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NO. 192
Tie Senate ana House Said to Haye
The Situation in Congress Seems no
Nearer Solution, and all Sorts
of Claims are Made. ;
Nearer Thn Bm
Washington, Aug. 4. When the dem
ocratic tariff conferees adjourned tonight,
after an all-day session, it looked as
though they were nearer an agreement
than at any time thus far, and yet the
agreement itself, which is the great end
in view, had not been attained. The
hopes of the conferees last night, that
definite results would be reached and
made public today failed to be realized.
An agreement on sugar had not been
reached beyond the possibility of recall,
nor ba'd agreements been made on iron
ore or coal. The day closed, however,
much better than it opened. It had
brought out the fact that the new sugar
schedule, submitted as an ultimatum by
the conservative senators, would be ac
cepted by the house conferees, and that
there was little else than the formal and
final announcement of the acceptance to
make the agreement on sugar complete.
So fully aatisfed were the house confer
ees that the schedule would prevail that
they nrged its advantages on their col
leagues on the house side and. pointed
out that in their opinion it would reduce
the benefits, at least by 50 per cent, over
the original senate schedule.
In view of the fact that the proposi
tion came from the senators, this willing
ness of the house men to put out its ad
vantage and features indicated the com
mon ground tBey occupied. Indeed, one
of the conferees spoke of the result' of
the day's work as equivalent to an agree
ment on , the sugar schedule,, but said it
was not such a binding agreement as to
cut off the possibility of disagreeing to
' it on Monday. Thus it stands, with the
. conferees on the point of agreeing, and
yet not actually at that point. ' As to
when the quasi agreement will -become
an absolute finality, the conferees had
no definite idea when they separated to
night. As Secretary Carlisle was with
them a part of the day, it is concluded
the schedule is also satisfactory to the
administration. When the democrats
separated this evening Senator Jones
said he hoped they might call upon the
republican conferees early next week,
possibly, but not probably,! Monday,
though he stated something might occur
to upset all calculations and prevent a
full and complete adjustment of the
The especially new developments of
the day was the disclosure early this
morning that the two Louisiana sena
tors, Caffery and Blanchard, could not
be depended upon to support the new
sugar schedule. Their opposition was
based on the ground that it failed to take
into consideration the requirements of
the Louisiana sugar planters tor the
bounty on their present crop, at least.
This caused some uneasiness at the out
set, and it was felt the new schedule,
upon which hung the chance o full
agreement, might be wrecked by the
opposition of the Louisiana senators and
several populists. This feeling wore off
later in the day, however, either through
indifference of concession to this opposi
tion element, and it was not regarded at
the close of the conference as a serious
menace to the success of the conferees
efforts. -No
attempt was made today, as yes
terday, to disguise the details of the new
sugar schedule, and the conferees them
Selves officially confirmed its provisions
as made public yesterday, but pointed
out that the latest phase of the proposi
t:on entirely eliminated the one-tenth
differential against sugars coming from
countries paying an export bounty on
sugar. This, it, was explained,; made
' the proposition more nearly approach
the decision of ; the house. In other
words, the new schedule is exactly as
heretofore given, viz : ' - - V ; "" " :, '
On sugars below No. 16, Dutch stand
ard (raw sugars) 40 per cent ad valorem ;
on sugars above No. 16, Dutch standard
(refined sugars), 40 per cent ad valorem
, Highest of all in Leavening Pwer.
of the amount necessary for the protec
tion of refined sugars at the wholesale
price in the country from which it is ex
ported, pays a differential duty of 1-5 of
a cent per pound. ' .
After the conferees had reached their
virtual agreement on the sugar schedule,
they put this to one side and took up the
question of "iron ore and coal, but ad
journed without reaching a conclusion
with regard to these two products.
Workman , stabbad. Kicked anil Beaten
by Slavs. -
COXSBLLSVILLE, . Pa., Aug ; 4. A
bloody affair occurred at Leisenring this
evening, which shows the spirit of the
striking -Slavs is not subdued. While
Sam Matthews, who recently deserted
the strikers, was returning home from
work, a number of Slavs who were pass
ing by attacked him. Matthews was
captured, and then followed one of the
cowardly,-cruel scenes the Slavs have eo
often enacted in this region. The fugi
tive, hemmed in by numbers, struggled
desperately to protect himself. A big
Slav pushed in and struck at his neck
with a knife. Matthews threw out his
arm and the blade was buried in it above
the elbow. Dodging another blow, the
weapon penetrated his shoulder. There
was a storm of blows and ' every hand
striking them held a knife. The poor
man was bleeding dreadfully, but he
kept his wits and thus escaped more
than one of the fatal thrusts, when two
cowardly Slavs struck him from behind,
stabbing him in the back almost simul
taneously.' : Then he was thrown under
foot, being kicked and trampled, while
the men stooped to stab him in bis help
less condition. A crowd that had been
drawn by the attack charged on the
Slavs, drove them back and rescued the
wonnded man. He was carried to his
home, efforts made to staunch the blood
and '-. a . physician summoned. His
wounds will prove fatal. He is now in
an ' unconscious' .condition.';1 The : Slavs
who did the stabbing fled and have not
yet been arrested. ..
