The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, May 07, 1895, Image 4

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    Tha Canal Comalnlonnii
New York, May 6. The commission
appointed some time ago by tbe presi
dent to examine the plana and route of
of the Nicaragua canal left for Mobile,
Ala., last night.
There were in the party the commis
sioners, Colonel Ludlow, U. S. A., Com
modore Endicott, of the navy, and Al
fred Noble, and Assistant Engineers
Davis, Wood, Stamford and Parke, of
the navy, who will verify the surveys.
A stenographer and a cook accompany
the party, and Naval Surgeon Stitt went
along to Iook after the health of every
body connected with the expedition.
Mr. Noble said it was expected that
the Montgomery would land the com mis-
o ; t n f daatinaKAn KB fa 1 mil
' that fully two months . would be re'
quired to do the proposed work.
The party will reach Mobile on Tues
day and will at once go aboard the
cruiser Montgomery and proceed to
lOO Reward SlOO
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least one
dreaded disease that science has been
auio to cure in au ita ouigea, sou mat is
Catarrh. Hall's Cure is the only posi
tive cure known to the medical frater
nity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease, and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and as
sisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have So much faith in its
curative powers, that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it
. (ails to cure. Send for list of testimo
nials. Address,
F. J. Cheniy Sc. Co., Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Indefinitely Postponed.
Sing Sing, May 6. Warden .Sage said
today, acting on the advice oi Attorney
General Hancock, he has abandoned the
idea of executing Dr. Buchanan Wed
nesday, when the second respite will ex
pire. According to the opinion of the
attorney general, the execution must be
delayed until the courts have again de
cided the question raised by Buchanan's
Free Pills.
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Co ; Chicago, and get a free sample box
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Liver troubles they have been proved
invaluable. They are guaranteed to be
perfectly free from every deleterious
.-substance and to be purely vegetable.
"They do not weaken by their action, but
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greatly invigorate the system. Regular
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alinersly. '
Murder and Suicide.
New York, May 6. James Herbert,
clerk in a wholesale shoe and leather
house, killed his wife by cutting her
thro8t with a razor early today. He
fled, and two hours latter his body was
hauled out of the East river with bis
throat cat. The husband has accused
his wife of infidelity with her sister's
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Worse Than .Before.
London May 6. William E. Glad
stone, in a letter to Francis Seymour
Stevenson, chairman of the Anglo-Armenian
Association, says the conduct of
the sultan and Turkish government on
the Armenian question has been worse
than their conduct regarding Bulgaria,
in 1875. ' :
All Pre.
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Mo., Chief Enrolling force 38th general
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Kinersly Drug Co.
When your heart pains you and un
usual palpitation is frequent, accom
panied sometimes with shortness . of
breath and low spirits you are suffering
from a disordered state of the livrr, di
gestion is imperfect and there is wind
on the stomach. If allowed to remain
the trouble will ultimately reach the kid
neys and then become dangerous to life.
Steps should be taken to stay its pro
gress on the appearance ot the first
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Kq Request Made Yet
London, May 6. The parliamentary
secretary to the house of commons this
afternoon, in replying to a question, said
no request has been received from Can
ada to call a conference of British colon
ies to discuss details of laying the pro
posed Pacific cable. -
A severe rheumatic pain in the left
shoulder had troubled Mr. J. H. Loper,
a well known druggist of Des Moines,
Iowa, fov six months. At times the
pain was so severe that he could not lift
anything. With all he. could do he
could not get rid of it until he applied
Chamberlain Pain Balm. "I only
made three applications of it," he says,
and have since been free from all pain."
He now reccomends it to persons simi
larly afflicted. It is for sale by Blakely
Sc. Houghton Druggists.
Disastrous to tbe Hovas.
Pabis, May 6. Additional advices
from Mejunga regarding the victory of
the French on the Betaiboka river, on
Friday, show the Hovas lost 300 men,
including several important chiefs. The
French losses were only one killed and
four wounded.
In the spring, the human body needs
assistance to throw off the stagnation
produced by winter diet. As the tern
perature rises under tbe growing heat of
the sun's rays we feel tired, half-sick
and low in spirits, because the blood is
sluggish and full of impurities. Dr. J.
H. McLean's Strengthening Cordial and
Blood Purifier is a reliable spring re
medy to invigorate the body and give
tone to tbe digestion. Price $1.00 per
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Drug Co. ' .
Ten Don't Bave to Swear Off, ,
says the St. Louis Journal of Agriculture
in an editorial about No-To-Bac,' the
famous tobacco habit cure. "We know
of many cases cured by No-To-Bac, one.
a prominent St. Louis architect, smoked
and chewed for twenty years ; two boxes
cured him so that even the smell of to
bacco makes him sick." No-To-Bac
sold and guaranteed by Blakeley Sc.
