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NO 211
Senator Carter Wants to Get
in Oat of the Wet.
Will Support McKinley and Hobtrt,
and Arifllei the Montana Repub
licans to Xo tUe Same.
Helena, Mont., Sept. 8. United
States Senator Carter," who is in the
East and cannot attend, has written a
letter to the Republican state conven
tion, which meets tomorrow, explaining
the action of himself and the four other
members of the Montana delegation to
the St. Louis convention in reserving
the right of the Republicans of the state
to accept or reject the declaration in
favor of the restoration of silver by in
ternational agreement. He says :
"As a Republican, I believe in the
free coinage of silver and protection to
American labor and American industry.
I do not believe in free coinage coupled
with free trade, and do not believe that
free coinage with free trade can be suc
cessfully established and maintained by
our government. The free trade policy
will render the establishment of bimet
aliBra an utter impossibility. The at
tempt to secure free coinage in conjunc
tion with free trade is an Utopian dream.
After looking the whole situation over,
it will be found that the Republican
party has not declared in favor of the
gold standard, but in favor of the resto
ration of silver. . I find in this particu
lar that it differs from the opposition
platform, in the matter of method. I
believe the Republican party, in this
behalf, too conservative, but as between
the acceptance of the Republican plat
form with its conservative expression on
this subject and the acceptance of the
Chicago platform with its free trade,
states rights, free riot and other objec
tionable features, I find no room to hes
itate. I believe it is the clea and un
questionable duty of the delegates who
assemble under and in conformity with
the forms and usages of the Republicans
of this state, and a9 delegates represent
ative of other people who reside here, to
place in the field electors favorable to
McKinley and Hobart.
"The party in Montana should, iu my
opinion, indorse the entire national
platform, except as to the feature de
claring international conditions prece
dent to the remonetization of silver.
For that declaration this convention
should substitute a declaration for the
free coinage of gold and silver in the same
manner as our state conventions have
heretofore declared."
The Election in Arkansas.
Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 8. Returns
of the election in this state continue to
come in, but very few official counts
have yet been made, 'and fully 10 days
. will elapse before complete returns are
in. Last night estimate of 50,000 to 60
000 Democratic minority will undoubted
ly be verified, with a possible increase
of 5000 to 10,000. From all counties the
report comes of a fair and square vote
and an open count of the ballot is 'now
going on. The Democratic ticket was
elected by twice the majority ever before
polled in the Btate. It is a noteworthy
fact that at least 5000 Populists deserted
Files and voted for Jones, as did a large
number of colored voters of Woodson
and Jackson counties. The fusion ticket
of the Republicans and Populists carried
the legislative and several county offices
in the Northwest, but no report' has
been received np to this hour of any
county having gone for either of these
parties. - -
X.oser Must Lesn the Country, Never
to Ketnrn.
Wilwaukee, Sept. 8. Thefe is an
election bet standing here which for
originality lays over anything which has
been made thus far. Fred W. Burke
and Albert Donaldson are the parties to
the wager. The former agreed to leave
this country forever on or before Jan
nary 1, 1897, it William McKinley is
elected preeident, and the latter will do
the country a like service if W. J. Bryan
is eWtei. , They drew np a contract to
this effect which they had formally at
tested by a notary.
Absolutely Pure
A cream of tartar baklne powder. Hichest of
all In leavening strength. Latest United States
Government ooa JCeport.
Sail For New York Upon
Marseilles, Sept. 8. M. Bonnand,
chief of police, informs me that the Ar
menians under detention here will be
liberated and will go to New York. . M.
Hanotaux, minister of foreign affairs,
has ordered that another batch of Ar
menians expected to arrive today should
be given their full liberty. They ar
rived on board the Sider. They refused
to speak about the massacre in Constan
tinople for fear of exciting the anger, of
the Tnrks against their companions, but
they bitterly denounced England's con
dnct in promising protection and then
abandoning the Armenians to Turkish
Bryan Is Home Again.
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 8. The second
home-coming of Bryan, after his nomi
nation, was marked with enthusiasm.
There were about 5,000 people at tho
depot with two bands. Prominent citi
zens escorted Bryan to a carriage. Cheer
after cheer went np, and the bands ad
ded to the din. Two silver clubs and
citizens in carriages beaded by bands
formed a procession which escorted
Bryan from the Burlington depot to his
home. An immense crowd bad gathered
and some time elapsed before the candi
date could get inside the house on
account of the delay occasioned by hand
shaking. This'afternoon Bryan will address the
citizens from a platform erected at the
statehouse square. This evening he will
be notified of his nomination by the
silver party.
Senator Burrows In Missouri.
