The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 10, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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    JOUUNAL,, i'U'iLAND,
Building Program Deviates -In
Part From -Preelection- Plan
Outlined. :" '
SELL $300,000 OF r
Although none of Xhv $3,000,000 bonds
authorized at the Inst- school election
hati been issued and although no part
of the. $1. 000,000 special school tax voted
at the same time has been collected,
the school board ha3 already purchased
three pieces of property as school
It Jms pail $4,250 for the site of the
new North East school. The printed
pre-el?r-tion program uspd by the board
in its plea for more funls listed the
price of a site f r rhe new high school
at S15,KK.
It has paiil $?.!'(" for property at
Krroll Heights and $10.i0g for property
at k'ontnn The nrmtuT nre-election
projrranv proposed grade school sites
only for fhapnvtn, Ljnntcm, Oberlin
and Sunnyside Hctiools. , -"V
The aggregate of JS8.000 has been
advanced from Kneral fund of
the school district and Is to be repaid
with interest at 6 tor cent when bonds
are issued.
The school board"s plan to sell a
$;W.0 block of tht recently author
ized school bonds about November 1,
the securities to be serial in character
and drawinpr interest at 5 jer cent. A
.price considerably better than par is
Among the most Conspicuous items of
cost . increased over the pre-election
program - is the plan for HoUa3ay
.school, The pre-election program list
ed Holladay among the cottage type
structures which come 'at about $6000
a room. Flans are now being drawn
for a two-story building which will cost
in the r.eighborhood of $10,000 a room.
The excess will be about $48,000 for a
12 -roam building.
The school board plans to remodel
the old Holladay school building which
was partially destroyed by fir ami
use It as an administrative building. It
has afrreed to pay the Larrabee -estate
through the Oregon Real Estate com
panv $57,000 for three adjoining blocks,
whichi will be available for school pur
poses; when the interveain streets are
i!rf' iiMiiwiiii mni 'in m YV'iW niHuuiiwimigi mumw-ww i.rM.'iiini n i "1
"MrW'i HIT' I "ii tmtliriit t ttti'uitt ujf ' ,j it itfciir.iurfTninftift'ift i iwa-.; .
4 " I - -
- .... A f V?-C"
KfS ..I- jr!7,siiyi "H -V
,-: - -' '
The Rer. and Airs. Lloyd R, Carrkk
(-onvicted thr-e times for bnrelarv
pleading guilty to being a habitual
ntiry rioyn or Seattle has
ntenced to life imprisonment.
criminal. H
oeen se
,'The Rev. Lloyd I R. Carrick, pastor
of Frbes PresbyteHan church, has "re
turned to Portland with his bride,,,
after a month's vacation, and honeys
moon trip at Newport, Or. He will
resume his pulpit tday. The Rev. Mr.
Carrick married Miss Alice Davis, a
well known Southejrn Oregon Christian
Endeavor worker. I on August 2. He
acecpted' the call to the local pulpit on
May 6.
The Rev. Mr. 'Carrick graduated
from "Washington I high school. Reed
college. University of California and
San Anselmo seminary, and had some
experience in supplying California pul
pits while attending the seminary.
Mrs. Carrick aW attended the de
nominational schools in California and
took a course to brepare himself for
church work.
The Rev. Mr. Carrick is prominent
throughout the state, having been iden
tified with Christian Endeavor work
while attending school ki Portland. Be
fore going to California to college he
was Multnomah county ' president and
state Christian Endeavor pFesident.
NewFall Gib thes
in Pnrtl a n rc 1 a A n d cthrf f of -?
Men, Young Men and Boys
Men's Suits
with two patr pants
35 $40 $45
The stortfv of RBalStaltiescoris an
other triumph! So popular has been
the demand for two-pants suits that
my new stock includes hundreds of
these extra service garments. They're
economical because the 'service one
gels is nearlydoubled they're conven
ienthecause one pair in press is always
readyto wear. Fall models in finished
and unfinished worsteds in the season's
newest shades and . patterns. The
workmanship, is consistently good the
styles are the latest. .
SCHOOL DAYS A greit showing in my Store for :
Young Men and Boys
.1 many with irvo pair pants.
20 to 35
Single and double-breasted models,
tailored in the styles young men in
high school and college will wear
this fall. Cassimeres, Tweeds, Chev
iots, finished and unfinished, Wor
steds in nobby checks,; .stripes and
other popular patterns."
with two pair knickers.
$2.95 $C.85 $ J J .85
Half-belted and Norfolk models, full
mohair lined, reinforced workman
ship at all points of strain. Tweeds,
Cassimeres and Cheviots in almost
every desirable shade i and pattern.
Richmond Crom pton Corduroy
Suits $80
Portland? s Leading Clothier for Over Half a Century
- -i
Table fiiif f et and Six Chairs . : .
:Al ' Oueen Anne Stvleu ii
. 1 Terms: $12.00
Here is the premier value of all the dining room furniture ever offered
at the price. An j oblong table, handsome buffet with mirror back, full
length of buffet, together with one arm chair and five straight chairs.
