The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, June 01, 1896, Image 4

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For Over Thirty Years !
'Ayer's Cathartic Pills for over thirty
years have kept me in good health,
. never having had a sick day in all that
time. Before I was twenty I suffered
almost, continually as a result of con
stipationfrom dyspepsia, headaches,
neuralgia, or boils and other eruptive
diseases. When I became convinced
that nine-tenths of my troubles were
caused by constipation, I began the use
of Ayer's Tills, with the most satisfac
tory results, never having a single
.attack that did not readily yield to this
remedy. Jly wife, who had been nn
iuvulid for years, also began to use
Ayer's Tills, and her health was quickly
TOKtored. With my children I had no-tii-cd
that nearly nil their ailments were
preceilcd by constipation, and I soon
had . the pleasure of knowing that with,
children as with parents, Ayer's I'ills,
if taken in season, avert all danger of
sickness." II. Wkttsteik, Byron, III.
Highest Honors at World's Feir.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla Strengthens th: Systcn
Memorial Day in The Dalles.
Despite the high wind which blew on
. Saturday, a large crowd went out to the
cemetery to do honor to the nation's
lead, and the services were very im pres
et ve. ' We were glad to see so many of
; our fellow-citizens turn aside on this
one day of the year and give their
. thought to those who have gone before,
who have performed brave, deeds and
lived self-sacrificing lives for our glori
ous country. .
Commander H. II. Leonard, Adjutant
J. M. Patterson and Chaplain Esping
-conducted the ritualistic work of the
--Grand Army of the RepuWic.which was
.interspersed by beautiful music by The
Dalles' best singers, after which the
placing of the bouquets of flowers at the
base of the soldiers' monument was done
by the members of the G. A. K.
'Jhe Woman's Relief Corps then took
-charge and encircled the monument,
when Mrs. Briggs, in a very impressive
manner, read a beautiful .selection,
which added much to the impressive
solemnity of the occasion. The mem
bers of the Corps then deposited flowers
around the marble shaft. The Oregon
National Guard fired the usual salute of
twenty guns and the exercises were
' over.
Outside attractions kept, many from
attending the evening service, so that
but a small number were present at
Fraternitv hall Saturday evening. - The
exercises began with music by the choir,
In introducing the speaker of the even
ing, Mr. Patterson made a few well
chosen remarks in regard to thecomrad
fihip of the G. A. B, and how it extend
- d over the whole country, telling of the
- visiting comrade finding an old comrade
of an Illinois regiment among the coca
rades : and in this way while depositing
the flowers at the monument each one
repeats "la memory of my fallen com
radea of the , here givin
the number of the. regiment or com pan
to which he belonged. The comrades
who had thus met were inseparable for
the remainder of the day. ,
The memorial address was delivered
by Hon. John Michell and was highly
appreciated by his audience. Oar na
tioti'a hymn, "America,'! sung by all
present, closed the evening's exercises
The Sew Tort.
The new Vogt opera house is to be
opened by the Milton and Dollie Nobles
: Company next' -Wednesday in ','From
Sire to Son." This' excellent company
will find no fault with this opera house,
It 1 as an unusually large seating capa
city, has a high ceiling and is well ven
tilated and lighted. Ine stage is ar
ranged on a like ample scale. - Its di
mentions are 60x30, next in size in the
state to the Marquam Grand. There
no stage effect that cannot be produced
opon it. The scenery is of a high grade
of artistic merit.
Mr. Vogt deserves great praise for fix
ing up bo fine an opera house. .... He has
spared neither paind nor expense in re
fitting it.' By eo doing he does both the
show people and the amusement-loving
public the fullest justice, and is deserv
ing of the most generous patronage.
The excellent company who will open it
presents the ' opportunity. . No better
amusement organization exists than the
Nobles company, who will play Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday nights. That
everyone will get his money's worth is
guaranteed. '
A little 2-year-old child of Frank
Davenport, of Hood Biver, was tossed
by the family cow last Tuesday. The
children were playing upon the bridge
over the flume near their father's house,
when the cow, heretofore regarded as
perfectly gentle and peaceful, came
along on her way across the bridge.
