The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, February 20, 1896, Image 4

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fite Has Ever Known. Words of Praiaa
from a How Yor!j Lady for . . ,
"I would like to w!i! my testimony to
that of o:1ilt:i" v:is liuvo uauil- .Ayer's
Pills, and to .mi.v Ibat 1 have taken them
for many ycr.rn, r.;:! always derived 1'io
best rcsniis from tlie::- u.-c. i'r s'.oi::
ai'h nail liver tro:i!i!i-s, :ti;d I-r tl: rim;
of hoailaclic caiisc! Vy t ilera r!rf
Luents, Ajei'.-i Vi'.'n cuMiut l:a cqiuiiu-.i.
When my f:i;ni1 u-1; inn wlii'.t if. 1.1 :o
best remedy for disorders of the stc!:;
ach, liv;:r, or bowels, my invariable
answer is, Ayer's Pills. Taken in sen
son, they will break up a cold, prevent
la grippe, check fever, and regulate tI:o
. digestive organs. They are easy to
take, and are, indeed, the best all-ronnd
family medieino I have ever known."
Mrs. May Johnson, 2CS Kider Avenue,
Now York Citv.
Highest Honors at World's Fair.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla Cures all Blood Disorders.
Capt. Sherman is in the city.
Mr. L. Lamb left for Mosier today.
Mr. P. Dehuff went to Portland today
on company business.
Proeecuting Attorney A. A. Jayne
leaves for Arlington ting evening.
Mrs. Hieby was a passenger on the
Regulator this morning, returning to her
home at Lyie.
Mr. Robert Mavs and bride arrived on
the train lssjmjuht and are in the city,
They will go tj5"3ii41ope in the morning,
Mr. J. C. Wheeler returned to Hood
River this morning, having concluded
his duties "as a juryman before circuit
court. .
Misa Maggie Carey, who has been
visiting her eister, Mrs. Ed. Rises, re
turned home to the Locks this morning
on the Regulator.
Mr. liana has just returned from a
trip through Colorado. He reports fine
weather through that country; no snow
;and stock doing well. At Cripple Creek
ihere are at least 50,000 people. Mr.
"Bonn was absent almost two weeks. He
-left Gns Bonn at Cannon City to reca
perate his health.
Is lour Same Written There?
Concluded from third page.
Mefcthem.Wm 1 90 McCown, Clark 2 00
Miller, Geo. . . 1 70 Miller, J H 2 50
Murphy, W M 2 00 Miller, Jno 1 70
Mel, Oneal... 5 00 Miller, W B. . . 1 70
McCormick.P. 1 50 Moore, G E. .. 4 00
Nelson, Ella.. 1 70 Nuton, Ed.... 1 70
Nieleen, Cbas. 1 20 Nelson, Ella.". 1 70
kj Connor, Jno 1 ill)
O'Connor, Jno 1 20 Olsen, Harrv.. 8 20
Osborn, D 1 70O?Shea, M . " . . 1 70
Powell, Chtis. 3 00 Pennington, J 2 00
Palmer, W B. 1 50 Pratt, O L 4 00
Pike, H N 1 20 Porter, John. . 1 50
Power, R A . . 3 77 Parsons, J 1 70
Raben, Jas... 3 10 Robertson.GW 1 60
Right, Robt. . 1 20 Runyon, G W 3 60
Ryan, John . . 1 20 Robinson, Wm 1 20
Reichant, Ueo 1 70 Richart, G T. . 1 80
Rawson, H A. 1 00 Rogers, Wm.. 2 20
-Sigman.R 1 '0 Savage, B 40
otiien, ijbu ... x ij oeoit, uaviu . . 1 u
rSmith, John. . 4 70 Smith, Mis E 1 70
Saunders, C P 1 20 Sternweie, J H 2 20
Sherman, W J 1 70 Smith, Jas L. . 1 50
Staley, J 1 70 Settlemier, G. 1 20
Spencer, HD. 1 20 Stoddard, Jno. 1 20
Scolls, Mr 4 -75 Sanford, O D.. 5 20
Therein, R... 1 20 Thompson, JP 1 20
Taylor, Henry 75
"Utz, R L.... . 1 70 Vaughn, W H 1 70
Williams, III 3 05Wilhelm, Wm 1 70
Wedekind, W 1 70 Wood, John.. 2 20
Wilhelm, J... 1 70 Wickstrom, J. 4 00
Williams, Ths 1 70 Walker, JuliaA 1 70
Woodard, Jno 1 50 Wilkinson, A. 1 40
Wattpn, RL. 1 00 White. Jae.... 1 70
Weber, E A. . 1 20 Wakefield, D.. 1 70
Williams Alias 1 70 Water?, Cbas. 2 20
Wilson, Mrs S 1 70 Waite, E M. .. 1 89
Weeder F. ... 1 70 White, Francis 1 70
Weist, W H.. 2 00 Williams, Thos 1 70
Thomp. Waltr 2 00 Walker, Robt. 1 70
Ah Yum 1 70 Young, C 1 70
i . : 1 . rrrt O it. T f -
Sheriff's Sale on Execution.