The Dreaded Cholera.
Washixgton, Aug. 4. A dispatch was
some days ago received from . Madrid
stating that the1 Spanish government
had confidential information of the prev
alence of cholera in Marseilles, France,
and that facts had been suppressed rand
the government" had accordingly , sent
out a special commission to investigate
it. At that time the marine hospitals
had received no information that would
enable them to affirm or deny the Mar
seilles rumors. Dr. Irwin, who . is . in
charge of the marine hospital service in
Europe, now reports briefly tbat .it is
true that cholera prevails in Marseilles.
The marine hospital service is also in
receipt of a cablegram ' from Consul
Requi, at Rotterdam, who reports one
case of cholera at that place on a foreign
vessel bound for Germany.
Anotbnr Battle Is Said to Have Taken
Place In the Far East.
London, Aug. 5. A dispatch to the
Central News bureau from-Shanghai,
dated August 5, says :
"It is reported that there has been
another engagement off the Corean coast,
in which three Chinese warships were
captured by the Japanese. The report
has not been confirmed." .
The officials of the Chinese legation
here say that they have received no in
formation concerning the naval engage
ment mentioned in the foregoing dis
patch. They also profess to regard the
fight of July 29th, as a trifling and over
rated affair.
..",.'' One Benefit of the War.
: Kansas City, Aug. 5. The Armour
Packing Company may prove an im
portant factor in the war between China
and Japan; if pending negotiations are
carried to a successful end. ; Recently it
received a cablegram from Yokohama
Japan, from the Mikado's government,
asking for its price on 500,000 pounds
of canned corned -beef for the Japan
army. . The company cabled its answer,
and pending a reply, which is expected
soon, has prepared to go into the busi
ness "of supplying meat to the battling
Asiatics on a big scale. .The companv
has also opened negotiations with the
Chinese legation at Washington. .
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A Land Vletery for Japan.
Tokio, Aug. 4. Following is the
official report of General Oshima, in
command of the Japanese troops in the
recent engagement, when the Chinese
were defeated: "After severe fishtina
during five hours, from 3 a. m July 29,
we won a decisive victory; " The enemy's
entrenchment at Chelbon was captured
and over 500 out of a total of 2800 Chinese
soldiers killed or wounded.- Our losses
were five officers and 70 soldiers. The
enemy fled toward Hong Chow, and per
haps intend to embark in Corean boats
near Gunsan. , We captured many flags,
four Qannon, many rifles and much am
munition.' ' : We occupy the enemy's
headquarters." - .
War . Vessel of - Japan Bammed . bjr a
...... Chinese Ironclad.' '
Bekllv, Aug. 4, -The Chinese min
ister' here has received an official dis
patch stating that the Chinese ironclad
Ting Yuan rammed and sunk a Japanese
warship off Jerome gulf, July 27. ; The
Ting Yuan is an armored steel battle
ship, the exact duplicate of the Chen
loan, which, it was reported, had been
sunk by the Japanese,., but which, it
turned out, escaped from the naval
battle badly damaged.
Kotbingr Known In Washington. Mint
Washington, Aug. 5. Neither the
Japanese nor the Chinese legation has
received any news today respecting th
progress of war between those countries.
A big batch of mail reached the Japan-
ese legation, but it contained nothing of
importance not already made public.
Nothing is known as to the date ,of the
coming of the new minister to succeed.
Mr. Gozo Tatano, who departed for
Japan last week.
Refused a Landing.
; London, Aug. 5. A Shanghai dispatch
says the American agent at Taku,
it is added, has forbidden the steamer
Smith to land munitions of war intended
for trans-shipment to : Formosa: ' The
Smith is a Chineee vessel flying the
American flag. " v
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. The Second Battle at Yashaa. - '
Shanghai, Aue; 4. A disnatch has
been received which confirms the report
that a second battle has been fought at
Yashan between Chineee and Japanese
The Chinese were defeated. ')'.:.
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