Houghton. Nocnrenopay. Book free
Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chi
cago. The Wasco Warehouse Co. have on
sale at their warehouse Seed Wheat,
Feed Wheat, Barley, Barley Chop, Oats
and Hay. Are sole agents in The Dalles
for the now celebrated Goldendale roller
mills flour, the best flour in the market
and sold only in ton lots or over. 9-tt
B. H. Bowman ; Pub. Enquirer, of
Bremen, Ind., writes: Last week our
little eirl baby, the only one we hav4,
was taken sick with croup. After two
Doctors failed to give relief and life was
hanging on a mere thread we tried One
Minute Cough Cure and its life was
saved. Snipes-Kinersly Drng Co.
Doctor H. R. Fist),' of Gravoia Mills,
Mo., a practicing physician of many
years experience, writes: De Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve has no equal for in
dolent sores, scalds and burns. It stops
the pain instantly, heals a bnrn quickly
and leaves no Bear. Snipes-Kinersly
Drug UO..
Mrs. T. 8. Hawkins, Chattanooga,
Tenn., says, "Shiloh's vitalizer 'saved
my life.' I consider it the best remedy
for a debilitated system I ever used."
For dyspepsia, liver or kidney trouble
it excels. Price 75 cts.
Choice two-year-old rosea for 25 cents ;
alee cut flowers and floral designs at the
Rose Hili Greenhouse, Eighth and Lin
coln street." Orders can be left at Mrs
Phillips' millinery store, on Washington
street, between Second and Third, tf,
W. T. Sanford, Station Agent of
Leeper, Clarion Co. 'Pa., writes; I can
recommend One Minute Cough Cure as
the best I ever used. It gave instant
relief and a quick cure. Snipes-Kinersly
.Drug jo.
Captain Sweeney, 17. S. A., San Diego,
Cal., says :' "Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy
is the first medicine I . have ever found
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Our patrons will find De Witt's Little
Early Risers a safe and reliable remedy
or constipation, dyspepsia and liver
complaints. bnipes-Kinersly Drug Co.
Situation wanted byja good st eady.boy
as clerk in a. clothing store; he has had
two years experience. Apply at Mrs. F.
M. Hendersbott's dressmaking parlors
Second and Liberty street. aprl8-3t
Caked & Inflamed Udders.
Rheumatic Pains,
Bruises and Strains,
Running Sores,
Stiff joints,
Harness & Saddle Sores,
Insect Bites,
All Cattle Ailments,
All Horse Ailments,
All Sheep Ailments,
Penetrates Muscle,
Membrane and -Tissue
Quickly to the. Very
Seat of Pain and
Ousts it in a Jiffy.
Rub in Vigorously.
Mustang Liniment conquers
lakes nan or Beast well
Whoopinf Gntji'
There is no danger from this -disease
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is freely
given. It uquenea the tough mucus and
aids its expectoration. It also lessens
the severity and frequency of paroxysms
of coughing, and insures a speedy recov
ery. There is not the least danger in
giving the remedy (o children or babies,
as it contains no injurious substance.
For sale by Blakeley & Houghton, Drug
Notice. s
All city warrants registered prior to
February 3, 1892, are now due and pay
able at my office. Interest ceases after
this date. 1. 1. Bdrget, Citv Treas.
Dated Dalles City, Jan. 1. 1895.
Telephone JNetlce
Those who have not already ordered
instruments placed and who desire tele
phone service from the Seufert-Condon
Exchange, will please order at once.
La Grippe is here again with all of its
old time vigor. One Minute Cough Cure
si a reliable remedv. It cures and cures
quickly. Snipes-Kinersly Drug Co.
125 Milk St., Boston, Mass
This company owns Letters Patent
No. 463,569, granted to Emile Berliner
.November 17, 1891, for a combined tele
graph and telephone, and controls Let
ters Patent No. 474.231. granted to Tbos.
A. Edison May 3. 1892, for a speaking
telegraph, which Patents cover funda
mental inventions and embrace all forms
of microphone transmitters and of car
bon telephones janSs
,T. Moving
Andrew Velarde
IS prepared to do any and all
kinds of work in his line at
reasonable figures. Has the
largest house moving outfit
in Eastern Oregon.
Address P.O.Box 181,TheDalles
Harry Liebe,
Watcliiiiaker ? Jeweler
All work promptly attended to,
and warranted.
Can now be found at
162 'Second
"The Regulator Line'
Tfce Dalles, Portland aM Astoria
Navigation Co.