Finding the child in her way she picked
t upon her horns and, tossed it about
10 feet in the air. In its fall, the child
struck on its head on a plank that pro
jected over the flume and, falling in the
flume, floated down until reecued by
workmen near at band. The child re
ceived a severe contusion on the temple
and was bruised on the hips by the
horns of the cow. The gentle, old, faul
ty cow has since been dehorned.
New Era Camp.
The Spiritualists of Oregon will hold
their annual campmeeting at New Era
une 20th to July 12th inclusive. N. F.
Ravlin of San Francisco, Bishop A.
Beals of Summerland, Calif., V. L.
Freeman, M. D., of Wash., Mrs. Georgia
Cooley, Lewis A. Ward, Everell Caukin,
W. H. Galvani and other good speakers
hare been engaged for the occasion. It
is expected to be a greater success than
any previous year.
Citizens' MeetlDf; Called at Juniper Flat
The citizens of Juniper Flat are re
pectfully requested to meet at Wapinl
tia at 7 :30 p. m. June 8th, and at Victor
at 7:30 June 9th, at which times and
places will be read and discussed the
irrigation laws enacted in 1895. Said
aw provides for the organization and
government of irrigation districts, places
the control of game iri the hands of the
people, together with the absolute own
ership and control of all adjacent water
supplies. F. S. Gordon.
The total average dailv attendance of
The Dalles public schools for the last
quarter (5 weeks) ending May 22, '96,
was 569; for the similar period May '95
the total was 499, a gain of 70 in favor of
the present year. As indicative of the
permanent nature of the growth it
should be compared with the fact that
attendance of May '95 was 120 greater
than the attendance of any similar
period in the previous history of the
Tlie Dlncnrery Saved Hin Life. .
Mr. G. Caillouttee, Druggist. Bearersr
ville, 111. says: "To Dr. King's New
Discovery I owe my life. Was taken
with J.a Grippe and tried all the physi
cians for miles about, but of no avail
and was given up and told I could not
live. Having Dr. King's New Discovery
in my store I sent for a bottle and began
its use and from the first dose began to
get better, and after using three bottles
was up and about again. It is worth its
weight in gold. We won't keep store or
house without it. jet a free trial at
Blakeley & Houghton's Drug Store. 2
' Ivo LIth Sired.
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City
IIU was told by her doctors she had
Consumption and that there was no hope
for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's
New ; Discovery completely cured her
and she says it saved her life. Mr. Thos.
Egger8r 139 Florida St. San Francisco,
suffered from, a dreadful cold, approach
ing Consumption, tried without result
everything else then bought one bottle
of Dr. King a New Discovery and in two
weeks was cured. He is naturallv thank
ful. It is such results, of which these
are samples, that prove the wonderful
efficacy of t his medicine in Coughs and
colds. Free trial bottles at Blakeley &
Houghton's Drug Store. Kegular size
50 cents and $1 00.
. Through trains on the O. R. & N will
run via Umatilla, Walla Walla and Pen
dleton. Through sleepers, first and sec
ond class .will ran in connection with the
Union Prcific, the same as heretofore.
A' through first-class sleeper from Port
land to Spokane, connecting with the
first-class . sleeper , to . St. - Paul and
through tourist sleeper from Portland to
St. Paul, will be run. in connection with
the Great Northern railway.
.. E. E. Lttlk, Agent.
J. W. Pierce, Republic, la., says: '
have used Une Minute (Jougn (Jure in
my family and for myself, with result so
entirely satisfactory that I can hardly
find words to express myself as to its
merit. I will never fail to recommend
it to others, on every occasion that pre
sents itaelf." For sale by Snipes-Kiner-sley,
Drug Co. '
One Minute Cough Cure touches the
right spot. It also touches it at the
right time if you take it when you have
a cough or cold. ', See the, point? Then
don't cough. Sold by Hnipes-Kinersly
Drug Co. ''"''""'"
i-i j ife ' IT
B w "Takes the Cake." 1
' You may have " money to
burn," but even so, you needn't
throw it away. For 10 cents you
get almost twice as much " Battle
Ax" as you do of other high grades
m for the same money
Hi -
"'It'nlili ini in jjr ,
BBackweH's Genuine
III bpMaeUj
Ton will Bad one conpon inside each 2 ounce
Bay bag, read the coupon and see how to
i. . . -- Wholesale and retail manufacturers and dealers in
Harness, Saddles,
Farm Implements and Carriages at llard-lie Prices
Times aro too hard to pay a profit to both jobber and dealer.. We buy our
Implements and Carrfages direct from the manufacturers, ship them, out, to .the
Coast, in carloacls,. and in tbis way get the benefit of the lowest freight rates and
buy our goods at the. lowest prices In this way we are enabled to make you
pricos that cannot be beat by any other dealer. ' We give you below a few of our
yrices, from which you can judge for yourself whether or not it will pay you to
come and see us before buying.- - .
