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JUNE 10. 1J95
Lsstu From the (InUbook of Chronicle
Additional Local on Fourth Page.
Reports from everwhere indicate a
splendid harvest.
Four carloads of compressed woo1 were
sent E-tst Saturday, and two cars went
to hty.
A large lot of pipe for the new mala on
Fourth street came up by the Regulator
Wheat still holds its own at 43 cents.
Very little has arrived in The Dalles for
the last few days.
The rehearsal for Damon and Pythias
will be held this evening in the K. of P.
hall, instead of the usual place.
Today promised to be, very warm, but
a. breeze came up in the morning and
ha- kept the air cool and pleasant.
The upper river continues to fall
slightly. Toe water should negin to rise
here by Thursday, if it rises at all.
Thus apeaketh Mr. Pague.
Pease & Mays are offering tome special
bargains for this week, which it will be
to your interest to investigate. Look
out for their adv. tomorrow.
N. J. Sinnott and Wa'tr Klindt have
just got back from flailing on Mosier j
creek. Good fortune attended them
and they landed over 200 beauties.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Wee.
Rice is quite sick. Dr Shackelford pro
nouuees it typhoid fever.' Mrs. Rice
was called home from Portland to attend
the little sufferer.
. Nearly every day the Regulator car
ries wagons and horses up and down the
- river The American people are prone
t travel, which fact transportation com
ptmea appreciate.
The ferryboat was very bogy yesterday
morning moving a large band of sheep,
numbering several thousand. The pas
turage around Mt. Adams is the favorite
now among sheep men.
A party of officials from the Santa Fe
road came up in special car No. 218,
Saturday night. The special was at
taehed to the east bound passenger and
witched to the morning train.
The steam laundry is now in active
operation. A large part of the machin
ery baa been put in position. The ap
paratus for cleaning clothes is very com
plete and although' the necessary
we think you are in a
delicate position-
But your judgment is good. If it's as good in the
matter of Clothing then we know you wear only the
celebrated guaranteed brand, Happy HoriE." Our
high grades are fit for a king
-to be married
fit a young man's pocket
machinery has not all arrived, a large
number of orders have been received and
the force kept busy.
' Justice Davis has finished taking testi
mony in the three divorce canes that were
referred to him and made his reports.
The cases were Pugh vs. Pngh, Wilson
vs. Wilson and Hampshire vs. Hamp
shire. The - excursion next Sunday bv the
Orchestra Union promises to be a grand
affair. Every effort will be made by
the orchestra to give their guests a good
time. Their reputation in this regard
is already proved very high.
An entertainment and strawberry
social will be given by the good people
of Fairfield at their school house on the
evening of June 11th. All are cordially
invited to come and partake of the en
joyment of the evening. -.
Among the graduates at the Bishop
Scott Academy this year will
1 T-
oe .K.ay
William Logan, son of Dr. Hugh Logan
.v: m i i I
w. v.wjr. 7""K -"n n ueetu
nwicuuiug luis Bcuuui iur several years,
and now has completed a full course.
The case of the State vs. N. W.
Northrup was called before Justice
Davis today. The defendant upon ar
arraignment pleaded not guilty and
asked that the case be continued till
Thursday in oider to give more time for
obtaining witnesses. The motion was
granted and bonds placed at $150. Story
& Gates appear for the defendant.
At the last meeting of the A. O. U.
W. held in its hall, the following gentle
men were chosen as officers for the ensu
ing term : C. F. Stephens, P. M. W. ; J.
Simonson, M. W.; D. C. Herrin, F. ; B.
Eaton, O. ; Hans Hansen, Rec. ; G. G.
Gibons, Financier; J. A. McArthur,
Receiver; Chas. Alden, Guide; P. Kreft,
Invide Watchman ; Mr. Basset, Outside
A curious freak of nature, in the shape
ft a lamb with six leva is at the Colum
bia brewery. The animal is well formed
in every reepect, and appears perfectly
healthy. Fiom the right shoulder two
additional legs are growing, which reach
nearly to the ground. Mr. Buchler pur
chased it from a man out at Bake Oven.
The lamb attracts a good deal of curios
ity from visitors.