' The sale of real estate on execution in
the case of C. W. Dielzel vs. Ezra Hen-
sen et al took place Feb. 13th for the no
qr sec 17, tp 3 8 r 14 e. : The highest bid
was by R. F. Gihons and J. M. Marden
and was sold to them for $394.50.
On the 15th of February the sale on
-, ,M"iiS,.-..''
execution took place of the a hf sw qr,
ne qr sw qr and sw qr of se qr sec 23, tp
1 n r 13 e, in the cause of Ferd H. Diet-
zel vs. W. A. Miller et al. G. A. Miller
was the purchaser for $1,315.
Don't invite disappointment by exper
imenting. Depend upon One Minute
Cough Cure and you have immediate re
lief. It cures croup. The only harmless
remedy that produces immediate re
sults. For sale by Snipes-Kinersly
Drug Co.
For the Maccabees, Dalles to Hood
River and return, using regular, trains
Nos. 7 and 2, on Feb. 21st. the O. R. &
N. Co. will sell, ronnd trip tickets to a
party of 25 or more for$l each, less than
tbat number and more than 10 persons,
$1.20 each. Return limited to 22d. td
When Baby was sick, we gav her Castoris.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Costoria.
When she had Children, she save them, Castor).
One light red cow, branded ST on
left hip, with red and white between
horns and on- flanks and one drooped
horn. Also one white bull calf with
black and yellow speks on neck, branded
ST on right side or hip. Will pay $5 re
ward. Address Stewart, Dutch Flat,
The Dalles. dwlm
Quick in effect, heals and leaves no
scar. Burning, scaly skin eruptions
quickly cured by DeWitt'a Witch Hazel
Salve. Applied to burns, scalds, old
sores, it is magical in effect. -Always
cures piles. Sold by Snipes-Kinersly
Drug Co.
Hellol Hello!
This is the County Treasurer. He
wants all county warrants registered
prior to April 1, 1892, presented at his
office, corner Third and Washington,
for he is ready to pay the same. Inter
est ceases after January 15th.
Wm. Micheix,
......... County Treas.
- A Mil U 1'hvHic. One PHI Tor a Ioe.
A movement of the bowejs each d&y is noceswu v fop
health. These pills supply what the nytacm lacks to
tnake it reenl&r. They cure Headache, brighten the
Eyes,nd clear the Complexion better than cosmetics.
They neither Rripe nor eicken. To convince yon,
frill mail fuunple free, or full box for STms, Sold every,
vhttro. DR. BOSANKO MED. CO., Philadelphia, Pa,
The above association is
prepared to take a list of all
and any kind of Ileal Estate
for sale or e change, whereby
the seller will have the undi
vided assistance of the follow
ing Real Estate Agents, or
ganized as an association for
the purpose of inducing im
migration to Wasco and Sher
man Counties, and generally
stimulating the sale of prop
erty: C. E. Bayard, T. A. Hud
son, J. G. Koontz & Co., J. 'M.
Huntington & Co., N. Wheal
don, Gibons & Marden, G. W.
Address any of the above
well known firms, or
J. M Huntington, Sec.
TnE Dalles. Oregon
LIME and
Picture Moulding.
you can't
rr irrrrn - m
o Place Like Home
In your home you have a COMPA?JON FOR LIFE
It stimulates the APPETITE
Strengthens the NERVES
Gives you a good night's REST
pine Cllines
Domsstic and
St. Louis and Milwaukee
67 Second St.,
I am now selling Men's and Boys' Clothing,
Fancy and Dress Goods, Cloaks, Capes, Shoes,
and everything else
goods store.
Legal subdividing and re-establishing
of old corners. Executed with lirst-class
solar instrument. Terms reasonable.
febl2 Addres3 Endereby P. O.
