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    VOL. IX
NO. 206
Sound-Money- Democrats at
Indianapolis. .
Temporary Organization, fTecled With
Flower as Chairman He Makes
a Spirited Address. N
'Indianapolis, Sept. 2. A bright
morning greeted the delegates to the na
tional gold Democratic contention. The
N. city streets surrounding the hotels were
gay with banting and flags. The arrival
of delegates from nearby and far West
ern states added to the ' general con
fusion, and bands kept up a merry
- round of music. There was a general
lack of noisy demonstration, although
there were plaudits and sometimes jeers
from the crowd that surrounded the
hotel lobby. Orators, bankers, mer
chants, lawyers, railroad men formed
the great mass of the delegates. All
but four states are represented with full
delegations. Railroad men estimated
that there were over . 8,000 people, dele
gates and strangers, in the city. Chi
cago furnished a large proportion, in
cluding the ' Cook - County Marching
Club, 200 strong.
Promptly at 11 o'clock the doors lead-,
ing to Tomlinson hall were opened, ad
mission being confined to ticket-holdere,
who arrived slowlyv-. 'The decorations in
' the -hall, in ' which gold was the most
conspicuous color, 'were beautiful. A
gold eagle with wings ' outstretched, sur
mounted - a sunburst, A band was lo
cated in the' gallery at the rear of the
hall. Many early arrivals In the gallery
were ladies. . Mrs. Hendricks, widow of
' the late 'vice-president, was one of the
first distinguished persons to appear in
the reserved seats. General Bragg
moved to a seat At the head of the Wis
consin delegation, and was uproariously
applauded. When Colonel W. C. P.
Breckenridge, with snow white hair and
beard, entered at the head of the Blue
- Grass delegation, the galleries cheered.
At noon Senator Palmer, of Illinois,
chairman of the national' committee,
made bis way to the platform.. The gal
leries. were about half filled and the
V , main body of the delegates were in their
seats. ' - . " ' ..' -
-The -entrance of the Florida delega
tion, beaded by two. burly negroes, one
, carrying a portrait of Cleveland, the
other a gold alligator, bearing the words
"A Gold Bug," created a flurry of ap-
plauee. . v ,'.'."
Headed by , ex-Governor Flower and
. General Tracy, the New York delega
tion marched to its seats 72 strong, to
' . .the sound of continuous hand-clappings.
Each delegate wore in his buttonrhole a
v spray of golden rod. ' . :
Senator Palmer rose at v 12:30. and
' struck the gavel. Thereupon most of
. the delegates' jumped to their feet shout"-
ing and waving the state banners, .end
. ing the demonstration with three cheers.
After calling the convention to order,
- the chairman said : . " ' ':'
, - ,, Gentlemen, I have the honor for the
-. ."moment to preside over (be first national
convention held in the year 1896 (cheers).
We are assembled .here for a noble
and patriotic purpose . (cheers). : Our
earnest desire is to serve our country.
(Cries of "Right, right' and cheers , and i
. in the sincerity of that -earnest purpose
. we. may appeal to the Judge" of All
Hearts (applause). We may appeal to
. the Great Master, the Great Governor.
I beg you now to listen o -the invocation
. ; by Bishop Wbite.of the diocese of Indian
apolis.' ' - -.
Idaho, Nevada,- Utah and Wyoming
' -.. were the only states whose names passed
.unanswered. 'Alaska's eingle represent
, tative was cheered. Arizona, Oklahoma
- and Indian territory had no' spokesman.
Senator Palmer introduced Mr. Kren
. nan, of Wisconsin, who read the report
of the national committee. " The recom
mendation ihat the'mlea "which gov
erned the rast Democratic convention,
which was held in, 1892, should govern
this convention," was cheered- to r the
echo. 'The Teport-recommended ex
Governor Flower, of New York, for tem
porary chairman. John R.-Wilson, of
Indiana, for temporary secretary. .
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. ' Highest (If
all in leavening strength. Latest United Slates
Government Food Report.
Royal Baking Fowdkr Co., New York
Complete Returns Gives Grout Thirty
Klne Thousand I'l urallty.
St. Albans, Vt., Sept. 2. Revised re
turns of yesterday's .election from the
14 counties of the state) give :
Grout, (Rep.) .V. .53X76
Jackson, ( Dem .) , . . . ; 13,983
Republican plurality, 39,098.
Bragg on the Money Question.
' Indianapolis, Sept. 2. A report was
printed in a morning paper, that late
last night some of Bragg's friends dis
covered that no longer ago than' 1893
Bragg had written a letter in support of
free silver, and that they had decided ts
drop him and take np Vilas or Black of
Illinois. . ".
"I would stake my homestead," sad
Vilas today, "on my ' conviction that
there is absolutely no truth in the story.
