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    VOL. IX
NO 260
Are About Settled---Ken-tucky
Still in Doubt.
John Sherman, liourko CocKran and
, Others Comment on Kcsults of
' ' the Election.
Result in Kentucky.
Looisyille, Nov. 4. The eituation in
Kentucky ia materially changed by the
receipt of late and complete returns
from out in the state, which indicate the
result ia in doubt, with a slight chance
in favor of a Democratic victory. At
Republican headquarters, it -is still
claimed the state has gone for McKin
lsy, and Chairman Roberts' latest esti
mate is a majority of 2,000. Tonight,
the state is claimed by the Republicans,
but eay that the state has gone in their
favor by a safe majority. They charge
that the-reports have been delayed pur
posely, and that the late returns show
beyond all doubt that the state has gone
for Bryan. Tonight, the streets are
crowded with silverites, who are yelling
the name of their candidate.
' The following statement was issued at
midnight by Chairman Roberts, of the
state Republican executive committee:
"The Republican state ' committee
claims Kentucky by 1,000. It wired its
county chairman .today for complete
corrected figures by counties, aud re
ceived returns from all but five counties
in the mountain section.
Konrlce Cock ran' statement.
New York, Nov. 5. Bourke Cock ran
said last night in regard to the result: '
"This was not a political contest in
the ordinary meaning of the term. It
was an insurrection againet the under
lying principles of civilization, and I be
lieve it is without a parallel in the his
tory of the world. I have no opinion to
express as to the future of the Democrat
ic party. It has no future which it can
determine for itself. This election, in
my opinion, was not an explanation of
the people as to what Bhould be done
during the next four years,' but as to
what should not be don9. I do not re
gard it is a verdict ia favor of any spe
cific policy. It was a verdict against de
basement of the currency, against the
destruction of the supreme court as an
independent tribunal, and against the
, nullification or abridgement of the presi
dent's power to enforce' the law. In
fine, it was a verdict that the funda
mental conditions of civilized society
should not be disturbed in this coun iy
"The final outcome of yesterday's
election no man can now predict, except
to say that the political issues of the
future depend entirely upon the char
acter of Mr. McKinley'a administra
John Sherman's Views.
Mansfield, O., Nov.- 5. John-Sher
man gave out the following signed state
ment :
"I sincerely hope that the election
will settle forever a question that in my
opinion threatened the honor and good
faith of the United States more than
any other since tbe close of the civil war.
Confidently assuming as I do the elec
tion of McKinley, I hope the Dreeent
gold standard will be maintained, with
tbe largest use of silver that can be
maintained at a parity with gold. This
settled, we ought promptly to make
such changes in onr tariff and revenue
laws a? will yield a sufficient supply of
. money to meet current expenses of the
The present state of the
tea-trade can't continue.
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Bow Bryan Took Defeat.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 5. "Tbe fight
has just commenced."
Thus spcke William J. Bryan tonight
when asked if he considered the result
the election bad been a serious blow, to
tbe cause of bimetalism. He had just
sent a message to Major McKinley con
ceding his election and tendering his
Mr. Bryan surrendered at 8:20 o'clock.
He bad just received the signal, and re
sponded within the next 10 . minutes
with a telegram to his successful rival.
This signal was a brief message from
Senator Jones, informing him that he
did not consider it wise to longer with
hold the concession of McKinley 's .elec
tion. This message was received by Mr.
Bryan a few minutes after he had re
turned from an evening B troll, and in
the preeence of a dozen callers gathered
in the parlor and reading-room of their
unpretentious home. The receipt of tbe
telegram created no scene whatever, and
one unaquainted with - tbe facts would
never have suspected from the surface
indications the importance of the occa
sion, or that the chief actor in the drama
had more than a passing interest in it.
