The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, December 30, 1892, Image 1

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fl A'' A.
.(ifOL" V
NO. 13i.
ttl. H. Young,
General Blacksmithing and Work done
promptly, and all work
Horse Shoeing, a Speciality
Third Street opposits tne old Liebe Stand.
ASSEMBLY NO. 487, K. OF L-lleeli in K.
of I', hall the second ajid fourth Wednes
days of each month at 7:80 p. in.
TA8CO LODGE, NO. IS. A. F. k A. M. Meet
oral ana third Monday of met mouth at 7
Meets in Masonic Hail the third Wednesday
of earn month at 7 V. V.
Mt. Hood C-arapNo.&Q.Met-tsTneedayeven-Inftof
each week In the K. of P. Hall, at 7:i r. M.
ever Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock, in K.
of P. hall, corner Second and Court streets.
Sojourning brother are welcome.
H. ClxJDOB, BOfl'y. , . il, A. Bux,N. G.
"Friendship lodge, no. 9., k. of p. Meeu
X every Monday evening; at 7:30 o'clock, in
Bchanno'k building, aimer of Court and Second
streets. Sojourning members are cordially in
vlted. W. B. CaM.
D. W.Vavmc, K. of R. and 8. . . . , .C, O, n . .
' UNION will meet every Friday afternoon
at 3 o'clock at the reading room. A 11 are Invited.
TEMPLE LODGB NO. 3, A. O. O. W. Meet.
at K. af P. Hall, Corner beeond and Court
treeta, i nurway evenings at 7 :30. - -f
,'' i , . UIOMl OIBOHS,
W. H Hnu. Financier. M. W.
A6. NEKMITH POST, No. 32, O. A. tt. Meets
I everv Hattifriav at 7 ao m in tKa v p
all. "... "
K. MeeU every Sunday afternoon in
.of P. -Hall.
VEREIX Meets, every bands.
ntheK.of P.Hall. , '.
DIVlrilON,' No;U67Meetlu
ti Kail the first aud third Wednss
.monUi, at 7- K .Jt. , . . . .
' ' " -: ' ' ' ' ''i. '-'i-" V. .;
ST. fETER CHURGH- Rev.- Father -ftroxa-sbbst
Pastor. . Low Masai every Unuday t
- M. High Masa at 10:30 a. K., Vespers at
ST. PAULS CHURCH Union Street, opposite
Fifth. Rev. Eli D. 8utcliffe Rector. Bervlees
very Sunday at 11 A.- M. and r. M. Sunday
ol0:5 A. M. Evening Prayer on Friday at
Pastor. Morning services every 8ab
kath at the aMd.n.w at 11. m -'"MHh
-Jk Jr.-ver meeting -Friday evening 'at Pastor's resi-
tvu'mii iiiiiusuiaieiv alter oominr
union services in the court Douse at 7
vS-F.i. .
W. c.
..?str v dbtis, i-aior.
flerrlrat mtiw. it 11
. and 7 r. M.- Sunday School after mornina
aarvloe. Strangers cordially invited. Seats free.
" ' ""' r 5 -rr-. . i
ME. CHURCH Rev. J. Whisul lwstor.
. Services every Sundav morning at 11 a. m.. I
Bunday Bcbool at 1:20 o'cloet-r.-. -Kpworth
League at 6:80 p. . Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening at 7:90 o'clock. A cordial in-:
Titatlon Is ezteuded by both pastor and paoplei
4 -- 'I . r; :: . -n i.
1HRI -TIAN CHURCH Rv. 3. W.jixnri,
Pastor. Preachlnr Id the Consres-atlonal
harsh sen- Lords Dav at a r. sr. All an,
rdially Invited. .
pa iwi ;t?l m s 1 i M1
liolesale ii ReiailliiiK
Handled by Three Registered Druggists.
Patent ffledieines and Druggists Sondries.
Agents for Murphy's Fine Varnishes and the only agents in
the City for The Sherwin, vWilLams Co.'e Paints.
The Largest Dealers in Wall Paper.
- - ' . - .; -t ..-...
Finest Line of Imported Key West and Domestie Cigars.
