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For Fall and Winter.
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The Dalles.
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The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
Weather Forecast.
Portland. Sept. 22, 1896.
Fob Eastern Orkoon Tonight and tomor
row fair and stationary.
Pague. Observer.
SEPT. 22, 1896
Random Observation and Local Events
of Lesser Magnitude.
Heppner is to have a ladies McKinley
The McKinley clab has almost reached
the 400 murk.
A great number of wheat teams came
in trday from Sherman county.
Mr. Ieenberg of Hood River will ad
drees the' McKinley Club of 8-Mile on
Saturday evening, Sept. 26th. Every
body invited. -
The force at Herrick's cannery has
been reduced- to about sixteen, the sal
mon run having become lighter in .the
past few days.
The mining boom near Stevenson has
fallen through. Even the tuneful lyre
of Sullivan, "the wild Irishman," has
quit the business.
Mr. W. A. Kirby, the Third street
grocery man, kindly remembered The
Chronicle force yesterday with a lus
cious watermelon.
There are a number of cows in town
which are erroneously of the belief that
The Dalles is yet the meadow of the old
Laughlin homestead. .
Remember the political speaking
Thursday night at the court house by
Hon. H. W. Craven of Seattle and Hon.
H. L. Wilson of Seattle.
Horace Campbell, chief engineer of
the D. P. & A. N. Co. was up yesterday
taking measurements for a new steering
gear, which is soon to be attached to the
Mr. F. F. Foster, a veteran river man,
brought up 2000 ties on her scow, which
he is unloading at the old O. R. & N.
incline, having constructed a gangway
and using a horse and cable.
Mrs. Mattie Brown, who made a com
plaint against ber husband in this city
a few weeks ago for non-support, is in
Portland soliciting aid from the public
to on to New Haven. Conn. : also for her
meals and lodging.
An accident was narrowly averted tbe
other night between a bicyclist and a
farmer's wagon, which approached the
same corner from different directions at
- a. high rate of speed.. As it was the
rider was thrown from his wheel in an
effort to save himself and tbe wheel was
slightly injured. - '.;
Mr. Winans' ledge of building stone
is but twelve miles from the town of
Hood River, instead of twenty-five, as
stated the other day in The Chbonicxx
He has surveyed a practicable route for
a narrow guage railway to it, and some
time in the futuie it will be a valuable
addition to tbe resources of Wasco
county. . -
Mr. Henry L. Wilson of Spokane, who
will epeak at the courthouse Thnreday
evening, is a brother of Senator John L.
Wilson of Washington, and has a repu
tation for being one of tbe best all-around
political organizers of that state. The
Oregonian today contains an interview
with him a column in length, which we
would be glad to publish if space per
mitted. He talks very encouragingly of
the situation.
News comes from Butter creek that a
vine is again springing up that has
caused considerable trouble at different
times. It is said the seed comes with
the alfalfa seed, which has been pro
cured from Salt Lake. The peculiarity
of the weed is that when above the
ground it will leave the root and cling to
any vegetation that' may be near, from
whith it draws its sustenance.
Geo. Watson was relieved of the ac
cusation against him and tbe charge1 of
obtaining money under false pretenses
by being declared insane at tbe court
house today, Dr. Kane conducting tbe
examination. . Watson is a reputable
citizen 60 years of age, and a property
holder of considerable amount. So far
known he has always previously
borne a good character.
Last night, at the residence of Mr.
L. Young, a permanent musical club
was organized by the members of Fern
Lodge, D. of H. This organization will
be known as the "Werlin Glee Club.""
The name is in honor of E. Werlin, G.
M. W. of Oregon, who' united with Fern
Lodge, D. of H., while visiting in our
city last -week. The club will meet every
week 'and will be an attraction to the
lodge. Mr. J. C. Crandall will be mu
sical director. . v
It is reported that most of the able-
bodied population of Umatilla these
days is engaged in the search for Indian
arrowheads, such as adorn the primeval
implements of warfare and were "tipped
with flint and with feather," says the
Grant County News. The recent sand
blizzard which swept along tbe shores of
the Columbia has uncovered many of
these arrowheads, and they are supposed
to be especially numerous on the site of
the old Indian battlefield near Umatilla.
In fact, this is about the only place
where the relic-hunter considers it
profitable to turn his attention. Many
arrowheads have been picked up in this
locality. They are made of flint and are
of various designs and structure.
Little Emma Nelson's Find.
Mr. John Short came up from the Su
sanville country last night, says the
Milton Eagle, and relates that a short
time ago little Euiuia Nelson picked up
a small piece of quartz while at play on
the hillside above her parents' house.
The little tot carried her find to her
mamma and sagely remarked that she
believed it contained gold. Her mamma
laughed at her and thought nothing
more of the matter until evening, when
the father returned home, and Emma
lugged forth her find and exhibited it to
him. .His, experienced eye quickly
caught indications of the precious metal,
and securing a hammer to crush the
quartz, be found on closer examination
that a solid bar of gold extended through
the entire piece. Mr. Nelson separated
the gold from the quartz and cleaned
up $75. .
