The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 22, 1895, Image 3

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See us before
Is it Customary with You
you buy.
We carry a Complete Line of
to Wear Shoes?
We believe that shoes are the most satisfactory outer
covering for the feet, and contend that all gentlemen who
wish to appear well in polite society should wear them.
Now, the object of this dissertation is to call your atten
tion to our $2.50 Shoes for Men. Of course, other shoe
dealers have $2.50 Shoes ; some pay $12.00 per dozen for
them and others may pay $36.00. We think, however,
the dealers paying the latter price are limited. We do
not, neither do we pay the former. We claim our $2.50
Shoes to be the best that money can buy and that can be
sold at that price. : So sure are we of their good wearing
qualities that we say, "Take these Shoes, wear them,
and if they don't prove satisfactory, return them to us,
and your money will be refunded." If you are curious,
just see our Corner Window filled with these celebrated
$2.50 Shoes. If this won't satisfy you, step inside, pur
chase a pair and examine them at your leisure.
The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
ntered a the Fostoffice at The Dalies, Oregon
as second-class matter.
Clubbing List.
Regular Our
price price
ftrtiitlt ud 5.1. Tribue $2.50 $1.75
" ud Wwklj Orrgtiiai .3.00 2.00
" d Wwkly Eimir 3.25 2.25
" Weekly Kew T.rk World 2.25 2.00
10 Ceui per line for first Insertion, and 6 Cent
oer line for each subsequent insertion.
Special rates for long time notices.
All local notices received later than 8 o'clock
will appear the following day.
APRIL 22, 1895
Leaves From the Notebook of Chronicle
Reports from Hood River indicate a
very large crop of berries if nothing hap
,pens to them.
The local thia afternoon waa delayed
for an boar on account of repairs being
made on the high trestle.
Denver bad a snowstorm Saturday, six
inches of the beautiful being the result
Most of it disappeared by Sunday
The best ia always cheapest. . Herrin
makes the best cabinet photographs for
only $2.50 per dozen. Chapman block,
Bp stairs. a20-tf.
' Three botanical students came up from
Portland yesterday and sized np the
flora of ' thia neighborhood yesterday
afternoon and this morning.
Messrs. Wm. Holder and. J. Hosford
are in the city, perfecting arrangements
for the play "A Social lass." to be
given here by the Moro Dramatic club,
Friday evening. V,
Seufert's upper wheels are beginning
to get their work in on the salmon
About 3,000 pounds a day' are caught
Five feet more water will showajaxga.
increase in the catch.
The weather the past few days. has
been perfect ; there waa no wind, the
sun shone brightly and the air was per
fumed by orchard blooms and lilacs.
The Dalles just now is at her prettiest
and that ia handsome enough for any
body. One hobo waa brought up this morn
ing for the recorder to measure out the
amount of his repentance, which' waa
the usually prescribed dose. The man
whom the marshal had chained up Sat
urday, expressed a desire to work today,
as he has demonstrated by experiment
thai work is not so wearing on his sys
tem as being compelled to stand etill. -.
By special invitation of the literary
society Dr. Doane will repeat bis lec
ture delivered in Portland at the Wil
lamette University commencement ex
ercises several weeks 8go. The subject
will be 'The Twentieth Century Physi
cian." The society tenders a cordial
invitation to everyone to be present.
No. admission will be charged. The
date will be announced later.
The concert next Wednesday evening i
at. thn Cnncretratinnftl r.huri'h nrnmiws
to be the event of the season. A fine
program by local talent, assisted by
Mrs. Heald and Miss Smith of Hood
River, will be presented. . Mrs. Heald
and Mies Smith are both from the fa
mous Boston Conservatory of Music,
and will be well worth bearing. The
best singers of The Dalles, and everyone
knows how good they are, will make the
evening very attractive. ,
The bicyclists are getting decidedly
numerous. Today at noon we noticed a
herd of them, consisting of two ladies
and six gentlemen, gliding gracefully
down Court street. Ye weary reporter
watched them until thev whirled around
the-corner np Second street like a flock
of birds, and then be lifted his feet one
at a time, looked at the old-fashioned
non-pneumatic half soles on bis brogans,
and pedaled himself alone towards the
courthouse, bappy as a clam in the con
sciousness that the world and the foil- j
ness thereof was at his feet.