I am
Take your order for a well.
' I have the latest in .well-drilling ma
chinery run with gasoline engine. Sat
isfactory work guaranteed at reason e
priceB. Call on or write me for full in
feblO The Dalles, Or.
T -if, t
and Liiquotfs,
Key West Cigars,
Bottled Beer.
Brewery Beer on Draught,
The Dalles, Oregon,
for a
found m a first-class dry-
The Kellojrsf French Tnilor system of
Dress Cuttine, taught at 340. Morrison
Street, Portland. Oregon. B. B. Hyde.
Aeent. Lessons not limited. Each
scholar Can brine In a dress and Is (aught
w lyUL. ott i mm riiiisn cumpieie. rat
terns eut to order warranted. Cuttlnsr and
fitt ecialty. Accordion'plaitlng made
For Sale. -
Silver-laced Wyandottea chickens;
good layers, especially in winter. Fine
table fowl. Egea . per thirteen, (1.50.
A few yonng Cockerels for sale, $1 each.
febo-lm Mks. A. A. Bonnes.
n ' CTilrhtor'ii EncHnV Diamond Bnui ' :
'enhyroyal pills
49MlnuI and Only Genuine.
tdvrmj reliable, ladies uk
UroRfrlst for Chichester Englith Dia-,
monl Brand in Kcd mad Gold. metallitT
TTV --G'J'4hoxes. sealed with blae ribbon. Take
"TtM Smi. K'sTno otlicr. eAt onoeroiu mbtiiiu
I . fTt arui itniizaton. At Drucirist. or send 4&
I W. JJ In tta:npa for partfculn.rst testimonials said
V V 'ICeUcf for Ydle,'nUU9rt by retsra
k Jjr MnIL lO.OOO TtsumouiiUa. Kame faper.
. 1 Chl-heatri-C'n.firal tflow. iKwdUon riquH. A
old hj ut LolxL T- gc?m.
;u,,u . iuuiviji. a Nii(iT curt. uitcuiMr wot rfN, prlao
Auo. KruaUuBU. 1K. liVSAAkU, fMilsW Pa,
1 ron
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Sleeping Cars
Through Tickets
For information, time cards, maps and tickets,
cai on or wnie 10
W. C. ALLAWAY. Aeent.
ine uaiies, Oregon,
A. T, CHARLTON. Asst. G. P. A.,
255, Morrison .Cor. Third. Portland, Oregon
"The Regulator Line'
Tie Dalles. Portland aid Astoria
Navigation Co.
hitjinpj snaPcSsonggrLin?.
Through Daily Trips (Sundays ex
cepted) between The Dalles and Port
land. Steamer Regulator ' leaves The
Dalles at 7 a.m., connectingat the Cas
cade Locks with Steamer Dalles City.
Steamer Dalles City leaves Portland
(Oak street dock) at 6 a. m., connect
ing with Steamer Regulator for The
Dalles. ,
One way . . . .
Round trip.
. 3.00
Freight Rales Greatly Reduced.
Airfreight, except car lots,
will be -brought through, "with
out delay at Cascades.
. . Shipments for Portland received at
any time day or night. Shipments for
nay landings must be delivered before
5 p. m. Live stock shipments eolicted.
Call on or address,.
General Agent
Geo. W. Jenkins, editor of the Santa
Maria "Times," Cal., in speaking of the
various ailments of children said:
When my children have croup there is
;uly one patent medicine J ever use, and
mat is Chamberlain's Cc'h Remedy.
It poesesses some medica properties
that relieve the little suffered immedi
ately. It is, in my opinion, the best
cou . m edicine in the market." . If this
remedy is freely given as soon as the
croup cough appears it will prevent the
attack. It is also an ideal remedy for
whooping cough. ... There is no danger in
giving it to children, as it contains noth
ing injurious. - For Bale by Blakeley &
Houghton, Druggist.
. Two Lives Saved. :
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City
111. was told by her , doctors' she bad
Consumption and that there was no hope
for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's
New Discovery completely cured : her
and she says it saved her life. Mr. Thos.
Eggers, 139 Florida St. San Francisco,
suffered from a dreadful cold, approach
ing Consumption, tried without result
everything else then bought one bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery and in two
weeks was cured, lie is naturally thank
ful. . It is such results, of which these
are samples, that prove the wonderful
efficacy of t his medicine in Coughs and
Colds. Free trial bottles at Blakeley &
Houghton's Drug Store. Regular size
50 cents and $1 00. -
Subscribe for The Chronicle.
