The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, November 10, 1897, Image 1

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NO. 2G1
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Blanco Extends a Full Par
don to all Rebels.
Prospects for a Hot Time ia Old Madrid
TCnen Weyler Comes March
" Ins Home.
Havana, Nov. 8, Marshal Blanco has
issued the following edict, officially de
scribed as "expressing the magnani
mous sentiments of the queen regent
and the first determination of the nation
al government."
"I pardon in full all those who have
been prosecuted for the crime of rebel
lion. Rebels prosecuted for common
crimes, independent of rebellion, such
as epolation, immorality and the like,
will be pardoned as rebels, but judged
for atber offences committed by them.
'Thoan snfTfirintr sentences Drior to
the date of this edict will have their
sentences commuted to a certain extent,
and perhaps in some cases in fall. Per
sons pardoned should appear before the
civil and military authorities at their
respective places of residence, which
tbey will designate and which will be
communicated to me. Should they des
ignate places of residence outside the
principal towns they will be advised of
the necessity of residing within the mil
itary zone of cultivation. The military
authorities will be careful not to invade
the jurisdiction of the civil . authorities.
Therefore, those pardoned cannot change
their residence without obtaining the
percussion of both civil and military au
thorities." IIOO Reward 100.
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No. 2-8.
After Banna's Scalp.
Columbus, O., Nov. 8. A local dem
ocratic newspaper printed an interview
with C. V. Harris, secretary of the dem
ocratic central committee, in which be
is credited with saying that at a confer
ence of democratic leaders of the state it
was decided to pledge the votes of as
many democratic members of the dem
cratic assembly as could be controlled,
to Governor Bnshnell for senator, on
condition that the governor could com
mand enough republican votes to make
bis election possible. Mr. Harris is ed
itor of the Athens Journal. He is quoted
as saying: ' -"
"We have decided to throw the dem-
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ocratic vote in the next assembly to
Governor Bushnell, on the condition
that he get votes enough from the re
publican 6ide to elect him. So many re
publican members want to down Hanna
that we think there will be no difficulty
in this. The deal'is all arranged'
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A. D. 1896.
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seal Notary Public
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Insurgents and Biltish Mix.
Simla, Lov. 8. The foraging expedi
tion from the camp of General Sir Wil
liam Lockhardt, in the Maidan valley,
bad captured some large supplies ot pro
visions without opposition until tbey
were retiring, wben the insurgents
adopted their usual gorilla tactics, w'ith
the result that the British lost three
men killed and seventeen wounded.
The loss of the enemy was heavy.
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St. Petersburg, Nov. 8. A terrible
famine is raging in the province of Arch
angel. Many have already died of star
vation: The people wander about re
duced almost to tksletone, the heads
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San Francisco
The Keyenne Cotter Bear Will be Dis
patched to San Francisco.
Washington, Nov. 8. There was a
conference at the White House today at
tended by the Secretaties Gage, Long
and Alger, Commodore Melville and
Commander Dickens, of the navy, and
Captain Showalter, commander of the
revenue service, to consider meang for
relief of the American whaling fleet said
to be icebound in Behring sea. I was
decided to send the revenue cutter Bear
to the relief of the whalers.
Orders have been issued to put the
Bear in commission for the voyage, and
Captain Showalter says she will be ready
to sail as soon as she can be provisioned
which will take but a short time.
Commodore . Melville, wtio has had
great experience in the Arctic, gave the
conference the benefit of his experience
and knowledge, but it appears there is
yet a great lack of information as to
the location of the whalers, also as to
whether or not they are in deetitute cir
cumstances. Secretary-Long has issued
orders to ascertain most definitely, if
possible the, existing conditions. It is
probable that the Bear will stop at some
points on tbe Alaskan coast, and take
onboard a supply of, reindeer and dogs
to be used in crossing the ice floes when
the vessel can no longer be navigated.'
To Receive Weyler.
Madrid, Nov. 8. Lieutenant-General
Weyler's political backers, eupported by
his influential followers in the army,
are fermenting an agitation in his be
half in the government policy, and are
preparing, to give him a reception on bis
arrival,, which will, if they can bring it
about, neutralize the critical alitude oi
the Sagasta Cabinet. Senor Romero
Robledo, who is leading the agitation,
addressed a large meeting of conserva
tives today, at which . several senators
and deputies were present, and made a
violent attack upon the governing com
mittee of the conservative Darty, whom
he charged with being responsible for
the dissolution of the party. He eulo
gized Weyler as a commander, and his
civil administration, and urged that
"war is the only true policy in Cuba"
Robledo will meet Weyler on his ar
rival on the Montserrat. Meanwhile he
ia organizing a series of public meetings
to protest against the recall of Weyler,
the first of which will be held tomorrow,
and be promises a reorganization of the
conservative policy on the basis of the
program of the late ." Senot Conovaa del
Castillo as to Cuba and the Philippine
Htaoos at the Mead.
