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    The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
The only Republican Daily Nempapei n
Wasco County.
MARCH 2.J, 1897
EASTERN OFFICE 230 to 234 Temple
Court, N. Y. City. E. KATZ, Agent.
The decision of Judge jN'orthup of
Multnomah county and sonic of the
other countv judges, not to pay over
the state's taxes, is liable to cause
considerable discussion and perhaps
litigation. The existing conditions
show how quickly a bad example
will be followed and how prone the
mind is to palliate and condone un
lawful acts one wishes to do or has
done, by pointing to the fact that
someone else has done the same thing.
The legislature failed utterly to do
its duty! This being taken as the
basis, Judge Northup concludes that
he will utterly fail to do his. The
law requires the counties to pay over
to the state treasurer the state
taxes at a given time. Now it- is
none of the county judges' business
what the treasurer does with it, or
whether the state has i se for it or
not. That is the business of the state
treasurer, who is responsible for the
money when it is paid to him, and
whose receipts is all the counties pay
ing are entitled to. Let us see. Sup
pose the county judges should take it
upon themselves to refuse to obey the
plain mandate of the statute, and re
fuse to pay the state's proportion of
the taxes because the state had no
use for it. What would the county
judges do if the taxpayers should
take the same view of it and refuse
to pa the state portion of the tax be
cause the county had no use for it
and did not intend to pay it to the
state treasurer? Wodkl not the in
dividual taxpayer have as much
right to do this as the county judge
to refuse to pay over the state's por
tion of the money? And then, as
Judge Mays suggests, suppose after
using the state's mono' to pay county
indebtedness, a special session of the
legislature should be called and the
state should need and demand its
money. "What would be done then?
The refusal of those empowered to
make laws to abide by laws already
made was a bad example that has
borne abundant fruit. Let us hope
that the crop will not increase.
The Rev. Kay Palmer, pastor of
the Second Baptist Church, Portland,
last Sunday devoted his time to the
subject, "The Demonizing Influence of
Prize-fighting." We have no doubt
ItcY. Palmer was honest and con
scietious in his opinions, especiallj
when he comircntlcd the maul' words
of the editor of the Oregonian; but
well, there are buts and buts.
When we read Mr. Palmer's fer
vid description of the prize fight wo
could hardly repress the thought,1
"How he would have enjoye.l seeing'
it." The very scent of the battle
from afar caused his nostrils to dilate
are hidden behind it. We venture
the assertion that there is more wick
edncjs taking place in Portland in
one night, more that would make De
cency forever hide her face, than
ever occurred at or followed from all
the prize fights of all the world since
the time when iKneas, llecing from
Troy, landed to celebrate the nation
al games and pitted his cestus
equipped boxers against each other.
The Carson prize fight dumped into
the midst of Portland's "amuscmcuts"
could the latter bo seen together,
would be an island of scab in an
ocean of pus.
The Oregonian today has quite a
long article concerning the setting
apart of Memaloose island for a bur
ial ground for the Warm Spring In
dians, and telling quite a story about
Vic Trevitt and others. The story
is all right, but the Memaloose island
set apart by the secretary of the in
terior is not the famous island where
Trevitt is buried, but one east of The
Dalles near the foot of the rapids.
Dancers of the Grip.
The greatest dangers from La Grippe
is of it resulting in pneumonia. If rea
sonable care is used, however, and
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is taken,
all danger will be avoided. Among the
ten of thousands who have used this
remedy for la grippe, wo have yet to
learn of a einglo case having resulted
in pneumonia, which shows conclusively
that this remedy is a certain preventive
of that dread disease. It will affect a
oermanent cure in less time than any
other treatment. The 25 and 50 cent
sizes for sale bv Hlakelev & Houghton.
To Be
Given Away
this year in valuable
articles to smokers of
The Best
I Smokine Tobacco Made
You will find one coupon in- g
side each 2-ouncc bag, and two
coupons inside each 4-ouuco
bag. Buy a bag, read the coupon g
and sec how to get your share.
Sale of School District ISonils.
School District No. 20, in Wasco
county, Oregon, at a meeting regularly
called therefor, having voted to bond
said district in the sum of $3,000, to he
in sis bonds of $500 each, payable abso
lutely in twenty years and redeemable
at the pleasure of said district after ten
years, with interest coupons attached,
i 11 1 rtt. rmvuhltt spmi.:innii:ill v. Prin
cipal and interest payable at the office
ot the county treasurer of said county
or at such piano as may be designated
in the citv of N'mv York. sit. tlir iintinn
of the purchaser, and the rate of in
terest shall he such as may bu desig
nated in the bid which may be accepted,
not exceeding the rate of 8 per cent.
