The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, January 04, 1893, Image 1

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vol. v. . . -, ;-' . '"
NO. 17.
a. m:w
m. J4. Young,
BiacKsmiin & v3oon ghdd
General Blacksmithing and Work done
promptly, and all work
florae Shoeing a Speciality
tliri Street, spate tie oil Ltels Stand.
i...i,i r-i
All Watch Work Warranted.
Jewelry Made to Order.
138 Second St.. Tha Dalles. Or.
Campbell Bros. Proprs
(Successes to v. S- erais.)"
' Manufacture of the finest French and
Home Made
O -A- 3ST ID I E 'S
.' East of Portland. . -
Tropical Fruits, Nuts, Cigars arid Tobacco.
Can f urniab any of these good at Wholesala
or Retail v
In Every Style.
Ice Cream and Soda Water.
'104 Second Street. The Dalles, Or.
W. F. Wiseman,
Saloon and Wine Room
The Dalles, - Oregon.
&sr Northwest corner, of Second and
Court Street.
:,(,'. ''. ' '
ipes co
W llesiil Retail Diiisk
TT :E E3. 23 R.'U C3r iST :r
Handled by Three Registered Druggists.
Patent ffledieines and Druggists Sundries.
Agents for Murprry's Fine Varnishes and the only agents in
the City for The Sherwin, Williams Co.'s Paints.
The Largest Dealers in Wall Paper.
Finest Line of Imported Key West and Domestic Cigars.
Agent for Tansill's Punch.
129 Second Street,
Dress-Making Parlors
FaMoqable Dpb
Gutting and Fitting a Specialty.
Room 4 oyer French & Co'b Bank
-FIflE WlHEg
The Dalles, Oregon
and fllpa-Malpng
An oil Suit to Settle a BonMary Line
Between tne States. .
Oakland Portuguese Desperation, Prac
ticalty Exemplified.
Arizona. New Blexieo mnd Oklahoma
Combining for a Joint Display
in Chicago.
Washington, Jan. S. The . supreme
court today rendered a decision in the
case of the state of Iowa against the state
of Illinois to settle the boundary line in
the Mississippi river, between the two
states. Nine bridges cross the river be
tween the states, and the suit is brought
in order that each might tar only those
parts of them within their respective
boundaries. Iowa contended that the
boundary runs throngh the middle of the
main body of the river, regardless of the
steamboat channel, and that the
measurement .be taken at the normal
Btage of water. Illinois claimed the
jurisdiction of each state extended to the
middle of the steamboat channel. In
the opinion rendered today by Justice
Field, the court takes the Illinois view of
the matter, holding that the true bounds
ary is the middle of the main channel.
The court ordered a commission of three
to designate the line on each bridge, and
delineate the same on the maps.
Doable Murder and Suicide.
Oakland, Cal., Jan. 3. Last night a
terrible affair took place on the lino of
the electric road between Hay wards aud
San Leandro at a point called Ashland
Junction. The man who keeps a way
side place became involved in a row
with a man and his wife who were stop
ping with him. He shot them both,
killing the husband and dangerously
wounding the woman, and then killed
himself. All were Portuguese, and had
been drinking heavily.
Failure of a Clothing Home.
Des Moines, Jan. Hirsch Bros.,
clothing, were attached this morning
for $24,000. Other attachments since
filed, it is believed, will foot up not less
than $100,000 ; the assets may not ex
ceed $50,000.. Leopold Hirsch, head of
the firm, died Wednesday..
A Territorial Building.
Chicago,. Jan. 3. Ground was broken
today for the territorial building at the
worlds fair to be erected jointly by
Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
Materiala for the building will be con
tributed by the territories named.
Democrats Control in Kansas.