Bragg voted tor the experimental Bland
Allison act of 1873, and was then In the
best of Democratic company. . Since
then Bragg has been absolutely sound
on the money question." '"Wisconsin,"
Vilas continued, "is for Bragg, and will
continue to be for hin." '
Bragg himself ejaculated characteris
tically : ' V - '
"Fiddlesticks, there is not a" word of
troth .in the report My action 18 years
ago is the only thing that can be brought
against me. It is not probable that a
man who bad to pay 40 percent premium
for United States money when he cross,, t
the border of free-silver", Mexico' 'wou'd
write a letter after that 'experience for
the Bilver standard." 1 " "'-' .
For a McKtnley and Bobart League.
. Oeegos City, Or., SepT. 2. A meet
ing to organize a McKinleyvand Hobart
league will be held in Weinhard's hall
Saturday night, and Hon. M. C. George
will deliver 'a -speech. ." A call for that
purpose was ciiculatedin the woolen
mill today; and 53 voters signed it, only
three declaring they would not. vote for
McKinley. -'
How'i Tklt! r';.?
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any case of ' Catarrh that can not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Care."'.."
F.J. Cheney & Co. Props., Toledo, O. ;.
We, the undersigned, have known F."
J. "Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all busi
ness transactions and financially able to
'carry out any obligations made by their
firm.' - . ',. ' V.'." ' --'." 'v,
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ledo, 'O,, Waldingf .Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
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nally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Price,
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. V keduotlon in Wood; -1 ' . '
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their stock of -16-inch - etqve wood cut
ready for stove at $2.00- per cord in order
to obtain yard room for fall stock. X-
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'. . ,' Treasnrer'a Call.
-AH warrants registered, prior to- July
9, 1892, will be paid at my office next
door toT. A. Hudson's office, Washing
ton street.?, Interest, ceases -after .this
date. ' - . '- ';',-- - .. .-' - .. -
The Dalles, Or,, Aui. 13, 1896. "
v, - ' : ' C. L. Phit.lips, : , .
" ' ' '' Treasurer. ,'
. Bis Neck Accidentally Broken.
Jacob Connor, sn old and highly re
spected resident of Cove, Union county,
left his home last Friday to go to the
pasture to bring in a horse, and it was
on this errand that he met his death,
although the facts were not discovered
until the day following. ' He was leading
one animal, and riding another, and,
from the indications, it appears that the
horse, be was leading pulled back, caus
ing him to fall to the ground - backward
and resulting in his neck being broken.
It is probable that death was almost in
stantaneous, and that it was " fully 24
hours after death that the body was
found. v- ' . ' .
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adding strength and giving tone to the
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Derformance of the functions'. Electric
Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids
digestion. Old people find it just exact
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$1 00 per bottle at'Blakeley & Hough
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None But Ayer's at the World's. Fair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla enjoys the extra
ordinary 'distinction of having been the
only blood purifier allowed on exhibit at
the' world's fair, Chicago. . Manufact
urers of other sarsAparillas sought by
every means to obtain a showing of their
goods, but they were all turned away
under the application of the rule for
bidding the entry of patent medicines
and - nostrums. The decision . of the
world's fair authorities in favor of Ayer's
Sarsaparilla- was in effect as follows:
"Ayer's- Sarsaparilla is not a patent
medicine. It does not belong to the
list of nostrums. It is here on its
merits." V ; - ' --.' ; : ,
- , - Stocfcholders' Meeting;. -:
. Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the - stockholders of the
Wasco Warehouse Company will be held
at, the office of French & Co., The Dalles,
Oregon,.. on Wednesday, September 3Q,
1896, at 3 :30 o'clock p. m., for the pur
pose of electing directors for the ensuing
year, and for - the transaction of such
other businees as may come before tbe
meeting.4 - . '.." -. . '., ' W. Lord, Pres.
.- Attest: G. JTabley, Sec.1 4w
The Dalles, Or., Sept. 1..1896J
.. -i .-i:C Wanted. .. ' ! ;."
Mrs. Drews is, prepared to furnish
board and lodging for four or, five pupils
attending "school., in The Dalles at $12
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Court and Tenth streets. , . agl2-dlm . .
. jMoneyl Afonejl Atoneyl; . .
To pay Wasco county warrants' regis
tered prior to - July 3 1892,. . Interest
ceas6S after May 15, 1896. '
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Sheriff's Sale.
