The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, May 23, 1891, Page 1, Image 1

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VOIr. I.
NO. 147.
The Dalles Daily Chronicle.
Published Daily, Sunday Excepted.
Comer Second and Washington
Dalle, Oregon.
Term of Subscription.
Per Year 6 00
Per mon th , by carrier 50
Single copy 5
Nt. 2, Arrives 12:43 A. M
i ' a, l'' 15 p. v
Depart 12:65 a.
" 12: S5 P.
12: 15 P. M
No. 1, Arrives 4:40 a. m.
Departs 4:50 A. M.
" 5:30 P. x.
'7, o:io p. m.
Two local frelehts that carry pasxeiiKers leave
one for the west at 7 :45 a. M., and one for the
east at 8 A. U.
For Prineville, via. Unke Oven, leave daily
(except Sunday) at rt a. h. -
For Antelope, Mitchell, Canyon City, leave
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6 A. M .
For Dufur, Kingsley, Wamlc, Wapinitia, Warm
Sprlnirs and Tyirh Valley, leave daily (except
Sunday) at 6 A. M.
ror uoiaenaaie, wasn., leave every nay m tne
week except Sunday at 8 a. m.
Offices for all lines at the Umatilla House. .
' Post-Office.
eneral Dclivrey Window. ..... .8 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Money Order , " 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Bmnday U. D. 1 " 9 a. m. to 10 a. m.
B trains going Cast. .... .9 p. m. and ll :45 a. m.
" " West 9 p. m. and 4:45 p.m.
"Stage for Goldendale. : 7:80a.m.
" " "Prineville 6:30 a. m.
" "l)ufur and Warm Springs. ... 5:30a, m.
" fLeavinfr.for Lyle fc Hartland. .6:30 a. m.
" " " 1 Antelope 5:30 a.m.
Except Sunday. . O r, ' ' ' o; . '
tTri-weekly. Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.
" Monday Wednesday and Friday.
lob, Pastor. Services every Sabbath at 11
M. and 7:30 P. M. Sabbath School at 12 u
Prayer meeting every
Thursday evening
at 7
- Curtis, Pastor. Services every Sunday at 11
a, M. and 7 P. u. Sunday School after morning
service. Strangers cordially invited. Beats free.
ME. CHURCH Rev. H. Brown, Pastor.
Services every Sunday morning and even
ing. Sunday School at 12'-4 o'clock M. A cordial
invitation is extended by both pastor and people
T. PAUL'S CHURCH Union Street, opposite
Fifth. Rev. Kli D. Sutclitte Rector, services
every Sundav at 11 a. u. and 7;30 p. X. Sunday
Sebool 12:30 r. M. Evening Prayer on Friday, at
PETER'S CHURCH Rev. Father Bronb-
okist Pastor. Low Mass every Sunday at
tL i
u. High Mass at 10:30 a.m. Vespers at
'l' ' ' SOCIETIES. ' !
AmSEMBLV NO. 2870, K. OF L. Meets in K.
J. of P. hall Tuesdays at 7:30 P. M.
WASCO LODGE, NO. 15, A. F. & A. M. Meets
first and third Monday of each month at 7
p. if .
Meets Masonic Hall the third Wednesday
of each moniM at 7 P. M. -
. Mt. Hood Cainp No. 59, Meets Tuesday even
ing of each week in I. O. O. F. Hall, at 7:30 P. M. :
COLUMBIA LODGE., NO. 5, I. O. O. F. Meets
every Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock, in Odd
Fellows ball, Second street, between Federal and
Washington. Sojourning brothers are welcome.
H. A. Bills, Sec'y , R. G. Cloister, N. G.
FRIENDSHIP LODGE, NO. 9., K. of P. Meets
every Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock, in
Bchanno's building, corner of Court and Second
utreets. Sojourning members are cordially ln
Srited. ; - 1 Gko. Ts Thompson, .. ;.
u. m. vaubb, oec y. vj. v..
