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The Dalles Daiiy Chronicle, v TllUtTfalATTTi". f'TTT Y ITO-DAY'S DISPATf HFS I STORM oy the sound. i thbassessmenirohs.
Published Daily, Sunday Excepted.
Corner Second and Washington Streets, ' The
xmiies, uregon.
Terms of Subscrlntlon.
Per Year g 00
rrr mviiiui, oy comer fJ
Single copy 5
" No. 2, ArriveBT A.Tt. " " " Departs 1 :10 A. M
No. 1, Arrives 4:50 i. M. Departs 5:05 A. M
No. 2, "The Limited Fast Mail," east
Dound, doily, is epmpped with Pullman Palace
Sleeper, Portland to Chicago; Pullman Colonist
Sleejier, Portland to Chicago; Pullman Dining
Car, Portland to Chicago: Chair Car, Portland to
Chicago. Chair Car, Portland to Spokane Falls:
Pullman Bullet Sleeper, Portland to Spokane
bound, daily, is epuipped with Pullman Palace
Sleeper, Chicago to Portland; Pullman Colonist
. 1. , .uir,,f vtr 1UILIUIIU, fUtllllllJl XllllUg
('HT. f'hiouffi, ti PrirtlnnH- f'hul. fhf........
Portland. Pullman Buffet Sleeper, Spokane Vails
v,r ........ . x. nuii v at ojiuftaucraiu 10 riiruaim;
Nos. 2 and 1 connect at Pocatello with Pullman
Palace tsleejer to and from Ogden and Salt Lake:
Colonist Sleeper to and from Denver and Kansas
For Prineville, leave daily (except Sunday) at
For Antelope Mitchell, Canvon City, leave
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6 a. m.
For Dufur, Kingsley and Tvgh Vallev, leave
.-, . imii ".ill o nuu 11(1 L 11 1 II (I B,ma A . M .
For Ooldendale, Wash., leave Xueseays, Thurs-
i." " aim cwiuiuuiB, Bl A. M.
OUiees for all lines at the Umatilla House.
X1 LOB, Pastor. Services everv Sabbath at 11
a. m. and 7 P. M. Sabbath School at 12 M.
Prayer meeting every Thursday evening at 7
J CURTIS. Pastor. Smlpn pvptt KmiHnv at li
A. H. and 7 P. M. Sunday SchiHl after morning
service. Strangers cordially invited. Seats free.
ME. CHURCH Rev. H. Bbown, Pastor.
- - v 1 . ijiiinmj iiiuniiiiK turn evcn-
1 1 '. 1 . 1 11 11 (1 .1 nli.u.l .. . 1 . n - . .' 1 1. , ,1 ,
, ....... nt vhjuj. a. a coraini
invitation is extended by both pastor and people
ST. PAUL'S CHURCH Union 8treet, opposite
Fifth. Rev. Eli D. Sutclifte Rector. Services
vprv Ktmnuv at 11 u unst r.-jn u v i
School 12:30 P. x. Evening Prayer on Friday at
ST. PETER'S CHURCH Rev. Father Bbons
GKE8T Pastor. Txtw M
7 A. M. High Mass at 10:30 A. M. Vespers at
1 r. X.
A BSEMBLY NO. 2870, K. OF L. Meets In K
- vi jr. uoix i uesuays at 7 :au p. m.
-ITTASCO LODCiE, NO. 15, A. F. & A. M. Meets
j. mira iionaay of each month at
COLUMBIA LODGE, NO. 5, I. O. O. F. Meets
"every Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock, in Odd
f ellows hall, Second street, between Federal and
...u...flw, cjuummu urumera are welcome.
H. A. Bills, sec'y R. G. Closteb, N. G.
FRIENDSHIP LODGE, NO. 9., K. of P. Meets
every Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock, in
fcchanno s building, corner of Court and Second
Mt.rftM SJi iii in r.i i 1 1 . 1 .. i-.ii..
. " ' , j., . . . ...up, mi in .n. i n wruiaiiy ill
rT ,'ir .r . - iHOJtrSOK,
D. W. Vausk, Sec y. C. C.
' , wi" meet every jTiaay afternoon
t 8 o clock at the reading room. All are invited.
f ? Hsl'MiCorner Second and Court
htTMtI. Thliputiiv atrmitiiih, - . i
, " J D.WlllllD n I ...
