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NO 263
Weyler's Butchers Slash an
American Planter.
Banks Resume Specie Payment Wheat
. Still Goes Up on Acconnt of
Another American Maltreated by IV e y --
ler's Soldiers.
Kby West, Fia., Nov. 9. Advices re
ceived from Havana last night per
steamer Olivette give details of an out
rage on an American citizen and the
butchery of nineteen non-combatant
Cabana, including four women, by Span
ish soldiers. The massacre occnred last
Thursday near the town of San Fran
cisco de las Lavas, Havana province.
A detachment of Spanish soldiers sur
prised six insurgents, who, however,
made their escape, which angered the
Spanish and they began to -raid the
houEes in the neighborhood, alleging
that the inhabitants were in sympathy
with the rebels. They went to the sugar
estate of Frederick L. Craycroft, who
came here from Indiana about three
years ago. Some of the soldiers entered
the house, and two of them seized Mrs.
Craycroft and assaulted her. The hus
band in desperation rushed to bis wife's
aid, but was struck down by a sword in
the bands of an officer. Two terrible
gashes were made in his back and his
right arm was - nearly severed. The
Spaniards looted the house, took $860 in
cash and then raided . other bouses on
the estate. They burned eight buildings
and shot nineteen inmates, four of Whom
were women.
Graycroft, when he bad recovered suf
ficiently, wrote to Vice-Consul Springer
at Havana. It is understood that the
vice-consul cabled an account of the out
rage to Secretary Olney.
The Spanish authorities in Havana
are greatly . disturbed because several
thousand ineurgents from Gomez' army
have : entered Matanzas province. So
serious does Weyler consider the situa
tion that he has withdrawn 6,000. troops
from Pinar del Bio and despatched them
into Matanzas to stay the advance.
Daring the siege and subsequent cap
ture of Guayamara City by the insur
gents, the Spaniards lost 260 killed and
wounded. Three hundred and seventy
Spaniards surrendered to Garcia, com
manding the besieging force. Garcia
sent word to General Castellanos that
they would be exchanged for Cubans
held by'the Spaniards.
Banks Feel the Effect of Restored
New York, Nov. 9. The banks are
contemplating the resumption of specie
payments which they suspended in Feb
ruary, 1892, by refusing to supply gold
for export and for payment of govern
ment dues. That action threw the bur
den of supplying gold upon the treasury,
and eventually forced the Issue of
bonds by the government, which aroused
so much complaint. Since the ejection
the metal has been coming into the
banks in such a flood that they see their
way clear to what can be termed a re
sumption of specie payments. By this
action of the banks gold will be put into
circulation, and no occasion whatever
will exist for boarding it. They will
also resume the task of supplying gold
for export and thus relieve the treasury
of a great strain.
Table boarders in private family,
borne cooking. Charges, $16 per month.
Schilling's Best 'tea gro
cer gives your money back
if you don't like it.
It's one thing to say
money back, ' and another
thing to do money back.
We say it, and your gro
cer does it; and we pay him.
A Schilling & Company ' , . . '
Saa Francisco ' 400
Absolutely Pure-
A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of
all In leavening strength. Latest United States
Government Food Report.
Royal Baking Powdee Co.. New York
Merchants Will Convene.
Chicago, Nov. 9. Large numbers of
merchants throughout the Western and
Southern states have signified their in
tention of attending the meetings of the
National Association of Merchants and
Travelers in Chicago this week, and the
event promises to be of national import
ance. The merchants are eager at this
particular time to hear the views of Ly
man J. Gage, who has announced bis in
tention to speak on the banking situa
tion. Scarcely less in importance to the
subject to be bandied by Mr. Gage is the
address to be delivered by J. V. Farwell,
jr., on the mercantile situation.
As the 50,000 retail and wholesale mer
chants comprising the association are
located in the states where the money
question was the paramount one in the
recent campaign, the merchants are de
sirous of hearing the financial views ' of
one who is able to discuss it intelligently.
