The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, June 12, 1895, Image 1

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NO 138
The Klamath-Ager Stage Is
Once more Held Up.
Thn W as Little Variation In the Lone
Highwayman's TJsual Method
of Operating,
Ashland, Or., Jane 11. The regular
monthly hold-up of the Kalamath Falls
Ager stage occured last night about a
half-mile north of the Topsy grade. It
-was a few minutes past 11 o'clock when
the driver, Charles Barnebnrg, heard
the same old order, "Halt and throw up
oat express box and mail pouches,' and
tell your paesengers to et down" given
by the lone highwayman. There were
two passengers aboard,, one - inside.
Charles Swialer, who was on the ' seat
with the driver, cut open the sacks, ac
cording to orders. The driver and pas
sengers were then ordered to remove
their coats and vests and the driver was
ordered to break'open the box, but he
told the robber the box was empty, and
when he shook it, the robber seemed
satisfied ane told the driver to but it
back in the wagon, It was not- opened.
The robber ordered the the driver to
take oat one of his lights and examine
the inside of the wagon, and then to
leave the light and move out of the way,
andathat, when he finished, they might
come back and get their coats. They
mpved on about 50 yards and could see
the robber quite plainly . as he went
through the the registered mail and
)coats ; but he overlooked some registered
letters and some $60 in cash that was
in Z irisler 's coat. After he had satis
fies himself he called to the driver -and
passengers to come back and get - their
coats and what was left of the mail
While they were gathering the mall, the
robber again went through the wagon to
satiefy himself there was . nothing held
out. 'He then bade them good-night
and they pulled out. '
The robber was a man of medium size
and wore a dark overcoat and light straw
hat. He had no mask on, but kept out
of the light so that his features could not
be descried. He got only a few dollars
from the passengers, and, it is thought,
but 1 title from the mail pouches.
Negroes Lynched.
Lira Oak, Fla., June 11. Three more
negroes have been done to death by La
fayette county citizens for that unpardon
able sin, the assault on a white woman.
The press dispatches reported Monday
that one negro, Bill Collins, bad been
lynched, but reliable information just re
ceived makes it certain that the lynchers
claimed three victims. The woman up
on whom the outrage was attempted is
Miss Jeanette Allen, 18 years old, ' and
the belle of Lafayette county. .- Friday
morning about 3 o'clock Miss Allen was
, awakened by a noise in her room. As
she moved her arm was clutched by a
negro whom .' she recognized as Bill
Collins, one of her father's employes
The negro threatened her with death if
she made a noise, but Miss Allen, fear,
ing a fate worse than death, gave a
scream which alarmed the household
and caused the negro to flee. The negro
was chased all Friday, and at nightfall
was captured. Collins was identified by
Miss Allen, but while preparations were
m being made to lynch him he escaped
All Saturday and Saturday night the
negro was pursued. The chase led
through the phosphate regions, where
. the negroes are numerous, and two of
Collins' friends attempted toconceal
him. ' These two were shot by the pur
suers, and their bodies were placed on
the railroad track, where they were cut'
v to pieces by passiDg trains. , The
mangled remains of these negroes were
discovered ' Sunday morning. ; Several
trains hadV; passed over the bodies, and
Highest of all in Leavening Ppsver.
identification was impossible. Collins,
the assailant of Miss Allen, was captured
by the. pursuers early Sunday morning.
He was taken to the scene of the' at
tempted outrage and notices sent out for
people to gather and aid the lynchers.
A great crowd assembled at noon Sun.
day. The negro was taken to the banks
of the Swaunee river. There the negro
was hanged and nil body riddled, with
ballets. The corpse was -cat down,
weighted with stones and thrown into
the river. ' In eight months 14 negroes
have keen pat to death in Lafayette
county for assaults on white women. In
November last a young lady was assault
ed, it was charged, by a band of profes
sional ravishers. For this crime eight
negroes were killed in the course of a
few months.. ' In May Miss Armstrong
was assaulted and murdered, for which
three negroes were put to death. These,
with the three killed for the assault on
Miss Allen, make 14.
