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"The Regulator Line"
.. -e . -
Wlio Said ! 5
Tie Dalles, Portland an i Mma
Navigation Co.
TO Our
WE HAVE rather neglected our Advertising f late, not
because we had nothing to sell; but we had nothing
especially new to offer, and preferred to wait until we could
say something of interest. We are, and have been for some
time, busily engaged in placing our . orders for Spring and
. Summer Goods and feel justified' in announcing that we
shall have the FINEST ASSORTMENT and the BEST.
GOODS in all our lines that has ever been seen in The
Dalles. We have : secured some genuine novelties in the
Dry Goods Department, and the ladies "will certainly con
.' suit their best interests by deferring . their purchases until
after', their" arrival of which, .we shall give you due' notice.
Keep" both' eyes 'on this space and we.- will certainlyvsurpriso
: you u not only with the goods," but the prices at which we
- shall sell them. -We meaii' business "and propose to have
your patronage, if LOW, PRICES and . ih BEST
GOODS will accomplish it. Yours Respectfully,
The Dalles Daily Chroniele.
Bntered a the Postofflce at The Dalles. Oregon,
as second-class matter. "
Weather Forecast.
fjttial forecast for twenty-four htmr ending - at
. . t p. m. tomorrow.
i Wednesday fair, followed by snow.
Thursday snow or rain.. Warmer. . .
. Paquev-
- FEB. 8, 1893
Get Thk Chronicle encyclopedia.
The 28th and 29th tilt, witnessed a
gale and a half at WaDinitia.
Another enow plow has been sent for
today and we may be happy yet '
A Wapinitia letter 6f yesterday says
the snow there is 28 Inches deerx "
- The best spellers of Juniper flat are to
have a match this evening.
Call and see our $24.80 Britannica en
cyclopedia. . What makes success? Hard work.
What makes wealth? Advertising.
The great prospects of our city are all
rammed up in that one word Location. J)
Mr. A. A. Whitney of Portland7H--iii1
the city among the delayed passengers.
"Belly deep to a horse" the measure
ment of the snow given to us by a Wapi
nitia man.
The snow on Dutch flat is from two to
four feet deep. It some places it is
drifted very much.
Mr. C; W. Emerson of 15-Mile is In
the city. -He reports everything in good
shape in his Section.-
' Five cents a day will get you the en-
cyclopedia. We see the Oregoniau and
go them 60 per cent; better.
Mr. Put Brown of 10-Mile is in the
ity today and reports good health and
plenty of snow in his neighborhood.
A dance is to be given this evening at
Crises place on Wapinitia if the young
people don't get frostbitten.
Mr. S6l Durbin, one of the snowbound
passengers by the U. P., is in the city
today. Mr. Durbin is one of Oregon's
early pioneers.
Mr. Cbas. Allison is cutting and put
ting up ice from the Staddleman pond
that is-ten inches in thickness, and as
clear as ice can be.
Today ttie sky is almost clear of clouds
. and the maximum temperature was 30,
The average depth of enow in this local
ity is nine inches. '
Jn the Oak Grove section and at
Wamic, reports say the snow is eighteen
inches deep. Stock are in good condi
linn havinff nlentv nf fMd.
The young people about Milt Norris
ranch on Juniper Flat' spent the time
very pleasantly at a social dance on the
20th. Music was furnished by the
Kesner A Menefee band. A splendid
cupper was provided. About forty cou-
le were present. ; r"""" 'jj;
One of the band of steers which
crossed the ice yesterday went through
and failed to come to the feed rack last
night. The ice was very much like the
beautiful enow poems, "too thin" in
Attorneys J. 8; Story and H. H. Rid
1 i i m
aeii reiumea irom urant last evening,
where they were engaged in getting some
testimony taken before. a referee, in
reference to an. action pending there
They report everything as beingvery dull
and bnt little business being done. All
are waiting for the long delayed chinook
to open business once more.
Friends and Patrons.
i l.'J.'uU'W'
The enow has left Portland in any
thing but a fine fix. '
S.uni Dullar of Wamnc died on the 4th
inst. he was a prominent citizen, a grand
army veteran, about 50 years of age, and
leavtia a large family to mourn his death.
We are under obligations to Mr. E.
H. French for a copy of the Berkeleyan.
Its table of contents is very interesting,
Mr. Ed. Mars of this city, one of Berk
leys students, . appears .as associate
editor. We gladly chip in.