The result of little Emma's find will
be invested in a secure place at interest
on til she is of age, when tbe principal
and accruing interest will be given her.
The child mentioned above is the same
who was lost for a whole week last July,
in the mountains back of Susanville, of
which village her father "is postmaster,
and was found several miles from home
tired and hungry, but uninjured. She
was evidently born under a lucky star.
Locks Complete November 15th. '
terday, United States Attorney Murphy
' The Freight Wreck.
Colonel J. G. Day says work on the
new lock in the canal at the Cascades is
progressing satisfactorily. : The south
wall is completed, and' the north wall
will be finished within the time speci
fied, and the locks will doubtless be
opened by' November 15th. Last Sun
day the steamer Sadie B., which bad
come down through the locks, and on to
this city, returned to the Cascades and
entered the lower lock. On her way up-,
in passing around Sheridan point, just
below the locks, she ran on a rock,
which, owing; to the river having fallen
three feet since she passed down, was
too near the surface. ' She had impetus
enough . to drive her over the rock, but
plunged ber nose well under as she
cleared it. Colonel -Dav says be will
have anti-friction rollers put on her bot
tom before be comes down again. Oregonian,
Real Estate Transfers. 1
True Worth Xs In Being, Not Seeming.
Many odd jokes can be adapted to the
present political situation, as for exam
ple: ..'.-
Mr. Goldman If you call a dog's tail
a leg how many legs has the dog?
Mr. Silverman Five.
- Mr. Goldman Wrong. '
, Mr. Silverman How so?
Mr. Goldman Because calling a dog's
tail a leg doesn't make it a leg. -
- (Exit Mr. Silverman scratching that
soft part of his head in which had
lodged the absurd notion that calling
fifty-three cents worth of silver a dollar
would make it a dollar.)
. Ripe tomatoes for eatsnp ,v entsper
pound at Dalles Commission Co. sl4-2w
The wreck .which occurred the other
day near Grants came near proving the
last of Joseph Earhart, or "Bull Run
Joe," as he is familiarly called by train
men. He escaped death it would seem
by a miracle. He was hardly aware of
the danger until he was thrown in some
unaccountable way to the tank of the
engine, which sloughing around,cast him
in front of a freight car. The freight car
ploughed its way through the sand, roll
ing him along in front of it and almost
burying him. Four cars followed and
piled up on top of him, jje was pulled
out of a space so small that" seemed im
possible a much smaller inaa than Joe
could occupy. ' Though' he sustained
some severe bruises, about the face and
body, he fortunately came out with
no broken bones and no serious injury.
Our informant was wrong the other day
in stating this was Earbart's first intro
duction to a railway ' accident, as this
makes the third for him. The fireman
escaped by jumping. The cause of the
wreck was an accumulation of sand on
the track.
Mrs. Poormau's Missionary Work.
Mrs. Martha Poorman is the name ofv
a highly respected old lady who for
years has baen doing as much good for
the prohibition cause as it is possible for
her to accomplish. She never tires "of
her missionary work, which she.' propo-
gates in her own way. This is" by dis
tributing small tracts, containing brief
articles of her own composition, which
she has caused to be printed in the city.
She has distributed thousands of theee
in tbe past several years. The one
moat familiar is the one upon tobacco,
whicb she gives to everyone she observes
smoking a pipe or chewing tobacco.
Since the campaign has opened she has
attached to this one with flour paste
made of cold water a tract of similar
sire, urging the recipient to "come out
of the old parties to the Lord's side, and
vote only for good pure men. who will
make and enforce good laws." The per
sistence of the old lady in the cause of
ber adoption entitles her to great re
spect,' which she undoubtedly receives.
Geo A Lindsay to W E Newcomb, par
eel of land in sec 34, tp 3 n r 10 e ; $900.
Mary A McHaley and A J McHaley
to W J, Harnman, sw qr ne qr, w bt se
qr e hf sw qr w hf sw qr sec 16, nw qr
sec 21, tp 1 s r 13 e ; $4000.
Deborah A Vroman- to Chas A Cra
mer, w hf" sw qrr se qr aw qr, sec 18, tp
2 n r 12 e ; $1 and other good and valua
ble considerations.' - , '
M H and L F Burdoin to M E Hard
wick, lot H blk 2, Ft Dalles Mil. Reserve ;
$250. " "-
, Sheepmen Oe Free,,
The criminal suits brought " by the
United States against Messrs Brogan,
Stewart, King and Gabel, for trespass
ing on thtprCascade reserve by driving
and pasturing sheep there, were dis
missed in the United Stntes.'Coart yes-
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
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Rolled Barley, Whole Barley,
Oats, Rye, Bran, Shorts,
Or anything n the Feed Line, go'to the
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Agents for the celebrated WAISTBURG "PEFRLESS" FLOUR.
Highest cash price paid for WHEAT. OATS and BARLEY.
Sucees8or to Chriaman St Corson.
Again in business at the old Btasd. I would be pleased to
see all my former patrons. Free delivery to any part of town.
School Books
Jacobson Book & Music Co.
No. 174 Second Street, ..
ITe-w Vogt Block, . .The Dalles, Oregon.
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