Therefori!. in nnrsimru'n nf tli law in
such cases I will receiye sealed bids for
said bonds as above described, at my
oflice in Dalles City, Oregon, up to the
hour of 2 o'clock p". ui. of the 21st day
of April, 1897, all bids to be accom
panied by certified check for 5 per cent,
of the amount of the bid, the successful
bidder to furnish blank bonds. Bids
lor less than par will not be considered.
The right is reserved to reject anv and
all bids.
Dalles City, Oregon, March 20, 1S97.
C. L. Phillips,
Treasurer Wasco Countv, Oregon. '
Old papers for sale at 10 cents per hun
dred. A largo lot ot old daily and week
ly Ciiko.vici.ks on hand, the accumula
tion of 1890. erv good for putting
under carpets, on account of uniform
CJUines and Cigars.
HOP GOLD BEER anddfnUbottles.
Anheuser-Busch Malt ISTutrine, a non-alcoholic
beverage, unequaled as a tonic.
Wasco Warehouse Company
Headquarters for Seed Grain of ail kinds.
Headquarters for Feed Grain of ail kinds.
Headquarters for Rolled Grain, ail kinds.
Headquarters for Bran, Shorts, fem
Headquarters for "Byers' Best" Pendle-
f f)Yl "FlOUr n'8 F'0,,r IH manufactured expressly for family
' use; every sack is guaranteed to givo satisfaction.
We sell our goods lower than any house in the trade, and if you don't think so
can and get our prices and be convinced.
Highest Prices Paid for Wheat. Barley and Oats.
rf o Buys a good BOYS'SUIT at C. F. Staph
L'O. ens.' Intermediate prices up to .$4.50.
Tom McCoy has opened his new barber
shop opposite the Clarendeu restaurant
on Second street. m4-lm
and ho unconsciously falls into the
language of the prize ring, as for in
stance when he expressed the regret
that they did not ''do each other up."
15ut and hero is another but Mr.
J'almer deprecated the prize fight on
account of the "spirit of gambling en
gendered." Mr. Pnlmei has evident
ly not been in Portland long. Let
him withdraw his gaze from Carson
city for a few moments. Let him
rest his gaze on North Portland,
where Phrync's caricatures hold
forth, whoro degraded women sup
porting degraded men ply their in
famous traffic publicly , where every
gambling device known is in opera
tion, where shows goon behind closed
doors that would make Thersites
blush at his own immodesty and a
Satyr long to become all animnlj
Prize fighting is not an ennobling
thing, but it is 11 poor scapegoat in.
deed to pursue into the mountains,
for it cannot bear nwny such sins as
Ladies' Cloaks.
Is all C. F. Stophons asks for a servicea
ble suit of MEN'S CLOTHING. The
best Black Diagonal for $12.00.
An elegant assortment of
18 styles just received,
a part ol which may bu
seen in show window.
Remember, all these goods are latest made, warm, serv
iceable and fashionable, and at prices never before ap
proached in The Dalles.
Just Received
Rolls of Wall Paper. The
best patterns. The most
beautiful colors.
New Invoice
of Paints and Oils. Any
color or brand supplied.
l?f Vlti 4"1TT HT 4 -T W I
' Apply Into the nostrils. It U quickly absorbed. 60
1 cents at UruugletB or by mail ; eamples 10c. by wail.
, ELY IiJiOTllKKS, CG Warren St.. New York City.
Im. comiivi,
sou: j)K.u-;u in thk dalles or
Marble Burial Vaults
A Perfect Protection rom Water and
Dampness. Preserves tho Uody by Ex
cluding the Air.
It possesses every merit claimed for
the most expensive vaults, viz: absolute
eecurity and durability, thus making a
permanent and imperishable resting
place for the dead.
This vault is mndqof six pieces of mar
bio which can bo firmly fastened to.
gethei with cement, thus making them
air and water tight.
175 Second Street
The Dalles, Oregon
Country and Alail Orders will receive prompt attention.
All Kinds Cemetery Work
Mr, Comini has on hand a large sup
ply ot first-class Marble, to be used in
Monuments, etc. Prices lower than in
"There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at its JJooa
leads on to fortune. "
Tho poet unauestionablv had roforence to the
Closing Out Sale of Furniture and Carpets
Who are selling those goods out at greatlv-reduced rates
Soipes-Kincidy Drug Co.