. Mr. W. J. Roberts of. Colfax, came
'down on the morning passenger. Mr.
Roberts came on a summons that his
father had died In Lob Angeles on Mon
day eve and the remains would' be
brought to this city for interment.
The young people of Grant enjoy their
social gatherings during the long winter,
and make the time pass merrily. A
merry company met last evening in the
ball next the Dispatch office and spent
the evening in dancing. It was a very
enjoyable . affair,' and until the "wee
sma' " Lours the music gave Inspiration
to the jolly dancers.
A number of persons are in town for
the purpose of attending the quarterly
teachers examination which was to com
mence today. But owing to the delayed
trains, County Superintendent Shelly
was unable to arrive in time, and those
who are desirous of attending the exam-
nation are compelled to wait until such
time as the contrary elements will per
mit Mr. Shellv to arrive.
Lt. l,. Vrteeniey an insane man was
brought in this morniDg by T. W.
G'avey and Wm, Gr'eenley, from Kings-
ley. He was evamined by Dr. Shackle
ford this afternoon and pronounced in
sane, whereupon Judge Blakeley com
mitted him to the asylum.' - Greenley is
a man twentynine years of ago and has
been idiotic ever since bis birth ; his in
Banity being due to hereditary causes.
He at times. becomes violent -and seems
seized with a desire. to kill those about
him. He has suffered from attacks of
epilepsy since childhood, and has re
quired constant watching for rears. Hon
was placed in the county jail for safety
until such time as he. can be taken to
the asylum.
To Be Trusted.
Speaking of trustworthy thermome
ters, what is the matter wi th "the Col
umbia river? When it registers euebJa
degree of ice as it has not - registered
since 1862, the record must be allowed
to stand. The .ordinary objections that
the thermometer is unreliable, or has
hung in a draft, don't go.
-, -( : -..'
JMR. H.D3TOU A few evenings since 1
was, enjoying the sleigh riding with my
best girl. I took a stone foot warmer
with me. It was about 10x14 ' in size.
jit camo near causing the "breaking off of!
our engagement. The thermometer was
about at zero; I attempted to -put my
feet on the warmer beside the girl (to
whom I am engaged) when she kicked.
Was I doing anything improper? ' ',
. " Engaged.
Because yoa are engaged to the young
lady does not give you more privileges
than if you were not. On a stone 10xl4
there would be no room for your feet
after those of the young lady are on it,
especially if ehe is from, the Willamette
Th t. c r.. .
bur LuXZ" ,Fifl J-'rth from riee
v v " .;
uuugu wr uci ren mono, woaw aa-
vise you to get a larger stone or;
A - -
tempt the same thing again.
Arlington Safe liobberjr.
The Record gives on account of 'the
robbing of Coffin Bros.' eafe at Arlington
on Monday of last week, but fails' to
print the name of the offender. We do
not know the reason why the Record
kept; the name a secret. We trust the
editor of the. Record was not implicated.
But laying jokes aside, the only rule to
go by is for a newspaper to show no
partiality in such matters. If a paper
keeps the name back in one case, it will
lie importuned to in others and have no
end of trouble. It is no more than the
readers of the Record onght to expect
for that paper to give the name in such
a case as tnts, atter tne complaint is
made and the party bound ..over. It is
not libelous, and seldom ever does harm
to publish the facts of judicial criminal
proceedings, without comment. " "-''
The danger lies in and injury results
from publishing rumored suspicions,
tinctured with malice, and connecting
names of persons with that sort of elan
der. But the public have a right to the
name and charge sworn to in court, and
a newspaper has the right to give them,
and to publish the complaint, if he
choose, or a copy of the proceedings, or
any fact connected with the court as a
part of the. proceedings. The rule for
newspapers in such matters is that the
publication should not be done with
malice, and that the paper is liable for
the truth of all assertions it makes that
are not strictly matters of record
Following is the account given by the
Record-: "The safe of the well known
firm of Coffin Bros., was robbed of about
one hundred dollars on' Monday last.
The facts are about as follows : Stanley
Coffin left the safe party open and' went
skating. During his absence a younjr
man who was formerly in their "employ
came in the store, went to the safe and
took Out the money,' the party in charge,
not thinking anything about the matter.