We sell the celebrated Bradley Plows ; they are strictlv 6r8t-clap, new and
fresh from the 'factory, and of the "latest patterns. . Bradley Chilled D10, 10-inch
Plow, $7.25; D29," 12-inch Plow, $8.75 ; D40, 14-inch Plow. $9.50; all with extra
share. Bradley Double Shin Steel Plow-, 10 inch. $10; 12 inch, $11.50; 14 inch,
$14; 16-inch, $15.50; 7-ineh Garden Plows (steel), with extra share, $5.50; 8
inch, $6.50. ' ; ...
Three-section Wood Harrows, $11 ; 2-section Scotch Harrows, $8-50. Two
section Wood Harrows with lever, $15. Disc Harrows, 8-foot cut, 20-inch discs,
$45; smaller ones in proportion. .'
. xiftcUie Top Buggies, medium grade, $75; best grade, $100. Racine Hacks
from $75 to $120 for the best Hack made. .
.We alao Carry a full line of Buckboards, Road Wagons, Carts, Bicycles, etc.',
and can save you money if yov will write us.
We are sole agents for the Celebrated OLD HICKOP.Y Farm Wagons for
Wasco, Sherman, Crook and Klickitat counties. .
Our Bradiey 12-inch Gang we offer with rolling coulters, riding attachment
and four-horse eveners. all complete for $65.
In addition to above we carry the largest line of Shelf Hardware. Tinware,
Stoves, Barlied Wire, Iron, Steel, Horse Shoes, Coal,' Guns ani Ammunition, etc.,
in Eastern Oregon, and we. are out for the trade in these linep, and propose to
have it if prices will get it.-1 Come, and see us. Terms are strictlv cash. We are
elling too close to give long time. , , . ' " ' t , ) . . .
bag and two coatxms inside each ounce baa.
get your snare Of IJ50,0(K) In presents.. :. if!
Adioining E. J. Collins & Co,'a store.
Choice of Transcontinental Routes
Minneapolis " C)maha
St. Pa-al
Kansas City
Low Rates to all Eastern Cities.
Kerr Five Uay fir
For fall detail call on O. B. fc Co.'g Agcut
Tha Dulles, or address
. W,'H. HCRLBCRT, Gen. Fass. Agt.
Portland, Oregou
Tfew Schedule.
Effective Tuesday, April 7th,' the fol
lowing wilt be the new schedule:
Train No. 1 ai rives at .The Dalles 4 :50
a. m., and leaves 4:55 a. m. . ' "
Train No. 2 arrives at The Dalles 10:40
p. m., and leaves 10:45 p. m. ' - .
Train No. 8 arrives at The Dalles 12:05
p. m., and west-bound traiu No. 7 leaves
at 2:30 p. .in. . -
' Train 23 and 24 will carry passengers
between The Dalles and Umatilla, leav
ing The Dalles at 1 p. m. daily and ar
riving at The Dalles 1 p. m. daily, con
necting with train Nos. 8 and 7 from
Portland. E. E. Lytle. :
. - " Agent.
EAST and SOUTH via .
The Shasta Route
Southern Pacific Comp'y.
Tra'ns leave and are due to arrive at Portland.
' TROM JONS 23, 1893..
I prefcs, 8alem, Rose-
I burg, Abbland, Sac- I
j ramento, Ogden.Snn !
1 Frnclseo, Mojave, f
j Los Angeles, El Paso,
f New . urleaus and I
1 East J
8:50 P.M.
8:10A. M.
8:80 A. M.
Roeeburg and way hta-
cions .......