The merchants who will comprise the
largest attendance at this, the second
meeting of the the association, are chief
ly from the dry goods, clothing, boot and
shoe, hardware and grocery branches.
More than the usual amount of late
season buying ' will be done by this
week's visitors, if their letters to Secre
tary Tomlinson are any indication.
Nearly all of them - add the facts that
they have been running on light stocks,
and must therefore do same buying, to
the otber reasons for their coming to the
city at this time.
The present officers of the association
are: ' General chairman, A. C. Bartlett;
vice-general chairman, J. V. Farwell;
general. treaburer, Adolph Nathan ; gen
eral secretary, C. S. Tomlinson.
The Wheat Crop Deficiency.
London, Nov. 9, The Mark Lane Ex
press, in a long article on the crop, says :
" The deficiency in India is now known
to be very serious, but it is not likely
that any large wheat imports will occur.
Although prices only range from 26a to
36s per quarter, the extreme poverty of
the Indian populace renders anything
over' 308 almost prohibitive, and 15s
to 25s is the usual range. Owing to
the failure in India and Australia a defi
ciency of 2,033,500 quarters has. created
in Great Britain, the iisual sirpply of
which must be made up: from other
sources, and is a change in the situation,
which itself is suffcient to uphold eccen
tricities. '"The quanties of wheat on passage to
the United Kingdom November 7 were
2,045,000 quarters, of which Russian
wheat amounts to 400,000 quarters
North American 300,000, South .. Ameri
can 100,000 Californian 1,220,000, and
eleewbere 25,000."
Wheat la London.
, London, Nov. 9. Business at the Bal
tic in wheat opened steady and quieter.
On MaTk Lane wheat was firmly held at
about Is $d .higher than on Friday . i
Business at the Baltic closed very
quiet, but holders adhered to opening
prices. ; i - - ' . . ,
No more BOILS, no more PIMPLES
Use Kinersly's Iron Tonic. The Snipes
Kinerely Drag Co. Telephone No. 3.
Clark, the East End jeweler, makes a
specialty!' fine watch- repairing. Call
and see him.
i -' '
" The Wasco- Warehouse Co. begs leav
to inform Farmers that they have STOR
AGE,. ROOM for. 200,000 SACKS of
WHEAT and any ,one wishing to store
their wheat and bold for .later' market
can do so on usual terms'. Also, thev
for'Wheat, Oats, Rye and Barley.
British Bark Zlnta Goes Ashore Near
Gray's Harbor.
Aberdeen, Wssh., Nov. 9. The Brit
ish bark' Zinita of Greenock, an iron
vessel of 1525 tons, went ashore on North
beach' this afternoon, about five miles
north of the entrance to Gray'e harbor,
and close to where the bark Abercorn
was wrecked a few years ago. The ves
sel was forty days out from Nagasaki,
Japan, to Portland, Or., in ballast to
load wheat, and first sighted - land on
Sunday morning about 9 o'clock, she
being then about five miles off the coast,
and abreast of Quinault river. The
heavy current that sets in along the
coast, and a heavy southwest gale,
made it Impossible for her to stand out
to sea, and at 1 o'clock she was forced to
let go both anchors. They failed to
hold her, and she gradually drifted
ashore, being in a similar position to
the Glenmorag, wrecked north of the
The crew consisted of 27 men under
command of James Fraser, and all are
safe ashore. One sailor named McNamee
received a ecalp wound from being struck
on the head by a stanchion, which broke
loose as the vessel rolled in the heavy
breakers, he being the only one in the
crew that was injured. The vessel
was first sighted by Mr. Damon, of Oye
hut, who, noticing the signal of ditsress,
dispatched bis eldest boy to Hoquiam,
12 miles distant, for tugs, and telegrams
were at once sent to Wesport to the tug
Traveler, and to South Bend for tugs,
and for the life-saving crew, but before
the tugs could arrive.'the vessel was too
far in shore to receive any help, and the
crew was all ashore, having experienced
no trouble in launching a boat on the lee
side of the vessel and reaching the friend
ly assistance of the hospitable people
who dwell along that shore; MqNamee,
the injured sailor, was" brought to the
hospital at Hoquim, Captain Fraser and
the balance of the crew remaining at
Oyehut to look after the vessel. The
captain says that he is confident that he
can save the vessel with but little if any
damage, and the condition of the ship at
this time would seem to warrant his
statement, as she stood the heavy pound
ings received In the breakers without
any perceptible damage, not even spring
ing a rivet, and she now stands at low
ti1e boldly oat, as though in her usual
element, instead of in the golden sands
ot a strange coast.
