The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, November 30, 1895, Image 3

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s 2 :
Thanksgiving Week Specials.
Walnuts, per pound :..10 cents
Almonds, " ". 10 "
Raisins, - ?---. - ;i05 "
These , are the very clioicest goods that can be
purchased, especially selected for this occasion. The
.Almonds are "paper shell" and fresh ; the Walnuts
extra large and handsome ; the raisins are "4 Crown,"
the largest. and finest grown in California; the
Currants have been most thoroughly recleaneed and
' are absolutely free from dross.
Currants, per pound 07 cents .
Citrons, ".. 15 "
Cranberries, per quart ..T..10 , "
Reg.; Special.-
Bleached : $ .50 $ .42 yd
" 65 .52 "
75 .60 "
1.00 ;75 "
1.25 .95 "
1.40 1.20 "
Bee. ' Soecial.
Unbleached $ .50 $ .42yd
.65 .47 "
.75 .60 "
85 .72 "
Reg. Special.'
Five-eighths $1.00 $. ;85 per doz
.: 1.25 1.00
Resr. Special.
Three-fourths $1.50 $1.25 per doz
2.00 1.65
Twelve Inch $ .75 $ .60
Twenty Inch 2.00 1.65
Eighteen Inch ........ 1.50 1.20
We are also showing a handsome assortment of
Linen Sets and Tray Cloths at special prices this
Free Delivery Within City Limits.
The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
ntetcd i
the Postoffiee at The Dalles, Oregon
as second-class matter.
10 Ceiita per liue for first insertion, and 6 Cents
ter line for each subsequent Insertion.
Special rates for long time notices.
. A Illegal notices received later than 8 o'clock
will sppcar the following day.
Leaves From tbe Notebook of Chronicle
Hot clam broth at 4 o'clock: today at J.
O. Mack's, 67 Second street.
The Home Dramatic Club will bold a
rehearsal in the opera house this evening.
Four cars of cattle from Baker City to
Trontdale passed through The Dalles
this morning.
The attention' of The Dalles Elks is
called to the meeting this evening in the
parlors of the Umatilla House.
Hans Hansen is able to be again on
the street, after a severe . tussle with
lumbago. He walks with the aid of a
cane. ,
It is probable that the case of the
State vs. Denton will be called up for re
trial as soon as the Chinese case is
finished. :
The new cottage of Mrs. Bolton on the
hill, near the residence of James Snipes,
just completed, is about finished and is
very tasty in appearance.'
The morning subject at tne Christian
church tomorrow will be the "New. Tes
tament Divided, In the evening it will
be "Coming Oat of the Dark Ages."
Sheriff Driver started this afternoon
for Salem, with Myron Taft, sentenced
to the penitentiary, and Charles Her
man committed to the reform school.
Prof. N. N. Riddell will hold a mass
meeting for men only jn the M. E.
church tomorrow at 3 p. ro. Subject of
address, "The New Man and the Tiger."
' Next spring will see a great deal of
building done in The Dalles. A good
many houses are already being planned
and more are now in contemplation.
Carpenters expect a busy season.
The ; lecture by Professor Howard C.
Tripp will take place this evening in the
Firet Baptist church. All friends ot the
temperance cause are invited to attend
and by their presence lend encourage
ment to the speaker and his work.
Manager Eirgield is booking some
high class attractions - for Tbe Dalles.
Tbe Chase' Stock Company which will
appear at tbe Baldwin next week, is
well spoken of by the critics. Some
other attractions are in view, whose
coming will bt. welcomed by the theater
going people of The Dalles.
A band of Shetland ponies from near
Goldendale attracted attention yesterday
especially among little folks. The
horses were on exhibition at Ward &
Kerns' barn for the greater part of the
day. They were shipped on the Regu
lator this morning to Portland, where
they will be offered for sale.
Judge Bradsbaw has made an order
that the jury in the Chinese murder
case shall not be separated during the
progress of the trial. A3 a result, the
jurymen will get a very Intimate ac
quaintance with one another and with
Bailiff Jackson belore the case is ended.