St. Louis, Sept. 8. Senator Burrows
spoke for two hours last night to 5000
voters at the exposition building. His
speech was confined for the most part
to a discussion of the money question
from a Republican standpoint. The
audience honored him with the closest
attention and applauded at frequent
Congressman Charles Joy presided at
the meeting.
Hogg- In Missouri.
St. Louis, Sept. 8. Ex-Governor
Hogg, of Texas, addressed .200 Demo
crats at Urig's cave last night. His re
marks were confined to the money ques
tion, the free and unlimited 'coinage of
silver. The governor closed by predict
ing that New York would give Bryan
and Sewall a large majority, and Bryan's
election was assured. .
. Befagees to Be Protected.
Constantinople, Sept. 8. The sultan
has appointed a commission to deal with
the Armenian refugees. It is proposed
to furnish safe conducts to those deeir
ing to leave, and insuro the, safety of
those remaining. Dragomans of differ
ent embassies are attending the meet
ings of the commission. '
Money! Money t Money 1
To pay Wasco connty warrants regis
tered prior to July 3, 1892. Interest
ceases after May 15, 1896.
C L. Phillips,
myl8-tf , County Treas.
"or Bent.
A suite of rooms, nicely furnished,
suitable for two students, centrally lo
cated below the bluff. For particulars
inquire at The Dalles Commission Co.'s
store. aug31-lm
:" s -
For Sale or Trade.
For good sheep, a well-improved 30-
acre farm in Southern California. For
particulars apply at this office. s7-2w
To Notify Bryan.
St. Louis, Sept." 8. M. F. Dowd, na
tional committeeman for Missouri of the
silver party, left St. Louis last evening
for Lincoln, Neb. Mr. Dowd will par
ticipate in the ceremony of formally
notifying W. J. Bryan of bis nomination
for president by the national silver
party. Committeeman Dowd was ac
companied by Colonel Johm I. Martin,
who served as sergeant-at-arms of the
national Democratic convention. At
Kansas City the party will be joined by
Hon. Henry Essex, who represents Mis
souri on the notification committee.
Bow Stone Is to Be Taken Oat of an
' Eastern Quarry.
Those who have indulged in deep sea
fishing know how the fish, line cuts
deeply into the hard wood of the gun
wale as it is hauled in while taut.
Even an iron protection, after a time,
shows the wear of the rope, which is
comparatively soft. This, says the De
troit Free Press, gives a clew to the
invention of an Albany quarryman for
cutting: stone. Instead, however, of
hemp, he proposes, to nse wire rope,
and with this he will carve the marble
and stone right out of its native bed.
The wire is wound in strands, and has a
very rough surface.'powertul machin
ery gives a strong and steady strain,
and the stone, yielding to the constant
wear, parts, with smooth edges. It
would be easy enough to cut the blocks
after they are removed from the quar
ry, but where the cleverness of the in
ventor comes in is devising mechanism
that can- be applied to the stone while
in the quarry. This is effected by sink
ing two parallel channels in the qunrry
to a depth of little greater than that of
the lowest level of the stone to be cut.
The channels may be from 2 to 100 feet,
or more, apart. At the bottom of each
is made a small hole to receive the foot
ends of the shafts of the machine. This
is the only preparation of the quarry
that is necessary. The ropes, which
are coiled on huge drums, are then
passed around the channels, and as the
drums revolve the cutting proceeds.
Suitable brakes "are provided for . the
regulation of the speed and pressure.
The ordinary speed of the strand is 800
feet a minute, so that a mile length
of it passes in six minutes. While the
strand is moving, crushed - stone or
chilled shot and water can. be intro
duced to increase the attrition. Far
better, however, than either of these
is a composition obtained from the
tailings of a magnetic iron separator,
which costs about one-tenth as much as
tht. chilled shot. . It does not leave the
lines caused by the shot, .and it can
be used over and over again. .
The Cheapest, Purest mi
cine in the world t
An Effectual. Specific
for all diseases oi the
liver. Stomach
and Spleen.
Regulate the Liver
and prevent Chills
amd Fhvbr, Malari
ous Fkvkrs, -Bowel
Complaints,' Restless
kbss. Jaundice and
Nothing -is so unpleasant, nothing so common, as
bad breath ; and in nearly every case it comes from
the stomach, and can be so easily corrected if you will
take Simmons Lrvp Regulator. Do not neglect so
sure a remedy for this repulsive disorder. It will also
improve your appetite.tomplexion and general health.
How many suffer torture day after day, making life
a burden and robbingexistence of all pleasure, owing
to the secret suffering from Piles. Yet relief is read
to the hand of almost any one who will use systemati
cally the remedy that has permanently cured thou
sands. Simmons .Lives Regulator is no drastic,
violent purge, but a gentle assistant to nature.