Norember Record Broken.
Chicago, Nov. 9. Wheat broke the
record for November this morning by
selling at 804c for December, 2 cents
advance over Saturday's close. The ad
vance was not attended by great excite
ment. Few open orders to take profit
on long stuff at even .figures brought
only a temporary setback. Outside
markets were" particularly strong: The
visible increase . was only 1,243,000
The threatened crop damage in Argen
tina,' doleful rumors of unsatisfactory
fall seeding in Russia and France and
large seaboard clearances -were the chief
factors which contributed to the success
of the bulls. Corn, oats ' and provisions
participated in the advance proportion
ately. Executor's Notice of Final Account
Notice Is hereby given that George A. Llebe,
executor of the estate of Richard a. Closter, de
ceased, bas filed tbe final accounting of the es
tate of Richard G. Closter, deceased, with the
guardianship estate of Albert Lehman, an iw
sane person, of the peison and estate of which
said Albert Lehman, an Insane perron, the said
Richard G Closter, deceased, was at the time of
his death tbe duly appointed, qualified and act
ing guardian, with the clerk of tbe County
Court ot the State of Oregon for Wasco. County,
and that said -court has appointed 10 o'clock a.
m. of Monday, November 2, 1896, being tbe first
day of the regular November term of said court,
for the yea 1896, at the county courthouse in
Dalles City, Oregon, as the time and place for
the hearing of said final accounting and objec
tions thereto if any tht re be-: - - -
This . notice - is published by order of : said
County Court, entered October 2d, 1896.
. . GEORGE A. LLEBE. Executor.
Comdon A Condom, Attorneys for Executor.
Administrators'. Notice.
Notice is hereby given that tbe undersigned
have been du y appointed by the Coauty Court
of the State of Oregon- for Wasco eounty. admin
istrators with the will annexed of the estate of
Perry -Watkins, deceased. .All. persons having
claims against said, estate are hereby required
to present the same, duly verified, to said ad
ministrators at the office of C. E. Bayard in
Dalles city in said county and State, within six
inon tin. from 'he date hereof, and all persons in
debted toaid estate are bereby notified to make
imnit diafe settlement with the administrators. "
Dalles City, Oregon, Bept. 14, 1896.
i Administrators with tbe will annexed of th
estate of Ferry WatkJns, deceased, i sepl6-
. ' . " '. .
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Watery Blisters
Turning: To Complete Sore
Family Doctor Could not
Heal Without Loss of Hair.
Economical and Speedy Cora by
Now no Trace of Disease.
Hair Thick, Child Fat, Good, and
When four days old my babe broke out over
one sido of his bead and body with watery
blisters, which turned to a complete scab.
We called the family doctor, and ho said that
" be could heal them up," but " the baby
would never have any more hair on bis head,1'
and we were completely discouraged. We
were told to try CunouitA Remedies and
did so. We used two boxes of Cuticuka. two
cakes of Cuticcb Soap, and he now is all
right. The hair is on thick, and yon would
never think there was anything the matter
with him, he is so fat, gooil, ana hearty, and
I do not know how to praise Cuticoh Kkh
edies enough for the good thev did my child.
Mas. WM. H. SCOTT, "Luzerne, l"a.
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most wonderful cures of torturing and dis
figuring skin and scalp diseases of iufants
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stant relief, permit rest and sleep, and point
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Bpetot Cotie Treatment. V.'nrm baths
with CtrricunA Soap, gentle application of
Cutxcttra (ointment), and mild doses of Coti
cura Rbsolvzht (blood purifier.
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