunch of Wines, Minor
anil Clear-,.
of all Klmls. nlMiiys ou liimil.
50 Years 50
Undisputed BtiproniHCv iu tho World
Increases Yield of Wool.
Enhances Value of Flock
Cheap, Safe, Handy, Clean, Wholefome
and Odorless.
Recommended 1y .MimufHi'ture, Scour
era anil JJinere. fcolu li.v
C. G. Roberts, General Agent, 247 Ael
Streat, Portland, Oiejon.
Tliia ofl'er in indie by the
provided application be-imflo nt once, In order
that lit Inventions, iipi.llniu'i and never falllnu
remeuiex may receive mi' i icsi ivissiuie pui'
llclty, mid prove their own uiuiit by hoiiihI
line milt Mriliint miri-a, Mi, Alilliny
whatnvor will be nrelvtil by the IIIIiiiiIk
Htat Hutillarlum irom jiinoiiuiindcr Its treat
ment until liHiinflelul Kiaulta are Mokmiwl-
filKeil. Its remedies mid appliances have been
cmniiieniUil by the ncwspapvrii of Two Conti
nents and tiidorted by the grestcst doctors In
tho world. Wiicro development Is desired, they
neioiuiunii ii nnu never inn 10 inviKoraie, up
build and fortify.
They infiue now life and enenrv. Thev nor.
inaiiently ttoii all losses which undermine the
conMttmlon and rroducc ilesiKindency. They
ieiuiie, ivjresu iinu reiore 10 inaiinooii, r
KHrillKiu nr HR. They euro evil habits and
IHj.iuancntly remove their ell'icts. as well an
tnosu ot excesses and over-taxed brain work
neurasthenia or nervous c.xlmuttlou. No fall
tire, no iiiihllntty, no deception, no illmiii.
lolntllim. W UITJ5 Ttl-UAV.
Dalles, Moro and Antelope
Throtmh bv davlicht via (lra.sHVullRv. k'em
...... ... tin .
V. M. WlltTKI,AW, Autolopo,
StuKes leave The Dalles Irom 1'nmtllla Ifoux
at 7 a. in., alfo from AuteloiK) at 7;ao!a. m. veri
Monday. WtilneMlay and Krlday. (.'uiiurvtliiiik
iiiwjo aiAineioiKj lor rrinuvitie, Jiitciioii and
ajiau ueyona. i;iom c: uiiections iimdu nt '1 he
Junes wiin railways, irains ami ixiatii.
8laKCs from Antclorio reaqli Tlio IMIIch Tuea
days, Thursdays nud Hutunlnys ut l:li p. in,
Dalles to Deschutes .'. $t oo
do Moro , if
do Grans Valley as
do Kent . ;i m
do C'rosK Hollows to
AnteloK; to Cross Hollows to
o Kent :m
do (irasn Valley ;t co
no jioro
do Descliuees
ilo IMIh'H .., f, 00
Dr. Shackelford has removed hie ofliae
to room 14, Vogt block, over the post
office. 11117.2111
' " " yw aoa 1 in,nK 10
Sleeping Cars
Dining Oars
Sleeping Car
HT. I'Alll. "
llltaNU POU
Through Tickets
Kor lntormatlon, tlnio cards, maps nnd tlckett,
cal on or write to
W. C. ALLAWAY. Anent,
The Dalles, Oregon
A. I). CHARLTON. Asst. G. P. A.,
iVi, Morrison Cor. Third. Portland Oregon
EAST and SOUTH via
The Shasta Route
or THK
Southern Pacific Comp'y.
Trains lenvo anil are line to arrive nt 1'ortlaL
t)rc4. Halcm. Hoso-1
btinr, Aililatnl, Hau
0:00 1'. M.
ramunto, Ogdeii.tJan
rrancmt'o, Jioiavo
lsa AiiKeleii,lil Pun
Netr urlvans nnd
8:30 A.St.
oncbursr and wav .-ta-
fVla Woodbtirn tori
I .Mt.AiiKd.Hllvcrton,
Wont Bclo, llrownx- y
vllle.Bpnngllcld aud
I Natron j
1'. M
t7:ao A. M.
) stations..
nui! way
INDlvl'KNDnSCK l'ASHKNOEK. Kxprew trolu
Pally (except Hilllday).
l;.V)p. m. (I.v Portland ...Ar.) 8:'i1a.m
7:ai)p. m, Jai . McMlnin'lllo ,I.v. fn.'Oa.m
H:iu p. tn.
r A r. . l iinepuniRiice..l.v. 7
iiW a, m
Dally. (Daily, except Munday,
Attachcit to all Thrriuuli Trains.
Direct ronncctlon at l-ati rraucUco with Occi
dental and oriental mul l'uoltlc mall aieanisliip
lines for JAPAN anil CHINA. Balllni; dates ou
a) plication.
iiaioH htm iickcik to fcoitcrn thuiiis ana r.u-
rojie. AIM) JAPAN, UlllNA, HONOLULU anil
AUSTKA1.1A, can Ik) ohtalmil from
J. 11. KIKKliAND, Ticket ARCilt.
Tlirouirh Ticket Olllcc. 11 Third street, where
throimh tickets to all iwilnts in tlio Kuitcrn
H tales, t'aiiuda and Europe can bo obtained at
lowest rutea from
J, II. KlltKI.AM), TICKCt ARenc.
All ahnvo traliik nrrlvu at and denart Irutn
Grand Central Htatlon. Fifth and IrvniL' atreeu
PakretiKcr l)eit, foot of Jeilerson itrccu
I-eavo for OSWEfit). ilally. except Sniiday, at
T.Jti it. in.; !.!., J:65, ft:li, B.Jj, "8:ttt p.m.
fund 11:1X1 1. in. on Hatnrdav only, and 9:00 u. in
and :wm p. in. on hnndayi only). Arrive at
I'ortliind iihIIv nt r.iiu mul st.Tii a in.: and i:,
1:1.1. ;ai ami 7!i5n. in., (and 10:03 u. in, U'lS
i:io p, in, on sjnitilayi, only).
U'ave for Hhorldan. wcuk days, at 4:30 p. m
Arrive at 1'ortland, U::X) a, in.
U'ave for Alltl.IK on Monday. Weilnoday nni
Krlnav at 0:10 a. m. Arrlv at l'ortland, l"uc-
(lav, Thiirxday anil Batnrdai it 3:03 p. m.
Except Hiuiday, Except Saturday.
Amt. ti. 1. l'asi.. Ant
IB Weok. 100 I'ttjiera u Vear
It etimds llmtnmonir "weekly" iwiiera
11 size, frennnnnv of liublll'tttluii
frHalinuan unrlutt anil rplliilillitV of COT.
tente. It la pmcticnlly r tlnlly t tlio low
price o a weekly ; and ju vuat list oi
BUbscrlbera, extending temkry stnte and
territory of thn Union nnd forelpn cotin
trioB, will vouch for tlio iiccurncy una
fairness of Ho iiowr columns.
It. U Hnlnnrfhllv llliiHtrnted. nnd HIDOIIB
Its special features aro a fine bm"0'
page, exnauitive tnaritet, rerm,
laluul. fualilnnj far iviimen and H 1011
series of stories by the greatest living
American and English atutiors,
Coiian Doyle, Jam in K. Jromi
NtanUy Weywsn; Mary K. WHI''
Anthaay Huia. Vrat Harte,
Mraadar Maltkaw. Klo.
WAApTavtkla nnonnalad neWBDafier BBll
The Dalle Twlea-a-Week Ohronfcle to
gether one w lor 18.00. , The rtgular
price ot the two papers is ?.w.