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Parsmen of Portland Rowirig Club to Vie f or Club Ghampionships in Fall Meet Saturday
Rowing Glub
rpiTB Portland naming club win close
j J. the outdoor mmob of activity on
te WQamett river ,: by staging the
annual full regatta Saturday afternoon
eft : the: pew course Just couth of the
:et approach of the SeHwood ferry
at the foot of Harney avenua.
J Captain ' Jack McDonald made the
announcement after b had deemed it
' necessary to postpone the affair one
.week. . Originally the events were to
! take" place yesterday afternoon but
'because the. vacation season had. cut
iieto the attendance It was thought that
Knottier week would find tilings m bet
ter shape to .hold the annual closing
regatta. .... -
( The usual program of crew races
augmented by canoe contests will be
arranged starting at 3 o'clock neat Sat
urday afternoon and there will be two
of three special numbers to interest
the spectator a . Medals bearing ' the
.customary "P. R- C" will be awarded
t the winners in all events. The canoe
etunts will be for ootb men and women
and it may be that several members
of the Multnoraaii Athletic club will
give fancy diving exhibitions.
iThe' eight-oared shell which was
' nurchased from the University of
"Washington by the Portland Bowing
club has not (arrived a yet, and it is
: doubtful if It will be here in time to
be shown during the regatta. Al though
'tie annual fall regatta cloee the eea--Boo
as far as competitions is con
cerned quite a number of the scullers
all take oat the shells until real bad
. weather sets in.
2ay bow r. or vr.
I Members of the Portland Rowing
. crab are very entitusTwtic over the
- prospects of having annual competition
with the XTnivers.ty of Washington
famous S-oared crews now that Rus
sell "Rusty" Callow has been selected
"to succeed Ed Leader as coach of the
' Purple and Gold rowers. Callow was
vetting friends in Portland last spring
a(td it was through his activities that
tHe Seatle-Portland regatta at Seattle
'last July 'was planned.
;. (Portiandcrs feel that Callow now
.will be in a position to assist in p ro
tating rowing in Portland by sending
his eight-oared shell here each spring
ad la that event more candidates will
be . brought out for position on the
Portland Rowing club crews. Those
who are backing the proposition have
suggested that the Portland Rowing
club meet the Washington, "varsity
while the Reed college 'varsity could
be depended on to compete against the
"Washington freshmen. Reed took up
rqwing for the : first time this year and
thie students seemed satisfied with the
- , jReed taking a prominent part
aitiong the oarsmen it is more than
likely that the dreams of having inter-
' collegiate regatta on the Willamette
riyer win materialise before many
re seasons are completed.
org Pocock. amateur singles
champion of England about 10 or 12
years ago, was a Portland' visitor re
! cently. He is ' on his honeymoon ii
; California smd Jdoestrot:'epct to
rektarn to his home in Seattle- for sev
eral, more weeks, it was at the Seat
tie-Portland regatta at Seattle in July
that Pocock defeated Bill "Blonde'.
Gregory, the Porrland Rowing1 club's
'Pacific Northwest junior singles cham-
rincent Richards
defeats Garland
In Tennis Feature
- By nans j. waish
Jlnternaiionel News Service Sports Editor
I PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 9. Charles
j S. Garland of Pittsburg, once In
tercollegiate champion at Tale, double
winner of the all-comers title at Wim
bledon with Dick -Williams, and al
rhough a figure of international con
sequence passed quietly but. of the
national 'singles championship in the
sucond round today. He was beaten in
stratghjt sets, S-l, -2. 7-5, by Vincent
PJchards,-ouF 'boy wonder, is the only,
match worthy of attention, since- the
tournament began. -
. fSill Tilden. national champion; Wat
Rin Washburn, former Davis cup star ;
Dicki"-Williams, ex-champion; Lucien
Williams, inter-collegiate titleholder,
asd the foreign invaders, Jim Anderson
sad .Pat O'Hara Wood of Australia;
Zenso ' Shimidsu, champion of the
Orient and Manuel Alonzo, champion
ot Spain, were straight set winners.
iTllden disposed of George King of
JCew Tork. $-3. S-3. 6-4.
fWaahburn beat A. Hi Chapin Jr.,
Springfield, Mass.. 6-1, 6-4, 6-2.
; Young Whitbeck made, a surprising
Ill commendable showing against Wil
liams and made the latter earn most of
his points in winning, 6-4, 7-5, 6-3.
(Washburn wasn't in trouble in the
f lightest to win from Chapin, 6-1, 6-4,
62.- It Was a match quite without
incident. "..'',.
1 ' -Dick Williams had some trouble with
Jehn Whitbeck i of Hartford. Conn.. 6-4,
15, 6-3, but liucien came through on
the bit against Arthur Sseilsen 61 New
Vcrk, M,'W, iH
1 Shimidsu won with equal ease from
It F. Dornheim of Philadelphia, 6-1.
6-l.r 6-2. i and -O'Hara 'Wood was not
Fteatly troubled when Murray Vernon
I New Tork attempted to say it with
racquets, 6-3. 6-3, 6-1. but Anderson
ws pushed ai bit to win .from M.
11eid. 6-4 r? 9-7. '
-la the second round of play; H.
Kinsey. San Francisco, defeated Philip
liagby.- Kansas City, 6-i, 6-2. 10-.
Uson Da Tunrerme, Tecoma, ; Waah-,
defeated -A. H. Mortian. Philadelphia.