Secretary Olney Talcing- a Band In the
. . Matter. . ... ,
Washington, June 11. The determi
nation to send the United States steam
ship Raleigh in to the Florida coast for
the purpose of co-operating with revenue
cutters to prevent filibustering expedi
tions starting from our shores, is one of
the first acts of Mr. Onley in his new
position. Secretary Herbert has deemed
such a course advisable for some days
past, and conferred with the president
on the subject. He and Secretary Olney
then had a futber conference, and as a
result the formal orders to the Raleigh
were issued. ,
Written instructions carefully stating
the line of policy which the administra
tion desires to pursue in regard to the
interference with filibusters will be sent
to Captain Miller, commanding the Ra
leigh; and it Is probable he will be called
to Washington for a conference with
Acting Secretary McAdoo before his ves
sel leayes New York. These instruc
tions are not available, bat it is known
he will be directed to use the utmost
care in preventing any vessel from leav
ing our coast destined for Cuba with the
object of rendering aid to the revolution
ists. The mere shipment of arms is not
regarded as a violation of the neutrality
laws, and before any vessel is over
hauled by the Raleigh the officers must
be thoroughly convinced the suspected
craft is fitted out as a fighting machine
to operate against Spain. It is the de
sire of the authorities that proper steps
shall be displayed not only by the
Raleigh, but by revenue cutters, to pre
vent illegal expeditions from leaving
shores, and treasury officials are serious
ly considering the advisability of further
augmenting the force of revenue cutters
in southern waters.
Sx-Snperlntendent Snowden at the
. - r ' ... Mint, Assaulted.
Philadelphia, June 11. Colonel A.
Louqon Snowden, ex-United States min
ister to Greece, ex-superintendent of the
United States mint,' at Philadelphia,
and a member of the Union League, was
assaulted ou the street last night by Col
onel W. M. Rankle, - an officer of the
Third Pennsylvania artillery, during the
war. ' Runkle without warning,' struck
Snowden with a eane. The latter de
fended himself with an umbrella until
Runkle's cane was broken. Rankle was
arrested, and -held in bail .'for court.
He alleges that Snowden was instru
mental in having him discharged from
the mint 20 years ago, and he bad
grievance against him ever since.
Imitating- Jessie Fomeroy.
Lapoktk, Ind., June 11. Indiana has
a youthful murderer in Gilbert Bows her
4 years old, who killed Bernice Collins
at Monticello, his victim being a tod
dling infant of 2 years. Bowsher, whe
was in cempany with -two other boys
passed Bernice on the street. The latter
spoke to Bowsher' s companians, but re
fused ;to notice him. - . This angered
young Bowsher, and laying in wait for
the Collins child, he attacked her with
stones, and before her piteous cries for
help brought relief, she was dead.: The
- L.atest U. S. Gov't Report
People Who
Weigh and Compare
Know and get the best " Cottolene,1
the new vegetable shortening, has
won a wide and wonderful popu
larity. .At its introduction it was
submitted to expert chemists, promi
nent physicians and famous cooks.
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a natural, healthful and acceptable
food-product, better than lard for
every cooking purpose.
The success of ottolene is' now
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Cottolene is sold in 3 and 5
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The N. K. Falrbank
Chicago, Hew York, Beaten
authorities are puzzled as to what steps
are to be taken in dealing with the boy,
the annals of the state failng to record
a parallel case. ' Both families are prom
inent. .. Deba Mow In Prison.
Chicago, June 11. Eugene Y. Debs
reported to the United States . marshal
at noon today and signified his readiness,
to begin bis term of imprisonment with
the officers of the American Railway
union. He and the others were 1 given
liberty until this afternoon, when all
but George W.; Howard were taken to
Woodstock, 111., to be confined. How
ard has asked to be taken to jail at
Joliet and his request was granted.
While in Stockton Cat., some time
ago, Thos. F. Langan, of Los Banos, that
state, was taken very severely . cramps
and diarrhoea. He chanced to meet Mr
C. M. Carter, who was similarly afflcted
He says: ."I told him of Chamber
lain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, and we went to the Holden
Drug Store and procured a bottle of it,
It gave Mr. Carter prompt relief and I
can vouch for its having cured me."
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gists. ; , .
Japanese Mews. .
Washingtox, Jupe 11. The Japanese
legation has received a cablegram from
the foreign office, stating . that Viscount
Matsu, minister of foreign affairs, had
been granted a 'leave of absence on ac
count of ill'' health, and that Marquis
Saionje had been made the acting min
ister of foreign affairs. Officials here
discredit the reports of Matsa's leave.
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othaigtECT from
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Letters of Credit issued available in the
Eastern States.
Sight Exchange and Telegraphic
Transfers sold on New York, Chicago, St.
Lotus, San Francisco, Portland Oregon,
Seattle Wash., and various points in Or
egon and Washington. .
Collections made at all points on fav
orable terms.
I. 8. BCHMrci,
First Rational Bank.
THE DALLES. ' - : - - - OREGON
A General Banking Business transacted
: Deposits received, subject to Sight
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made and proceeds promptly
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Sight and Telegraphic Exchange sold on
New York, San Francisco and Port-
. land.
D. P. Thompson. Jko. S. Schxxck.
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IE3I- G-Xj IE IN" 3ST .