... . John Fixxoon.
vv. . Myers, Financier. m. W
lice in Schauno's bnildi
Dalles, Oregon.
DR. O. C. ESHELMAN Homoeopathic Phy
- - ' r ... o r ai . n Hiiswerea
jiromptly dy or night' Office; upstairs in Chap-
fatll. y'-ltnl ami n .. u n V
SIDDALL Dentist. Gas given for the
set on flowed aluminum nlate.
......... c. cAijitciifui i leein. Also teeth
flowed aluiniiium nluio rttnma- nt
the Golden Tooth, Second Street.
-i V an Onera House Block. wuliir..t,.n c,,.
The Dalles, Oregon
" r AYS. HITXTIVliTnxr jl. lmcn .
U . . . . . ii.-u.i A11UK-
kkyb-at-iaw. Offices, French's block over
. ..... ..nmmm dhiik, ine xiaiies, Oregon.
NSV8-AT-I.AW Rooms Nos. 71. 73, 75 and 77
Vogt Block, second Street, The Dalles, Oregon.
117 H. WI!inN-lTii.v.., , . n
Thi n-i?!?.! New Vogt Block' Second Street,
O. D. Doane. I f-
TOYDk,?9,AN?: Physicians and Surgeons
-" ' rzx" ""jJe"' uTOgon. vimee in Vogt block
Tt T-) Dwimu Esireeu umce hours.
- - - w f mm hi o r. 1.
Residences Dr. Boyd, corner of Third and Lib-
iirni iiuii nunKi m. xioane, over McFar
land it French's store. "
Qapdy :-: paetory,
W. S. CRAW, Proprietor.
(Successor 13 Cram & Corson.)
Manufacturer of the finest Freneh and
Home Made
a-A2sr,:Di e s
East of Portland.
Tropical Fruits, Nuts, Cigars and Tobacco.
Can furnish any of these goods at Wholesala
or xvetail
In Every Style.
104 Second Street, The Dalles, Or. '-'
I I 111 I I ft-tf 1 111! hrf I I LJ X II IkLd Seatti.
rii.ijiii uu nit - , . m i .
w y A AA y
por One Week Only I Com
mencing Monday, Dee. 15.
We offer our Entire Stock of Mens',
Women's and Children's Under
wear at Greatly Reduced
Prices to Close.
Grey Merino $ .50, former price .75
Heavy White Wool
Scarlet Mixed Wool ..: 1.00, " " ... ........ 1.50
White Merino '..
Jersey Ribbed
Fine White Saxony Ribbed..
Fine Natural Grey
Our Line of Misses' and Children's
at Corresponding Reductions.
GiboDs, jWaeallister & Go.
Dealers in
Hodge and Beniea Headers, Farm Wagons,
and Sulky Plows, Harrows, Grappling Hay Forks, Fan Mills, Seat Cush
ions, Express and Buggy Tops, Wagon Materials, Iron and Coal,
etc. etc.
Agents for Little's Sheep Dips.
A Complete Line of OILS, GRASS and GARDEN SEEDS,
Ihe Dalles, - -
H. Her
Dealer in
Boots and Shoes etc.
Hats and Gaps, Boots and Shoes
N. HARRIS. Corner
75, " " 1.25
.37J," former price .50
45, " "
. .75
1.25, " . " ......
1.40, " "
' i":
Hacks, JBuggies, Road Carts, Gang
Lime and Sulphur, etc.
- - Oregon. ...
Second and Court-?.
News from All Parts o
the World.
Numbers of Them In Portland.
The Situation Growing Serious.
Portland, Dec. 27. The situation of
thf discharged laborers forom the Union
racinc bonnd extension is growing ser
ious. At present there are about one
thousand of them in this city and. the
number is increasing hourly. Xarge.
numbers are being fed and lodged -by
the city. Some who are sore pressed
are discounting their time checks at
nity per cent.
J . H. Smith, the contractor, is now at
Omaha endeavoring to secure money
from the Union Pacific comoanv. Ution
his arrival there he telesranned that the
company had promised him three hun
dred thousand dollars this week, and on
this assurance the men have been
quieted. To-day Mr. Smith telegraphed
mat He wil leave to-day for Portland
"money or not."