6-2. 6-3, 6-4. R. Kinsey,; San Fran
c'sioo, defeated 353. M. Edwards, Phila
ceiphia, 6-2, 6-1, 6-1. Willis B. Davis.
Ptn Francisco defeated I. Tremain.
f stf ield. J4 6-6, 6-2, 6-J.
t Second rcorwj stusmari:
i Hovrd i KiaMjr,- Sjo ' Fnneuco. defeated
ri::o Bastrr. Kasai City. 6-i, tO-8;
F. VhfL Brorir, dfi4 W. T. Knibt.
r tijadelpirfe. 6-0, 6-S. fnisk T. Ander
Brooklya. .erted S. T., Btimfea, Boa-
a M oT i . i,. t :
r-lphia,- -2. -l. s-l; wm JS. XleM, tea
dfaKt Lnu Trowntn, Psilada
jit, -2, ... - . '-y
vr. T. Tilden n efeM OarW Watson TO.
I t idlpiu. .-. -. WUUui P. Vtu,
J tadeiroi. detaatad Wltr NcvaB, Xaasaa
i:t. -e,S-4, Br IX JofcaaoB, Pitt,
t d'WUd tt U GoJdsbaroesb Jr.. Balti
rrrf, -. 10-. !-, -.' W. Jw. Ia
r -iijav, " Pnwideiwa, defetd C A. Major.
Sort. 4-. e-O, s-T. -9: IiamMM
: Kie. Boston, defeated Fni C uo, Xw
p. rry . Un. Sooth On&e. S. d
t -ed B- R. Cfnn,,. fhBdlria, 6-2. -0,
t,-4: Straw! B. Gilpin, PbHaddphi. Sefeatd
- tr 1- Pbatt. Xw Tedt. 4-. 4-S. 10-8.
e-2: "StBer Paataoa.- rfe:U4iph! e,
t leooard Beakmaa, Nw York. I S, S-,
: 13- Tuivana. Tnom , dftd i.
( hiorgn, fhuadelptua, -. 4-2, ;
i O Hr food, aastiaha, defeated HarrT
-rn-.o. Sot, 6-3, 6-S. fr. .
r pA04rio ooarr ksaawc
- W. L Pet SW. I.
rriaea.,.104 BS ,4 2 OaUaad,.? T IT
Varson .U02 ,430;Sttl. . j Tft 6S
Urn A as. 68 69 .T4 Pceraswats 64 86
Salt Lake. . T7 86 .4T2iPoroaad. . 62 68
W. U fVt. XT. T
Nw Tack. 78 SS -695CMea. ... 79 9
PlUaUua. ' 75 S ., Brooklyn. . S8
St Liraia.V TS SO .4ilJhiiaiWipfaia.4S SS
Oiaeiwaart T8 42 ,S4il8otoa. . .. 46 84
" - W. L. ret. I ,W. I '
Kav Terk, 61 88 .404 ClawtaaA, T 6
St. Ixmis.. 82 66 .689L'Waahinctoe.SO 78
Detroit. . T2 44 .62gphilartlthi 67 76
Chioaso.. 68 67.60r;tiaatoB,.. 84 81
(Costtoead Tram rase Ona
defaa ta WaOMrs. At tat eft WsOmts 22,
lata 6, zuna.8. Boas taapearihle fee By tid
dlataa 1. Struck eut By Hnsfcaa 2. by
WaJberg f. j Buaa en ball Off Hnsaei t.
oft Walbarc 1. Hit y pitched bB Hiss,
BraznL Two fcaae hita -Gria, Oraaactt.
CarroU, Pooia. Baeriflea hitaGarroU. Mo
aoley. Daal, Grisca. Baa battad in- PeaU.
Grissa 2. TIaa ef same l.:S. vnaaiea
Byroa aa4 Caeey. . , '
Oakland.' CaL, Sept 2. Sacramento's
winning streak was halted by the
Oaks in , the afternoon tame of the
Admission day double-header. The
score was t to 5.
Solons won by
knocking Krause
first inning.
. Score : .
First game :
In the morning the
a count of 7 to 4,
off the mound in the
IB. B.H.E.
IB. It. H.
M'Gaf 2B 1
WiBa rf. . 2 1 2 0
M'Neilayef 4
MoilwitslS 4
Bhaahaa rf 5
Schinkla V 4
Uaacar 3b 4
Paaroa M. ' 2
E. Shea e. 8
Saaa p. . . 4
Brobakar8 4 &
LefayaUalft 4 O
Cathar If., 8 1
Kaicht 2b, 4 1
Schulta cf . 5 1
MiUa e... 3 0
Chaves .aa. 4 0
Kraoae p . 0 O
Joaea p, 4 0
Arlett... 1 O
O 0
Totala. .88 7 12 8 Totals..' 8 6 4 8 1
BaUad for Hits ia ninth.
SaeraauntO' .......... 403 100 00O T
Hita ..,.1. 408 210 101 12
Oakland 000: 101 002 4
Hita ...i Oil 221 001 8
lasinc pitehad By Kraoae 1, at tat T,
Bita 4. rana 4. Cbarse dafaa to Krauaa.
Buna Taaponatble for Knnae 4, Jonas 8,
Shea 2. Btraes out By Shea 4, by Jonaa 8.