Agent for Tansill's Pupch. ;
129 Second Street, The Dalles, Oregon
Dress-Making Parlors
- : ; : ' ',. : " '' m
FaghioqaLie and Illb-Malpng :
CuttiR and fitting a Specialty.
Boom 4 over French dt Co's Bank. MRS. GIBSON, Prop.
;. ' ' : FRENCH'S
FIflE WlHEp and LiqUO
S & CO.
- the . -;
Heouarters to lie Traasferred From
Oialia to ManaiK!lisu
Xo Fusion to be Permitted With any of
the Dominant Parties.
f opal let CoBgrMsmen In tn 53d Con-yre---M.
Senator Lesite not
In tne Senate List.
Special to fH CHwiNicue.
Indianapolis, Dec. 30. At the con
clnsinn of the conference of the peoples
party it was decided to remove head
quarters from Omaha to this city. In
the manifesto to the peoples'partyjegis-
lators elect in Nebraska, Wyoming,
Montana, California, North Dakota and
other Ht ates,all and each were instructed
to stand firm when it conies to balloting
for United btates senators,, and avoid a
fusion with any of the dominant parties.
It pays : .
'Make a square fight; vote for no
man unless you. know that he will ad
vocate and defend yonr principles, in
the United States senate. We have ar
rived at a period in our movement where
we must make a square up fight for
principle. It the two dominant parties
want to fuse on a candidate to defeat us.
let thejn do so. - The sooner thev do that
the better it wili be for us. You cannot
afford to consider the personal interests
of any jndiyiduaLjio diflVTenceho.w.
good or grearrheTuayhcr thWcwTneavTi?"
the tinge of barter, traffic or compro
mise attached to our party or principles.
The people look to you to carry out the
promises made in the last Campaign,
and unless you do your utmost in that
direction, you will fail; so do your full
duty.", "
Following' are the populist congress
men who will sit in the 53d congress :
Jerry Simpson, John Davis, Wm. Baker,
J. Hudson, W. H. Harris, Kausas; O.
M. Kern, W. A. McKoeghan, Nebraska;
J, C. "Bell, W. C. Pierce, Coforao;
Francis G. Newlaiids, 'Nevada; 'Marion
Cannon, California;" Joseph Sibley,
Pennsylvania; "J: W.' Johnson, Michi
gan. The senators are W. A. Peffer, of
Kansas and J. H. Kyle of South Dakota.
Kcpeirt on tlie Corn Crop.
The Illinois state board of agriculture
has tabulated the reports on corn re
ceived Declst from nearly 600 corres
pondents, representing every section of
the state, and the result is herewith giv
en :' 0wThg tolh'elinfavorabTe weather
at planting time, the area of corn in 1892
is tbe'snaallest reported in twenty-five
years, being ' only 6,188.432 acres, of
which '2,70b,"462 "acres In the northern
grand division of the state, 1,834,671 in
the central, and 653,399 in the southern
division. -
"In northern IlTinois the'average yield
per acre was twenty-five bushels, twenty
eight bushels in (he central, and twenty
seven bushels in the"1 southern division,
ah 'average "for the state of twenty-six
Bushels per . acre.. The ' total corn pro
dpevamoauts to 137,640,285 bushels, or
80,441 ,756 bushels less than the crop of
1891. -This . was distributed .aa follows :
In northern Illinois, 68,409,689 bushele ;
central .division", 51,632,Y1S; southern
Illinois, :17,606,49i;
; "Owing to the inferior quality of the
grain, only eighty-four per cent aa com
pared with an average', the ruling price
of thirtv-five - cents per hnshel fa lower
than that obtained for 'two-years past,
and the total value of the crop, ii sold at
this price at this date, would be bat $48,
913,834, the smallest corn crop in value
since 1873. . In the northern, division of
the state the value a'24,S74;655, in
the central division $17,487 ,600and in
the southern division $6,651,579.