Speaking of the situation to-dav one
"C 4 We contracting firms- Said that all
ferrSependa on the action of the Union
I Pacific. "If WP nVltttin intnaii rIi,a'.o
-- . - " " . ' ...v...- V.V.'lll?
we can pay off the men at once. If not'
it is difficult to forsee the outcome, as
tne men are growing desperate."
Trains mil Late
-No Damage
So Far.
Concord, N. H., Dec. 27. Snow has
ceased falling and trains are moving
CoxAGOHARiK. N. Y.. Dec 27. Trains
through the Mohawk, valley are moving
at average of one hour late. Stages will
be unable to travel to-day.
i-iTTSBCEG, uec. 27. The passenger
trains on all roads are few and far
between. No efforts are being made on
any of the roads to move freight.
New York, Dec. 27. The incoming
mails have been delayed by storm. The
western mails via New York Central are
three hours behind time and all other
mails from two to three hours late.
The HoBtiles Crowing; RoldFears that
friendly Indians are Killed.
Crestojj, S. D. Dec. 27. The Indians
are still carrying on depredations and
growing much bolder. A half breed
came into the camp on the Cheyenne
river and was interviewed nhnnt. th
hostiles in the Bad Lands. He savs he
left Pine Eidge agency a few davs before
with 150 friendly Indians who went to
induce hostiles to return from the Bad
Lands. There are at the least calcula
tion 500 to 600 warriors anion? the hn
tiles, all well armed and ajl declare that
they would fight. He entertains irreat
fears as to the safety of the 150 friendlies
as He feels almost certain that a ma
jority of them have been killed.
t.lant Scheme by Which One Million
Dollars Have Been Stolen. .
New York, Dec. 27. Washington
special says: Frauds by which the
government has been robbed of over one
million dollars within the past twelvi
months has been brought to the know
ledge of the treasury officials and i
searching inquiry is in proeress. The
frauds were committed by consuls and
consular agents in the United States
and Canada and by the exports of Cana
dian goods to the United States. Some
twenty consuls and a lareer number
stationed in the province of Ontario are
impiicaieu in me cnarge.
Terrific Boiler Explosion. '
Cincinnati, Dec. 27. The boiW on
the premises of Gus Lowenstein. butcher
and manufacturer of sausage, exploded
tins morning. . There was a. terrific
explosion and no less than seven dwell
ings wrecked and torn so that they have
to be taken down. Bertha Grav. acred
one and a-half years was killed and Mrs.
Lowenstein had her back br-he:i. 8ho
cannot live. A number of othera v.-r
seriously injured.
Southern Pacific Elects Its Representa
San Francisco, Dec. 27. At a meet
ing of the board of directors of the
Southern Pacific Co. to ratify the plan
of the new western railway combination
C. P. Huntington and J. C. Stnbba
chosen as representatives of the com
pany on advisory board of the new
combination.. . -
Chicago Wheat Market. "
Chicago, 111. Dec. 27. Wheat steadv.
Cagh jRn, pait Afav
Visited by the Heaviest Wind
Ever Known. -
maiti-e, uec. so. xnis city was
struck by a veritable cyclone earlv this
morning which continued with gradually
aimimsning fury until evening. The
wind was heralded by a steady down
pour of ram which set in about dusk
on Wednesday and continued into this
morning. At 2 :30 a. m. strong gusts of
wind began to blow and by 3 :00 o'clock
tne wind rose to the dignity of a eale
It blew with increasing furv until about
6 :00 o'clock ; it was shaking every house,
wrecking many and lashing the Sound
into foam ; tearing veesels from their
anchorage- nd'TiaBhingthettf'v against
one another like bits of drift wood, lay
ing low giant trees and appearing to
threaten to sweep all before it. Then it
slowly relaxed its fury until about sun
set it was no more than what mariners
call a fresh breeze. -
Most of the damage seems to have
been done from 4 :00 to 6 :00 o.clock in
the morning, and it was between these
hours that George Bell, a wood chopper
on Madison street, was crushed to death
in his tent by a falling tree.
The Baker' s warehouse at the . foot of
University street was blown down flat
with the wharf, and the steamers Henry
Uailey and Bailey Gatzert, which were
lying at the wharf were much damaged
, Several vessels lying in the harbor
dragged their anchors and drifted ashore
at the same point.
. Great damage was done to W. C. Hill
& Co's. brickyard in the southern part
of the city, on which about 2o0,000 has
Deen expended. .