Baaaa ea ball Off Kraoaa 1. off Sbaa. 7. off
Jonaae 1. Wiid pitch Jcmea. Hit by pitchar .
Paarea. by Jonaa. Paaaad ball Shaa. Stolen
baiaa McXaflay, Shaaaan. Thrae-baae bit
Shea. Two-baaa aita Sbeahan. Wilia, Bra
baker. Sacrlfiee bit Paarce, McKaUay.
Wilia, Shea. . Doobla. play Chaves to Knisht
to Iafayatta, Time. 1:80. Iroirea, FiniieT
aad Eaion.
Second game:
AB. B. H. E.
VGaf 2b 3 & 1 0
AB. R. H. E.
Schulta ef ; 5
2 2
S 8
1 2
O 2
M'Nllref 8 0 10
BrubakerSb S
MoUviUlb 4 O 1 01
Ryan rf . . 6 0 1 0
Schiakle U 4 12 0
aUncer 8a 6 2 8 1
Paaiee . 6 1 S O
Stallage e. 2 0 2 0
Kuna p . . . 1 1 0 0
Koop-..; 10 10
tSohajj. . 2 0 10
Fittary p.' O 0 0 0
1 Murphy. 1 0 0 0
Prastex p.. 0 0 0
WiUe rt. . 4
Lafayattelb S
Cathar 2b. 4
Koeiuar e. 4
e 2
0 1
1 0
0 &
1 o
Olaon U.. 4
Chavas aa. 2
Breatoo p. 4
Total.. 8 8 6 16 1 Totals.. 84 8 12 0
Batted for Stanace ia aixte.
T Battad for Kan ia sixth.
(Batted for Fittery ia eavesta.
Saeramante ! 001 002 200 B
Hits ...i , 123 114 801 16
Oakland .-101 024 00 8
Hita 802 084 00 12
, i srrsntABT - " -
Innings pitehad By Xuas 6. at bat 21. hits
8. run 4; by Fittery 2. at bat 6, aits 4.
runs 4-. Charre defeat to Knna, Rosa ra
tponsibje for Kuna 4. Bianton 2. Fittery 2.
Struck oua By Kons 1. by Brenton 1. by
Fittery 1. Base en balls Off Kuna 1, off
Brenton 1. ; Passed ball Koehler. Steles
base Ryan, i Thne-baaa hits Wilia. Paaree.
Two-baaa hita Wilia, Mancec. Sacrifica hita
MeGaff 2. Chares. Double play Cathar to
Lafayette. Time, 1 :50. Umpires. Finuay and
Eaaon. T . . '
Seattle, Sept. . San Francisco made
it four straight over the Seattle In
dians by taking both games of today's
double-header by the scores of 4 to 3
and 6 to . 4. .
Gardner and Shea engaged -In a
pitching duel in the first game. and.
although Shea was touched up for ' a
dosen hits, : the Indians were not able
to squeeze over more than three runs.
Scores r
Fint camec
AB. K. H. E.
AB. R. H
Keny.H... 4 0 0
0iS.adaBia.2b 8 0 1 2
CemptoB.r( 4 2 2 0
Kamaa.Sb. 8 1 10 3 0 O 0
WiaterzU.88 4
Barney.rf.. S , 4
Hood.M.... 6
VaU,ef. .. 4 0 0 0 4 1 1
0(Crana,a. . , 4
Kilduff,2b "4 0 3 0
Telle.o. .. 4 0 2 0, 4
Tobin.c. . . 4
Soea,p... 8 0 0 0
Gardner ,p., 4
Totals. .88 4 S 01 Totals. .89 3 12 2
Saa Frmadaee ..........103000 0004
Hita .. 128 001 100 - S
Seattle ................ O00 100 101 8
HiU ................ Oil 311213 12
..1;." . SUMMARY r:
Buna laapeaatble See By Gardner 4. by
Shea 8. Struck out By Gardna 8. by Sbaa
4. Basse ea balls Off Gardner 8. off Sbaa
".Passed ball Tobin. Hoaae ma Baraey.
Three base hit Tobia- Tw base hits aji
duff. Eldied. Kamns. Double play Tobia to
Starapf. Tuse 1:46.
Second sane:
KeOyJf. . O S
WaJb,rf , . 2 . 2 1 S 1 2 S S B
TaHa.ef.. 4 1 1 4 4 0 1
O S.Adaaaa.2b S
0jWWerxu.2 4 , e
OlCiunes... 4 1
OlEldredxf 4
0 HaooMf. .. 4 4
Kilduff.2b. 4 12 1
Anw.o, 4 12 0
Mitchell. 2.0 2,
OoceaJf 4 O 1 0
B.Miilar.rf 2 0 0 0
Wiilisrf . ,.: 4
Speneer.4 S
Burcr,p. S
Tobia..., 1
1 SO
Totals.. 8 8 6 12 2
TelaSi. .S4 H S
Batted for Buror sa ainta.
Saa rnaessee .". . . ,102 11S SIS i.g
Hits ..-............108 881S10 12
Seattle 000 200 020 4
Hus :-..U.....;4.. v.. 162 S0dS21
." . f , ' ,. SCMMABT
Inninc Pttebed by Mitchell Sj at be 18.
hita 6. roe 2. Credit vteaery to Mitahal
Buns tear oaefbie fee By Banju l, by Mia
eneU 2. by Altea 1. Strack eu By Barser
2. by Mitchell 2. Bases eat balls By Barsar
J,1r tliteM 1. Stoiea baa Walab, K3
duff. Paaaed bafl n saneer. Xarae base ausa
Atnw, Heed. To base bite Kamm.
