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    VOL. X
NO 250
How Spain Proposes to In
stitute Reforms.
Madrid Government Retains Executive
Power and Administers Na
tional Affairs..
New Yoek, Oct. 27. A dispatch to
the Herald from Madrid says :
Senor Morel y Frendergast, the new
colonial minister, has outlined for the
Herald his plans for Cuban reform as
follows : -
The autonomy which the cabinet of
Senor Sagasta propose? to bestow on the
islands of Cuba and Porto Rico in ful
fillment of the manifesto of Jane 14lh,
is a special autonomy founded on the
aspirations adopted in the platform of
the Antillian autonomists and not ident
ical with the other colonial constitu
tions. It is clear that in their essential
principles- the future constitution of
Cuba and Porto Rico agree with those
colonial constitutions that start from
self-government as the capital ideal self
legislation, responsible to the govern
ment; supremacy -of the governor who,
either under that name or the name of
viceroy, shall . represent the mother
country, and who shall choose the min
isters who shall be the executive in that
country. t
Starting from the above basis.the pro
ject of the Spanish government contains
the first partition of those matters and
concerns that belong to the colonial par
liament and to the imperial parliament,
that is to the national cortes. The par
tition is founded on a careful discrimi
nation between what interests the
islands themselves have in a local sense
and what is of national importance.
The project in operation will interpret
in the moBt generous manner the phrase
"local interests," since it will not only
grant to the colonists complete, control
of all that relates to education, - charity,
etc., but it also intrusts to representa
tives of the local government the r in tit
of drawing upon their customs tariff
without. limitations beyond those mutu
ally arranged.
' With the metropolis to co-ordinate in
their respective mercantile and commer
cial interests, the above functions will
be performed by an insular chamber to
tally electoral in nature without restric
tion as to subsequent subdivisions into
two similar chambers that is,the bouse
of representatives and the members of
this parliament shall be elected by the
eame suffrage system which regulates
the election on the peninsula. The same
legislative body shall represent Cuba in
the imperial parliament, only this as
sembly has been constituted with the
governor-general as the representative
of the central power. It shall choose
the ministers who shall be the execu
tive body responsible to the insular par
liament, thus completing the reorgani
zation or the parliament as its govern
ment, and endowing it with that degree
of responsibility characteristic of every
colony administered on the principles
of self-government.
. . The ministers shall be responsible to
the colonial parliament, and every en
actment of the governor-general, as' rep
resentative of the executive power In all
that touches the local government shall
be administered in the council.
Of these ministerial functions reserv
ed to the metropolis are :
First, those that concern internation
al relations ; second, military and naval
matters ; third, organizateon of the law
courts; fourth,' those depositions' that
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nnder the name of patronage really reg
ulate relations between the church and
state. ,
At the same time, the new constitu
tion shall grant to Cuban people the use
of and the protection afforded by the
civil and political rights sanctioned by
the Spanish constitution in ench . man
ner as shall obtain in all its integrity in
the colonies, while beside there Shall be
established as in the United States euch
necessary business restrictions as will,
prevent the colonial parliament from
lessening, closing or delimitating the
rights of citizenehip thas are set forth
in the national constitution.
The constitutional conservative party
while condemning legal action has de
cided to constitutionally oppose the
granting of autonomous government to
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No. 2-8.
A Fatal Accident In Astoria.
Astoria, Or., Oct. 27. A most dis
tressing accident, resulting in the drown
ing of Edwin F. Bradford, health officer's
boatman, and the nan ow escape from
drowning of four other men, occurred
ye&etrday morning about 10 o'clock,
when the unlucky German ship Flott
bek was making ready to put out ta sea
Bradford started down the river in his
Whitehall to put . Pilot Doig on board
the Flottbek. . Besides the boatman and
the pilot, there were also in. the boat
Captain Schumacher, of the Flottbek,
and J. M. Gillette and son. The sail
was hoisted at Flavel's dock, and in a
few moments they were at the side of
the vessel. . Bradford then stepped on
the gunwal to unstep the mast, when
the frail and overloaded craft upset,
turning bottom uppermost. " All five of
the struggling men grasped the keei of
the upturned boat, only to cause it again
to turn over. '
The struggle continued for several
minutes, the boat turning over repeat
edly, until Bradford was eteuck on the
head by the gunwale. He at'ouce sank
and did not reappear. The others man
aged to cling to . the boat until it had
drifted as. far as Kinney's cannery,
where they were picked up by two fish'
ermen. Joe rescuers arrived none too
soon as Doig was sinking when grasped
bv one of the fishermen. .
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. Clfecks Have Been Deposited. ,
Denver, Oct.. 27. A special to the
Times from Omaha says:
. The Union Pacific sale will take place
as scheduled. From absolutely autentic
sources it was learned that two certified
checks, each for $2,000,000, were depos
ited with Judge Cornish, matter , in
chancery, at the United States National
bank today. They come from the Sage
syndicate and the recognization commit
tee. ' .
' It is asserted there will be sharp com
petition between the Sage syndicate and
the recognization committee.
Eyes are popularly considered to be
quite necessary to sight, but this is
an error, if we are to believe Dr. Nagel, a
recent German experimenter. Many
creatures.without eyes enn see, at last
they can distinguish perfectly well be
tween light and darkness, and even be
tween different degrees cf light. This
is the lowest degree of seeing-, to be
sure, but still it is really sight, and dif
fers scarcely more from the visions of
some insects that possess, eyes than
this does from our own clear sight. .
Creatures that see without eyes ee
by means of their skins. All skins.
ays Dr. Nagel, are potential eyes; 'fiat
is, they are sensitive to, light. In an
imals that have eyes the sensitiveness
kas been highly localized and greatly
increased so that man, for instance,
Jias a retina very sensitive to light,
and an expanse of ordinary skin which
possesses a sensitiveness to light so
slight that it is hardly conscious of it.
