The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 10, 1922, Page 63, Image 63

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Embarrassing Plight of the King of Spain's, Two
Charming Princess-Cousins Who Are
Advertising in the tf Want
t s
Columns" for
Handsome Young
The Impov
erished Prin
cesses Disin
herited Brother,
Leopold, Now
Plain Herr
Woelfling, and
His Housemaid
Bride, Fraulein
Maria Rittcr.
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- Z .Ac'? t , Msafssa. nut i
''"rrv wwwiir
" Vanderbilts
ntsettt. u aim mitnimt.
SglF. tout- ni KImk-Sm, &auk.tL,
with English or American X .
ntlemen. who must be young-, ii 'iMMj 'JMlHltW
allhy and handsome. No upstarts riwtm m mW m
r new-rich need apply. The pi in- PVfUtMlMTffgf
sees are accompnsnea Put very ' lVt1lttllr
A meetinir rmilri r arraneprt UiSMtla. H
& Co.,
ttts W000O SR 1 6ttt Si Pt MotenXfei,
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rinemnnen, tvelfe w einn oHn,t'
upmguajen ijnntiuf fl0i)ten, fine
fcodjgebict, abet fe&t arm.
etren mmtn boUe eiiudbHten on
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yofr crtttt aot 31.
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1 1 i i nil
Photographic Reproduction or the Venture
some Matrimonial "Ad" of the Two Royal
Princesses Which Appeared in the "Want
Columns" of Various Swiss and German
Newspapers. A Translation of This
"Ad" Is Given at Left.
"TWO royal princesses. sl?ters. ated
23 and 26, desire friendship and
eventually marriage, after mutual
ior August. Address: Post Office
Box 31."
IN a mean little room on the top floor
of one of the cheapest fiats in Zurich,
Switzerland, sit two forlorn beauties
of the once giorious House of Hapsburg,
)waiting for some Yankee Lochinvar t3
come atid rescue them from poverty and
possible starvation.
They are the Archduchess Margaret and
the Archduchess Maria Antonia of Aus
tria. Once they were the feted darlings
of the proudest court to Europe. Now,
though still young and beautiful, they are
In such straits they are advertising for
husbands. Yet even in their extremity
remains one haughty, regal touch "No
new-rich need apply!"
Their naive anonymous advertisement.
published in several Swiss and German garet amj Maria Antonia have tried to do
newspapers, attracted the attention of ai
American correspondent. He answered
the "ad" and arranged a meeting, expect-'
ing to stumble on a practical joke or ex
pose ah impostor.
To his amazement, he discovered thai
the "two royal princesses" were, in Amer
ican slang, ''the goods" daughters of a
famous Austrian archduke, royal prin
cesses of Bourbon on their mother's side,
cousins of the ruling King of Spain!.
"Yes," admitted the Archduchess Mar
garet bravely, "I'll marry an American.
But I want a millionaire who's young and
has a good family. One of tho,se Vander
bilts, for example."
"I will, too," chimed In the Archduchess
Maria Antonia, "but I don't want some old
vulgar person who made his money out of
the war."
After he had talked to them for a while
the American correspondent decided tha
plight of the. two poor princesses isn't so
much a comedy as it is a tragedy a drama
in which two young girls reared in opu
lence were plunged suddenly into exile;
then, fleeing at midnight from a Spanis'i
calace, found the world a cold, harsh
V. . ' - k,i iii " T
4 K
V fc
4 w
in the past month and failed.
When Archduke Leopold Salvator fle-1
from Vienna with his family at the. col
lapse of the empire, he sought his wife's
country, Spain. And his wife's kinsman,
King Alfonso gave sanctuary to the refu
gees. He presented them with one of his
epare palaces and, in effect, told them to
make themselves at home for as long as
they desired.
The palace was at Barcelona a gloomy
pile of masonry which had been in the
Bourbon family for a century or more.
Here the Archduchesses Margaret an I
Maria Antonia were imprisoned as effectu
ally as those two little princes of England
who were murdered many years ago in
the Tower of London.
Margaret and Maria Antonia had noth
ing to do save wander all day through
gloomy tapestried chambers, wishing they
had been born daughters of peasants. Th9
Archduke, exile or no, was a proud man.
In his St. Helena he strove to keep up the
same conventions he had in Vienna. His
daughters could not venture onto the
streets unless chaperoned by their duenna.
None was meet to associate with them
sion to take a short trip to Switzerland.
But their royal mother was horrified. The
idea of two Austrian princesses touring
alone through Europe! The thing wa
unheard of. And not all the arguments
Margaret and Maria Antonia could ad
vance about the "new freedom" and
"things are different nowadays" could
change their mother's mind.
Then Margaret and Maria Antonia did a
very daring thing for princesses. One of
their few amusements In the Barcelona
palace was taking drawing lessons. The
had a young Spaniard for a teacher. He
was a romantic youth, and when Margaret
f "
1 "A
t ' - "
if P
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place even for princesses; and, unable to save royalty and royalty In Barcelona
go back and helpless to go forward, de- was very scarce just then.
cided it was better to trade their titles
for a fortune than to starve to death.