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Shreveport, La., eays: "Dr. Kind's
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Cold Standard in favor.
London, Nov. 8. According to a dis
patch from Shanghai, : the emperor of
China and the board of revenue have
approved a memorial in favor of estab
lishing a gold standard and prohibiting
the export of gold. It is doubtful, how
ever, if thia will have any practical re
sult, - . : .-
The French in Danger.
' London, Nov. 8. A dispatch from
Paris says alarming information from
the island of Madagascar has reached
the French colonial office. Large bands
of well-armed and disciplined rebels are
scouring Madagascar and catting off the
isolated French detachments.
Tesarins in Eruption Again.
Naples, Nov. 8. Mount Vesuvius is
in great activity. . A mass of lava is
pouring out from the Artio del Cavello
crater, which opened in 1895. Two wide
streams are running down in the direc
tion of Vitrova and Hiane del Inestro.
Tribesmen Still Killing:.
Limla, Nov. 8. A rumor has reached
here that a native officer and 33 Sikbs
belong to the Kurram column have
been intercepted by the tribesmen in a
ravine and slaughtered. -
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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT of the State of Ore
gon for Wasco County. ; -The
Oresron Railroad & Navigation Company.' a
corporation organized under the laws of the
State of Oregon, Plaintiff,
- vg
Thomas J. Bulger and Bulger, his wife,
whose given name is unknown to plaintiff;
D. L. Cates, George Gardiner and Fannie E.
Gardiner, Defendants.
To Thomas J. Bulger, Bulger, whose given
name is unknown to plaintiff', George Gardi
ner and Kannie E. Gardiner, defendants.
you and each of you are hereby required to ap
pear a id answer the complaint filed against you
in the above entitled action on or before the
first day of the term of the above entitled court
following the expiration of the time prescribed
in the order for the publication of this sum
mons, to wit: on or before the 8th day of No
vember, 1S97, that being the first day of the next
regular term of SMid court, and if you fail to so
appear and answer the complaint of the plain
tiff, for want thereof the plaintiff will apply to
the court for the judgment prayed for in siid
complaint, towit: For the condemnation and
appropriation for a right-of-way for a railroad of
a strip of land one hundred feet wide over and
across the following described lands: Commenc
ing at a joint 1190 feet north from the southeast
corner of the southwest quarter of section six,
township two north, range eight east, in Wasco
county, Oregon, thenee north 70 feet to a point;
thence north S6 degrees 84 minutes east, 280 feet
to a point in the north boundary of the right-of-way
of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Com
pany, now Oregon Railroad and Navigation
Company's right-of-wav: thence southwesterly
along said north boundary of said right-of-way
to the place of beginning, containing 22-1C0 acres.
Also another tract of land si'uated in said sec
tion ix, described as follows, to-wit: Com
mencing at a point in the south boundary of the
right-of-way of the said Oregon Railroad and
Navigation Company, which point is 1175 feet
north and 290 feet east of tbe southeast corner of
the southwest quarter of section six, township
two north, range eight east; thence north 86 de
grees and 34 minntes east, 815 feet to a point on
the south boundary of tho said right-of-way;
thence on a curve to the left with ana along the
said boundary of said right-of-way in a westerly
course to the place of beginntng, containing
47-100 acres ; said land to be used for the re-location
of the railway of said plaintiff's across said
premises as provided by section 3241, Hill's An
notated Laws of the State of Oregon. And plain
tin" will also take judgment for its cos's and dis-
Dursements in this action.
This summons is served upon the defendants
above named by publication thereof in The
Dalles Chronicle by order of Hon. W. L. Brad,
shaw, Judge of the Seventh Judicial District of
the State of Oregon, made at chambers in Dalles
City, Oregon, this 2uth day of September, 1S97.
J. M. LONG and
septSo Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Letters of Credit issued available in the
Eastern States.
Sight Exchange and Telegraphic
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St. Louis, San Francisco, Portland Ore
gon, beat tie Wash,, and various points
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orable terms. v
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