UNION will meet every Friday afternoon
at 8 o'clock at the reading room. All are invited.
mEMPLE LODGE NO. S. A. O. U. W. Meets
L at K. of P. Hall, Corner Second and Court
Streets, Thursday avenlngs at 7 :3U. -
. John Filloon,
W. 8. Mtsrs, Financier. ' M. W
GEON. Office: rooms 5 and 6 Chanman
Block. Residence over McFarland & French's
store. Office hours 9 to 12 A. M., 2 to 5 and 7 to
8 P. M.
flee in Bchanno's building, up stairs.
Dalles, Oregon.
G. C. ESHELMAN Homoiopathic Phy
sician and Suroeon. Onice Hours : 9
to 12 A. M' : 1 to 4, and 7 to H p' M. Calls answered
promptly dy or night Office: upstairs in Chap
man lilOCK
TV SIDDALL Dentist. Gas given for the
J, painless extraction of teeth. Also teeth
set on flowed aluminum plate. Rooms: Sign of
i be Golden Tooth, Second Street.
A R. THOMPSON Attorney-at-law. Office
in Opera House Block, Washington Street,
Tbe Dalles, Oregon - . .
J . P. MAYS. B. 8. HUNTINGTON. H. ft. WIL80N. .
S -ftl neyh-at-law. Offices, French's block over
nrst National Bank, The Dalles, Oregon.
Vogt Block. econd Street, The Dalles, Oregon.
WI LSON Attorney-at-law Rooms
1)2 and .H. New Vnst Block. Second Street.
The Dalles, Oregon.
;: '.! .... n:j
W; & t. jncDOY,
;i : : v -i.Vf:- -
I ,i- ...... 4 r.i. i ..
Hot 'atici CQli
( . : , , ( i V;: !.
A ConrmnT's Hour Mill will be lemaed to r-
pondble parties. : For informatiorj apply to the
r , , . The pallea, Oregon, i
Keep Your EYE on this Space !
"We are in' the Swim," and
"Will Start the Ball a Rolling"
By Offering' this Coming' Week
100 Pire Dress Gingfc.
12 Yards for $1 .OO.
100 Pieces, yarn wide, Brown; SHeeting,
16 Yards
The Above are Bargains, Come and
be Convinced
QtTfi DfmLtES, Wash.
Situated at the Head of Navigation.
Best JVLanufactuMng Centet
the Inland
Best Selling: Property of the Season
in the Northwest.
Por farther information call at the office of
Interstate Investment Co.,
Or 72 Washington St., PORTIjAITD, Or.
Columbia Ice Co.
Having over 1000 tons of ice on band,
we are now prepared to receive orders,
wholesale or retail,, to be delivered
through the summer. Parties, contract
ing with us will be carried through - the
entire season without advance in
pbice, and may depend that we have
nothing but- , T - - - r ,,,
Cut from mountain water ; no slough or
slush pond 8. -
Leave orders at the Columbia Candy
Factory, -104 Second street.
W. S. CRAM, Manager.
D. P. Thompson
J. S. Hchenck, H. H. Bkall,
Vice-President. Cashier.
First national Bank.
A General Banking Business transacted
. Deposits received, subject to Sight
... , ,. Draft or Check. . ;
Collections made and proceeds promptly
remitted on day of collection.
Sight and Telegraphic Exchange, sold on
New York, San Francisco and Port- -
, - . : land. ?
' ' ! I ' ' ' !'
, . . DIREOTORa' "' i't-jiA
i. P. Thompson. Jno. Si Scbknck.
T. W. Spabks. ' Geo. A. Likbb.
H. M. Beaxl. - -' '
. Nil
. ' 17. .i-.1 5- I.i'., :': .
Letters of Credit issued available in the
' - Eastern States. "
Sight Exchange"""' "and Telegraphic
Transfers old on New .York, Chicago, St.
LoniSjSan'-FnmtsisccV Portland' Oregon,
Seattle Wash., and various points in Or
egon smdrWashingtoo. .o j
v Collections made at all points on fav
orable terms. '' - '
for $l.QO.
to be
The Dalles
Gigar : Faetopy,
- - -.