Btcmpf. ASBew. KBdBff. aQdred. Seeoliee kit
Spencer.. Dwible play .'8- Adaau to Crane
to 8tamp. " Tiaaa 1:46. Caaytrea . Baarnoa
aad McGrrw. : t
: v ivosa -wnrsiKo stbkax
:i toa Angeleav Sept S.-I. N. S-
Dick McCabe, forner-,;- International
leagua atar stepped the . winning
streak of the Vernon Tigers, defeat
ing them I to 1 tn the first gam of
a doubla-header this afternoon, -:
yernoa ' cama . back in the secortl
1 h
.... :.. i
1 1
Manager-Coach Bay Brooks bas gathered together the youngest combination of baseball players seen In
Portland Independent circles, and with them won the 1922 Independent title of Portland.' His team
represents the Arleta Athletic
me ieii rcutuo "inncn" nariuns, leic neiq; sioonny xanst, center
right field. Arleta Is a member
& Iximber company in the second game of a double header this afternoon on the Columbia park 4ia
mono, starting at 1:50 o'clock.
Sport Bootleggers Taking
: By Westbroek Pegler.
(tTnited News Staff Correspondent)
TVTEW TORK. Sept. . The bootleg
Xi gers .of sport are earning a pre
carious living and running dangerous
. In cities and states where boxing Is
permitted generally under commission
rule, or police supervision, the prize
fight speakeasy ia unknown, but in
plenty of territory all contests are held
clandestinely in an atmosphere of ad
venture and risk.
Tjp through New England, especially
in the mill with considerable ele
ments of foreign population cock fights
are run off at night in bars or ball
rooms of abandoned roadhouses with
the windows shuttered and with look
outs posted to do outside duty.
In some states, particularly in the
coast towns of Florida having Spanish
colonies, the little game birds are sent
in to kill before tense circles of fans,
whose sporting . instincts are strongly
tinged with the lust for blood.
Dog fights are also still being waged
In speakeasy pits ' on the outskirts ef
industrial communities, and there are
cities, such as Chicago, where the gen
tlemen of the tinear smash and are
smashed behind bolted - doors before
silent rooters, with . the cracks and
chinks calked to keep in the light and
keep out the prying eyes of the law,
"The match will be fought in' pri
vate." has been a condition of the
agreements between Chicago's prelim-'
inary fighters for 20 years, and the pri
vacy ia afforded by -the exclusive sur
roundings of saloon palm rooms and
the watchful alertness of bnlky bar
tenders with handy bungstarters. I
Kept on the run like Irish rebels be
fore the black and tans; Chicago fight
ers, nevertheless, have managed some
how o get enough of that hard, early
ring drudgery behind - them to break
out later in other towns aevexperienced
ring men and to make good, as Packsy
McFarland did tand Knock-Out Brown,
the Greek middleweight, Charley White
and Ever Hammer. 2;'
game, taking that contest 8 to 8.
-&BBtmi-:Ks J ":-'-? ?v A
'..Ilrst Game: ; . . :' -4. -
SALT 1AKE : v--- VEBN0X - '--
AB.B.H.EI ; ; 1B.K.HE.
TitMk.'. S O 0 , Obbadbrnexf. 4 O 2 0
Sislin.l-b.. 4 1 -8 0 Hawka.lf.. S 1 0 1 . r 4 2 Oimita.8b. i 2 9' VS. 4, 1 ' 3 - BodiaJf .. . 4 0 1 9
Wilne4t.rf. 8 0 1 . 4 0 0 & 4 0 0 maanah.e.,8 0 0 O
Sand.aa... 4 1 1; llFreseb,aa. 0 .. 0
Ienkina,e. 2 0 1 fZeiter.3b.. 4 : 0 10
atcCaoe. 4 : 0 0 DU.j . S , 0. 1 O
Uiisbx. , . 1 OS
Totals. .84 S10 ,
- - - Totals j-82 1 S I
- X Batted for rTmnali ta Sta. '
Salt lake ........... 000 1 626 -J
Hita 201 020 140 It)
Temoa 009 lOO O00 1
Hita 100 11 010
Buns responsible for McCabe 1, Pelt 8.
Strocc eut By McCabe 8, by DeR 8. Baaea
ea baUa Dn 2. - Hit by pitcher WUhoit.
Smkh.. Stoiea baaaa Strand. Senick Twe
base .bto Jankina. Bacrifiee - hit Smith.
Double plays South, to Hyatt to Frcaca.
Tttne 1:86. ' : --'
-.Second Game: '
- Ab.B.RB.1 AB.B.H.B.
Vftt.8. 4 X O orbadbruat. 4 S S
Sislia,2b.. 4 1 S lHishJf . . . 4 1 A O
LaTa,a... 8 1 0Smitb,8b.. 4 X l 8 1 0Bodie.rf.. 411
WfiboU.rt 4 11 S', 4 1 , S 0
Schieacfy S , O 0 Uurphy.. 4 0 10
8aada.W 4 o lPmcM.. I t 1 I
Byter.,. O iZKiaz.2b. S X i
Beweavew , - 0 Ovoliy.p. . . O O O
Geald.B.. :S 0 d;futli.... O S S O
lJeekina,c 4 O 1 tHawka. .. 1 0S0
wAsfinao 1 SGlaerj. . ; S 9
Ttal .88 ' 66Si TWals .S- S 1S
a Batted for Byler ta- second. .
x Baaed for Oeuld tn Otiv . ' . '
X Batted for Feib iS second. V .'