By vittue . of an esecution issued out
of ' the Circuit Court of the State of
Oresron on tne 12th day of Aueust, 196, In a
suit therein pending wherein. Stella K. ddv is
plainiff ,apd O. D. Taylor, Sarah K. Taylor
John Barger, State of Oregon, as trustee for the
common school fund of Wasco county, Oregon,
Joseph A.- Johnson and C. W. Cather are defend
ants, to me directed and commanding me to sell
all of the lands hereinafter described to satisfy
the sum of $ !77.."0 and interest theieon at the
rate of ten. per cent per annum from the 10th
day of June, ltH5.'and',the. further sum of $50 at
torney's fees and 20 costs and disbursements, I
will, on the 19th day of September, 1896, at the
hour of 2 o'clock p. in. of said day, at the court
bouse door in Dalles City, Oregon, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash in hand, .
all of the following described Teal property situ
ated in said county and state, to-wit: Com
mencing at a point 100 feet west and 60 feet
south from the southeast corner of that tract of
land deeded by Mar A. Stephenson and D. D.
t-tephenson to OJeo. W. Rowland, parallel with
the western boundary line of Hejce and Gibson's
Addition to Dalles City, thenre southerly 120
feet; thence westerly 100 feet to tbe eastern
boundary line of thi Dalles Military Reserva
tion; thence north along said reserv ation line
130 feet; thence easterly on the south lineof
Eighth street to the place of beginning; to
gether with all sfnd singular the tenements, her
editaments and appurtenances thereujito be
longing or in any wise appertaining.
al5-5t-2 . .. Sheriff" of Wasco CountjvOr- -
Administrator's Sale.
'Notice is hereby . given that-the undersigned
will, on Saturday, the 22nd day of August, 1896,
at the hour of 2 o'clock in thfe afternoon of faid
day at the front door of the county courthouse,
iu Dalles City, Wasco, Co., Oregon, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash in hand,
the following described real estate belonging to
the estate of C. V. Lane, late of Wasco County,
Oregon, and-now deceased, to-wit - Lots one (H
and two (2) and eleven (11) aud twelve (12)' and
the north half of lots three (3) and. ten (10) in
block 81 in Builds Second Addition to the town
of, Antelope, in Wasco County, Oregon, said
real estate will be sold subject to a mortgage
thereon in favor of W. Bolton fc Co., dated Octo
ber 3, 1895, ior the sum of $305,55, and interest at
tbe rate of 10 per cent per annum from said date.
Dated at Dalles City, Or , this 21st day of July,
1896. ' ....j-.. , -'. , ;
Adminfstrator of the estate of , C. V. Lane,
deceased. . . ' jj-25-5t-ii
Assignee's" Notice.
' Notice is hereby given that Young Quong. Lee
Jake Yow ni)d Daooar Timor Tanv. nartners doinar
business under the nrm name of Wa Tai Youna;
Httoni; lo., at ualies city, Oregon, ana ouna;
Quong, on theS2d day of August, 1896, assigned
to me all of tbeir property for the benent of their
respective creditors in proportion to the amounts
of their respective claims. All persons having
claims against said assignors or either of them
are hereby notified to present tbeir claims un
der oath to me at the oflice of Huntington &
Wilson, The Dalles, Oregon, within three months
from the date of this notice.
Dated August 24, 1896.- : . ' J. O: MACK,
Assignee of Young Quong and of Wa Tai
Young Quong Co. ug26-7t
The Ei
Annual Fait
yTDf ct rs?!V
. ?
Second Eastern Oregon DistriGt HgriGuiturai Socielu
Commencing' Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1896,
and ending: Saturdav. Oct. 24. 1896.
For Premium Lists, Entry Blanks and all information, write to the Secre
tary, The Dalles, Oregon. A. S, MAC ALLISTER,
J. O. MACK,. Secretary. ' President.
Letters of Credit ieaued available in tbe
Eastern States. ' ,
Sigbt Exchange and Telegraphic
Transfers sold on, New York, Chicago,
St. Louis, San Francisco, Portland Ore
gon, Seattle Wash,, and various points
in Oregon and Washington. . ',
Collections made at all points on fav
orable terms. :'-.. v --
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Drugs, Paints,
Wall Paper,
Glass. Etc.
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Second and
Streets., opp.
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tory and office at corner 6econd aod-WashingtoD
: entrance at First National Bank. .
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Orftarln! and Only Oenilie.
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tt T ' ' n "mi- fmtl.. Vw
"The Isolator Line'
Tie Dalles. Porflaai and. Astoria
Navigation Co.
Freigai ana Passenger Lins
Thronirh Daily Trios (Snndavs ex .
cepted) between The Dalles and Port
land, bteamer Kegxilator leaves Toe
Dalles nt 8 a.m.. connecting at the Cas
cade Locks with Steamer Dalles City.
Steamer Dalles . City leaves Portland
(Oak sfcet dock) at 7 a. m., connect
ing wiiu Steamer Regulator for The
Dalles. .
One way. - ". . . .2JDQ
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out delay at Cascades.
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ay landings must be delivered before
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