(T( A TC of the Best Brands
VyAJTjr.XVO manufactured, and
orders from all parts of the country filled
on the shortest notice. , . ,.-
The reputation of THE DALLES CI
GAR has become firmly established, and
the den and for the home manufactured
article is increasing every day, ' .
The Dalles Ice Co.,
Con. Third and Union Streets,
Having a sufficient quantity of Ice to
supply the city we are now prepared to
receive Orders to be delivered during the
coming summer. . Parties contacting
with us can depend on . being supplied
through the entire season and may de
pend that we have nothing but
Cut from mountain water ; no slough or
slush ponds. ' ' y ' ' ' '" ; "
We are receiving -orders daily and
solicit a continuance of the same.;
' ' 1 IL J; MAIEE, Manager.
Office corner Third and :Union .streets.
Sealed' Proposals
Water CommisHioners, of Dalles City, Ore-
on, tin til 2 P. M. of Saturday, May 23d, 1891, for
uildlng a receiving basin to hold about 370,000
Rations, near Mill creeK about iour miles
uaiies AJliy, tor aoine . me irenc
21300 lineal feet of 10-inch, pipe
the trenching for about
ipe .oetween Daain
and the distributing reservoir in Dalles City, and
lor naming ana aistrlbuang about.iw tons pi 10
lnch wrought iron pipes and appertainances.
Plans and specifications "may be seen- at the
office of the Water Commissioners of Dalles City.
The Commissioners reserve the right to reject
any or all bid- , , L. -PHILLIPS, :
, apr22-m2Z. t i a. Secretary.
The Esmeralda Not Allowed to Get Coal
at Acapulco Though Her Officers
Resort to Trickery.
Vigilante Movement that
Serious Results Supposed
derers Arrested.
New York, May 23. A Washington
dispatch says; "The coal bunkers of
the Esmeralda are still empty.- Official
advices received by the state department
shows however, her officers still havede
signes upon the Pacific mail eteamshp
coal pile. They are growing desperate
and are not above trickery to accomplish
their object? . . ,
'A dispatch from our vice- consul at
Acapulco states that they came ashore
yesterday morning and represented they
just received word from Iquique that the
Itata matter was settled satisfactorily to
all parties concerned, and in the light of
this information begged to be allowed
to receive coal in order that they might
return to Chili. - Thev did not get anv
coal, however as the consul did not bite.
Arrest of One of tbe Murderers of
Ham Barbour.
r obtland, jiay Z3. rue police , are
still maintaining a reticence about the
arrest of the first of the two men at
Butte, Montana, for the murder of Win.
Barbour of Lebanon, whose body .was
found in the Willamette river on May
3d.", They, claim to have a complete
chain of evidence against the men , but
will not now give the names for the rea
son that the third man ia not yet appre
hended..' r i .. ... ' .
It is also thought by tbe police
the men arrested are he parties
brutally murdered Greenwood and
near Napa,. California, last winter.
He Takes exceptions to the ' Suspension
.-of Other Minister. -
Pittsburg, May 23. Rev. McGurkin,
of the Reformed Pre8byterian-..Theologi-cai
Seminary of Allegheny, announced
his intention of resigning the chair';of
theology and, history in that institution.
His . reason.1: is ; that : seven . Reformed
PVesbyterian ministers have been sus
pended for voting at political elections.
In his letter of resignation he says: "I
have been forced to the conclusion that
the individual conscience of the Ameri
can citizen should be allowed to decide
as to bis duties in the casting of his bal
lot for the right rulers." -. " ' '
r7 .... Revolution in Cordova. ..
Buenos Aykes,1 May 23. The state
ment that a revolution had broken out
in the province of Cordova is confirmed.
There was firing in the streets of Cordo
va, the capital of the province of that
name, on Thursday and Friday. It . is
believed that the revolt is instigated by
leaders of rival factions in Buenos Ayres.