Charles Teio was brought up from, the
Cascade Locks yesterday afternoonby
Constable Trana, having been sentenced
to jail for ten days for using obscene and
abusive language. He had no sooner ar
rived than a telegram came to take him
to Vancouver to testify in the case of the
state of Washington against S. A. Ander
son, who is accused of the murder of J.
A. Bull, near Stevenson, a few months
ago. Teio is said . to be one of the most
important witnesses for the Btate. He
was taken down on the boat this morning.
The work of grading around the bead
of the draw at the high trestle is progress
ing rapidly. The find of petrified trees is
much larger than was at first supposed.
They are found in the new cut in abun
dance and some large sections of the
trees have been taken out. The trees
were eyidently growing near the bluff,
when a flow of . lava came down over it
surrounding the trees and completely
sealing them np. The percolation of the
surface water charged with sand- and
quartz finally caused the petrifaction,
The waves of the lava where they over
flowed one another are plainly visible.
The Moro Club.
The Moro Dramatic club will play here
in the opera house, Friday, April 26th
The club is composed of some of Mora's
rn 08 1 prominent people and their acting
is highly spokeST of by all who have
heard them. The play is "A Social
Glass" and is said to be full of dramatic
scenes. The proceeds of the play will be
given to the Sherman county public
schools. Admission, 75 and 50 cents,
children under 10 years, 25 cents. .Re
served seats at Blakeley & Houghton's,
When Baby was sick, ire gave her Castorta.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Hiss, she clung to Castoria.
When ahe had Children, she gave them Cagtoria.
a. 11 pain banished by Dr. Miles' Pain Kll.
C. A. Adams of Tygh is in the
Dr. Logan
went to Portland thia
County Clerk Kelsay has moved his
family to his ranch on Mill creek.
S. J. LaFrance and Wm. Smith of
Hood River were in the city today. ,
Mr. M. Herrick returned yesterday
from Portland, after a brief business
Mr. Ad.' Edgar is in Portland visiting
old time friends, of whom he has a ery
large number. -
Mrs. Charles McMorlis and daughter
of Walla Walla, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. O. B. Funk.
Sheriff Driver and W. K. Corson, who
went to Antelope last week, arrived
home yesterday morning.
Mrs. J. Barter and Mrs. M. Bulger,
who have been visiting at their old home
on 8-Mile for several days, returned to
Portland tnis morning.
Mrs. Dr. Ford-Warner, an eminent
physician of Portland, who was a guest
at the residence of Mr. SmlthFrench,
returned home yesterday.
Mr. W. W. Wilson, steward of the
Umatilla House, arrived home Saturday
trom a visit to Salt Late Uny. -. lie at-
atended services in the Tabernacle and
saya that there were supposed to be 9000
persons present. Tne building has a
Beating capacity of 14,000.
Senator Stephen B. Elkins of West
Virginia, who is visiting the coast, and
a party of friends, were expected to
make the trip from Portland to this city
today, coming up on tne boats, but tne
arrangements .have been changrd. " If
the senator can spare the time without
breaking into his other arrangements,
ne win maKe tne trip tomorrow
Bock Creek Shooting; Affray.
A telegram from: Arlington yesterday
"A shooting affray took place between
5 and 6 o'clock thia morning at the resi
dence of Harry Clay, on Rock creek,
twenty miles south of here, resulting in
the death of Henry Grider. Henry had
been working for Mr. Clay for about a
year, and had been looked upon as a
faithful, law-abiding citizen. Recently,
however, Grider seems to have gained
the impression that he owned the ranch,
and was going to run things to suit him
self. He had made threats of-killing
Air. (Jlay, and bad been carrying a re
volver for some time. This morning
the two men had some little dispute
about matters pertaining to the ranch;
and, without provocation, Grider drew
a revolver and fired . two shots at Clay
without effect. He was following him
up, with the evident intention of killing
him, when Mr. Clay ran into the honse
and procured a shotgun. He emptied
one of the barrels into Grider'a aide be
low the left arm, killing him instantly
He then gave himaejf up to the authori
ties. He will be given a preliminary
taial tomorrow morning. Mr. Clay baa
a fine ranch on Hock creek, and deals
extensively in stock, having recently
made a large shipment to Chicago. He
ia highly esteemed as a peaceable, law
abiding citizen. Although the shooting
on bia part was clearly in self-defense,
Fishing Tackle,
Ammunition, .
