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NO 139
The Ship Whynot Afire and
, Passengers Abandoned.
Unprovoked ud Fatal Assanlt Made
Upon a fishing; Party Ty
Tnffcft Kmt StmttffRrt, "
St. Halo, June 12. Particulars bare
. been received here of the desertion of
the passengers on the British vessel
Whynot, by the crew after fire broke out
on the ship on the way to the island of
Jersey. Ic appears that a fire was dis
covered in the Whynot's hold Saturday,
and while the sailors were attempting to
quench the flames a bucket dropped
overboard. A boat was lowered to re
cover it. The captain jumped into the
boat, followed by the crew. One pas
senger jumped overboard and swam after
the boat, into which be was reluctantly
taken. The passengers were greatly
alarmed, and the excitement among
them increased when the small boat was
teen pulling for Erquay, where the crew
eventually landed. Taking advantage of
a breeze, the passengers succeeded in
beaching the Whynot near Erquay.
The matter is being thoroughly investi
gated by the local authorities. The
captain of the Whynot, although not
nnder arrest, is closely watched by the
: Jolice. .
Vrhtfol Condition Kxlfttln g In Eastern
a Tork7
Boston, June 12. A reliable Ameri
can resident in Turkey, in a letter about
the situation in Eastern Turkey, says :
"The question now pending, holds
" within it the life or death . of .Oriental
Christianity. Are these wicked, and
Godless fanatics to be permitted to dip
their swords further in the blood of in-
k nocent Christians? Day after day the
, pitiful story is told over and over again
of pillage, burning, ' torture, murder,
violence, rape, abduction, confiscation,
desecration, of churches, etc. Mere
human aid is entirely insufficient ; the
intricacies ot the political question in
volved, puts the solution of the problem
far beyond eur reach."
The letter gives a new story concern
ing the state of Turkish prisons. In the
Bitlis prison there are seven cells, each
' one large enough for 10 or 12 persons.
There are between 20 and 30 crowded in
to each one. ,, - : .
There are no sanitary arrangements.
Armenians often have to drink the "knu
litch" water. This is the water of the
'. tank where Turks perform ablutions for
prayer. Many" specific' cases' are de
scribed wherin the Turks inflicted the
most horrible, tortures upon the .Arme
nian prisoners, frequently beating them
to death, and inflicting every conceiv
able mode of punishment upon the help-'
less Christians.
Ex-Senator Scott, of Virginia, Predict!
Bis Nomination. ,
Whhuno, W. Va., June 12. Ex
Senator N. B. Scott, national republican
committeeman, in an interview, has de
clare himself for S. B. Elkins for pres
ident. " " '
"We are going to name Elkins for
president," said he. "He will be named
on the second ballot. I have been in
the West recently and found the eentL
meat everywhere for him. I believe
West Virginia will send a solid delega
tion for Elkins. I predict that on the
first ballot at the next convention Elkins
will have the solid delegations of Call
fornia, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Ne
vada, Wyoming, Washington and Colo
rado, and a strong following in Kansas,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
VebraBka and the - Dakotas. For the
second place I favor a way out West
man. Elkins and a Western man will
win." -.v ;'
Senator Scott favors a platform which
shall be in keeping with Elkins' recently
expressed silver sentiments, recognising
the white metal fully-, but not declaring
unqualifiedly for free coinage.
Debs In Jail. ".
Chicago,' June 12. President Debs
presented himself at the' United States
marshal's office at 11 a. m., after having
been lost to the authorities ' since ' noon
yesterday. - Debs came in shortly after
the entire force of federal deputy mar
shals in Chicago had been sent to search
for him. He explained his absence by
saying he was ill yesterday. He was to
the office of a friend in the afternoon and
fell asleep, he said, not awakening until
7 o'clock today.- Aside from a bad head
ache, he seemed to be in good health
when he arrived at the marshal's office.
He deeply regretted, he added, that he
had failed to keep his appointment with
the marshal, who was to have taken him
to jail last night, and was surprised to
hear of the search for him. He was em
phatic in bis denial of the etory that bis
tardy surrender was the result of a too
free indulgence in liquor. This after
noon at 5, he was taken to the Wood
stock jail, and Howard was taken to the
Will county jail at Joliet an hour later.
. . . The Darrut Trial.
Santa Rosa, Cal., June 12. I tie re
ported here today that the famous Dur
rani murder case may be tried in the
superior court here. It is rumored that
a change of venue from the San Francisco
superior court will be asked for on the
ground that the publicity given the case
there makes it almost impossible to se
cure an impartial jury. If the ' case is
tried here it will not be the first- time
that important cases have been trans
ferred from San' Francisco to Sonoma
county. r The famous Colton railway
case, the most voluminous in the history
of the state, was tiied here, as was also
the famous Morrow bribery case. ' , .
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Three Mere Colm rauugeri Saved.
San Fkancisco, June 12. An Exam
iner special from Manzanillo, says - that
a letter received by the agents of the Pa
cific Mail, here; states that two - women
and one man, . Americans, and Colima
passengers, landed at' Narangastilla, 50
miles southeast from Manzanillo, on
May 29, and have been nursed by the
Indians there. They are now on mules
on the way here.
This story is corroborated by Duana
Martima, the customs collector at Man
zanillo; : ": ' '''-
While in Stockton Cal., some- time
ago, Tbos. F. Langan, of Los Banos, that
state, was taken very severely cramps
and diarrhoea. . He chanced to meet Mr.
C. M. 'Carter, who was similarly afflcted.
Ho says : " "I told him of Chamber
lain's Colic,. Cholera and Diarrhoea
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It gave Mr. Carter prompt relief and I
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