SHOULD not be regarded as
t trifling ailment in fact, nature -
-. ; demands the utmost regularity of '.
the ' bowels, and any deviation
from this demand paves the way
" often to serious danger. It is
.. . quite as necessary to. remove
, . impure accumulations -from the '
bowels as it is to eat or sleep, and
-no health can be expected where
; a costive habit?of body prevails.
This distressing affliction occurs most frequently.
The disturbance of :he stomach, arising from the
J mgeww. UJmcntS, ana M seVCTC pain IB
the head, accompanied with disagreeable nausea, and
this constitutes what is popularly known as Sick
Headache, for the relief of which take Simmons
Ijvcn D bpik . - n n f
T. K. ZZXLXW CO.. Philadelphia. Ps.
Executor's Notice.
Notice is heieby given that the understated
has been duly appointed by the County Court of
the State oi .Oregon for Wasco County executor
of the last will and testament of James Mc
Gahan, deceased. All persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased are hereby
notified to present the same to me at my office
in Dalles Citv. Orecron. with the proper vouchers
therefor, within six months from the date
hereof. r '
Dated Ayu3Hit-6i89ot '..
aiwH-ot-ii ' K. F. GIBONS, Executor.
-'TliHt'S good !" An expression always
heard after one has tasted the famous
Hop-Gold beer. For sale by Stabling &
Williams... b4-2w
Sheriff's Sale;
By virtue of an execution issued out
of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon on the 12th dav of August, 1896, in a
suit therein pending wherein Stella K. Eddy is
plaln'lff and O. D. Taylor, Sarah K. Taylor
John Barger, State of Oregon, as trustee for the
common school fund of Wasco county, Oregon,
Joseph A. Johnson and C. W. Cather are defend
ants, to me directed and commanding me to sell
all of the lands hereinafter described to satisfy
the sum of $377.50 and Interest theteon at the
rate of ten per cent per annum from the 10ih
day of June, 1896, and the further sum of d0 at
torney's fees and $20 costs and disbursements, I
will, on the 19th day of September, 1896, at the
hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, at the court
house door in Dalles City, Oregon, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash in hand,
all of the following described real property situ
ated in said county and state, to-wit: Com
mencing at a point 100 feet west and 60 feet
south from the southeast corner of that tract of
land deeded by Mary A. Stephenson and D. D. j
rtepneoson to ireo. w . ttowiana, parallel lin
the western boundary line of Neyce and Gibson's
Addition to I miles City, then-e southerly 120
feet; thence westerly 100 feet to the eastern
boundary line of tin Dalles Military Reserva
tion; thence north along said reservation line
120 feet; thence easterly on the south line of
Eighth street to the place of beginning; to
gether with all and singular the tenements, her
editaments and appurtenances thereunto be
longing or in any wise appertaining.
a!5-5t-2 Sheriff of Wasco County, Or-
Administrator's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
will, on :aturday, the 22nd day of August, 1896,
at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said
day at the front door of the county courthouse
in Dalles City, Wasco, Co., Oregon, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash in hand,
the following described teul estate belonging to
the estate of C. V. Lane, late of Wasco County,
Oregon, and now deceased, to-wit- Lots one el
and two (2) and eleven (11) aud twelve ;(12) and
the north half of lots three (3) and ten (10) in
block 81 in Baiids Second Addition to the town
of Antelope, lit Wasco County, Oregon, said
real estate will be sold subject to a mortgage
thereon in favor of W. Bolton & Co., -dated Octo
ber 3, 1895. for the sum of $305.55, Rnd interest at
the rate of 10 per cent per annum from said date.
uaiea at Danes city, or , tnis 2ist day oi July,
Administrator of the estate of C. V. Lane.
deceased 1y25-5t-ii
In tbe Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
the County of Wasco.
In the matter of the estate of Phoebe M. Dun-
bam, deceased. Citation.
To Mrs. Clara Lanning, Mrs. Mary Hodges and
treorge aiaaaox, weeting: -In
the name of the Sta e of Oregon. Yon arc
hereby required to appear in the County Court
of the State of Oregon, for the County of Wasco,
at the courtroom thereof, at The Dalles, in the
County of Wasco, on Monday, the 7th day of
beptem ber, 189b, at 2 o clock in tne afternoon of
that day, then and there to show cause, if any
there be, why an order should not be made and
entered herein authorizing and directing the ad
ministrator ot said e-tate to sell tne real prop
erty belonging to said estate, to-wit, a strip of
land 33 feet wide and 100 feet long off the east
side of lot No. 11 in Block No. 6 in Laugnlin's
Addition to Dalles City, Wasco County, Oregon.
This citation is served upon you, the said Mrs.