Yet the sVra is sensitive in some de
gree, as is proved by the fact that it
sunburns that is, light maj- cause a
disturbance in the pigment of the skin
just us it docs in that of the eye. In
the eye the disturbance is accompanied
by a nervous chancre which sends a
telegraphic message along the optic
nerve to the brain. : In the skin, too.
there are nerves, and there are mes
sages, also, but their tidings imprint
no image on the mind; they simply
express discomfort cry out "sun
burn." .
But in many eyeless creatures the
lack of eyes is in part made up by ini-
creased sensitiveness of the whole
skin surface to light. Darwin long ago
noticed that the earthworms, although
they have no eyes, will suudtnly with
draw intJ their holes on the approach of
a lighted candle. Sonte crtaturcs 6cem
more sensitive to r.uddenlv increased
light,-others to sudden diminution. If
a number of oysters, kept in a vessel
together, are found to be open, they
v.m sliut all at once if a dark obieet
comes between them and the. light.
nother bivalve Called Psammodia.
has. long, whitish, transparent tubes
which protrude from the sand in which
it lies buried. If thev are smldenlv il
luminated, they contract, nnd the
brighter the light.the greater the con
traction. If a number cf them be car
ried into direct sunlight, they hasten to
bury themselves in the sand; or, if
there is no sand, theymove restlessly
to end fro in the water until they are
Ill general. Dr. Nagel finds; that
creatures winch respond to sudden
shadows tire those that live in Etrong
sheila, while those affected by a sud
den increase or light live in sand or
mud, frcm which they emerge occasion
ally. In both cases the sensitiveness of
the skin to changes of light serves to
protect the animal. .''.,
How does the skin acquire this pe
culiar sensitiveness? It will be best
for the non-cspcrt to suspend jud
ment, since even the scientists do not
agree on this point. It may be that it
is a universal and rudimentary prop
erty of all skin, and that animals with
eyes have lost it in a greater or less de
gree, because they have no further need
for it.' This is one view. Or it may
be that this property has"been devel
oped in eyeless creatures just because
they are eyeless and need it. That ia
another view. ' Those who favor the lat
ter opinion point to the fact that some
of the creatures which now. have skins
sensitive to the light are. probably de
scendants of creatures with skins not
so sensitive: in, these instances the
sensitiveness, must have been recently
developed. .Snails are sensitive, but
their relatives, the slugs, are not; this
looks as if the former had acquired the
faculty. However this may be. Dr.
Nagel's study of these curious an3 out-
of-the-way facts is certainly interest
ing, and may lead in the future to an ad
vance in our knowledge of the mechan
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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT of the State of Ore
gon for Wasco County.
The Oregon Railroad Navigation Company, a
corporation organized unaer the laws 01 ine
State ol Oregon, PlaintiUT,
V8 .
Thomas J. Bulger and Bulger, his wife,
whose given name is unknown to plaintiff;
D. L. Cates. George Gardiner and Fannie E.
Gardiner. Defendants.
To Thomas J. Bnlger, Bulger, whose given
name is UDii'ictvn to piaimin, treorge trarcu
ner aud Fannie E. Gardiner, defendants. (
you and each of you are hereby required to ap- i
pear g ja unswer m uuiupmiut uieu duiiidii juu i
in the above entitled action on or before the
first day of the term of the above entitled court
following the exDirution of the time prescribed
iu the oruer for the publication of this sum
mons, to wit: on or before the 8th day of No
vember. 1897. that being the first day of the next
regular term of said court, and if you fail to t,o
appear and answer the complaint of the plain-
tin, xor want luereui me piumuu wmaupiy nj
the court for the judgment prayed for in swid
complaint, towit: For the condemnation and
appropriation for a right-of-way for a railroad of
a strip of land one hundred feet wide over and
across the following described lands: Commenc
ins at a roint 1190 feet north from the southeast
corner of the southwest quaiter of section six,
lownsmp two norm, range eigne east, iu nawu
county, Oregon, thence north 70 feet to a point;
thence uorth 86 degrees 34 minutes east, 280 feet
to a point in the north boundary of the right-of-way
of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company,-
now Oregon Railroad and Navigation
CompanVs right-of-way: thence. southwesterly
along saia norm oounaary oi saia ngm-ui-wuy
to the place of beginning, containing 22-1C0 acres.
Also another tract of land situated in said sec
tion six. described as follows, to-wit: com
mencing at a point in the south boundary of the
rigat-of-way of the said Oregon Railroad and
Navigation Company, which point is 1175 feet
north and 290 feet east of the southeast corner of
the southwest quarter of section six, township
two north, ranee eizht east: thence north 86 de
grees and S4 minutes east, 815 feet to a point on
tne sou in Dounuaryoi xnc saiu riKiit-ui-way ,
thence on a curve to the left with ana along the
Raid hnundarv nf said risrht-of-wav in a westerly
course to the place of beginning, containing
47-1UO acres; saia lana to oe usea ior me reloca
tion of the railway of Baid plaintiff" s across said
premises as provided by section 3241, Hill's An
notated Laws of the 8tate of Oregon. And plain
tiff will also take judgment for its cos:s aud dis
bursements in this action.
This summons Is served upon the defendants
above named by publication thereof in Thi
Dalles Chronicle by order of Hon. W. L. Brad,
shaw. Judge of the Seventh Judicial District of
the State of Oregon, made at chambers in Dalles
City. Oregon, this 25th day of September, 1897.
i . W. W. COTTON,
J. M. LONG and
sept23 ' - Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Farmers and Villagers,
FOR . ,
Fathers and Mothers,
Sons and Daughters.
All the Family.
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