SaH lAke 410 0 00 fc
Hits '210 01 100 6
Terneas 60 80 OO 8
Hita 401 Sll 0 10
' fnnissa retched By JeT!y 1-S. Belief 1-8.
Faeta 1 2-4, At fcat Off JoHLy S. Beiser 6.
Faetk S. ' Buss rpcmible for Joy 4. i
Beiser 4. FWJJ 0, Geaid A . 6trork etri
hi jra-l 8, Cder &, -Base oa fcaj JoSy
Jgt 88 W W IPC WayOa44oC
club. The outfield is composed of toter-scholastlc all-stars, reading' from
of the annual fall Wright fe Ditson
in MarivCities
They had a bantam out there a few
years ago named Frankie Iszor who
hammered bis way into some prom
inence in the larger fighting circles by
knocking out a list of hard-fisted cus
tomers ranging in weights from his
own .poundage up to the' welterweight
limit, and most of his apprenticeship
was served in battles which were
fought "to private.- ,
The prise-fight fan. the . dog-fight
fan1 and the fellow, who yearn for the
sight of little roosters merrily murder
lug their kind are the. most Insistent
slaves of sport. Outlaw their favorite
eports and. Ilk drug addicts, they will
have them anyway.
Tennis never would survive, nor
would baseball, or even golf, which en
thralls its victims, if they were forbid
den by such laws as are laid down
against the more sanguinary spectacles
in some states. j
In the etAte ef Virginia there is a law
dating from 18S7 which reefbires that
the judge send a man to prison for at
least one year, and perhaps five years,
if he raises his mitts against another
in any contest on' which someone has
wagered as much as a battered nickel.
And to prove that the law Is a regular-,
law, the authorities cite you the
fact that in John 1. Sullivan's tune an
unfortunate' wanderings pug was
snatched up by the constables and giv
en five years because he had a nice,
Quiet fight with a friend upon which
other friends were speculating with
their money.
And yet they do have prise fight to
Virginia bootleg Xrlze fights in speak
easy fight clubs. They haveven man
aged to bring along a toby in Richmond
who gives competent critics the impres
sion of being- pretty good. His name Is
Charley HoUnan. He recently whipped
a fighter named Kid J-ewlav a bantam
weight from Boston, who went all that
way to fight a 10-round fight and risk
five years in prison for-a percentage of
the gate, which amounted to 160.
That's bootlegging snort. :
2. Fseth S. . Gould X WOd ptteb JoTJy.
Faeth, Raiser. Stolen baaaa Lewis. XVe&ch,
HvatC Zekler, Cnadbourne. Three-baae luts
STchiek. Bodie. Two-base bita Silin, Lewis.
Murphy, Hyatt. Double play frenca to
Zeider tolBjatt. Tiate l:iL,
Modern Homes in :v
Desire of Farmers
- lr :. . : '' .
-(By iBtarnataonal Kews Sarrioa)
Washlngtoo. Sept- t In 1221 exten
sion agents of the department of agri
culture, working with farm womea.
gave 11.000 demons traUons In borne
management : and arrangement. Re
sult from these 'demonstrations 'lust
reported to the department include 12j
000 homes . built or remodeled accord-
ins to demonstration suggestions : 7000
kitchens rearranged; 5,000 homes
screened and 6000 water systems. 4000
septic tanks and T0O0 lighting sys
tems Installed. : : . :-:i';yp: -
Better Oar Service
Is Sought by Cities
- (By lutemstieauJ Kews Serrfce)
Cincinnati, LSept.,- S. st- City officials
and ethers interested ia street railway
matters in Cleveland. Indianapolis and
Detroit will be consulted by a'special
traction committee appointed . her to
investigate the best" methods of fan-pro-etna;
Cincinnati's treetear servic.
The special committee Will report back
to the general ccsmitte on Eejtem-
i f
lieia, ana ivoDert " Jjerty" uooawin.
tournament and plays Nicolai Door
( Continued
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Championship, who was third, and Ned
Gourdin, former Harvard negro star,
defending champion, who was second,
I Jake Driscoll. the Boston A. A.
quarter mile star, took away the lau
rels of Billy Stevenson of Princeton
in the ' quarter mile run. leading a
Crack sstid from start to finish to reel
off the distance In the good time of
49 1-10 seconds in view of track con
ditions. Al Woodring, Syracuse speed
ster and a big favorite, failed to qual
ify in this h&at.
I Al Leconey made up for his defeat in
the century dash by taking the 820
yard dash easily, having five yards
Over Harold Jones of the Illinois A. C,
second. Bill Hayes Of the Boston A.
A. was third and Loren" Murcbison,
Illinois A. C, fourth.
) 100-Yard Dasb. "First Heat Won by Rob
ert McAllister, New York: second. Edward
Barrell, New Tork A C. : third, Lorea Murcs
iaon, Illinois A C Time, 10 seconds.
I 100-Tard Dash. Second Heat Won by J.
A.. Leooney, Meadowbrook club, Philadelphia;
second.- William D. Hayes, Boston A- A.:
third, Harold Jonea, Illinois A. C. Time.
