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NO 136
A Massacre of Christians Re
: ported From Shanghai.
All Parsons Connected With tna Ens;'
Huh. French aod American Mil
lions at Chwg Til Batchtnd.
London, Jane 9. A special from
Shanghai says it is almost certain . that
a massacre of all the persons connected
with the English, French and American
missions at Cheng Tu has occurred.
Neither men, woman nor children have
been spared, according to the report. It
is admitted that telegrams have been in
tercepted by the government, the object
being to conceal the news of the massa
cre. A French gunboat is en route to
Wnen Chang to investigate the report.
Characteristic Letter Frnm Debs.
'. Cleveland,' Jane 8. The American
Railway Union organization received a
letter from Eugene V. Debs, who says:
"I cannot be con
sidered a candidate
for the presidency.
I would not permit
myself to harbor
such an aspiration
for an instant. I
have little .enough
liberty as it is, and
what there is I do
not want to sacri
fice on the political
altar, not that I would fear to face the
whirlwind of dennnciation which such
an ambition would arouse, bat I wish to
remain antrammeled, and do what
little I can in my own way to free the
American people.''
Who Died First?
. 8a Fbancisco, Jane 8. The fate of
an estate valued at $100,000 is likely to
rrst on whether Professor Harold Whit
ing, of the university of California, who
was lost on the Colima, died before or
after his wife, who waj drowned on the
same voyaite. r
Jost before Professor Whiting started
on his fatal voyage be made two wiile,
which be mailed to an attorney at Cam
bridge Mass, One was to the effect that,
ji be should be drowned, his estate
should go to the surviving - members of
bis family. The other was that in case
be and his wife and children were all
drowned, his estate Bhould ' revert to
members of bis family living in the
East. If Professor Whiting died first bis
wife and children immediately became
bis heirs. ' Bat if Mrs Whiting died later
her heirs would inherit a small fortune
to the exclusion of heirs of Professor
Whitiog in the East.
Two persons w bo said they were repre
sentatives of attorneys have called on A.
. J. Sutherland and asked him some nig
nificant questions. Sutherland was on
the same raft with Whiting, and tried to
ave the professor's life. Sutherland
was asked whether Whiting or his wife
died first. W,hile the cool-headed ' sur
vivor believes that Mrs. Whiting met
her death some time before her husband
into a watery grave, be coald not posi
t lively answer the question, as , be did
X not see Mrs. Whiting during the storm.
Bl Would Bar Little.
Portland, Maine, Jane ; 8. Hon.
Thomas B. Reed, in response to a re
quest for his opinion in regard to the re
cent changes in the . cabinet,' said: "I
care to eay nothing in regard to it."
lie was equally reticent in regard to
the dissension in the Maine democracy,
caused by the dismissal of Colonel Mor
ton from the treasury department. In
regard to the effect produced by the re
cent action of the Illinois .democratic
convention, he said : "It is very pro
bable that the action of the Illinois .de
mocrats on the use of silver or anything
else, will not have . any great influence
upon the country or the coming 'cam
A Difficulty Settled.
M'Coy, Colo., June 8. News received
by a special messenger indicates that
the trouble between tbe(cattle and sheep
men is over for -the present, at least.
The cattlemen found only 1800 to 2000
sheep, in Colorado : The remainder had
already been driven across the state line
into Wyoming. Those still in Routt
county were headed in the same direct
ion., Assurance was given by the herd
ers that they would cioss the state line
at the earliest possible moment.
McLaughlin in Jail.
New York, Ju ie 8, William M. Mc
Laughlin, late inspector of police, spent
last night in the Tombs as a convict.
He was pale, nervous aiid appeared to
be in a state of collapse. . He walked op
and down in his cell through the hours
of the night, having no inclination to
rest t.or to go to bed. Today he declined
to see reporters." It 1b believed by bis
friends that he never will serve a day iu
a penal piison.
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" . . ... ttiat In Cleveland. -
. Cleveland, O., June 8. The police
were called upon today to quell a riot at
the works of the' American, ' Wire "Com
pany here 200 laborers struck yester
day for an increase of wages. The
strikers on learning that their places
were being filfed became threatening.
Stones ' were " thrown and windows
broken, but no one was injured.
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Verdict Against the Pullmans.
Chicago, June 8. The jury in the
case of Judge Ennia against the Pall
man Palace Car Company awarded him
today a verdict for $180.- The plaintiff
was suing for $49,000 salary as the com
pany's general counsel. Judge Hencey
instructed the jury that by the statute
of limitation only a part ef the claim
could be allowed
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