Letters of Credit issued availablo in the
Eastern States.
Sight Exchange and Telegraphic
Transfers sold on New York. Chicago,
St. Lonis, San Francisco, Portland Ore
gon, Seattle Wash,, and variotiB points
in Oregon and Washington.
Collections made at all points on fav
orable terms.
Choice of Transcontinental Routes
St. Patil
Kansas City
Low Rates to all Eastern Cities
OOJ3AN STKAMKKM l.euvu I'ortluni)
Kvcrv Vive Jnyw for
For full (1018115 call on O. K & Co. 8 Agent
Tho Dalleb, or mlilres
W, II. HUKUIUIIT, (Jen. Pass. Ant
1'oitlanU, Oregon
E. M'NEILL President nud Mann er
Xnw Schedule.
Train No. 1 arrives at The Dalles 4 -A5
a. m., and leaves 4:o0 a. m.
Train No. 2 arrives at The Dalles 10 :15
p. in., and leaves 10:20 n. m.
Train No. 8 arrives at Tho Dalles 11 :55
p. m., and west-bound train No. 7 leaves
at l p. m.
Train 23 and 24 will carry pr.ssengers
between Tho Dalles and Umatilla, leav-
in aiiu iwuca ui, i J,, in, duiiy anu ar
riving' at Tho Dalles 1 p. m. daily, con
nectine: with train Nos. 8 and 7 froir
Portland. E. E. Lvtlk,
A cent.
J. s. SCHE.NK,
II. 31. llIIAU,,
Fifst National Batik.
A General Banking Business transacted
MAi.AnUf, : 1 1 a , r. . .
xsojjuuiLc feuuiveu ouuject to sight
Draff rf nitoiW
Collections made and proceeds promptly
ictuiiicu ou uuv oi collection.
Sixrht liml Tele8raP,llic Exchange sold on
can i'liiuuiacu un. art-land.
D. P. Thompson.
En. M. U.MAM8, Gko. A. Likbb.
Job Printing at This Office.
Xoliee of Fiual Selfaenl.
Notion la linrnW rtltt..t n
Huh tiled, In tho oi U ,U ho C e k o t oStv
mm o tho statu of Oreo, Ffi'ffl
n-n L01' ' : b. 1 ".' .December, 1MHJ, tho
Uw23- AltaliiiTrntor.
Kntli.rt fu 1... . .. .
hus h,.,., h , 8lIcV J"!lt thoundersliined
ktato n mi 1 ii'L ili;i'nhitea tho MfcslK.lWJ oI tho
nBOtvent de u s"!1 """ h- A' Mwarlonon,
,in? ,V LV.cb'i'r1:,..A-llJ)(-''f0''s 1'iiviiiK clalmH
ire TJreto' o uui ' M " 1 Vt,rS
erly verltfe.1, . s by it7n ulreu wl h .. B;
tho Dalles, Dec. b, ism.
J'1 S DAVIS AsUEiitc.
You Get
the Profits
Of Dealers, Agents, Jobbers
and Middlemen by buying di
rect from the manufacturer.
No better wheel made than the
4cme Bicycle
Built in our own factory by
skilled workmen, using the bast
material and the most improved
machinery. Wo havo no agonta
Sold direct from factory to the
rider, fully warranted. Shipped
anywhere' for examination.
Our Interestifiig Offer
Acmo Cycle Co., Elkhart, lid.
"The Reguator Line"
The Dalles. Portland and Astoria
Navigation Co.
Until further notice, the
Steamer Regulator will leave
Tho Dalles on Mondays, Wed
nestla3's and Fridays at 7:30
a. m., and will leave Portland
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays at G:30 a. m.
One way $2 00
Kound trip 3 00
Frei Rates Greatly educed,
ShipnientH for Portland received t
any time. Shipments for way landirjgs
nuiHt be delivered before 5 p. m. Lw
stock shipments solicited. For rates call
on or uddresb
General Agent-
Window-Glass and
Picture Moulding.
bMltb. The., p Ih tupply what the M "Jgo $
AM iin.for n!r(
For Hule. .
Yearling sheep (1000 head.jeound
in prime condition, rrice 1.7fi.
drebe, J.
w-inltf KhernrB Bridge, Ore0B.