8100 Reward SIOO. i
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its - stages, and
that is Catarrh. - Hall's Catarrh Cure is
the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the foun
dation of the disease, and giving the
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers, that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any case
that it fails to cure. Send for list of
testimonials. Address :
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
S?"Sold by Druggists, 75 cents.
The Btubllnu Green Honae.
We wish to announce that we have a
complete stock of the following designs :
Masons, Odd Fellows, Elks; Knights
of Pythias 3 kinds; Workmen, .Wood
men, Red Men, Firemen's Triumph &
Helmet, Eastern Star; Lyres, 2 sizes;
Wreaths, 7 sizes; Horse Shoe, 3 sizes;
Broken Wheel, 2 sizes; Anchor, 3 sizes;
Flying and Sitting Doves; Open Bible;
Gates Ajar ; Crosses and Crowns united ;
Flower baskets, 3 sizes ; a large assort
ment ot welcome and wedding bells : a
deduction made if wires are returned.
We are at all times prepared to fill these
designs with beautiful flowers at reason
able rates.
Mks. A. L. Stubling & Son.
Situation wanted by a oung lady to
do housework. Inquire at the Union St.
Lodging House. '"," ' feblo-3t
f Bor Sale or Trade.
- For improved city property a farm
four miles from The Dalles, with bear
ing orchard. Apply at this office.
f 141
Just received at the Waeco Warehouse
a carload of "Byers Best" Pendleton
flour. ; This flour has no superior on the
Pacific coast Try it. . d7-tf .
It not only is so, it must be so, One
Minute. Cough Care acts quickly, and
that's what makes it go. Snipes-Kiner-ely,
Drug Co.
Don't forget to call at the New Candy
Factory and try some of the fresh choc
olate creams, marshmellow taffy .carbon
ated peanut and almond bar. Remem
ber.that W. T. Moore manufactures his
own candies and uses non-poisonous
colors. Give him a call.
A high liver with a torpid liver will
not be a lone liver. Correct the liver
with DeWItt's Littfe Early Rieers, little
pills that cure dyspepsia and constipa
tion. Snipes-Kinersly, Drue Co.
"Give me a liver regulator and I can
regulate the world," said a genius. The
druggist handed him a bottle of DeWitt'a
Little Early Risers, the famous little
pills. For sale by Snipes-Kinersley
Drug Co.
For Bent.,
: A good, responsible tenant can rent a
fine farm of 160 acres, situated ten miles
from The Dalles. Apply to W. E.
Campbell, Endersby. Ill-dw2w
For Sale or Trade.
x Three second-hand wagons; one thor
oughbred Jersey bull ; one seven-eight
TV . I . 1 1 ; : Km.
' Fbazeb & Jsbell's Feed Yard,.
j22-d&wlm The Dalles, Oregon
For the occasion . of Sousa's band in
Portland, the O. R. & N. Co will sell
round trip tickets on the 17th and 18th
insts, good . returning on . or before
Feb. 19th. Tickets on sale at the Uma
tilla House ticket office or depot, td
Bueklan'i Armca native. -
The best salve in the world for cute,
bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fevc-i
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruption1?, and posi
tively cures piles,, or no pay required
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale by Blakeley and
Houghton, druggists.
You hear it almost everywhere, and
read it in the newspapers, that Simmons
Liver Regulator is the best liver remedy,
and the best Sprinc medicine, and . the
best blood medicine.- . u' medi
cine of any consequence thai se is
Simmons Liver Regulator." So wrote
Mr. R. A. Cobb, of Morgantown, N. C.
And W. F. Park, M. D., ot Tracy City,
Tenn, writes : "Simmons Liver Regula
tor is the best."-
J. W. Pierce, Republic, la., says: "I
have used One Minute Cough Cure in
my family and for myself, with result so
entirely satisfactory that I can hardly
find words . to express myself as to Its
merit... I will never fail to recommend
It to others, on every occasion" that pre
sents itself.". For sale by Snipes-Kiner-eley,
Drug Co. . - ' . . . . , ; ;
Soothing, heating, cleansing, De Witt's
Witch HazeL Salve, is . the enemy to
eores, wounds and piles, which it never
tails to cure. Stops itching and burning.
Cures chapped lips and cold-eorea in two
or three hours." For sale by Snipes
Kinersly, Drug Co.