4:40 P. M.
f vis Woodburn for
MCAnRel, Silverion,
i West 8clo, Browns
ville, Springfield and
1 Natron ... . .
4:00 p!m
7:30 A. M
4:45 P. M
Salem and way stations
10:00 AM
luorrams ana way
stations.. : $
(McMlniiTilie and
( way stations (
6:20 P.M.
t 8:25P.M.
Dally. fDaily, except Sunday. .-'
Attached to all Through Trains.
. . . -I : . - j i- :
Through Ticket Oilic-, 11 Third street, where
through tickets- to all points in the Eastern
St-tes, Canada and Europe can be obtained at
lowest rates irom
J. B. KIRKLAND. Ticket Ant.
' All above trains arrive at and depnrt irom
urana central btacion, ruin ana i streets.
Passenger Depot, foot of Jederson street.
Leave for OSWEGO; week days, at 6:00, 7.-20,
10:15 a. m., 12:15, 1:55, 5:15, 6:80 p. nt.,8:00 p. m.,
anu 11:30 p. m. on Saturday only.
- Arrive at Portland, 7:10, 8:30, U;2S a. m.f 1:80,
:i, b-.ju, 7:J. ;oo p. m.
Leave for heridani week days, t 4:80 p.m.
Arrive at Portland. 9:30 a. m .
Leave for AIKLIK on Monday, Wednesday and
frl ay at 9:40 a. m. Arrtro at Portland, Tuea
dav, Thursday and Saturday at 8:05 p. m.
Hunday trains for. OSWEGO leave at 7:30, 9:00,
11:00 a. m. 12:40, 2.-00, 8:30, 5:30, 6:50 p.nw .4
Arilve at Portl-nd- at 12:35, 8:40, 10:30 a. m
rz:ia, i:ou,-s:k, :40, o:ao, 7:oa p. m. ' -R.
Mauaser. . . Asst. G. F. & Pass. AKt.
fire brick,
fire clay;
Window-Glass and
Picture Moulding'.
JE31. C3-IEJ :e OLsrosr.
f Reduced Rates. ' 1 . : .
Effective March 22d. The O. R. & N.
Co. will reduce their round trip rates
letween Portland and. The Dalles as fol
lows : . Two day rate, eood going Satur
day and returning Monday, night, $3.
Ten day tickets $3.50. Good on all
'.rains.. v. E. E. Lytle, , ,
m24-dAwtf . Agent
"Tk Regulator Line'
Tie Dalles. Portland, and Astoria
Navigation Co.
Frelgiit auff PassBngsr Lias;
Through Daily Trips (Sundays ex
cepted) between The Dalles and" Port.,
land. Steamer Regulator leaves The'
Dalles at 8 a.m.. connecting at the Cas
cade Locke with Steamer Dalles City.
Steamer Dalles City leaves Portland
(Oak Bt'-eet dock) at'7 a. m., connect
ing wills Steamer Regulator for The
Dalles. '
iB8KN(ll:R KATES.'
One way.
Bound trip..
.'. 12.00
. . 3.00
v atss Greatly Reduced.
All freight, .except car lots,
xvill be brought through, ivith--out
delay at Cascades. , .
Shipments for Portland received at .
any time day or night. Shipments for
ay ' landings must be delivered before
5 p. m. Live stock shipments solicted.
Call on or address,
.' General Assst-
DHorxherim -
' s
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Sleeping Cars
' N '. ' '.'
Through Tickets
. For information, time cards, maps and tickets,
eal on or write to . r
W. CvAXiliWAY.-AKeDt,:, ",
Tne Daues, Oregon
A. D. OH ARLTON.' Asst. G. P. A., .
1 255, Morrlbon Cor. Third. Portland, Oregon
. President
J. II. Pattbbsoi. -.
First Rational Batik.
A General Banking Business transacted
Deposits received, subject to Sight -.
Draft or Check.
Collections made and proceeds promptly
. remitted on da; of collection. .
8ight and" Telegraphic Exchange Bold on
1 New York, San Francisco an Dort
; ; . .. f land.
1 " dirbotohs. . ,'
D. Pw Thompson. ; no. S. SciiiNCK.
Ed. M. W1LLIAK3, . , Gko. A. Lixbs.
H. M. Bbaxju . .
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
-P::.-' ' S56-
; i p??U. . .. . .
1 1