The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 20, 1895, Image 1

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NO 94
A Prominent Young Man .is
Under Arrest.
Bis Family Much Esteemed la the Com
munity, and He Vh at Favorite
in Society.
Eugene, April 19. A sensational ar
rest was made here last night, and R. M.
Stevens, a prominent young man in so
ciety, is now in jail with a charge of
burglary against him. The clerks in the
store of A. V. Peters have for some time
been missing articles ont of the store,
and suspected that some one was enter-
. ing the store at night. They notified the
officers, and a plan was at once adopted
to ascertain whether a burglar was enter-
, ing the store. Money was marked and
left in the till, and a seal put on which
would have to be broken if the till was
opened. This was Tuesday night, and
Wednesday morning the till bad been
Last night the officers thought they
would watch for the burglar. They bid
in a store across the street, where they
could command a full view of Peters'
Shortly before 12 o'clock B. M. Stevens
was seen to walk down the main busi
ness street, and in the full glare of an
arc light unlocked the front door of the
store with a key he took from his pocket
and entered. The officers then placed
themselves so as to capture him when he
came out. He went In and helped him
self to a pair of ladies' shoes and several
anther articles, and opened the till and
took a portion of the small change left
there. He came out at the front door
with the plunder, and was then placed
under arrest. He waived examination
this morning, and was bound over to ap
pear before the grand jury, under bonds
of $1500. -
Much sympathy is expressed for his
widowed mother and his sisters and
brother, who are highly esteemed by
their neighbors, and who have been
sorely afflicted the past year or two in
the loss of their husband and father and
a son and brother by an accident.
The Indemnity Is Payable In Seven
Yokohana, April 19. Nichimchi to
day publishes the terms ol the treaty of
peace concluded between China and
Japan. The new details furnished are
that the indemnity is payable in seven
years, with interest at 5 per cent, but if
the amount of 200,000,000 taelb is paid
Japan in three years no interest will be
demanded. Japan is also entitled under
the treaty to the moBt-favored-nation
treatment, and has the right to navigate
the Chung Liang, Foo Chow and Hong
Kong rivers, to import goods of certain
grades, and machinery, free of duty, and
establish factories. A new treaty of
commerce is to be concluded, based on
existing treaties with foreign powers.
China is to comply with the customs
laws of Japan, and part of the expenses
of the occupation of Wei-HairWei, Port
Arthur, etc., by Japanese troops, are to
be borne by China.
China engages not to punish returned
prisoners, nor to inflict punishment up
on Chinese who may have aided the
Japanese army and navy. China also
binds herself to return Japanese prison
ers unconditionally. The exchange of
ratifications of the treaty will take place
at Che-Foo not later than May 8.
One stipulation of the treaty between
China and Japan is that Chinese who
have been captured by the Japanese,
and others who bad sold supplies to the
Japanese troops, should not be beheaded,
according to the Chinese customs.- Un
til the beginning of the war between
China and Japan each country had con
sular jurisdiction over its subjects in the
other country.' It now appears that
Japan will no longer grant this privi
lege to China, on the ground that China
is a barbarous country, and foreigners
residing there must be protected by their
own country;
Tba Coroner's Jury Returns n Verdict
. A gain at Dorrant.
San Fbancisco, April 19. The coro
ner's jury shortly before noon rendered
a verdict declaring Durrant guilty of the
murder of Minnie Williams.
The usual crowd of curiosity-seekers
was present when the inquest was re
sumed this morning. Durrant and his
attorneys were also present. " .
Elmer Wolf, the young man whose
statements have been questioned re
cently, was recalled to the stand and
offered to produce witnesses to substan
tiate all he had said previously in re
gard to his movements on the night
Minnie Williams was murdered, but the
coroner declined the offer, and both that
official and the chief of police eaid they
were satisfied with Wolf's statements
and did not believe he was connected
with the crime.
Two of Durrant's comrades in the Na
tional Guard company were examined
and said that on the afternoon of the
night that Minnie Williams was mur
dered they saw Durrant loitering about
the ferry at the foot of Market street,
and talked to him. They said Durrant
told them be did not expect to be at the
armory that mgnt, and be asked them
to respond to his name at roll-call.
Dr. Bartlett, who conducted the au
topsy, testified that Minnie Willams
died of asphyxiation, as the result of
having part of her clothing forced down
her throat by the murderer, and that
the knife wounds found on various parts
of her body were inflicted after death.
He also testified that the girl bad been
outraged, and that previous to the time
of the tragedy she had led a blameless
Several other witnesses were examined
on minor matters, and about 11 o'clock
the coroner announced that he had no
more testimony to offer, though he
called Durrant to take the stand and the
latter left his seat as if to present him
self for examination, and then looked
toward his attorneys, who advised him
not to speak, and no further effort was
made to question him.
The jury did not occupy an hour in
deliberation, and returned a verdict be
fore noon, charging Durrant with the
murder of Minnie Williams. It was the
case of the death only that was being in
vestigated. The case of the murder of
Blanche Lamont will be taken up later.
uurrant awoke tnis morning in a
cheerful and even flippant frame of
mind. He laughed and cracked jokes
with the prison officials, to whom he
has heretofore shown intense reserve,
and when Captain Douglas entered the
prison for the purpose of escorting the
prisoner to the inquest, Durrant greeted
the captain pleasantly, and smiled as
the handcuffs were snapped upon bis
Chief Crowley said today : "The evi
dence against Durrant is clear and con
vincing, and I am fully satisfied of his
guilt. We shall prove beyond a Bhadow
of a doubt that he met and murdered
Miss Williams, and I have no hesitancy
in saying tnat the evidence in the cane
of Blanche Lamont is even stronger than
in the former case."
Coroner Hawkins has decided to hold
the inquest in the case of Miss Lamont
on Monday morning next.
Captured Without Resistance.
Omaha, April 19. A Special to the
Bee from Pender, Neb., says: The posse
who went to the reservation country last
night after the Indian police, captured
two, who are now in jail at this place,
l be posse took the Indians by surprise
and with no resistance. It is said that
in case Captain Beck, the Indian agent
continues his forcible ejectments of leas
ers, a conflict mav result between the
Civil and federal authorities.
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