This most complete suite specially priced alt $125.00. All pieces are
true reproductions! of the Queen Anne style. The turnings have been
carefully wprked up and the result is evidenced in a suite of furniture out
& W) d n tv! j Ti :
opeciauy JTicea r loor coverings
Cash $2i50 Week
of the ordinary. This only means that you can now furnish your" dining
room in just tfe way you would have it and at a very minimum expense. '
The suite is flushed in American walnut ihe chairs differ slightly from
i illustration inasmuch as they have higher backs and are upholstered in
V . 1 ..:.-.'-.
genuine blue leather. -
From the New Autumn Showings
Bed Davenport
v $61.00
A splendid number with solid
oak frame upholstered in Spanish
leatherette. A comfortable dav
enport during the day which
opens into a full size bed. A
Kroehler gives you an extra
sleeping room when you need it.
9x1? seamless tapestry
rugs special at.
Extra heavy 8-?xt0-6 seamless vel- CPCO QK
vet rugs witA-frfnged ends at. . DOO00
Three patterns ,keavy print lpo
leum. special square yard
Two patterns 36-inch ingrain car- QQ
pet, special yard JO
b,.si. $24.85
Extra heavy 9xt2 seamless velvet CKQ
rugs with, fringed ends at iDOVOtJ
fl-95 grade inJaid linoleum one J " Q
pattern, special square yard . . tD XDO
Velvet hall and stair . carpet, jard (? O A (f
$2.00, $2.25. and......... O
1.75 grade inlaid linoleum ront d "
pattern special yard.. O . Xrr
Poster Beds
Two distinct patterns are offered
at this price, both finished ma
hogany. One a low head, the
other the standard height. Both
are priced regularly a't $60.00.
Things Yovtll Need for
TheyY oungster
There is always "something: in our big Jdve
nile Department which, the kiddie;are sure
to need. Here are a tew specials of unusual
interest: .
4.00 porch gates, 5-ft. length,
built of Norway pine and
copper, riveted, special ar. -(,
Child!??;' chiffoniers ia-. ivory
'--"enamel, fitted with twohort
and four long drawersp"spe-
" cfaTly priced at
Fine quality fibre reed , side
sulkies with top fold con-'
veniently, specially priceftat
Genuine reed carriages lined in
corduroy with tubular revers
ible gear, choice of gray or
ivory enamel
A Sterling Rotary ,
Sowing Machine
Sent Home for
The hew. Sterling Rotary is a light, unusually
smooth Tunning machine complete with all
the modern appliances. It is a machine
worthy of a nlace in every well-equipped
home. If you. prefer an electric, we recom
mend our Western Electric. Let us demon
strate them to you.
No Interest'
Xlueen Anne -
Dining Table
You have your choice of either
walnut or mahogany at this spe
cial price. The table when ex
tended will seat 10. . Strongly
'built and well" finished.
This 5-Piece nnOt tv
Breakfast Set & 3)
Above is pictured a very attractive breakfast set featured
at a very low price.; The table has a shaped top which
measures 40 inches when leaves are raised. The turnings
on all the chairs and the "table exactly match. The suite
is shown in ivory enamel and is an extreme value at this
price. i
Davenport Tables
44.5'0 is the usual price. " A
splendid davenport table finished
In - mahogany built on graceful
Queen Anne. lines Is an. except
nonaL bargain at the price. .
$15 Cash $3 a Week
Sends HomerThis
That one wor4 "Victrola" Insures you
musical excellence. It's best demon
strated in the new and attractive Victor
models. The one illustrated is dis
played in either mahogany or walnut,
the price 160.00.
Bed, Spring, Mattress
Complete Outfit $29.75
In offering this outfit at this special price we know we are giving
you4 better value than has been possible heretofore.' The bed is
a big two-inch continuous post pattern in ivory or gold bronze
and the spring a guaranteed no-sag one, both of guaranteed
Simmons make. The mattress is built of 4S pounds of layer
felt covered in art ticking and finished with roll edge. It Is s
superior value through and through. : v.
Every Heater
Bought at Powers Bears a Positive
Guarantee of Satisfaction
Our long experience in buying and selling heaters of all kinds enables us to select only those makes which
we know give absolute satisfaction. Durability, economy and perfect operation are the essentials we have looked
for and you will find them in every stove. No matter what size ortype of : heater you have in mind no
matter what price you wish to pay. you are certain to find the stove-.ypu desire , here.
$-1 Delivers Either of These Fine
LAJU Heaters to Jour Home
Then Convenient Credit Terms Without Interest
We illustrate here two splendid heaters one for wood 'ohIy--the other for either wood i
or coal. They are made in all the wanted sizes with polished steel bodies and cast tap .
, and baseband have splendid nickel trimmings. Dozens of other styles are on show
- . for your choosing. '."
Some Specials
From Our Bedding Department
AH feather pillows, j8x2S,.eaca $1.35
72x90 Marseilles spreads, special. .. . 4.35
80x90 Marseilles spreads, special. . . . 4.85
Marseilles spreads scalloped and cut
corners j.-.. . 6.50
32x9C& crocheted spreads t . . - - - 2.65
l )Mm ST)
$1.00 Delivers Your
3-Wdy Electric Washer
You can now do away with the laborious part
of washing. This washing-machine washes,
rinses, blues.-: and wrings ; the clothes; has'
durable copper tub and aluminum wringer.
1.00 down, balance easy-weekly '"payment.