When Stanley returned he missed the
money and madeinquiry, and was in
formed who had been in. A warrant
was sworn out, and Marshall -Carlisle
soon had the party..' He acknowledged
the theft, and returned nearly all the
money. He was taken before Justice
Zeigler and placed under $150 bondsto
appear before the next grand jury. We
suppose his bondsmen have the monuv
to lose, n we think it i verv doubtfnl
the thief will be in the
the gi'and jury convenes.1
country when
' Tlio Delights of Boyhood. .
I'd like to bo a boy again without
woe or cave, with freckles scattered on
in y face and hayseed in my hair; I'd
like to rise at 4 o'clock and do a hundred
chores, and saw the wood and feed the
hogs and- lock the stable doors; and
herd the hens and watch .the bees and
take the mules to drink, and teach the
turkeys how to swim so' that" they
wouldn't sink; and milk about a hun
d red cows and bring in wood to burn
and stand out m the sun all day and
churn, -and. .churn, od - churn-j-and
wear my brother's cast-off clothes and
walk four miles to school, and get
licking every day for breaking some old
rule, and then get home again at night
and do the chores once more, and mil
rows ana leea tne nogs ana curry
males galore ; and then crawl wearily
upstairs tq seek my little bed; and hear
aay : VThat worthless boy ! He
Sisn't worth his bread !" I'd like to be
li""- -s . y uaa go mucn iun: uu
K) fUt' (1 r.n . n V. 1. ' 1 .
of sun; I guess there's nothins
IUo,.; ii... i - y. , , j i.
ir : wB v uouni, hu
...-... tuMHiig eees,. -una
doing evening choreas . .
Through daily service (Sundays ex
cepted) between The Dalles and" Port
land, Steamer ; Regulator" leaves The
Dalles at 7 a. in. connecting at Cascade
Locks -with . steamer - Dalles . City.
Steamer Dalles ' City leaves Portland
(Yamhill street dock) at 6 a. ra. con
necting with steamer Regulator for The
One way .'-. . . 17. .
Round trip . . . . .
.... 3.00
Freight Rates Greatly Reduced.
Shipments received at wharf any time,
day or night, and delivered .at Portland
on arrival. Live stock, shipments
solicited.-' Call on or address. ..
General A gent.
- Graertl Honar".
oth Houses Passed Bills of Great
Importance. ,
Salem, Feb. 6. The house this after
noon-passed the following bills: Jef
freys to enable women to hold educa
tional offices ; Ormsby to establish an
Oregon soldiers home ; Paxton abolish-
ng das of. grace on notes; Brown, of
Douglass relating to pleadings in civil
actions. Nickel req uiring custodians of
will to deliver the same for record,
passed. Bishop to amend act licensing
nsurance companies, passed. vV""'". ' " .
In the eenate in the afternoon, H. J.
M., relative to building the Nicaragua
canal, referred, to committee on com
Gullixson's House bill for $40,000 ap
propriation for O. N. G., made special
order for tomorrow 3 p. in.
Smith introduced a bill to regulate
railway traffic between Celilo and The
Dalles, referred to commerce commute.
Bancroft's bill to define and punish
obstructionists was passed.
Myers' bill to protect game, fish and
song birds, was laid on the table.
Cogswell, amending the code relating
to judgments, passed.
Hayes, amending the code concern
ing forcible entry and detainer, was
Hayes, to amend the code of attach
inenta, passed.
Cross, to repeal certain sections of the
code relative to the collection of taxes.
passed. I
Butler, to amend the code on estates
in dower, passed.
Denny, to amend the code on the dis
tribution of personal propertr, passed.
Veatch, prohibiting the employment
of non-residents as peace officers, passed
Stciwer,' amending the code relative
to senatorial districts, passed.
Bancroft, to build and furnish school
houses, etc., passed.
It Should be in Eraiy House.
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay St. Sharps-
burg, P:i., says he will not be without
Dr. King's New Discovery for con
sumption, coughs and colds, that it
cured his wife who was threatened with
pneumonia after an attack ; of . "la
grippe,"" when various other remedies
and several physicians had done her no
good. Robert Barber, of Cooksport,
Pa., claims Dr. King's New Discovery
has done hitn more good than anything
he ever used for lung troubles. Noth
ing like it. Try it. - Free trial bottle at
snipes & Kinnesly's. Large bottles, 50c,
ana j i. -
Beet grades of oak. fir. and slab cord
wood, at lowest market rates at Jos. T,
Peters & Co. (Office Second and Jeffer
son streets.) . . V
If the snow should go off with a quick
ness what a rush of waters would follow
The popoliet vote of the United States
in tne last presidential, election was
1,058,784. The total vote of the United
States in 1892 was 12,071,725. -
" A girl for general housework.. Call
and inquire at the Kirby house, on the
Leave your order
Maier & Benton's." -
for cord wood at
;,01d papers," vuitabl for carpets
shelves, will be exchanged for clean rags
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the Grocer. '
Activity of North American volcanoes.