More landslides ocenrred on South
Twelfth street, greatly delaying North
ern Pacific tramg.
Fallen trees at Maple valley delayed
trains on the Columbia & Pueet Sound
road until after night. .
The. trestle of the Lake Shore & Seat
tie and Montana railroads was demol
ished at Stimpson's wharf by a scow
which broke away and trains were de
layed till after noon. Teleeranh. tele
phone and electric wires were down in
many places and telegraphic communi
cations were cut off until late to-night
The smokestack of the Seattle Elec
trie Railway company power house was
Diown down, and trees blown across the
track near Fremont tore down the wires
and blocked the track, and no cars ran
until noon on any of the electric roads
Many honses were damaered and sev
era! demolished. Altogether, the storm
was one of the worst in the memory of
old residents.
Tacoma, Dec. 25. The worst storm
ever known on the sound prevailed
between here and Seattle from an early
hour this morning. The Greyhound
which left Seattle early in the day, lost
a bucket when offAlki point, and was
forced t back into Seattle, the sea being
so rough as to prevent her turning
around. There was no damage done to
vcMcia in lacumu naroor.
The Foul Murder of a Tounar Victorias,
on the Street.
Victoria, B. C, Dec. 25. A few min
utes alter 1Z o'clock last night, a young
man named David F. Fee, well known
and respected here, was shot.
Biunuy Kiuea on view street, near
A. ll "11 1
Blanchard. Fee, in company with
friend named Cartridge, was walking
quietly along the street, when a man
near by said; "You challenged me."
and raising a shotgun fired at Fee, the
charge entering the latter's heart. The
murderer escaped, but later a man
named Selk was arrested on suspicion,
and when taken to iail he said a man
named Whelan had told him he had just
shot a man. The police are now on the
track of Whelan. "
MOre Paupers Dumped on TTs.
New York, Dec, 25. Four hundred
and six Italians who arrived to-day" in
the steamship Hindostan were evidently
the output of somelpoorhouse officials of
which decided it would be much cheaper
to pay their passage to the United
States than to keon them for warn
They were the dirtiest and most ragged
lot that ever arrived in this port. Thev
carried no baggage, and had barely
sufficient clothing to cover themselves.
Nine of them wore detained by Dr.
tiuiteras on account of tic.vnefcs or old
age, two were lame, one was blind in
one eye and one had a tumor on his fore
head. They will all be returned, as thev
had but a few cents each and only one
box of clothes among the party,
Killed by a Hairpin.
New York, Dee. 25. A' peculiar and
fatal accident occured on Eleventh Street.
An elderly weman fell to the sidewalk.
and when picked up she was found to be
dead.- An examination disclosed the
fact that a hairpin had been driven into
her brain when her head struck th
rIr1nwnn.)B iii mil iiii una i.i n . I- I.
Return From All Counties Except Mult
nomah. Salem, Dec. 2q. With one exception
that of Multnomah county the assess
ment rolls of all the counties of the state
have been returned to the secretary of
state. Of thirty-one counties, sixteen
show an increase in the total assess
ment for 1890 over that of 1889, and the
remaining fifteen returned decreased
amounts. Estimating Multimomah at
$40,000,000, the total taxable property
for the state is $114,682,263, as against
$101,593,341 last year. - It is estimated
that the levy for state purposes will be
4 mills. Last year it was 5 23-25 mills.
Press the Button and (let Atustard.
Everybody, no doubt, has long thought
that there was still a great deal to be
desired in the matter of cruetstands
pepper bottles with brassy tops that
come off when you turn them upside
down, and shower pepper in shoals upon
your underdone mutton; vinegar bottles
minus the vinegar; another bottle with
a thick sedimenty something inside
which you are informed is "Worsted
sauce," and a mustard pot. At last,
however, invention has Btepped in and
patents have been gone for, and there is
a real new thing called the patent auto
matic mustard pot- It is a very inge
nious - contrivKnce - and is made in an
electroplate or nickel silver case. It has
a sliding piston, which you press, and
then the mustard 'comes out, just as
much as you desire, and keeps fresh and
nice for quite a while. New York Jour
nal. ' -
Nantes' with No Meaning.