Stoves and Steel Ranges,
Wire Cloth,
Wire Poultry Netting,
Sewer Pipe,
Iron Water Pipe,
Garden Tools,
Sheep Shears,
Barrel! Chums,
Rubber and Cotton Wrap
ped Garden Hose,
Groceries and Provisions,
Oak Fir and Maple Cord-
-wood and General sup
the occurrence is greatly deplored by
himself ond friends."
Clothing! Clothing:!
We incite yon to inspect our new
spring stock of mens' suits, boys' suits
and children8' suits, latest cuts. Also a
very large assortment of mens' and boys'
pants in all the new styles. Never in
the history of low prices has such been
offered. We will guarantee to save you
fully 50 per cent. . Remember the loca
tion. Robert E. Williams,
Blue Front store, opposite Diamond
Mills. " al6tf.
Mens OTershlrtst Mens' Underwear!
Now opening up the finest line of dress
shirts and underwear ever showed in
The Dalles." Every shirt 36 inches long,
made up in the very best way, in an
endless variety of patterns, perfect
beauties. Also an elegant line of spring
and summer underwear. Call and in
spect them, you will be more than sat
isfied, both as to style and price.
Robert E. Williams,
Blue Front store, opposite Diamond
Mills. a!6tf.
Cor Bent.
After April 1st, 20 acres of fine land,
.situated within the city limits. Houee
land barn, good water for irrigating.
LTerms easy. Apply to Fred W. Wilson.
for Sale.
Steam yacht Irma has been thoroughly
overhauled and repaired, is as good as
new. Has just passed inspection. Price
$500 spot cash. H. C. Cob,
al7-lw Sec'y Hood River Mfg. Co.
Teacher Mis-i Fields, you spell well
and write nicely, but your capitalization
is not in accordance with our modern
methods. : Mies Fields Indeed? What
is wrong with it? Teacher You never
capitalize M in money. Detroit Free
ho care to pay a little more than, the cost
of ordinary trade cigarettes will find the
Made from the highest cost Gold Leaf
grown in Virginia, and are ,
Shoes below cost, F. Fort in, photographer.
We are showing now the very latest
toes in Black and Tan Shoes. Also a
large line of staples.
The Tjgh Val
ley Creamery
Ask Vanbibber & Worsley for it.
Every Square is Full Weight.
Are Your Eyes Open?
Just Received,
A Complete Assortment of GrARDEN'
and TIMBER SEEDS. We can save
you money. Now wend your way to the
Big Brick, opposite Moody's Warehouse.
Telephone 20. Terms Cash.
Crescents! Crescents! Crescents!
Why pay $100 for a Bicycle 1
When you can get one for $55?
We buy direct from the makers, and save you the jobber's profit.
We sell our High-grade CRESCENT, with wood rim and Clincher tire, for. .$80 00.
The same wheel, with Morgan & Wright tire, for 75 00
This wheel vfeighs 23 pounds.
Our SPECIAL CRESCENT, with either wood or steel rims, M. & W. tires. .$55 00
This wheel with wood rim weighs 28 pounds; with steel, 30 pounds. .
Our SPECIAL CRESCENT will compare favorably with any $75 wheel on the
market, and we will give the same guarantee that is eiven on the highest
, priced wheel sold. Come and see onr samples or eend for catalogue.
MAYS & CROWE, The Dalles.
Take your Prescriptions to.
Wholesale and retail manufacturers and dealers in
Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Collars,
And all Articles Kept In a-First Class Harness Shop.
A. A. B.
will be Filled by Thorough
Prescription Druggists.
Adjoining Jcles, olbn s & Co.'a BUr,