Clara Lanning. Mrs. Mary Hodges and George
Maddox, by order of the Hon. Robt. Mays, Judge
of said Court, made July 25, 1896.
witness, the Hon. KoDert Mays, judge of
the County Court-of the State of Oregon,
seal for the County of Wasco, with the seal
ot saia i;oust mmxea, mis jotn aay oi
July, A. D. 1896. .
Attest; A. M. KELSAY, Clerk.
Bv Simeon Bolton. Deruty.
Jy29-i-5t .
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an ex
ecution and order of sale, Issued out of the Cir
cuit Court of the State of Oregon for Wasco
county, on the 26th day of August, 1896, upon a
judgment therein, wherein J. C. Meins was
piaintirr and J. r . Jones and J. n. iei;ormicK
were defendants; 1 have duly levied upon and
will sell, at the front door of the county court
house in Dalles City, Wasco county, Oregon, on
Monday, tho 2 8 in day of Sept., 196,
at tbe hour of 2 o'clock iu the afternoon of said
day, at public auction to the highest bidder for
cash in hand, tbe following described real estate
described in said execution and Older of sale,
as follows, to-wit:
The north half of the northeast Quarter, the
southeast quarter of the northeast quarter, and
tne northeast quarter oi tne southeast quarter ot
section fourteen in township one south of range
twelve east of the Willamette meridian, in
Wasco county, Oregon ; or so - much thereof as
shall be ntcessaryto satisfy the amounts due
upon said writ, to-wit: The sum of $178.20, to
gether with interest on said sum at the rate of
ten per cent, per annum since January 15, 1896,
the sum of $11 costs iu said action, together with
accruing interest and costs and expenses of such
Dated at The Dalles, Oregon, Aug. 27, 1896.
ang29-i Sheriff of Wasco County, Oregon.
Assignee's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that Young Quong, Lee
Juke Yow and Daong Tung Tana, partners doing
business under the firm name of vVa Tai Young
Quong Co.,- at Dalles City, Oregon, and Young
Quong, on the 22d day of August, 1896, assigned
to me all of their property for the benent of their
respective-creditors in proportion to the amounts
of their respective claims. All persons having
claims against said assignors or either of them
are hereby notified to present their claims un
der oath to me at the office of Huntington &
Wilson, The Dalles, Oregon, within three months
from the date of this notice. -
Dated August 24, 1896. J. O. MACK,
Assignee of Young Quong and of Wa Tai
Young Qnong Co. aug26-7t
Notice of Final Account.
To ah. Whom it Mat Concern: .
Notice Is hereby given that G. J. Farley has
filed his final account as administrator of 'he
estate of Joshua W. Reedy, deceased, and that
said final nconnt will come on for hearing on
Monday, July 13th, 1896, at which time a hearing
will be bad as to any and all objection to such
final account, and the settlement thereof.
This notice is given by order of Hon. George
C. Blakelev. county judge. Dated this 11th day
of June, 1896. G. J. PARLEY,
Adm'r of the estate of Joshua W. Reedy, de
ceased. . : iel3-6t.a
Freeh oysters at A. Keller's. e7-dlw
Residence, Tenth and Liberty Streets.
Letters of Credit issued available in the
Eastern States.
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St.. l-ouis, San Francisco, Portland Ore
gon, Seattle Wn9h and various points
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Wall Paper,
Glass. Etc.
129 Second St.,
The modTrn stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common everyday
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viand Brand in Ked and Gold metallio'
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an nthen Refuses' ana armtm svbmtitw
tion and imitations. At Druggiati, or end 4c
In Btamptl for particulars, testimonials and
Relief Tor Ladle," in Utter, by i-etara
uruim mills srs
Annual pair
secouH Eastern OregiiD
. Commencing Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1896,
and ending Saturday, Oct. 24,1896.
For Premium Lime, Entrv .Blanks
- .
tary. Tbs Dallee, Oregon.
"The Regulator Line
Tie Dalles. Portland and Astoria
, Navigation Co.
in i in
Freignt ana Pessenoer liub
Through Daily Trips (Sundays ex
cepted) between "The .Dalles and Port
land. Steamer Regulator leaves The
Dalles at 8 a.m., connecting at tbe Cas
cade Locks with Steamer Dalles City.
Steamer Dalles City leaves Portland
(Oak Bl'-cet dock) at '7 a. m., connect
ing with Steamer Regulator for The
DalleB. . ,
One way $2430
Round trip.f 3.0
Rates Greatly Reduced.
" All freight, except car lots,
will be . brought through, with
out delay at Cascades.
Shipments (or Portland received at
any time day or night. Shipments for
way landings must be delivered' before
5 p. m. Live stock shipments solicted.
Call on or address,
Oansrsl A(nt
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