The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, March 30, 1895, Image 1

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NO 76
Between Portland and China
and Japan.
To Be DerlTed Prom Direct sad Ample
Steamer Bervlee Between This City
end tli Orient.
Portland, March 29. The Oregon
Railway & Navigation Company has en
tered into a contract with Samuels & Co.,
of Yokohama, by which the latter will
pnt on a steamship line between Port
land and China and Japan, to be operat
ed in connection with the O. R. & N.
Co.'s lines. All of the papers have re
ceived the signatures of the parties in in
terest, and tbe line is assured. The
first steamer is expected to leave Hong
Kong May 1, and will leave Portland on
the outbound trip June 1. . Another f
steamer will leave Hong Kong June 1,
making a monthly service between Port
land and the Orient. All steamers will
run via Yokohama, and during the
winter months via Honolulu, taking the
northern route, however, in summer.
The vessels to be put on have a carrying
capacity of from 3000 to 3500 tona each.
This line will supply a long-standing
need of this city, which has been handi
capped in its Oriental trade by not hav
ing a direct line to and from that
market. Tbe new line will afford ample
service for. the accommodation of Port
land exporters and importer, and it
offeis an opportunity for them to show
their desire to ' Lave this very important
outlet for their products and . inlet for
th.e'ir importations by confining their
patronage exclusively to this line and
promoting its interests in every way.
VThe line will probably be known as the
O. R. & N. steamship line, and will
probably be operated much as the San
Franfiisco steamers of that com pany at
It will be remembered that a few years
ago the Upton line ot ocean steamers
plied between China and Japan and this
port. No steamship line between this
coast and the Orient can be successful
unless operated in connection with a rail
line, oyer which can be transported to
and from Eastern and Central states a
. considerable portion of the cargoes car
ried by the steamers.
The Canadian Pacific's steamship line
between Vancouver, B. C, and Japan
and China, is operated in connection
with the rail lines of that companj-, and
the Northern Pacific steamship line be
tween Tacoma and the Orient, while not
owned by the Northern Pacific Railroad
Company, is operated under a close
traffic agreement with it, and has all tbe
assistance the railroad company crn ren
der it.
The Upton line to Portland depended
upon the Union Pacihc for assistance.
This it did not receive, and failed in
consequence. The Union Pacific was
under agreement with the Southern Pa
cific, which placed the latter road in
position to dictate tbatfall Oriental ship
ments should come via San Francisco,
given to the Union Pacific from the
Central Pacific atOgden, and as a conse
quence the Upton line was unable to
make traffic arrangements with - the
Union Pacific Company, which then
operated the O. R. & N. line under lease.
The result was the Upton line was
withdrawn, and the present Northern
Pacific Steamship Company emerged
from it with close connections at Tacoma
with tbe Northern Pacific railroad.
' When the O. R. & ST. became divorced
from the Union Pacific system and Re
ceiver McNeill adopted his policy of re
building its business by many and rad
ical changes, the re-establishment of an
Oriental steamship line naturally sog
gested itself. A little later traffic ar
rangements were entered into with the
Great Northern Railway Company.
This' gives a' thorough rail service, re
gardless of the action of tbe Union Pa
cific on the proposition, and, besides, tbe
Great Northern was as anxious as the O.
S. & N. for an Oriental steamship con
nection. That road has already tried to
run a line between Seattle and the
Orient in tbe interests of its- line, but
it had found it unprofitable, and had to
abandon the idea, so it welcomed - tbe
prospect of the O. R. & N. joining-hands
with it for such a line from Portland.
The principle article of exporf from
this coast to the Orient is flour, and
Portland being tbe greatest of the supply
markets for that product on the North
Pacific coast, is naturally the best fitted
for the initial American port of such a
line, so far as location is concerned. In
1893 112,926 barrels of flour were ex
ported from this city . to China and
All of this went first either to Tacoma,
Vancouver or San Francisco, . and was
then reloaded onto the Oriental steam
ers a he nour export has been greatly
increased by the war between China and
Japan, and it is reasonable to suppose
that all of tbis staple leaving this port
for those countries will be shipped via
tbe new line from Portland when it is
established, as it will thus save the un
loading and loading onto the steamers
now required at Tacoma and Vancouver.
Besi-les the proportionate exportation of
flour from heie as compared with other
ports may be expected to increase ma
terially on account of tbe more direct
A large percentage of the flour ship
ments to the Orient at present comes
from the mills located in the wheatgrow-
Ing sections of Eastern Washington. A
part of this is shipped via the O. R. &
N. to Portland, and thence via the
steamer Signal to Vancouver, where it
is given to the Canadian Pacific Com
pany's steamers, but the bulk takes the
more direct route, via the Northern Pa
cific to Tacoma, thus saving the hand
ling required in the extra loading and
unloading on the Signal.
A Great Conspiracy Brought to Light.
San Francisco, March 29. After
many delays the internal revenue de
partment has finally succeeded in land
eng one of the biggest gangs of counter
feiters that have operated in California
since the days of the Boyd-Ciprico gang.
That combination soM red certificates
issued to the Chinese by the custom
house in China and reaped a fortune.
Boyd ran away to Australia, came back
and turned state's' evidence against
Ciprico, and afterwards shot himself.
Ciprico was acquitted, Kip never came
to trial and Whaley fled the country.
Another of the gang died before his case
was called. There were five conspira
tors in the Boyd-Ciprico gang, and there
are five in the one just landed. Like its
predecessor, it also dealt in fraudulent
Tbe names of the men arrested are :
H. L. Fo88, freight clerk of the Oceanic
Steamship Company's dock ; James H.
Sullivan, formerly deputy county clerk ;
Max Katzauer, a new arrival from Vic
toria, and said to be the leading smug
gler of Paget sound; Fernando D. Cip
rico, the man who was tried and ac
quitted for complicity in the Boyd-
Ciprico ring, , and M. Greenwald,
brother of Louis Greenwald, the man
now serving time in San Quentin for be
Ing mixed up in the operaions of the
Emerald smuggling ring. They are all
charged with conspiracy in attempting
to land Chinese in the United States by
means of forged certificates.
The counterfeiters were caught in a
room down town which bad been a ren
devous,' and in which many of their
operations took place. The officers had
to break in the door, and when they se
cured admission they found one man
tearing up documents, while another
was caught throwing a package of certi
ficates out of the window; where they
were caught by a waiting detective be
low.' Marked photographs for certifi
cates were seized and also seals, rubber
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All the members of the gang were
landed in the county jail. :
The band had already . established
agencies at i Vancouver, Boise : City,
Helena, Lincoln, Denver, Chicago, Phil
adelphia, New York and Victoria, and
had laid plans to do business,, not only
with the Cbinese they intended to im
port, but with as many as possible of
tbe 80,000 unregistered Chinese sup
posed to be in the United States. Esti
mating that they could have reached
twenty per cent of the unregistered resi
dents, or 16,000. they beheld the profit
of their enterprise running far into the
millions, and they believed that their
fabulous profits would soon be enongh
to enable them to bribe officials, buy
juries, influence politics and otherwise
escape the penalties of their crimes.
Seven Chinese firms in this city were
in partnership witn tne lorgers, ana
they had agreed to take 15,000 of the
certificates without much delay.
The band is supposed to have begun
operations in Philadelphia, where there
is a large paper factory and 'printing
office, the proprietors of 'which are be
lieved to have undertaken tbe contract
of making tbe paper.
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Deposits received, subject to Sight
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Sight and Telegraphic Exchange sold on
New York, San Francisco-and Port
land, rr.
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