FrelQut ana PassBuser me
. Through Daily Trip (Sundays ex
cepted) between The Dallea and Port
land. Steamer Regulator leaves The
Dalles at 7 a.m., connecting at the Cas
cade Locks with Steamer Dalles City.
Steamer Dalles City leaves Portland
(Oak street dock) at S a. m., connect
ing with Steamer Regulator for The
Oneway .$2.00
Round trip.. 3.00
Freight Rates Greatly Reduced.
:" All freight, except car lots,
will be brought through, with
out delay at Cascades
. Shipments for Portland received at
any time day or night. Shipments for
way landings must be delivered before
5 p. m. Live stock shipments solicted.
Call on or address,
Ganeral Agent
Tbos. F. Dates, Eeary C. Payni, Btiry C. Biise,
Pullman .
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Sleeping Cars
A and
Thiroticjh Tickets
For information, tlm cards, maps and tickets
cui on or wnw 10
W. C. ALLAWAT. Agent,
Ths Dallas, Oregon,
A. D. CHARLTON. Asst. . P. A..
256, Horribon, Cor. Third, Portland, Oregon.
Spring Clothing,
Imported Suitings
Suits made to order
from $30.00 up.
John Pashek,
Old flwnoi Building,
Washington Street, bstween Second
mi. Bccono. ana imra,
Cleaning and Repairing a Specialty.
Came to my place about Feb. 20, 1895,
one black horse with white face, three
white feet weight about 1,200 pounds;
branded 3 5t left shoulder. , Also one
buckskin horse branded Z on left shoul
der; weight about 850 pounds. Owner
can have them by paying pasture bill
and ad.
F. 8. Fiimsa,
Bake Oven.
Merchant Tailor
Aire the
of all
H gh
High Frame, Wood Rims,
tarhable Tire, Scorcher,
weight, 21 lbs . S8S
Rteel Rims, Waverley Clin
cher Tires, 24 lbs . . .S8S
Regular Frame, of same
weights S)85
Ladies' Drop Frame, same
weights and Tires. .s75
Ladies' Diamond, Wood
Rims, wt.20 lbs....sJ75
L flood Artnt Wanted in every town
where we are not satisfactorily represented.
A splendid business awaits the right man.
When the Train stops at THE DALLES, get off on the South Side
T ......
- .sto. :
This large and popular House aoes the principal hotel business,
and is prepared Co furnish the Best Accommodations of any
House in the city, and at the low rate of
$1.00 per Day. - first Qlass Teals, 25 Ceijts.
Office for all Star Lines leaving- The Dalles for all
points in Kastarn Oregon and ICaatera Wsihiartss,
In this Hotel.
Corner of Front and Union Sts.
"There is a tide in the affairs
leads on to fortune?
The poet unquestionably had reference to the
Who are selling those goods
33- "757". VAUBK,
Successor to
. And the Most Complete and Latest Patterns and Designs in
PRACTICAL. PAINTER and PAPER HANGER. None bnt the best brands
of J. W. MASURY'S . PAINT8 need in all oor work, and none bnt the
most skilled workmen employed. Agents for Masnrr Liquid Paints. No chetn
icel combination or soap mixture. A first-class article in all colors. All orders
promptly attended to.
Stare and Faint Shoo corner Third and Washington Sts.. The Dalles, Oregon
P1B8 WOffi,
on Third 8tret, next door west of Young & Rom
Blacksmith Shop.
This well-known Brewery Is now, Inrnin oat the best Beer and Porter
east of the Cascades. The latest appliances for tbe manufacture of good health
ful Beer have been introduced, and ony the first-class article will be placed om
ha market.
Warranted Superior to any Bicycle built in the
World, Regardless of Price.
ReaTthe following opinion of one of the most pro minent Amer
ican dealers who has sold hundreds of these wheels:
Richmond, Va.. Oct. 2, 1894.
Indiana Btcvele Co., Indianapolis, Ind.:
GENTLaMKK The Waverley Scorcher and Belle came to hand
yesterday. We are afraid you have sent us the high-priced wheel
bv mistake. You can't mean to tell us that this wheel retails for
$85? We must say that it is, without exception, the prettiest wheel
we bave ever seeu, and, moreover, we have faith in it, although it
weighs only 22 lbs., for of aU Waverleys we have sold this year and
last and you know that is a right (rood numberl, we have never
had a single frame nor fork broken, either from accident or defect,
and that is more than we can say of any other wheel, however
high grade, so onlled, that we sell. We congratulate ourselves
every day that we are the Waverley agents.
Yours truly. Waltsb C. Hbkcib A Co.
T. T. NICHOLAS, Propr.
of men which, taken at its flood
out at greatly-reduced rates.
Paul Kreft & Co
igaiis M loliog