Troops were engaged in quelling the
aisturoance yesterday evening. , . y
The Star Rubber Company In Distress.
Tbenton, N. J., May 23. The Star
Rubber Co., is in financial difficulty.
The counsel for the company said that
owing to the contraction of the credit,
or ine company's liabilities were more
than it can meet at the instant. Secre
tary Bell, he added, had informed him
that the company could pay two dollars
for every one it owed. The liabilities
may foot up to half a million of dollars.
Caterpillars Stop Kallroad Trains.
Mankato, Minn., May '23.; All ' the
trains of the Milwaukee road this morn
ing were delayed seven miles outside this
city by millions of caterpillars which
crawled upon the rails. When ground
up their remains made the wheels slide
as if the rails were greased. :
Not Guilty as Charged. ....
GsEENSBUBOLPa.', : May 22. The jury
in the case of Captain Loar, and depu
ties charged with, murder at the More
wood riots,, returned a verdict acquitting
all the defendants.
;.. Went to the Springs Too I.ate. .
' New 'York,1 May 23. Henry Sbelton
Sanford, ex-United . States minister : to
Belgium and late delegate to the Brnssels
anti-slavery conference, died Thursday
at Healing Springs, V a. , ,
i- ! j..7 Banted to Death.-., j i,; o., ;
Minneapolis, May 23. This morning
a fire in the house of Felix Lawlor burned
to death his daughter aged 6 -and- art in
fant son. I . His wife was seriously burned.
- San Francisco Market, f .
San Francisco, " May 23.-f-Wheat,
buyer '91, after Aug. 1st. : 1.68.. ..
',..:!. ;Chteaa;o Wheat Market, :& j'
Chicago, III;; May -22. Close, wheat
casb.,"1.02 ; July, .98. , : , ,'
VlgilanteK Receive Their Ieserta.
Dunnings, . Neb., May 23. A white
party of vigilantes who have jut cap
tured a cattle thief named McAlvey,
near here, and were bringing the pris
oner to town last night, they met an
other party of vigilants. The night was
very dark and as each party miBtook the
other for the thief fire was opened by both
sides "and before the mistake was dis
covered Judge Aikens, treasurer of the
county, and McAlvey the cattle thief
were kil.ed. No arrests have been
Will Not Emiilo; tbe Leaders.
Scottdale, Penn., May 23. A large
number of coke. men luvee been applying
for work, but in every case where a
leader or an active agitator applied he
was refused employment. Indications
are that fully one thousand names of the
leaders will be placed on the black ' list
and with such a large number idle it is
thought a possible Btrike might be again
' - A Brlfrand Wants Cobs Annexed.
New York, May 22. The Cuban
brigand, . Manuel Garcia, has - issued a
manifesto declaring Cuba annexed to the
United States and, setting forth the
grievances Cuban , people have, against
Spain.. The proclamation is being widely
circulated here, in Florida and the At-r
lantic states and through Cuba. ' -Postponed
Payments for Twenty Tays.
Buenos Aybeb, May 23. The cham
ber of deputies has adopted a bill posL-
poning payments of
twenty days. '
bank deposits for
: Returning to Work.
ScoTT8DALE, Penn., May 23. The
coke strike is thoroughly broken and re
ports indicate that -ten thousand .men
will go to work on Monday. .
A Statue Vnvalled. In Chicago. ..
Chicago; May - 23. The statue ' of
Lineas, the botanist, a counterpart of
the one in Stockholm, was unvailed in
Lincoln park today. ,
. .. Weather Forecast..
San Francisco, May 22. Forecast
Oregon and. Washington, fair weather.
Annnal Meetings tbe- Presbyterian
, . General Assembly..
Detroit, May 21. The hundred and
third annual meeting of : the Presby
terian general assembly convened here
this morning. Rev. Dr. - Randcliffe of
Detroit invoked the 'Divine blessing.
After the singing, the Rev; Dr. Hatton,
president of .Princeton; read the six
teenth chapter of Isaiah, and the 'Rev.