"The quality of the "corn this season is
much below an average, particularly in
Central Illinois, where only lone county
(Brown reports it at 10b.,. The quality
of the whole . division . is only seventy
jBeyen'perJeent". Jof, in average. In the
northern division the quality is reported
a't"eigb"t"y "per cent.' jof an average,1
and in southern Illinois at eighty-six
per cent. - Much of the tjprn is soft anii
it in.Tery light and chaffy, so it will
srrade nnusuallv low." :
-Stewart on Silver-
New York. Dec. 3rt. Senator Wm
M. Mwnrt of Nevada, in an interview
save: "Both political parties are mak -
ing an egregious mistake in fighting the
free coinage of silver. It has got to
T . . - . . " " -'("I- a i ikcb a
million votes last November, and cap
tured states , which hitherto have been
rock-ribbed republican. They de
manded free silver, and : I . make the
prediction that if the republican party
fails to Induuefree eU ver- it hereafter
will' bo unable to carry fingle state
west of Iowa. Should "the democratic
party ignore it, now that it is soon to be
restored to power, the peoples party
will elect a presidential candidate in
ftplit Expected tn Montana.
Helkna, Mont., Dec. 30. It now
seems a foregone conclusion the legisla
ture will split into two bodies, as it did
two years ago, and that two senatorial
claimants will go to Washington. One
will have credentials signed by the gov-'
crnor, secretary of state, and speaker of
a republican house. The other voucher
will be signed by the president of the
senate and the speaker of a democratic
house. A. J. Davidson, democratic
member-elect of the house, is lying al
most at -the point of death in'Heienal
He will have to be taken to the house in
his bed, if indeed he can be taken at all,
next Monday, when the house meets for
organization. ,
Work DeUyrd.
Salkm, Dec. 30. Muc h of the work of
the. board of equalization, iias ' been
made impossible becaupe the report of !
the last board was never printed. It i
has never been filed with the state
printer as the board orderetl should be
done.' John P. Robertson prepared conr
siderable valuable work for that report
and enough were ordered printed to sup
ply one to each assessor and members of
the legislature, with suggestions as to
eqalized assessments and needed legisla
tion. The governor did not know that
the first hoard had never made a report
and has written Secretary Carroll at
Union, Oregon, to file it at once so as to
get it printed in time for the. legislature
to consider it.
Salem, Dec. 30. The question is being
agitated of asking the legislature to pass
a bill authorizing counties to bond their
indebtedness. We are informed by
lawyers' that such a biU wonld be uncon
stitutional. The state constitution pro
hibits a county from contracting an in
debtedness of over $5,000, therefore no
person would buy the bonds even if they
were issued. The only way to bond the
indebtedness of couuties is to procure an
amendment to 'the constitution, and
such procedure would take three years
time. . - - ' -. ;
Senator Carlisle's Place.
Washington, Dec. 30. Aa announce
ment is made with a good deal of posi
tiveness . thatSenator Carlisle '-'of Ken
tucky" will accept the treasury portfolio,
and from present indication',, will have
that honor "conferred oh him by Presi
dent Cfeveland in the formation of the
cabinet. . ,
-On tlie Kid's Trail.
Saw Francisco, Dec. 30. Captain
Myers, of the Eleventh infantry, had a
brush with the Kid's band of reuenade
Indians on Wednesday, near San Carlos,
Ariz., but the renegades escaped in the
darkiaes8. Four detachments of troops
are on the Kid's trail.
Takes 1,000 'people to buy Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy, at 50 cents a bottle, to
make' up "$500. One failure 'to cure
would take the profit from 4,000 sales.
Its makers profess to cure ''cold in' the
head," and even chronie'eatarrh, and if
they fail they pay $500 for . their over
confidence ... , - -
Not in newspaper words bnt in hard
Think of what confidence it takes 1
to put that in the papers- and mean it.
Its makers believe in the remedy.
Isn't it worth trial? Isn't any trial
preferable to catarrh T
After all, the mild agencies are the
best.- Perhaps they work' ''more slowly,
but they wOrk-more Yurty.' Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets are an active agency
but guirt" and frit They're sugar
coated, easy to take, never ' shock nor
derange the system and half their power J
is the mild way in which their work is j
Smallest, cheapest, v easiest to
take. One
ine a dose. Twenty-five cents a
vial.'" Of all druggists
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov'tReport.