He banded the telegram to Mrs. Bryan,
who was etanding near him, and, with
out a word except to explain the pur
port of the message, sat down at his
deek and penned the following telegram :
"Lincoln, Nov. 5. Hon. Wiiliam
McKinley, jr., Canton: Senator Jones
has just informed me that the returns
indicate your election, and I hasten to
txtend my congratulations. We . have
submitted the issue to tbe people, and
their will is law, "W. J. Bbyan"
This message was first submitted to
Mrs. Bryan, and then, after being
amended In some slight particular so as
to conform to suggestions made by her,
was given to the press.
While writing the message, and after
it was completed, Mr. Bryan chatted
pleasantly with the newspaper corre
spondents who surrounded bim, indi
cating by his manner that he felt re
lieved to have the matter definitely de
termined, even though tbe result was
against bim. He also showed very
plainly that Senator Jones message was
no surprise to him, as it indeed was not ;
for, as those who have been in his con
fidence knew,- be had considered tbe
battle as practically lost ever since the
first eight after election. He has, how
ever, felt that it would be both discour
teous and unwise to give out any inti
mation to this effect until the national
committee had spoken.
Thorny JPath to Thread.
Helena, Mont.,' Nov. 5. In discuss
ing the result of the election, Senator
Carter last night said :
"The election of McKinley bids tbe
American people to renew hope in tbe
future. That the newly elected presi
dent will justify the expectations of the
people, no one can question. It must be
understood, however, that his path is
liable to beset . with difficulties. It is
obvious that the senate, will be very
close on the subject of tariff legislation.
The very large vote caBt for Bryan, will,
I am sure, admonish those in the min
ority of tbe necessity . for prompt and
vigorous efforis in the.direction of secur
ing results on the coinage question in
accordance with the platform. .
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Executor's Notice.
Notice la heieby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the County Court of
the state of Oregon for VVatco County executor
of the last will and tet-tament of James Mc
Gahan, deceased. All persons haying claims
against the estnte of said deceased are hereby
notified to present the same to me at my office
in Dalles CUT, Oregon, with the proper vouchers
therefor, within six months from the date
Dated August 5, 1896.
aueS-5t-ii . K. F. GIBONS, Executor.
Administratrix' Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
has been appointed administratrix of the estate
of George W. Turner, deceased, and has duly
qualified as such. All persons having claims
against said estate are therefore notified to pre
sent the same to her, with proper vouchers,
witbin six months from the date hereof at the
office of the County Clerk of Wasco county, Ore
gon, or at the office ot her attorney, W. Y. Mas
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Administratrix of the estate of Geo. W. Turner,
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Dated October 2, 1896.
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Assignee's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that on October 20,
1896, v. G. Hickok of Cascade Locks, Oregon ,
made a general assignment to me for the benefit
of all his creditors in proportion to the amount
of their respective claims, of all his property.
All persons having claims against said C. G.
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me at Cascade lxcks, Oregon, with the proper
vouchers therefor, witbin three months irom
this date. - , .
Dated Oct 21, 1896.
J. O. DAY, Jr,
oct24-5t-ii : Assignee of C. G. Hickok.
Administrators' Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the nndersiened
have been du'y appointed by the County Court
of the State of Oregon for Wasco county, "admin
istrators with the will annexed of the estate of
Perry Watkins, deceased. All p. rsons having
claims against said estate are hereby require!
to present the same, duly verified, to mid ad
ministrators at the office of C. K. Bayard in
Dalles City in Bald county a d State, within six
monthB from 'he date hereof, aud all persons in
debted to said estate are hereby notified to make
immediate settlement with the administra'ois.
. Dalles City, Oregon, Sept. 14, 1.896.
Administrators with the will annexed of th
estate of Perry Watkins, deceased. . hep 16-
Notice to Taxpayers.
The County Board of Equalization will met
in the assessor's oihC4 on Monday, October 5th,
and continue in session (ne week, for tbe pur
pose of equalizing tbe assessment of Wasco
eonnty for 1896. All taxpayers who have not
been interviewed by the assessor will please call
at the office on Thursdays, Fridays aud Satur
days, as all propertv must he assessed.
Sept 13-11 County Assessor.
Administrator's Sale.
Notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of an
order made and eutered in the County Court of
tbe State of Oregon for Waseo c unty, in the
matterof the estate of Phoebe M. Dunham, de
ceased, directing me to sell the real propert
belonging to said estate to satisiy the un aid
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Assignee's Notice.
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respective creditors in proportion to tbe amounts
of their respective claims. All persons having
claims against said assignors or either of them
are hereby notified to present their claims un
der oath to me at the office of Huntington &
Wilson, The Dal es, Oregon, within three months
from the date of this notice.
Dated August 24, 1896. J. O. MACK,
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In the County Court of the State of Oregon fo
Wasco County:
In the matter of tho guardianship of Alice Al-
mira Udell and William Edward Udell (alias
William Edwatd Austin), Minors.
Now on this 26th day of September, 1896, the
regular September term of Court having
been adjourned and continued to this
date, aud the Court being in regular
session, this cause came 011 for hearing
npon the verified petition and application of
George Udell, guradiau of the persnns nd es
ta e- of Alice Almira Udell and William Edward
Udell (alias Willi' m Edward Austin), and the
court having read said petition and it appearing
to the sat-sfactiun of the court from said peti
tion that it is necessary aud would be beneficial
to said wards that the real estate belonging to
sad wards should be sold, and the court being
fullv ad viced:
Tbereuion It is hereby ordered that tbe next
of kin of said wards, and all persons interested
in said estate of said wards, appear before this
court 011 Monday, the 2d day of November, 1896,
at the hour of 2 o clock p. m., at the county
e urtroom in the courthouse in Dalles City, in
Wasco County, Oregon, to show cause, if any
exists, whv a license shou d not be granted to
said guaidian, George Udell, for the sale of real
estate belonging to said wards to wit: The
southeast quarter of Section 30, Township 1
North, Kange 10 East, situated in Wasco County,
State of Oregon.
It is further ordered that this order shall be
served upon the next oi kin of aid wards and
all persons interested in said estate by publica
tion thereof In Dalies Chronicle, a newspaper
of ge eral circulation in this county, for three
successive weeks, beginning on the 3d day of
October, 1896.
3oct-ii B.OBT. MAYS, Judge.
Ia the County Court of the State of Oregon, for
the County of Wasco.
In the matter of the estate of Mary M. Gordon,
deceased. Citation.
To Mary Gibson, Susie E. Bickford, Maggie A.
Gordon, K te J. Stogsdill, Georee B. iiordon,
Williams Gordon, ln-irs at law of saiddece-sed,
ai d ai 1 other heirs at law and next of kin of
said deceased, known or unknown, greeting:
' In the name of tbe State of Oregon, You are
hereby cited and required to appear in the
County Court of tbe Srate of Oregon, for the
County of Wasco at the Court Room thereof, at
Dalies City, in the County of Wasco on Monday,
the second day of November, 1896, at two o'clock
in the afternoon of tnat day, theu and there to
appear and show cause, if any there be, why an
order should not be made, directing the admin
istrator ot the estate of Mary M. Gordon, de
ceased, to fell the real estate belonging to said
estate, described in his petition, aud described
as follows, to-wit: Tbe South-west quarter of
Section Thirty-two (32) in Township Four (4)
South of Range Thirteen (13) East of the Will
amette Meridian, in Wasco County, Oregon, for
the purpose of satisfying the debts aud claims
against said estate.
Witness, the Hon. Robert Mays, Judge of the
County Court ot the State o Oregon, for
SBAL the County of Wasco with the Seal of
said Court affixed this first dy of Octo
ber, A. D., 1896.
Attest: a. M. KELSAY, Clerk.
By Simeon Bolton, Deputy.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
has been dulv appointed by the county court of
the State of Oregon for Wasco County, adminis
trator of the estate of W. H. Lochh'ad, deceased.
All persons having claims against taid estate
are hereby required to present the same to me
propertv verified, as by law required, at the
Wasco Warehouse, Dalles City, Oregon, within
six months from da e hereof. .
Dated this 30th day of Oct.. ber, 1896.
Administrator of the estate of W. H. Loon head,
deceased. oct30-ii