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by Smooth-Tongued Peddlars
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The Dalles Daily Cfifonicie.
APRIL 10.J1896
Random Observations and Local Events
of Lesser Magnitude.
Forecast Light ehower9 tonight; to
Seufert Bros, started irn some of theiJ
.fish wheels today. J
Maya & Crowe will give away another?
bicycle this evening.
The river is now ten feet above low
water mark.rising 8-tentbs of a foot since
The box sheet at Blakeley & Hough-
ton's drugstore will be opened tomorrow
morning at 9 o'clock for sale of seats for
"The Confederate Spy."
Rev. Frank Abram Powell delivered a
very interesting lecture on phrenology,
concluding his talk with some delinea
ations. His lecture will be continued
this evening.
Word is received todav that Waited
Moore and John Michell have beenlJ
nominated joint senators and F. M.
Jones and B. S. Huntington joint repre
sentativea in the state legislature. fH
xieiurninE citizens 01 i ne Danes irom
the Portland state convention are of the
opinion that the Carey faction has been
grossly misrepresented by the press of
Portland, although the methods of both
the Simon and the Carey factions have
been open to criticism.
The apparatus for operating the huge
gates at the Locks is now all placed and
' a successful trial was made yesterday.
By attaching cables to the hydraulic ma
chine, the big . gates .were opened and
closed with apparently iittle effort. No
water has yet been turned into the
canal. 4
. Judge Blakeley and Commissioner
Darnielle, with the county surveyor
went this morning to the county road
leading to town three .miles from the
city, for the purpose of ascertaining the
work needed to make a good grade.'
Stakes will be set by the surveyor, and
' an estimate furnished of the amount of
work to be done and its probable coat.
Early Morning Fire.
Fire broke out about 3 :30 o'clock this
morning in a, bawdy? house on the alley
back of Marders & Michelbach'a saloon. fl
The fire was caused from a cigarette!
which . caught the lace curtains and:
quickly communicated itself to , the
whole room. -The fire bell was prompt
ly rung, but some men running in thel
nouse quicKiy exunguisnea tne names
by pulling down the curtains and throw-:
ing the burning furniture out of the:
bouse. A few gallons of water did the
rest. The Jackson Engine company and
the Columbia Hose each got their carta
out within five minutes after the alarm
bell started ringing, but happily thefeJ
was no occasion for their servicea
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Spring Stock Now Ready.
Seufert Bros. Employ Guards to Pre
vent a Repetition of Astoria
Russian Finns are running the fishing
business with a high hand down at As
toria. Michael Pecovitch, a native of Aus
tria, but a naturalized American citi
zen, while engaged driving piles in the
river for trap fishing was approached bv
a fleet of some 200 of these Russians,
and compelled on pain of death by
hanging, to pull up the piles he bad
driven, and set them loose on the ocean.
He says he is a ruined man, but will try
to get damages from the county allowing
such an un-American procedure on
American soil. While Pecovitch' was at
woik destroying his own property, an
other boat came over with a Russian
brass band, and the incongruity was wit
nessed of a mob of unnaturalized foreign
pirates forcibly destroying an American
citizen's property, with a brass band
standing by playing "America," and
the leader of the mob with a rope in his
hands ready to commit murder.
Pecovitch said : "At about the time
that half my property had been de
stroyed, another fishing boat came over
with a lot of young Russian Finn women,
dressed up in their holiday attire, and
then the mob turned itself loose for a
good time. They cheered and sang and
shouted, and the men fired off guns, and
all had a regular jollification while my
property was being destroyed. They all
stayed until the last pole was pulled up,
after which the leader ordered all to
leave and, before going, he warned us
never again, on paiD of death, to attempt
to put down traps in the Columbia river.
I am a ruined man. I had . bought gear
and made every preparation for the
season's fishing, and my loss will not be
less than $500." -
Mr. F. A. Seufert of this city, who has
large fishing interests above The Dalles,
has ebecome fearful that bis property
may be destroyed by fire by some of
these Russian law-breakers, as they
have threatened - that will allow no
wheels to run on the entire river, unless
the 5 cent rate ia paid. Seufer Bros.
paid 3 cents last year, and they got
along harmoniously with their men, and
there waB no trouble. To prevent some
Astoria foreign tough coming up on the
night train firing bia wheels, and re
turning again the same night, Mr.
Seufert has placed guards at all of his
wheelB and the cannery, and haa pub
lished and posted the following notice:
The Dalles, Or., Apr. 10, 1896.
Owing to the trouble between the
Fishermen's Union, and the Columbia
Packers' Association, which started at
the mou'.h of the river several nights
ago, we warn the public not to trespass
on our property or approach any of our
wheels after dark, aa we have placed
guarda on them and will maintain our
righta to our property against lawless
ness, if any attempt ia made to destroy
Seufebt Bsos.
Chinese .Doctor Dies. .
The death of Dr. Song Sing, the Chi
nese physician, who baa resided in
Baker City many yeara and counted
among his patrons numerous white peo-
comprising all
are now ready
make a special
.". . . .
Coming Century
... .
pie, died in Chinatown Tuesday morn
ing at y o ciock alter a Drier illness at
the advanced age of 75 yeara, eays the
Democrat. Dr. Song Sing was an early
pioneer of Boise Basin, Idaho, where he
practiced bis herb cures until coming to
Baker City about ten years ago. Among
his own people he waa highly esteemed,
and being a member of the Chinese
Masonic order he will be given an elabo
rate funeral.
Oregon State Democratic Conven-
tion in Session.