The salmon have not arrived in such
large quantities as the predictions indi
cated. A few were caught Saturday.
but not enough to make any good show
ing. Some of the fishermen Bay the in nt rise before a run will come,
while others give aa the reason that the
water is too cl-ar and that plenty of fish
are in the river. ..-.-'
Work on the cut at the high bridge is
going rapidly forward and in all proba
bility the grading will be finished next
month. The expense will be very great,
but there is no question but what the
outlay is a wise one. . The bridge might
some day be the scene of a terrible acci
dent and would now have to be rebuilt
or strengthened. ' :. When the new grade
is completed it will require but little fix
ing and last aa long as the mountain.
la Use no sbow with Dr. Kilos' Fain PtUe.
-" . ?
Seattle Ministers Occupied tne
Methodist Pnlpit Yesterday.
The large audiences that filled the
Methodist church yesterday morning
and evening listened to able sermons by
Dr. Ford and Dr. Davis, both of Seattle.
The warm weather detracted in no wise
from the size of the audience. The
choir, compos-d of Mrs. Condon, Mrs.
White, Miss : Myrtle Micliell, Mr. G. D.
Snowden and Mr. John Parrot, sang a
very pleasing anthem, a portion of which
was a solo by Mrs, White. -
The text taken by Dr. Ford was from
Habakkuk iil:4, "And There Was a
Hiding of His Power." The reverend
gentleman spoke of the invisibility of
God, and that it did not detract from
his power as exercised in behalf of men
Passing into the realm of natnre, he told
of the acorn, and how it contained the
nrrn f m;,,ht.v onlr. TVn thnnsand
CrnB nnnn tha trM anrl vt tw
" '
8prang from a sinKle one. I epeak
ing of the intellectual life he used for il
lustration the capitol at Washington,
with its magnificent proportions and
complicated architecture, and said the
whole creation was contained in the
mind of man, who planned the work
The germ and hidden power of the spir
itual life were in Christ, and from him
has sprung the system of a Christianity.
In the evening, Dr. Davis, pastor of
one of Seattle's large churches, filled the
pulpit. His text was from I John i :7
"And the Blood of Jesus Christ, Hie
Son, Cleanseth Us From All Sin." The
topic turned upon the personal respon
sibility of the indi -idoal. The musical
features were a. solo by Miss Myrtle Mi-
chell and an anthem by the choir, in'
eluding a solo by Mrs. Condon.
Important Case Decided in the Circuit
Co art Cochrane vs. Tunnysheep
men Will Be Interested.
The case of Peter M. Cochrane vs. J
D. Tunny, in whioh sixteen witnesses
were brought from Antelope, was on
trial Saturday and went to the jury that
evening at 10:45. A great deal of inter
est was manifested among sheepmen and
every point stubbornly contested by the
attorneys. About a year ago Geo. Coch
rane - bought a band of sheep in bis
father's name, the latter furnishing the
money. Last November the sheep were
sold under an execution issued by the
Antelope justice in favor of J. D. Tunny
against Geo. Cochrane, Mr. Tanny was
the purchaser. The present action was
one of replevin brought by Peter Coch
rane to recover the sheep. One of the
points developed in the case was that
date of the sale was Sunday, November
11th, which caused it to be void. The
jury was out all of Saturday night and
agreed upon a verdict some time Sunday.
At 9 o'clock this morning they brought
in a verdict for the plaintiff. ' Hunting
ton & Wilson, W. H. Wileon and J. L.
Story were the attorneys in the case.
The sheepmen of Antelope were very
much interested in the case and the re
sult will be eagerly awaited. No civil
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action in Antelope has attracted quite
o much attention.
Death or Mrn. Beyer.
The sad news reached The Da'les lite
Saturday that Mrs. A1IU Boyer, who
had been taken t Portland a few days
previous, was dead. Mrs. Boyer had
been 'ill since last January and ber
friends had long known that death 'was
inevitable. Everything that medical
kill could do had been done and as a
last resort she was taken to Portland in
a vain hope that in some way the change
might do her good'.'
Mrs. Boyer bad lived in The Dalles for
the last five vears and had endeared her
self to a large circle of friends by ber un
assuming ways. She had been prom
inent in musical and church circles and
was a valued member of the Methodist
church choir. -The loss will be severely
felt by many friends. Mr. Boyer came
up from Portland Friday night and here
received the news of his wife's death.
The funeral was held in Portland this
afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Methodist
choir sent a beautiful pillow of roses to
be placed upon the casket, while the
Good Intent society, of which Mrs.
Bver was secretary, sent an anchor. A
husband and little girl are left to mourn
their loss.
In Court Today.
Judge Bradshaw and a jury were busy
today trying the case of David Lowen &
8on vs. J. C. O'Leary. The action is
one brought to recover over advances on
a consignment ef wool. Not much time
waa required to select a jury, and when
the eleventh man -was obtained the coun
cil on both sides agreed to go to trial.