Mr. Moore, of Cincinnati, moderator of
the assembly,' delivered the opening
assembly sermon. His ' text was from
John xvii ; "For God sent not ' his son
into the world to condemn the world,
but that the world through him might
be saved." ' Dr. Moore said :
"God gives eternal life to the individ
ual believer here and now ; but the sal
vation of the world is accomplished
through the personal salvation of: hus
bands, wives, parents, children, masters,
servants, rulers and subjects. The' un
protected, assiduously opposed, and
therefore a dangerous servile class; is
elevated to a position of brethren in
Christ, Labor is made honorable. Be
fore he came enjoyment and self-indulg
ence were tne objects of human aspria
tion. For this the earlv church substi
tuted helpfulness. The Presbyterian
church has, in the main, been in helpful
touch with the needs of this world. Ag
itation upneaval is not necessary ruin
Like the heaving of the sea, it may pur.
lfy. Compulson nor legislation will not
do this, unless there is an active leaven
and purified individuality diffused
through, out society. The law was never
so good as now, although there is . too
much of it, but were it perfect as to
quantity and quality, it is useless, or
worse, unless rightly interpreted, ad
ministered and enforced ; and for this
there must be such work as only religion
can effect.'' .
A Dakota Reservation at the Disposal
of Settlers. v-
Washington, May 21. President
Harrison today - issued a proclamation,
opening to public settlement about 160,
000 acres of land in the Fort Bertbold
Indian' reservation in - North Dakota.
This carries out the - agreement entered
into December, 1886, between the com
missioners on ; the part of ' the ' United
States and the Aricarees, Gros Ventres
and Mandan tribes of . Indians on the
Fort Berthold '. reservation, pursuant to
an '' act of congress -approved May 15,
1886. The proclamation sets forth that
satisfactory proof has - been presented to
the president that acceptance and of
consent to the provisions of the amended
act by the different Indians has been ob
tained. It further' notifies all persons
to- particularly observe that a certain
portion of the -said reservation not ceded
and relinquished by the agreement is
reserved for the allotment and reserva
tion for' the said r tribes, and all persons
are warned not to go upon any lands so
reserved-1: All that, portion of " the reser
vation lying north of the 48tb parallel,
and all that portion lying- west of the
north and south line, six miles west of
the most westerly pbint of ' the big bend
of the- Missouri rivery-south of the 48th
parallel' is declared opened to settlement
and subject to disposal as provided for.
in ection 25. act of March 'S1891. J
--Tescber-ttWhat is -the plural- of ehild?
Boy (promptly ) Twins. ,Ji
Two fiends Meet a Deserved Fate at tbe
Hands of a Brother and a Lover.
Lodisville, May 21. The story of a
brutal ravishing, murder and swift ven
geance comes from Eastern Kentucky.
Near Sandy Hook, Maud Fleener, "a .
beautiful young school teacher, was met
while riding through the woods, by
George and John Wilcox, rejected suit
ors. They dragged her from her horsey
breaking her legs in the struegle. They
took her to a lonely cabin, drew lots as
to whifh should have her and demanded
that she agree to marry John, to whose
lot she fell. She refused. They tried to
set ine oroKen limhs, ana kept her a
prisoner in the cabin, chained lo the
wall. When found by her brother and
intended husband pne told the slory,
antLsaid she- had also been, brut ally out
raged. The Wilcoxs were captured and
shot to death dv the brother and lover.
Stanford and Gordon.
New York, May 21. The Pout's Cin
cinnati special says, speaking of the
union conference which has just ad
journed : . .
What does the whole movement mean?
In the opinion of those best entitled to
judge the February convention will ab
sorb the predominant element in the
present conference, and out of the union
will grow a party, not strong enough, of
course, to elect a president of its own,
but able to make its mark in the general
election of 1892. The names of the can
didates are not yet freely discussed, but
in ' the inside circles Leland Stanford
seems to be recognized generally as the
man to head the ticket, with a Souther
ner, and presumptively one who was
more or less conspicuous as a defender
of the Confederacv. for second ulace.