10 1-10 aecends. r
120-Tard Hurdiear Fint Heat Won by;
Eari Thompson, unattached; second. Harold
Parent. Meadowbrook. Philadelphia third. J.
Ji. Sulliran, Boatea A. A. Time, 16 1-10
1 20.TarI Bindlaa. Seeond Heat Won by
Harrison Thompson. Princeton; second, Har
old Crawford, lows university. Time, IS 7-10
i 120-Tsrd Hurdles. Third Heat Woa by
Carl - Anderson. Illinois A. C. ; seeond,
Charles Kauf fman, Meadowbrook, Philadel
phia. Time. 16 2-10.
j One mile run Won by Joia Bay. Illinois
AO.; second, James Connelly. Boston A A.;
third, B. V. Wharton, Chicago A A; fourth.
Bay 'Watson, Kansas City A A Time,
4:1T 1-10.
220 yard dash, final Ton by J. A Le
ooney. Jleadowbrook, Phiiedelphia ; second,
Harold Jones, IlUnois A C; third. William
D. Hayes, Boston A. A.; fourth, Loten Mur
cbison. Illinois AC Time 22 1-10 eeconda
! firm mile run Won by B. EL Jehnaen,
Pitts bury; eeeond. William Bitola. New York;
third, Lloyd' Bsthbura, unattached; fourth,
Jsmes Henigan, Itorehester. Mass. Time 2S;SS.
i 230 yard hurdles, final Won by J. C
Taylor, New Tork AC; second, Carl Ander
son. XUineia A- U. ; t&ird, Cnarles Brookana.
Iowa nniaersity; fourth, Otto Anderson, Los
Anselee A C Time 24 6-10 seeonde. .
1 Flfty-aii pound weight Won by Matt Mo
Giath. New York -A & J second. Pat - Mc
IonM. Sw lort A C; third,, B. K. Bob
erta, l. S. A ; fourth, C. Blackwood, Chicago
A JL; Iistcttce SS feet 10 inches.
i 800-Tard Bun,- final Won by AHen Helf-frecUi-
Neyork A Ci Second, Tom Camp
bell. Tale; third. Joia Bay. Illinois AC
fourth, Hike lasvansey,... New . York A C.
Time lt6 S-10. '
- Bnnnlnc High Jump- Won by Du T.'' Al
berts. Chicago A A. seeond. Harold Osborne.
Slinoia A C; thirrf. LeHor Brwiaa.' New York
A- C. ; fourth, .Pick. Lender, New York A C.
Height, S feet 5 Ve tnehea new records
i Hop, Step and ? 1 amp Won by DaHait
Hubbard, Ctiwfrmati : second Harold Osborne,
Blinoi A C: third, A J. Plaaaky. Boston
K. of ' C. : fourth, Harold Prem. Barbmore
Country cab. Ihatance. 48 feet 1H inches.
iPote Vault Won by Ed Knowrek. Illinois
C ; second, Balpb Spearew, Portland. Or.;
third, E. E. MjeTS. Chicao A A: frjurth,
Bichard Kmmons. Lee. Angelas, Height IS
feet-- - , . , ' -.'."- .. ,- .
( Diseue Threw Weai by A B. Pope. Tort
land ; . aeecaid, Clarence Houser. Los Angeleai
third. Thocoas IAeb. Notre rme; fourth.
C- B. Ashtoo. Near York A & Pittance, 146
feet 11 inches.
i 100-Yard Dash. Poisl Won br Bobwrt Us-
Aniater, New . Tork ; aeeend, , J. A. . Leeeser,
Meadowbroeav Phiiadetohiei 1 third. Edward
FerreU, New Tork A C-: umrtb, WEliam p;
Hayee, Beetoa A A .- Ttase, 10 esceada.
' 1 20-Yard Hurdles. Final Won . by . Karl
Thompeoe, . snsftanhed; second. Carl Andaa
son. CUaoa A C ; third. Harrieen Tbeomaon.
Prineeton; , fourth. Harold Cnwfocd, Iowa
sieraity. Time, IS, S1 seconds. . . "
i Three-MOe Walk Wen by W illie Plant.
Korningssde A C, New York; second. Joseph
Feermaa. New York A.C; third. Miles 'Joyce,
North- Tonawaada,' N. Y.; fourth, Charles
foster, Detroit Y. If. O. A. Thne. 21:50 1-10.
! Shot Put Wen by Pat McDonald. New
Tork A. C. ; second.- Ralph Hilla, Princeton:
third. ; O. Wanger. New York A. G; fourth,
Clarence Houser. Los Angrlea A C- Pistanee
44 feet 11 inehea. ' ;
i 440-Yard Ban, ITnai Won by Jake Drta
ebO, Beaton A. A.; aeeend.' WUhasa Stneen
aon, New York A i t tad, C SW Zhuttar.
Bestaa A A.; fortrto. Prul Spiakv Chasase
A A.- lima, 4 e-10 eeeotKla. -
i Broad Jump Won. by lxiHart Hubbsra.