The men who are trying the cane are
D. A Turner, J. F. Slaniels, W. H. Tay
lor, M. Randall, C. H. Hall, W. H.
Sharp, J. W. Atwell, W. E.Sylvester,
A. G. Hall, E. N. Chandler and E. Pit
man. Geo. Reno was peremptorily ex-
( u-ted by the plaintiff. Story & . Gates
appear for the plaintiff, while Dufur &
Menetee represent the defendant. Mr.
O'Leary was called as a witness an be-
half of the plaintiff, and so far bastbeen
the only one examined.
An order of confirmation was given in
the case of the Portland Guarantee Co.
vs. Nicholas Marx. .
Mr. Robt. Mays, jr., of Antelope is in
tne city.
Mr. J. H. Cradlebaugh went to Hood
River for a day's visit.
Mr. Richard Hinton from Bake Oven,
is in. Tne JJaues today.
Miss Georgia Sampson has gone for
week's visit to Hood River.
Rev. W, C. Curtis went to Mosier to
day to perform a marriage ceremony.
Mr. Fred Fisher and family have gone
to the soda springs near Goldendale on a
camping trip.
Mrs. Wes Rice returned todav front
Portland, where she has been attending
ner sick nusoana.
Dr. S. H. Fracier went to Portland on
this afternoon's train and will return
Wednesday noon. .
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dufur, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. H. Dufur, Douglas Dufur
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and wife and Mrs. Slnsher returned
Saturdav night from the funeral of Hon.
A. J. Dufur in East Portland.
Mr. A. Scherneckau of Astoria, who
formerly lived in Wasco county, came
up on the boat Saturday.
Messrs. Harry Maher and Charlie
Frank left with a full camping outfit for
Trout Lake on the Regulator today.
Messrs. W. B. Mm-kay and A. H.
Withingion, two well known young men
of Portland, were in the city yesterday.
Mrs. C. F. Stephens left on this mornt
ing's train for Portland to attend the
funeral of Mrs. Coyer, wnicn taKes place
Mr. C. L. Ireland, son of D. C. Ire
land, of the Moro Observer, paeserl
through town today on a visit to his
Mr. Geo. Herbert of rantn has been
in town for several days, returning last
night. He thinks it probable that the
distillery, which recently went int a
receiver's hands, will adjust its troubles
and resume operations.
Mr. Brent Driver of Wamic arrived in
town last night. Mr. Driver is a pros
perous farmer near Wamtc and several
weeks ago entertained the editor at his
country home with a hospitality that
will not soon be lorgotten.
Miss Thompson of Portland, who has
been visiting the Misses Story, for sev
eral days, returned heme this morning.
Mie was accompanied as lar as uascades
by Miss Etta Story, who goes on a visit
to her friend, Miss Aldricb.
Mr. Geo. Lang returned today from
Portland, where he has been for several
months in the hospital recovering from
the injuries he received in the collision
last winter. He is able now to walk a
bort dmtance without crutches. His
general health is much improved.
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seaUnalag satire week.
A. A. B.
Three society young men went fishing
yesterday" up 8-Mile- creek. They
started ' rom town on their bicycles, and
Boon reached the scene where the fisb.
were to be slaughtered. The young men
bid their wheels under some brush and
started up the creek.- A poor lone cow,
whose rations had evidently been cut
short, came along and begun to browse '
on the bicycles. She bad just finished
one wieef' and was starting on the
others when the owners returned, and
with rocks,' fishing poles and yells drove
her away from her tempting feat. One
of the wheels was completely ruined.
and aa the owner gazed on the ruins he
swore a vengeance against the whole
tace of cows, and promised to return to
town and try and have the city cow law
enforced. From a kind farmer a ride to
town was obtained, and the day's sport
was over. The only consolation is that
the owner of the mutilated wheel works
in a large bicycle store, where a new one.
can be obtained at a discount.
Card of Thanks.
. . . B m . i - t i .
xne iamiiy oi aire, juuan wien to rc--turn
their thanks to the kind friends
waim st ItAlnfrtl In n.atatfnfl at t li Jh
time of her injury.
All city warrants issued since Feb. 1st,.
1S95, will be paid upon presentation at
ui v office. Interest eeases after thia
date, June 4th, 1895.
1. 1. Bubgit,
, City Treasurer.
Cut roses for sale, at Mrs. Flinn's on
Tenth street. .