Portland, April 9. "Free silver, and
plenty of HI'.' seems to be the shibbo
leth of the Democratic state convention
in session in A. O. TJ. W. ball today. At
the caucus held last night, so report haa
it, it waa determined to ignore all aspir
ants to political favor at the hands of
this convention who would not unquali
Ik V.
fiedly subscribe to the 16 to-1 article
faith. This also was the burden of talk
in the Hotel Perkins corridors before,
the convention was called to order thisVlocal which arrived Udy noon. A
forenoon. presaging ; that silver, and
nothing but the white metal will be the
momentum to sway this body of repre
sentative Democrats. "
The sound-money Democrats who' were
quartered at the Imperial, at a caucus-
held by them last night, reached the
conclusion not to enter the lists for the
permanent organization of the conven
tion, aa they are outnumbered by about
two to one. Thia faction ia opposed to
making the money question an issue at
this time, and advocates its relegation to
the national convention.
The foreshadowing was verified in all
its'essenUals daring this forenoon's ses
sion of the convention, which was called
to order by D. W. Bears of Independ
ence, chairman of the state committee,
at 10 :15 o'clock. To the credit of the
gentlemen comprising this convention it
must be said that at the outset they
conducted themselves as if they were in
a church, but subsequent proceedings
were marked by the noisy features at
tendant upon the meetings of all great
political bodies.
P. H. D'Arcy waa nominated chair
man by acclamation.
A spirited argument arose over the
committee to be appointed on resolu
tions. , S. F. Floed, of Douglass, moved that
the delegation of each county name one
of ita members to constitute a commit
tee on platform and resolutions.
T. H. Crawford moved an amendment
that the chair appoint thia committee,
on the ground that he ia familiar with
the leading Democratic spirits in the
-i. ao not aouDt tnat tne chairman is
well acquainted with all the Democrats
in Oregon, but the majority shall rule,
and when possible the people shall
speak," replied Mr. Floed. "I am very
much in earnest that my motion shall
F. A. E. Starr, detecting what he be
lieved to be a sinister motive in Mr.
x ioea'8 motion, saia tnat tnere was no
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Maier & Benton
have moved their
Grocery and Hard
ware Store in the
building" formerly
occupied by I; C.
Nickelsen, opposite
A. M. Williams &
Co., in the French
Where they can "be
. found "with a complete
stock of Groceries and
"Hardware, Stoves, &o.
Telephone No. 4 on
. . "both phones. :
Hit. Adams Pine.
Mr. R. Lauderbach of Lauderbach
Bros., merchants and mill men of White
Salmon, returned home this morning
after a short business trip in this sec
tion. He haa taken orders among the
cannerymen for 30,000 fish boxes, prin
cipally with Messrs. Seufert, Taffe and
Herrick. Thia looks very much aa if
those gentlemen intended to catch-some
salmon. Mr. Lauderbach informed a
reporter that the company have on
hand now for eastern shipment a half
million feet of white .pine lumber of the
Mt. Adams variety, a very fine grade of
wood used for finishing fnaterial.J
Mr. E. M. Shutt came in from Port
land todav. . .
Mrs. Hilton Vno
daughter Florence,
id last evening. . J
returned from PorUand
Mr. B. S. Buntington, W,
H. WilsoTsJ
and W. A. Johnson
returned laet nightj
from Portland.
r" Messrs. Hnorh -Glenn. F.- W. WilsoiM
Miss Willie Hanna, a school teacher
at Union, who haa been visiting Miss
hull in this city, went to iugene on the
Regulator this morning.
Mr. C. W. Rice, who has been in
California for the past two months,
principally in the San Joaquin -valley,
returned home today much improved in
Through trains on the O. R. & N will
run via Umatilla, Walla Walla and Pen
dleton. Through aleepera, first and sec
ond class will run in connection with the
Union Prcific, the same aa heretofore.
A through first-class sleeper from Port
land to Spokane, connecting with the
first-class sleeper to St. Paul and a
through tonriet sleeper from Portland to
St. Paul, will be run tn connection with
the Great Northern railway.
E. E. Lytle, Agent.
J. W. Pierce, Republic, Ia., says : "I
have used One Minute Cough Cure in
my family and for myself, with result eo
entirely satisfactory that I can hardly
find words to express myself as to its
merit. I will never fail to recommend
It to others, on every occasion that pre
sents itself." For sale by Snipes-Kiner-aley,
Drug Co.
- Awarded
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard, ;
Into paying $70 or $75 for. a Steel Range w hen you can
buy a better Kange right at home for $15 to $20 less.
'We will sell you a. better Range, the " SUPERIOR,"
with copper reservoir, for $55, and we guarantee it .to be a3
good as any, and better than many. . V
We do not come around once in 5 or 10 years. -We live
here, do business here, and are here to stay. . -
This space is
T. Peters & Co.
Jacobson Book & Music Co,
and Harry Liebe
have moved in the old Vogt Store
on Washington Street, opposite
The Chronicle Office.
Successor to Chrlaman & Corson. -
- . . -
Again in business at the old stand. I would be pleased to
aee all my former patrons. Free delivery to any part of town. -
Try a Bottle.
Atwood's Syrup of Tar, Horeh.ou.nd and Wild
Cherry lor that Cough. .
Th Tysrh Val
ley Creamery
Ask Vanbi'b'ber & Worsley for it.
45c. Erery Square is Full Weight.
"Live and let live."
You are invited to FRED. FISHERY'S
New Grocery Store, where you -will find all
the Lowest Prices. Goods delivered to any
part of the city. : .
reserved for Joseph
Tygh Valley
A. A. B.
.Telephone 270.