Chxinnati; seeond.- ii. Ot (iourdin boston;
tbird. fcoi Buiiei. Kew York; fauriv Albert
Soccer Sked
Forr Seaspii ;
v ToBeDravn
A, eCHEDTTLB for th 1922-22 season
of the Portland S-ecer ' Football
association, -will b one of the import
ant matters to come before the board
of managers at their meeting set for
Monday night ; In th" Central ilibrary
startinar at . ortdu'Twdafit';H;
LAngfordL. axpects- everyone Interested
in the formation of a team to be on
hand as ;ths, entry list will close at
that Omm. ' , ,
' Five squads already have signified
their intentions ef placing elevens in
th field ia th race for th 1922-22
championship and th officers of the
circuit are in hopes of landing at least
on mora, , i -
Praetic sessions ar' slated for to
day on various grounds, th penin
sula .champions working out with
Kerns on th Columbia park gridiron
starting at 10 o'clock, while the Mac
leays will stag a strenuous time of it
in th Franklin, high bowl beginning
at 10 ;30 o'clock.
"Pop-: Bennett, president . of - the
Cameron Soccer : Football club, and
Coach Ed Bridge have ambitions of
i creating interest in soccer among the
reataents or tn pert district and
th Camerons have taken Vernon park
as the "horof lot this yean' 4 It will
be th first iVn that soccer contests
have been held on .the Eaet 19th and
Ain worth streets enclosure and a
practic has been. set for this morn
ing at TO o'clock when Bill Johnston
will have his Honeyraan Hardware
company locKers on, nana to offer a
little competition. 1 .
Plana , have been mad toef Hcially
open th 1922-2 campaign next Sunday
but th matter will b definitely set
tled, at - tomorrow night s meeting.
Whether or not each team will play
very . other one, two or tar times,
will com up for final consideration.
Vancouver barracks may b prevailed
en to form a team 'as there are sev
eral, former " Portlanders . stationed
across th Columbia, who are anxious
to play ,t the winter pastime for a
change. 1
The ICorta Padfio Dental college
was given-th opportunity to take up
a - franchise In the Portland Soccer
Football association and it may be the
f utur tooth pulleri will gather to
gether, a combination capable of trim
ming any of th older squads in the
association-. - -
Secretary Robert M. D. Rankin is
expected to notify each manager. of
Monday's important session.- Out of
town athletes who ar not signed up
are invited to" put in an appearance
and meet th various officials. : Se
lection of referees for 'league "games
will be mad Monday night, according
to present plans.
Dona Card Winner
Of 6-Day Belay Race
Bpokana, Wash., Sept. 9. Miss Dona
Card of walla walla. Tiding for Mc
carty and La.ndrum, this afternoon,
at the Spokane Interstate fair and
Livestock show, won th world's cham
plonship for woman relay riders by de
f eating her racing partner from the
same stables and .present holder of
the title. Mis Mable Strickland. Miss
Card, ' before an "audience that stood
on its feet and shouted wildly, finished
the last day's heat of the sensational
six day relay -witis not a second to
Base, Meadowbrook. Philadelphia.
24 feet S 1-8 inches.
Hammer Throw Won by Harold ICcOimth.
New York AC: second, IX Dandro, Boston
third. Jialph Hills. FTineetoo; fourth.
S. D. TooteL
a, A. instance 108
feet sncBaa.
440-Yard Hardies. Tnal Won by Joamh
Hall. Chicago A. A-; second. X. Ernst, Chicago
A. : Uttrd. V. B. Etouey. llUnoU A. U.2
fourth, W altar Gegan, New York A C Time
8H seconds.
Javelin Throw Won by TTint Hanner. Lee
Angelaa A C : second. H. Hoffman. New
York AC.; third. Baeine Thosnpson, 'Illinois
C. : fourth. Joe Butler. Baton Bonn A.
a XMstanee 188 feet 2 inches.
Point winners:
New Tors Ataleoo dub 4S, tCiaoU A a 88,
Boston A A 17. Chiegku A A IS. Lea
Angeles A. C. 11. Meadowbrook chlb (Pfcila..
delphia) 9. Multnomah, A A C (Portland.
ur. s. Pnnceton I.
Seventh Annual Clearance Sale
." V- USED CfflL'i
A Sale of Big Values for Ten Days Only ?
LOOK Here Are a Few LOOK
No. . . tf
29 1 Overland tourinii,
259 Elgin touring, runs
240 Maxwell touring,
27 1 Chevrolet tounng this is a bargain i . . .
295 Grow-Elkhart Churnmy, wire wheels, good
299 Chevrolet FB touring, looks good, runs fine
303 Mitchell roadster,
i7V 1 U1U . 9CUCLLI, 11UC
189 Oldsmobile 7-passenger -a good late model
293 Essex touring, looks
225 Oldsmobile touring; rebuilt, new paintr cord tires.
249. Oldsmobile coupe a lot of car for the money.
234 A classy 8 cylinder sport roadster dont miss this.
Cadillac Model 55, th6roiighly overhauled . ..i
Ford 1 -ton Truck, tires almost new,' a good buy. i .
Dodge 1 J-ton Tnick, extra good mechanically u.
Oldsmobile 1 -ton
- Master 2VS-ton Track, the best buy in the city.
Oldsmobile Company of-.Oregon
-.; ' - Broadway-and Couch Sts.' -"
J old, of Washington arm
less tiiving won3ar who has
created a sensation at Wash
ington's ( municipal " bathing
beach with his stunt lmng.
! :'' -' ;
F i - - , - '
'i- - , - , i
.... . . - J .
Sisler Out
To Annex Bat
Honors in A.L.