-Vf- '-(ru.. - . ' ! i. -. . . i - T- - r 1" r'- - , : . '. .-
rST -. . .-. a. ,j J I
j " .
6XH t)6rS
Arrifc and tSe - Caiiyas:
Begun for':PosiHaiis. . .
He Encountered a Perfect Ovation af
the Moscow Depot
The Largest Irrigating Canal in tlta
Country to He Completed Early ' -Seit
Year." '' . ''
Special to Th Chroniclr.I ; ' , , j
BotBK City, Dec. 30. Members.-' of .
the legislature are beginning" to assem-!
ble, nnd the canvass for positionsia :lh&';
house has begun. D. T. Miller of Adl;
county and F7 J. Mills of Bingham, are"
the prominent candidates for speaker."
For chief clerk of the house Charles H."
Reed and J. E.: Rouusville, both of Ada,;
have so far appeared. J. D. Flenner of'
Boise, James A, Lock of Bellevne, J. B.
Brown of Bellevue and Fred B. Russell
of this ciLy, the latter a democrat: are'
in the field for chief clerk of the senate.
J. H. Wickersham, late democrat ic can
didate foe senretary of state, is promi-,
nently minti'-pd for eergeant-at-arma
WJth l'" .""dsoeof P,liss and JW
flMgeyia o, -"s lt is a qnestionl
yet how the parties v.
a ben it
- -
v - -
comes to tne luv...
neither has : absolute control
to tne iibmiu v
!r has : absolute .'-,control-tU.
. McConnell, accompanied y bW-
accomplished daughter Mis9 Minnie,
r . . . i v. !i:. i. : -.
jhave arrived, crossing inrougu hbu-- -v
h.,hm Mii Orecon. and were received ; .
mosrctTrdlally. On leaving his home ia "
Moscow, Gov.' McConnell encountered a
perfect ovation at the depot. The silver
cornet band and au immense concoursal
of people were assembled. An avenue.
was formed and the governor ran "the
gauntlet, being pelted with handful s
rice from everyone in line..-The by
wishes of the north acrompaiiy - lu
After locating seats in the car hei
loudlv called for. and eme'reed w
rear platform, rendering - a neatl
of thanks for this high ' evidence
gard. Three cheers and a tiger 1
the departing train.
It is announced that the Boise
and irrigation company bn been
nized and that work on . the New Yi
canal , will pe resumea ln-ctne sprun
This is the largest irrigation canal in .
the country. It starts ' on ' the Boih'9
river ten miles above the city and will .
irrigate the arid plateau on the st(uth
ward. About $500,000 has been spent od
the work and $1,000,000 will lie required -to
complete it. ' Two years ago the - En
glishmen and Americana interested irk
it had a falling but. and work was shot -
down. 'r After tons, negotiations " they ar- ! 1
rived at an agreement to exchange all
their 'stocks' 'and bonds for preferred
stock and issue a neW first mortgage for
$1,500,000. The dith is to be coinpfetvd
to 5-Mile crossing next season. Wher,
completed the ditch ' will be 70 miles
long, and will irrigate 300,000 acres of
land. ' -
Cramp Makes a Pass.
Washington, Dec. 29. The award of - ,
contracts for - the new warshijis - has ' -
"ched such a plane of importance as to :
demand consideration. by the president
and cabinet. Cramp, is making a
over the proposition to give one contr .
tr Ran f.a tiAiaAA' u n .3 . hIT inaiof '
the lowest 'bid heing -'accepted-je?
tnreaiens to onnir iui navv ae-r -n,
I intn nnnlmuinL nntnrintV if thf.-i 7.
-IT.-". "--- '
is not awarded to him.
- x
- Con cress ma a Randn1's EsttV. :
Phiuadklfbia, "Defi 29. The Vinal
account : of the estate of the late pan-
gressman Samuel . J.Randall ehowehe
left property valued, u $789, while the
fees of the undertakers and phyacians
-j who attended him are VU94.
- - : - 1 ' .- II rl " --'-.
' : -ym , i !-1 r'rO
' . .n-r.,K -