. "Brussels carpet is not made in Brus
sels' at all," said J. M. de la Rive, of
Brussels. "Nor is French glass made in
France. French plate glass, or what is .
known to the American trade as French
glass, is all of Belgian make. In Cana
da they call it German glass. I suppose
these names are given because the car
pets were handled by dealers in Brussels. ;
and the glass was first introduced in this
country by French houses and in Canada
by Germans." Chicago Tribune.
Something Queer About a Richmond Street
A Grace street correspondent lodges a
novel complaint. He says: "It has got
ten to be the habit of people, whenever
they see a young lady and gentleman
promenading Grace street, to allege that -they
are engaged. This is very embar
rassing to voujjg ladies who reside upon
that street, as they have a delicacy in al
lowing gentlemen to escort them home."
Richmond State. .. .
. A Suggestive Blotter.
P. L. A. Wright A silvor blotter
back representinsr a shoe sole is on th
Mrs. Wright Wholl buy such a thing
as that?
P. L. A. Wright The friends of thou
sands of downtrodden writers in thia
country. Jewelers' Weekly. .
Steamship and Whale in Collision ' ;
The steamship Oawmsmnrn !a.T
Trenery, has arrived from Liverpool
with a eeneral cartro. On Ratnrd.v
Oct. 25, the Queensmore paralyzed a ir
whale. Cant. Trenerv tried nfA-r vnl-
of the way. but the whale was too close
on and the ship crave it a stnnninr cla-no.
ing blow. The whale did not move, and
the water soon became. stai-nAri my.
blood. Baltimore American.
One of the shortest namen in t.lia -Ann.
try is possessed by Mr. Vp urhn in uw-
tary of the Corean location at Washing
ton. Mr. Ye has just been made happy
by the arrival at his home nf linin
daughter, and the child has been chris
tened "Washou Ye," which in English
means "Washington." Thia rfiild i fh
first born of the Corean nationality in
wis country.
The Sausaire man ia u Iwuvo qKId
make both ends meet.
In the Circuit Court of the Bute of Oreeon for
tbecountyof Wnsco.
O. D. Taylor, ulnintifr. vs. TliomoK J !-,).,.
burg, E. L. Smith and I-
To Thomas J. Fredenburg, the above named de-
In ti P nnmA fit ti.. wt.. ... r n
hereby commanded to innwr nnri unswo k
compliant of the above named plaintiff, filed
against you in the above entitled court and
cause on or before the first day of the next regu
lar term of said Circnit court, to-wit: On or be
fore the 9th dav nf Fl'hrimrv- -1HQ1 1 r .. : 1
, I . T w.iu . . . vu llll L
so to appear and answer, fur w.nt t ,k
1 IT will h nnl v trt fh. ...... - r . i . , .
prayed for in bis complaint, that is to say: for a iwrcciosing mat certain mortgage, made,
executed and delivered by you, to said plaintiff.
ui roprauuer, ineta, upon the
Ron.n half and north-west quarter of the north
curt quarter, and the north-east quarter of the
north-west quarter of Section twentv-eight In
...... : ' v.. V" """s13 ws-i, east oi me -
w illamette Meridion, In Wasco county, Oregon,
and for a sale of said real estate, according to
law; that the proceeds of such sale be applied
upon the costs and disbursements of this suit,
arrt nnon the costs charges ind expenses ,.f such
.u. upuu uiemiuMnen loiiro in salil inort-gug-,
said note being for f .Ot.o and b. aring
interest from the 5th day oi September, iaB8, at
the rate of ten per cent, per nnnum until paid,
which note Is now overdue and unpaid, and a
reasonable attorney's fees of 40.00 as Provided '
and stipulated in said note, and for judgment
xidmfX.,eUSon, over gin!rt the attendant,
Thomas J. Fredenburg for any amount remain
ing unsatisfied after all the proceeds of such sale
uaiuHii s demands have
iat saia defendants and
: . , ,iiit mi persons claiming n
throngh or under thorn. er .it, r C .
eyer barred and foreclosed of all right title"
claim, lien and equity of redemption and Inter
S?!ln J? ,Pren?ises, and for such other and
further relief as shall be equitable and lust.
,?2LHW Sl t ?ne 9f the
' uut i uui in juuiciai district in
Hr";?DeCemtier 23d' 1(90' "'is summons
thereof "T1"1 UH"" you Dy publication
Dated December 26, 1890.
nT'V''" M- . T-T-T-r. . ....