The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, January 21, 1896, Image 1

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NO. 11
It Will Not Sail for Ameri
can Waters.
Bis Royal Highness Discusses the Rea
sons Why England Is so Cor
dially Elated by Other
London, Jan. 20. In spite of the as
sertion of a sensational news agency to
the contrary, the Associated Press is in a
position to repeat its assertion of Satur
day last, that it had been informed bv
the British admiralty that the destina
tion of the flying squadron, now at Spit
head, is not yet determined upon even
by the admiralty, and certainly it will
not go to Bermuda or anywhere in
American waters for the present.
Reports from New York that com
munications regarding the destination of
the British flying'squadron, have passed
between the governments of the United
States and Great Britain, are pronoun'
ced utterly without foundation.
Lord Flayfair, who is prominently
identified with the movement to estab
lieh a permanent board for international
arbitration, had a long interview today
with United States Ambassador Bayard.
Reasons Ha Glres for the Dnlyerial
Dislike of England.
London, Jan. 20. The Times gives
great prominence in its columns to a let
ter signed "A Foreigner," discussing the
reasons why England is hated. Its Im
portance lies in the fact that the. writer
is really King Leopold, of Beligum, who
is visiting London, and that he arrays
himself as the only champion of the
British cause who has been found in
Europe during the present crisis.
The following shows the tenor of his
majesty's letter :
"As one who has taken, daring a half
century, the keenest interest in English
politics and who has always followed
with great admiration the spirit of enter
prise, unflinching love of liberty and
great achievements of your nation all
over the world, I cannot suppress my
astonishment on finding that not only
Americans, TurkB, and Boers, but nearly
all the nations of Europe and Asia mani-
fest great animosity toward Great Brit
ain , and I, very naturally, ask myself
what on earth may have caused that un
animous hatred and what is the reason
they pour the vials of their wrath npon
the English?
"Success has in all times engendered
envy and animosity, and particularly if
this success is the outcome of national
qnalities in which others are lacking.
Germany, France and Russia, in compar
ing their gigantic military budget with
the comparatively small outlays of Eng
land, for her defense, must certainly feel
vexed and still more must their respect
ive people envy the British citizen "who
does not feel the burden of compulsory
military -service and still enjoyes the
liberty, might and power of the greatest
empire that ever existed.
"The Russian, like all Asiatics, is
carefully hiding his feelings. He im
itates the Englishman in habits and
manners. He acknowledges his mental
superiority. In appearence he respects
him ever, but more deep-seated in his
hatred and his efforts to oust him in
Asia are redoubled.
"In Germany the relation is totally
different. Since 1870, the formerly
modest, quiet and inoffensive German
has fallen into the vice of seli-admira-tion
and one has only to mention the
spreading or the English language all
over the globe, the gigantic commercial
relations of Great Britain and the ubi
quity of the union jack in all seas to
raise anger and dislike."
There is much more on this subject
and the king of , the Belgians concludes
with a prophecy of many disturbances
similar to that cf last week, but 'final
British triumph over all adversaries.
They 'W 111 Invite Chief Clarence to
New, Yobk, Jan. 20. A dispatch to
the Herald from Colon says ; '
It is rumored here that the Mosquito
Indians, including Chief Andrew Henry
will invite Chief Clarence to return to
the Mosquito territory. Chief Clarence
was deposed by the Nicaraguans in 1894,
and subsequently went to Jamaica,
where, it was said, he was in receipt
of a pension from the British govern
Great Britain refused to recognize the
new Nicaraguan government set up in
Bluefields after the deposition of Chief
Clareuce, and out of this grew the trou
bles that resulted in Great Britain eend
ing a equadron to Corinto to enforce the
payment of indemnity demanded by
Great Britain for the expulsion of the
British vice-consul at. Bluefields. Chief
Henry was appointed as the succeesor of
Chief Clarenca.
A. French View.
Paeis, Jan. 20. Eclaire today, com
menting upon suggested additions to the
Monroe doctrine, remarks : "Does the
American government think it is strong
enough to appropriate in its own inter
est one of the two hemispheres, and for-
Did Europe to have access to at least
half of the world? If it pushes Its ex
travagant pretensions to this point, the
only thing that can happen will be that
all Europe will arrive at an understand
ing by which they will close their ports
to American ships, a measure which will
make America ask. tor mercy witnin a
"Why does America assume an atti
tude she cannot maintain?"
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