Their father. Archduke Leopold Salva
tor, was a member of the ruling house ot
Austria and one of the richest pobles in
Europe before the war. Their mother
was Princess Blanche of Bourbon, eldest
daughter of Don Carlos, pretender to the
Spanish throne, who led an ill-fated insut--
A new catastrophe added to the loneli
ness of the two little princesses. Their
favorite brother, Leopold, went to Swit
zerland for a pleasure trip and got mar
ried. His bride was Fraulein Maria Hit
ter, a housemaid in a Berlin family, and
though she was created a Baroness wheu
she became the wife of a Hapsburg sh?
was an impossible person in the eyes of
section to make good his claim in 1S72-7. the Archduke Leopold Salvator.
or the ten children of the Archduke and The Archduke Leopold Salvator could
his beautiful Spanish wife five were daugn- not understand, let alone accept, the new
ters. The youngest . of these are Margaret spirit of democracy abroad in the world,
and Maria Antonia. From babyhood they And he was utterly appalled when his son,
were . brought up in the expectation that Leopold, led a commoner to the altar. '
tome day they would wed a prince or a "He is my son no longer!" shouted the
duke or a baron, at least. They were Archduke. "You are not to speak to him
schooled In all the arts and graces. They or write to him or even mention his nama
can speak seven languages. They can again.
Ttafnt Bins'- rid a Hanro mrttnr thnnt an I TTiat wii.hint lin..
do everything but work. . Margaret and Archduchess Maria Antonia. e Old Bourbon Palace at Barcelona, Spain, Where the Two Prin.
Work! Ten years ago, when Margaret They had hoped Leopold would brine his cesses Found Shelter Fnllnwin. T.: irir-uV c a x-- v" -
was sixteen and Maria Antonia was thir- young wife homeio Barcelona. She would thm. Wi- fMm XrL:IlT T- -ri t? T i X V". 77 yunng
teen and the Hapsburgs were monarchs ot have been a very welcome diversion in their &r, ana from Wnicn, Later, They Escaped One Moonlight Night
s !.Ui4 lV, iy l'?li:U
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.jt .w
If '
Archduchess Margaret (at Left), and Her Younger Sister, Archduchess
Maria Antonia, Who Would Prefer Handsome, Young and Rich
American Hushands to the Drudgery of Housework.
( ; X R 0
1 i-i 'fcrs' ;V--r
-v--v X1 ? T
Ing. By that time Margaret and Maria
Antonia had ridden fifty miles northward
to another station, and were half way to
Madrid on a train; Their co-conspirator
had arranged everything. .They had two
passports, made out In the names of
"Donna Maria" and "Donna Eulalia da
Henestra," and on these they got to Paris
and thence crossed the Swiss border. -
They telegraphed their brother. At the
Purich station, they tumbled into hfs arms
and the arms of his commoner bride, bub
bling over with the success of their ad
venture and declaring they were "going
to get real Jobs" and "be just like real
The new happiness of Marraret and
Maria lasted less than a month. . By that
of shops and offices time and again, an
could only answer, "Nothing except b
princesses" when they were asked "Whni
can you do?" Margaret and Maria AntOnl
went back to their boarding house an
cried. '
Their brother would have helped them,
hut he had affairs of Bis own that kept
him busy. He' was still in 1 the Austrian
military service, having adopted the name
of Herr Woelfling and thrown In his lot
with the new government. "And, his fur
lough over, he returned to, Vienna.
Their dream shattered; their situatioa
desperate,' Margaret and Maria Antonia
wrote home to Barcelona, praying forgive
ness. .The Archduke Leopold returned
their letters unanswered. That was tha
time they had exhausted
TiT tuwueu wua remgees urns movea irom tne boarding house to one of
uiuaseiTvs. rrutcesses who BOuxnt worK
humdrum days. Now they not only had -j . . , ' . .
lost this T,ron-t. bt th. nwt nd ?f.ari Antonia broached their plan to a dilapid
their land, the world would sooner hava
on her head and sing ragtime than to chatter and camaraderie of their brother ?hf1R ' nlAt ltytilt xt.
jiggle a typewriter's keys or hire out as a Margaret and Maria Antonia rebelled. as 5," 0aAU L? Ight I' M.t
housemaid. Yet UUt is exactly what Mar- They asked their royal mother for permis- .Sfn,M0f iiSS pk clrySj
tne cneaDest flat a in 7.nriii t,.
were a drug on the market. They tried to almost thelast of their dwindling funds
BpUM5.rt- BTa' eycouW?t pd bought space In the newspaperL They
X "T7 vais:r, t-uaenaom, ui naa oniy one asset leftthemselves. If
Crown Prince and twenty other Illustrious - thv conldn't
and a hundred yards from the palace found exfle! They tried the stage, but even the1 bands. - . . . .,v
their drawing teacher waiting In an- auto- chorus was. f ull of ex-crowned heads,, They - -Wr- poorrttte'ra-'plte'eesseg -'cry
mobllej tried clerking, but they didn't. know how Margaret and Maria Antonia. "Doesa't
The fljght was not discovered till mornr to crt W&ea they had made the rounds anybody want to marry a Hapsburgf
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a dilapidated carpet bag between them