The pastor, Rev. O. D. Taylor, will
conduct the usual service at the First
Baptist church tomorrow morning at 11
o'clock. He will speak of some things
learned during his eastern trip. At 3
o'clock in the afternoon and at 7 :30 in
the evening Mr. Howard C. Tripp will
speak upon temperance, under the aus
pices of the Good: Templars. '
Commencing Dec. lst Mrs. M; E.
Briggs will offer great bargains in mil
linery goods. Full line of infant's
goods, children's coats, also bonnets and
caps, Frimmed hats sold at one-half
marked price. Fine line of children's
wraps at $1.50, $1.75, $2.50 and $3.00.
Call and see the quality of these goods
and be convinced of the bargains.
The Congregational church, corner
Court and Fifth streets Sunday services
as usual. At 11 a. m. and at 7 :30 p. in.,
worship, and a sermon by the pastor,
W. C. Curtis. Sunday school immedi
ately after the morning service. Meet
ing of the Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor ai 6:30 p. m. ; topic,
Is my heart right with God? Prov. iv:
20-27. All persons not worshipping
elsewhere are cordially invited.
" The lecture of Prof. Riddell at the
Methodist cnurcb. last evening was very
largely attended. The audience was
much pleased with the lecturer and his
theme and listened with cIobb attention
to all that was said. The subject of the
evening-was "Blunders" and the epeaker
handled it in a novel and forcible man
ner. There's no question but what Prof.
Riddell is an unusually good speaker and
those who did 'not hear him last night
missed something they would have en
joyed. " . . . ' -' ' ; - ' ::
Lee Chu, a Chinaman - who has lived
in The Dalles for eighteen years,. started
this - afternoon for China, intending to
bid farewell to the shores of America
forever. In talking to a group of men
just before the train left, Lee Chu &aid
he had worked hard ever since he had
been here, but had been unable to make
any money, and so when a letter came
from his mother in China asking him to
come home, he was willing to go. He
refused to take out a certificate, as Le
had determined to stay in the Flowery
Kingdom as long as life and the Japs
would let him.
One wefk from next Wednesday even
ing the Home Dramatic Clnb will appear
at the Baldwin theater in the laughable
comedy "A Night Off." The members
have been practicing assiduously for
nearly a month and have thoroughly
mastered the intricacies of the play.
The performance will be given for one of
the charitable organizations of" the city
and for this reason as well as a desire to
see the members of the club in thia style
of a piece, the opera house will doubtless
be well filled.
One of the old time residents of The
Dalles, Mr. James M. Smith, now of
Seattle, has been a visitor to the city
this week. Mr. Smith is well-known to
the residents of The Dalles who were
here ten years ago. Along in the early
'70s Sir; Smith was appointed master
mechanic at The Dalles railroad shops,
at that time under the ownership of the
Oregon Steam Navigation Company.
He held that 'position for over ten
years, leaving the company's employ
just before the O. S. N. Co. was merged
into the O. R. & N. Mr. Smith after
wards was engaged in tho milling busi
ness bere till a few years ago, when he
moved his family to Seattle.
The announcement that the. Cele
brated Chase Stock ' Company, would
visit this city, is received with delight
by our theater goers. . They will open
their engagement al the Baldwin theater
on Monday, Dec. 2 J. They will open in
"Uncle's Darling," a moBt sensational
drama in four acts, a play wltich cannot
fail lo please all tastes. It was written
by Charles W. Chase, author of -"Little
Coquette,' "Miss Bloomer," "Fabio
Roraani," etc. . It possesses a strong
plot, charmingly developed and is
cleverly written. In Uucle'a Darling"
there are many thrilling scenes ; the
lighthouse, the wreck and rescue, the
arctic storm and the wonderful flashing
aurora boreal is, etc, will delight the
lovers of realism on the stage. Hattie
Bernard Chase, who heads the company,
is a most charming ' and-' versatile ' of
actresses. "While . one of ' the sauciest,
gayest of soubrettes, she is "equally at
home in "Juliet," "Calanthe". in
"Damon and Pythias," etc. She is con
ceded to be the beet lady banjoist on
the stage today. She is a graceful
dancer and a sweet singer. In fact
Hettie Bernard Chase is a "whole show"
by herself. . That she will become a great
favorito goes without eaying. In her
support will be found Eomc of the beEt
artists ever seen in this city, both ladies
and gentlemen. They have a large and
versatile repertoire. In fact the Chase
Stock Company and its charming star
will be a treat for our theater goers. ."