By Joha B. Foster,
(Courright. 1922)
TJEW TORK, Sept. 9, Gsorgrs Sieler
" of the St. tuls Browns not only
baa been throwing all of his energy
into the fight to win th championship
Tor his team this year, But he has
been cutting forth every effort to lead
bis league in batting and base stealing
and also to surpass in oatung recora
of TV Cobb. ' -
Figuring hi chances, beginning with
this week, h has th possibility left
to win out, but It will' take top notch
baseball from now until the last gam
is played. He must gain 1 'or 8 points
in batting, and to do this in the last
four weeks of a season is usually ac
counted to be a lot harder than to gain
something in th -erly : part, of . th
year, because the pitcher are sup
posed to have improved with th ripen
ing of the schedule, X
Tr Cobb hero worshippers, of whom
there are plenty, figure that Ty will
are, through the season in th lead be
cause he play at home for th last
three weeks. . However, that is not
much of an argument when the -same
thing applies to Bisler. Cobb, however,
bas don well enough to win the
scattering of a few sprigs f laurel
over his bat bag. He bas kept up in
the top ef th fight despit all of the
years be has put in at baseball, and so
far as anyone can see will b ready
for the same thing in 19Z3.
.- ;
runs and loots good w.aM..
fair, needs 5ome workw..
a real good buy .
good condition, lots o extras
wVrUVAaiAWll, - VVsUl CAUA9 .
and runs like new
I ruck, rebuilt and , rehnished
Every Car Guaranteed as Represented
High School
ALTHOUGH the fall term ef school "
. opened last Tuesday - and each
school league has had its first call for
football practice, th coming week will
find th coaches sending their squads
through their first workouts. '
Coach Qulgley of Jefferson high was
th first , instructor to have hi ath- ,
letes in uniforms, and hehad so many
report to him that lack oreuits caused '
an : official , announcement, for ' candi
dates to b postponed. More than 45
turned out the first day and 10 letter
men are back for places on the 1923
team.; "-t: q.- - r-.- ,
However, it looks - as though- the
backfield will cause Coach Quigley .the
most worry, for his captain. Pete Wil- :
Hams, bas not returned to school, and .
th only ; veteran behind the line . h
Pud Clarke, halfback. Nine students
who. woa the coveted football MJ" last
year cam into possession ef them as
a result of their Jin activities, and
for that reason the Democrats figure
to be running, along nicely along those
lines. ':;' :.'
The usual powerful all-around team
is expected to represent th Washing
ton high v School, , for Coach Fenster
macher has quite a number of huskies
from which to select his first string.
Several of th stars. Including Carl-
berg and Msuta, have been graduated
from the East Side Institution, but v
within the next three weeks the for-
mer Princeton quarterback .hopes to
develop plenty of strong substitutea
. Little is known of th James John 1
high school high prospects, but there is '
one thing certain, the Saints will have '
a scrappy little ' outfit. No matter
what the score Bas been for or against
them. Coach Hiatt always has been
able to instill th eld fighting spirit -into
his proteges, all ef i which ha
won for them many followers of the
Portland Public High. School league.
The school has th least number of
students to draw from, -and it is al
ways a difficult matter to assemble
aa athletic team and then have enough :
available relief players left over.
"Butch Rosenberg, - "Limy" Flynn.'
Melvin Battee and Fat Hughes appear .
as though they will be the ones to face
the .brunt of withstanding the attacks
on the Lincoln high eleven this year.
Each is a strong player in his position,
and Rosenberg was . selected on the
1921 all-star team. Coach Harry J.
Campbell is working with his young
sters on th Multnomah- Amateur Ath- .
le tic club field, and he has several
newcomers on whom he expects to ob
tain information during the next two -er
thre practices.
Leo Faust, last year's fallback, has
not returned to school, and with the
graduation of Moeser,. Weill Bowles '
and Mar guiles, it means that a bigger
Job than at first Imagined has fallen
to th lot ef th former Franklin high
mentor. ,- ? . . -.--
W. W. Williams, coach of th High
School of Commerce, looks for another
big year, although the stars of last
year will not be with him. Marcus
Schnelderman, th big 230-pound : all
star tackle, suffered an injury last
year from which h has not fully re
covered,' And his pjaytnf days are over,
for this year, at least Weight will pot
predominate this campaign, but Coach.
Williams :, expects , to have plenty of
speed.'--, ' ,. v i. i " : -' "
At 'Franklin High,!' Coach Colton
Meek has - had th football , players .
oyer to him for development, and just
what he has to work with will b
known after -Monday afternoon. It is
th first titneVhat Meek has attempted
to put Franklin on th football map,
for in the past he has confined most of
his activities to basketball, track and
field. Now be has all branches of
athletics to look after at the Quaker
institution, and he promises to make
good with a vengeance. t
Benson Tech bad a strong team last
year, but since that time a change in
coaching systems has been mad ' Ted
Faulk, because of his accepting' the
Multnomah Amateur 3 Athletio club
berth, resigned at Benson, and his du- -ties
have been turned over to Harry
Craig, the Mechanics track and bas
ketball coach, Craig la a mighty good
all-around athlete himself , and . wita ?
more than 1200 boys registered in the
schools be Is expected to take advan
tage ef th situation and-produce a ,
real champion ship contingent.
Philadelphia has ea of ficials club .
to handl track meets with 100 mem
bers. . ' - ' ?'
Was 5aXppn
225 175
850f 750
x 850 725
e i