Scientific American. Padernal peak.j
situated in the wilds of Rio. Arriba
county, New Mexico, is reported as now
a violent etate of eruption, and is
belching forth sulpbrous fumes and lava
at intervals of about three hours, each
lasting about thirty minutes. This has
been going on since the last week in
December. The entire top of the moun
tain, which was almost square and about
mile in extent, is stated to be blown
off, and the lava pouring down the sides
has already filled up the valley for about
half a miletm each side. A considerable
portion of a ruined - city '. of the ancient
cliff dwellers will be covered with the
slag should the. eruptions continue.
Padernal peak is one of the most promi
nent landmarks of the territory. The
Mexicans eay that it burst forth in
violent eruption in 1820 and did not
cease for' nearly a year afterward- It
has lain dormant until the present time.
The rumbling noise and lurid light can
be plainly beard and seen at Sierra
Amarilla, seventy miles distant, and an
army of people from there are now at
Ariquin to witness the impressive sight.
An earthquake shock felt at Orizaba,
Mexico, recently, greatly frightened the
Deonle living in the vicinity of the"!
Orizaba volcano. . -The town of Orizaba
lies about seventy miles by rail eouth
west of Vera Cruz and about twenty-
five miles south of Mount. Orizaba, the
snow-clad peak of which is said by some
to be 17,380 feet above sea level, and by
others to be the higheet peak in North
America. The residents of (Jolima, the
capital of the Mexican stateof that name
on the Paciffc coast, also feel a nervous
apprehension regarding the volcano ot
Coli ma, which, reaching a height of
about-12,000 feet, looms ekyward about
thirty miles northeast of the capital.
Every night a lurid light illuminates
the skv above the mountain, is
feared that this portends a serious eruption.
The Only House in Town
r-Making a
Gents Furnishing Goods, ;
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v . , Gloves, which we are cloa-' v
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Booth, the Grocer. .
Untried a Joy Denied" Schilling.
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I Slectrlo Bitters.
This remedy is ' becoming so well
known and eo popular as to need no
special mention, All who use Electric
Bitters sing the same song of praise. '
A purer medicine does not exist and it
is guaranteed to do all that is claimed.
Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of
the liver and kidneys,- will remove
pimples, boils, salt .. rheum and other -affections
caused by impure . blood.
Will drive malaria from the system and
prevent as well as cure all malarial
fevers. For cure of headache, consti
pation and indigestion try Electric Bit
ters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or .
money refunded. Price 50c and $1 per
bottle at Snipes & Kinersly's.
Notice is hereby given that for the
purpose of making an examination of
all persons who may offer themselves as
candidates for teachers of the schools of -this
county, the comity school superin-. .
tendent thereof will hold a public ex
. . - ri- rrtl T-lt 1
aminauon ar, ins orace in i no unuea uu-
cinninfr inursaav. January ouin. ana
ending Feb. 8th 1892, at 1 o'clock, p. m
All la.w.lia.a ollniHlo fnr Ihn pftpti--1
hcates, state aipiomas anq nieaipiomas
must make application at the quarterly
examinations. Dated this January 27 th,
1892. Tboy Shellbv-!: ;r
County school superintendent of Wasco.
County, Oregon.
- for Rent.
The only 3-etory, fire-proof brick
building in the city. For further par
ticulars inquire of Tom Kelly, at The
Umatilla house. --
First premium at the Wasco county
fair for best portraits-and views, s
Specialty of- - . ;
Hats and Caps.
HE TROT Steam Laundry
of Portland, has establish.-
.? :
T ed a branch, office for laxin.-
dry "work "with. Thos. McCoy
at his bai"ber .shop, iTo. 110
Second St., "where all laun
: dry bundles -will he received
till Tuesday; noon of each.
week, and returned on Sat-
urday of the same "week at
Portland prices.