The trial oi . Lee Git is the absorbing
topic of interest today. The courtroom
is crowded with spectators, who listen
attentively to the testimony. The' jury
was secured late yesterday afternoon
and opening statements were made.
Mr. Sears stated the line of proof for the
state, and was followed by Mr. Hunt
ington for the defendant. The first
witness for the state was E. I. Birch,
who was among the first persons upon
the scene after the killing. . Dan Ma
loney and Ralph Gibons testified to hav
ing seen the knife with which it is al
leged the killing was done and con
nected it with the possession of the
defendant. W. H. Lochhead told about
seeing the men cross the street and also
of the dying man's declaration. Drs.
Sutherland and Doane told of the wound
and of the identification by the dying
man -of his assailant.. J. H. Blakeney
and F. G. Connelly testified', as to tbe
arrest of Harry, the defendant. At 1 :50
the state rested, and the defendants,
called Lee Jock and Dock Sing, whose
testimony was contradictory of Mr. Ma
loney's. F.- W. L. Skibbe was upon the
stand as the reporter left the courtroom.
In all probability the case will go to the
jury this evening.
..- "Will Collect Tuesday. '
The following business houses have
agreed to collect Tuesday, December 3d,
inBtead of Monday, tbe nsual date. It
is asked that all the stores unite in post
poning collections " till Tuesday, as it
will be more generally convenient : '
Pease & Mays, Maier & Benton,
A M Williams & Co, Mays & Crowe,
J T Peters & Co Diamond Mill,
The Cheosicle, . Blakeley & Houghtn
L Rorden, I C Nickeleen,
Jacobsen B & M Co Snipes-Kinersly Co
J B CroEsen, J P Mclnerny.. , .
No more BOlLS, no more PIMPLES'
Use Kinersly's Iron Tonic. The Snipes
Kinersly Drug Co. Telephone No. 3. -
Nolan's Book Store now located at
Na 54 Second Street, near Union.
The Strongest Proof-
Of the superiority of
'Is tlieir record of nearly half a century. ' Others have
come and gone, but the CHARTER OAK is i still with
us, at d more popular than ever. "''.'.
We have a fall line of Heatihg Stoves and "Red Hot"
Prices. Come and see them. Sole Agents for the
, Celebrated ., . - - - -
i t : :'l . . ---.'ki.-.i.i- -U w,?-; Hii
Richardson & Boyntbn Furnaces.
Th Vygti Val
ley Creamery -
Ask "VarLbibb'er & Worsley for itV
Every Square is Full Weight.
Tygh Valley
A. A. B.
Shows your taste and -betrays character.
Don't Use Shabby,
Fuzzy Note Paper,.
When we offer so great a variety of good
papers. Our box of paper and envelopes
is one kind that pleases many.
Sample Box, 25c, at
Jacobsen Book & Music Co.,
- ' 162 Second Street.
R fl
ecu jjepattare.
t -, On and after Dec. 2, 1895. the undersigned will sell his stock of '
Hay, Grain, Feed, Flour and Groceries,
No goods sold unless paid for. We are selling goods very close, and we must hava
the cash down. We will make it to vour interest to get the cash..
All goods delivered to the boat, railroad depot or any part of the city free of coBt.
Every Day
Red Letter Day
at ... .
' y. . .' . , ' . . . .
for the Money.
Look over ourofferings. " See them for yourself.
Prices can give you1 no conception of the sterling
values in every line
A Sk
.1 hr