Tqpeka, Kan., Jan. 3. The supreme
coni ' is hearing arguments in the cases
brought against the state board of can
vassers by the populist central commit
tee, involving' four seats in the legisla
ture. It is believed that the hearing
will not result in any change, except to
give Rosenthal, dem., the certificate of
election issued to Stubbs, rep., by au
undisputed clerical error. This leaves
the republicans one majority in the
house. On joint ballot the democrats
will hold the balance of power.
Cholera This Tear.
Washington, Jan. 4. There Is more
than a prospect of trouble yet from
cholera in the United States next year.
Two factors render the situation serious.
One ie the appearance of fresh cases in
Hamburg, and the other the continued
prevalence of the disease in Russia.
Great care has been taken to prevent
its gaining a foothold on this side the
Atlantic. The speedy passage of a bill
giving clearly defined powers to make
precautionary regulations, with sufficient
appropriations to make them effective,
is extremely desirable. Despite the
efforts to stop immigration from the in
fected countries, the emigrants of those
countries are persistent in their efforts
to reach the United States. There is
also danger of the cholera reaching the
United States from the Island of Cuba,
because - of the close commercial inter
course between Cuba and Spain, and
other European ports. Regulations of
the. circular of August 19th, regarding
the importation of rags, has been en
forced, all reports to the contrary not
withstanding. . , .
' A fine lot of furniture going very low
at Crandall & Burget's new store. .
Additional Record of Current Brents In
The City.
Astoria has its Irving club, since or
ganizing which, it is said, "there is a
great scarcity of young men and ladies
on the streets." The inference is that
the Irving club is a matrimonial or
ganization to put tunds in the hands of
Clerk Trenchard, "who; issues the mar
riage licenses. " t - '
Lee Tin and Wan Kee are putting up
a large quantity of bacon on Long Creek
this fall. -The Eagle says these enter
prising celestials know there is money in
the pork business and are making an ef
fort to buy all the hogs they can get
hold of.
Besides the 127,080 sheep reported in
Wasco county by '" stock Inspector
Thompson, the Antelope Herald reports
65,900 as follows, aggregating 191.980
head in the county : Little & McRea,
4,000 ; John Grant. 3,000 ; Frank Malone,
7,000; McAulay Bros. 2,000 Z. Taylor,
2,000 Wm. Kelsay & Son (Joe), 3,500
Chas. Don., 1,800; Kohleu & Karlau,
6,000; H. Wagley, 2,500, Lein Burgess,
5,000 Loar & Nectar, 4,000 ; Russell, 2,000
C. B. Durbin, 2,000; Cus Schmibt, r.SOO
McLeland & Wiseman, 2,000 Jas Stewart,
2,000 J. & D, McLennon, 2,600; J. D.
McAndy, 1,500; J. M, Davis, 1,700;
Jackson, 1,500; Brogan & Co. (Phil and
Tom, et al.) 4,000; Jas. Abbot, 3,000,
Confident of Klection.
Tacoma, Jan. 3. Senator John Alien
arrived here this morning from Wash
ington city - to remain until the state
legislature elects a senator. He is con
fident of re-election. His chief oppo
nent is Judge George Turner of Spokane.
As near as can be told, the republican
strength in the legislature is nearly
evenly divided between them.
Davis "Will Succeed Illmself.
St. Paul, Jan. 3. A caucus of repub
lican members of the legislature is called
tor tomorrow night to select a candidate
for the United States senate to succeed
Cushman K. Davis, whose teem expires
March 4th. There is no question as to
the result, as there is practically no
opposition to Davis' re-election. The
joint caucus will undoubtedly decide in
his favor bv acclamation.
A Party of Reform.
Pittsbueo , Jan. 3.: A call has been
issued for a conference in this city next
Monday of all persons who will join in
the formation of a political party for the
abolition or suppression of the drink
traffic in the United States, and for such
other moral, economic, financial and in
dustrial reforms as are needed in the
country. .
Backlen'a Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cats,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, "Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and
positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
25 cents per box. For sale by Snipes &
Fast Time by Prince.
Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 3. At Or
lando today' Jack Prince broke the
world's record for a quarter-mile road
run on a bicycle, making the remarkable
time of 21 seconds.
Blaine a Little Worse.
Washington, Jan. 3. Blaine's condi
tion has taken a backward turn, but the
change will probably not be of a charac
ter to excite serious apprehension. The
patient has been suffering from consti
pation the past two days.
' Broke The Record.
Rockford, III., Jan. 3. Malana broke
1,000 glass balls at Armory hall this
afternoon. Housed a 22-caliber . rifle.
He stood 30 feet from the thrower. His
feat breaks the world's record. Malana
missed 330 out of the 1.330 balls thrown.
A British Bark In Distress.
London, Jan. 3. The British bark
Chasca, from Sydney for Puget sound,
has been towed into Suva partially dis
masted. - .
Price of Flour Advanced.
Leeds, Jan. 3. The Millers' Associa
tion has advanced the price of flour a
shilling per 18 stone, ' owing to a small
Highest of all in Leavening- Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Austria, Germany, France, etc.. Are All
Visited liy Boreas.
The French Chamber of Deputies
Squarely in the Squabble.
Cold "Weather in Earnpe A Panicky
Bouse Child Stealing Kxtraor
dinary. Bkelin, Jan. 3. The cold is severe,
increasing all over the continent. Last
night the thermometer marked 10 deg.
above zero. A heavy snow is falling in
the Hartz mountains. Suspension of
traffic is threatened oh several railways.
All the lakes in France, Germany and
Austria are frozen over, and night fetes
have been organized in most .cities. In
Vienna thousands -were employed all
night clearing the snow from the streets.
At Trieste the harbor presents an Arctic
scene. A whole family were drowned
near Gifhorn, while crossing the Aller on
the ice.
I'ickcd Out For Prosecution.
Paris, Jan. 3. Le Figaro says the
next batch of persons selected by the
government for prosecution in connect
ion with the Panama canal frauds , in
clude four members of the chamber of
deputies and an ex-minister. It is re
ported Floquet will . resign from the
chamber on account of the connection of
his name with the scandal.
Repairs t the Zambesi.
London, Jan. 3. Repairs to the
British steamer Zambesi will take thirty
days, at arcost of 3,100. Tenders were
received! from Hong Kong to repair her
for 2,600. Surveyors recommend to
repair her at Yokohama. - Temporary
repairs can be made in one week.
Cold Weather In London.
London, Jn.s 3. The weather has
been very windy for several days.
Much ice has formed in the Thames.
Traffic above and below London bridge
is much impeded by pack. ice. ' The
upper river is frozen over.
Panicky on the Bourse.
Paris, JaJ 3. The bouree closed
panicky. W-edJt ' Foncier dropped
twenty-nine francs. It is reported sev
eral speculators on the wrong side of the
market will have to go into liquidation.
Cbildstealers at Work.
Vienna, Jan. 3. Many parents have
reported to the police the last four days
the loss of daughters 8 and 12 years old..
It is feared the children are the victims
of a criminal conspiracy. .
We're not waiting for the bats and"
moles, but for men and women who
have eyes and use them, who have
brains and reason! There's a new world
for them suffering and sickly as they
are a uew world created from the brain
of a skillful physician a discovery the-?
"Golden Medical Discovery."
Years ago Dr. Pierce found out that -the
eeeret of scrofula, bronchial, throat
and lung trouble lay in the . beginning
at least in impure blood and the weak:
tone of the system ; that the way to cure
these effects was to remove the cause,
that, human nature being the same, the
same results might be looked for in nearly
all cases. . So confident was he that the
exceptions were uncoiwiuon-that he took
the risk of giving the medicine to those
it didn't benefit for nothing, and the re
sults have proved that he was right.
And "Golden Medical Discovery" is.
the remedy for the million! The only
guaranteed Liver, Blood and Lang rem
edy. Your money back if it doesn't
help you.
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