Governor Gordon, of Georgia, has as
good ' a chance ' as any man at present
writing of getting the vice-presidential
nomination. ' .
The Esmeralda the Treasure Ship.
San Francisco,- May 21 . Captain
Scott, of the British steamer West Indi
an, believes that the Chilian steamer
Esmeralda, now at Acapulco, is a treas
ure ship. - '
"When 1 wasln Chili." he said, "a few
months ago, and gave a large bond that
none of the cargo of my steamer should
get into the bands of the congressional
or insurgent party, I was informed by a
weaitny mercnant of uorelel, mat
months before the war broke: out it was
looked for, and besides hoarding large
siiDDlies of coal in bunkers on the islands
of the Chilian const, over $10,000,000 in
gold and silver was collected and placed
on board the ' Esmeralda, after the war
broke out, for safe keeping. That vessel
is without doubt the treasure ship of the
fleet and sinews of war of the congress
tonal party .j -j ''--
What a Prominent New Torsi Banker
- Says of the Cold Shipments Abroad. '
New ."York,' May. 21. A . member of
the firm of J. & W. Seligman & Co.,
said: The large shipments of gold
have been due to England's wish to for
tify herself in the event of any sudden
demand by the Russian government.
Russia needs money. She endeavored
to issue a new loan and could not do it.
She did not force the matter, be.-ause
she saw with a general lack of confidence
it' would be a fiasco. Russia does not
want money for war purposes, but simply
such uses as any other government wants:
money for.
I 'think, however, 'we have about
reached the end of the shipments.
There may possibly be more, but I da
not think it will exceed $10,000,000.
. Wheat Situation In France.
Paris, May 21. The Eclaire, a news
paper of this" city, publishes today inter
views with offiicials of the minister of
agriculture in referanceto tl.e projected
wheat "corner." These officials said
they did not believe that the people who
were engineering the "corner" would
succeed in obtaining the object in view,
as the French farmers refused to co-operate
with the manipulators of the wheat
deal. The French 'farmers, the officials
of the ministry of agriculture said, always
sold their product on spot and would not
enter into contracts with any large syn
dicate, especially foreign. The French
crops are in a very critical condition.
The home supply, they said, would fall
short by 20,000,000 hectolitres. If the
present rainv weather continues tliere
sult will be disastrous to the farmers.
A Methodist minister once started a
church in a young western town, but for
the want of pecuniary support was soon
obliged to abandon it. His farewell ser
mon to the lukewarm brethren was char
acterized by more heat than elegance.
He ended thus: "At the last day the
Lord will say to St. Peter, 'Where is
your flock?' and St. Peter will answer,
'Here, Lord ;' and so all of the shepherds
can answer. But - when he asks me
'Where are your 6heep?' how will you
feel when I am compelled to reply, 'Lord,
I haven't any ; mine are all hogs?' "
' Thet right is on the march. The
Freewater Herald was started on May
10th, 1890. Its location was at Free
water Oregon, one of the loveliest places
in the state..' The locality had one ser
ious drawback, it was situated like' Eng,
one of tbe Siamese Twins was, when 'his
brother died. . It was attached to a
corpse., ' That corpse; (as it' were) was
Milton, a little -moss covered 'village,
made up of about ninety-nine' good live
men and an equal number of mossback
fossils, and the Milton Eagle, Spencer,
a cranky Methodist sky pilot, and a few
kindred spirits. The Herald made itself
felt at last election, and its principles
were in harmony with tbe alliance. - The
result is the-incorporation -of the Alli
ance Publishing Co.. of Pendleton, in
which the writer is a stockholder. " At a
meeting on Friday 'last', the iollowing
officers were elected ;- W.'i A. ' Sample,
president; . N. .H. Tennery secretary ;
W. H. McCom as, editor; Joseph Hinker,
reporter and J. H. Morrison, canvaser..
Mr.' Morrison "received 73 Subscribers in
two days. Grand Sonde Chronicle.' ' '