The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 10, 1922, Page 12, Image 12

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Registration Will Begin Mon
.. day; New Members of Faculty
Have Been Arriving Past Week
Heed college will start its .twelfth
year -Monday with a larger registration
than ever before in Its history. More
than 300 students , are expected ' to en-
' roll tomorrow. The total may reach
315 by Tuesday. , ...
..Of thia number, many 'are entering
Reed college for the first time. Up to
yesterday afternoon, 117 students had
been admitted. ' ,Jf these.' eight have
" advanced standing: from other institu
tions, but the rest're freshmen, ; The
total number of students is Very even-
"1$- divided between men and women.
The increase in the tuition for new
students to $200 a year has bad, no
apparent effect on the large number of
applicants! f
J JS'ew faculty members have been ar
riving throughout the week. Tr.
Benjamin SI. Woodb ridge and Mrs.
Woodbridge arrived last , night. Dr.
Woodbridge. a Harvard man. who has
traveled extensively, is professor of
romance languages. Me hast spent the
- last two years at the University of
Texas. - . ;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Botsford are
bein welcomed back to Portland by
theirSjnairy friends here. Mr. Bots
ford wJttKat Reed college from 1912
1919.' He has been director of intra
mural athletics at Stanford tTniversity
for the last two years and returns to
Reed as director of physical, education
for men.
Professor George B. Noble and Dr.
Forrest Glenn Tucker are new faculty
members who arrived last week.
Dr. Noble is assistant professor
. political science. He was a Rhodes
scholar at Oxford in 1913-1916. was
overseas during the war with the A.
K. F. and served on the United States
peace commission in Paris. He haa
been. at the University of Nebraska for
the last two years. Dr. Tucker is as
sistant professor of physics. He is a
graduate of the University of Indiana,
where he took his master's degree in
1916. He served with the coast ar
tillery for two years during the war:
This summer he took his Ph. D. at the
University of Chicago.
Miss Ebba. Dahlin. instructor in his
tory and Knglish, Is another new fac
ulty : member. She is a graduate of
the University of Washington, where
she was a fellow in 1920. Fredick Wil
liam ; Bachman. new assistant in French
and German, is a Stanford graduate.
The new acting registrar at the col
lege,; who is also secretary to the presi
dent. is Otis D. Richardson, a Univer
sity of Washington graduate, who has
been, a member of the faculty at the
University of Idaho the past: year. Mr.
Richardson will be an instructor in
Knglish in addition to his other duties.
.. Miss .Dorothy Duniway, assistant
registrar and information secretary, is
a. Portland girl, a graduate of the Uni
versity of Oregon, who has been on the
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Mayor of Josepli Would Have
, Visitors See Wallowa
,.k ' Lake. - -:- -
Z X KTT fill
Mr. and Mrs. E. Farnsworth, better known as Millions and Donoran,
the dancers, spend their honeymoon on a bieycle jaunt from Alaska
to Ijos Angeles. The picture was taken as they were leaving Port
land last week.
To train for season of stage danc
ing and at the same "time to enjoy a
novel honeymoon, Mr. and Mfs. E.
Farnsworth, better known in theatri
cal circles as .Millions and Donovan,
are taking a bicycte tour from Alaska
to Los Angeles. They passed through
Portland last week, stopping to visit
with Mrs. Farnswqrth's sister, Miss
Cleon Pemberton.
The couple started their tour from
Peterborough, Alaska, - a town north
of( Wrangell and came south by boat.
From Seattle south they are making
the trip on bicycles. They left Port
land V ednesday morning and from a
note received by The Journal arrived
in Salem at 1 -.30 the same afternoon.
"We are doing this to put our legs
in trim for our dancing season," Farns
worth said. "It is hard work at, the
beginning but after a while-we will
he able to make at least 80 miles a day.
W fully expect to be in Los AngelesJ
within 14 or la days, i
During the sMromer months the
couple made several long distance
hikes before conceiving the cycle tour
ing idea. When that idea hit them
they proceeded to get machines and
set out on the road. The trip from
Seatjje to Portland was made in three
local staff of the Oregonian for the
last two years.
Dr. Helen Ahrens has been appointed
to fill the place left vacant by the res
ignation of Dr. Estelle Ford Warner
as medical adviser to women. Miss
Janet Scott will assist her as the nurse.
Airplane Fire Patrol
Ends September 30
Eugene, Sept. 9. Airplane patrol of
the forests of Oregon en4s September
20. Orders were received today by
Captain Lowell H. Smith, in cfiarge
of the eight planes here that have
patrolled for forest fires this summer,
to report at Crissy field, San Fran
cisco, by September 24. Colonel Gil
more, commanding air officer of the
ninth army corps area, issued the or
der. The trucks and enlisted men
will go south on September 20 by train.
Captain Smith and his flyers will take
the air the same aay.
To date a total of 215 cars of pears
have been shipped from Medford this
22 y-Fiinutur e--Nbw
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Convenient Location Courteous SerricePrompt Deliveries "
Girls Walk to Portland
Left Chicago In "July
Word received at ' 192i " exposition
headquarters Sat j: day from Joseph,
Or, irave the informaUon that, the eo-; Uegll'at year
pie of that city are preparing: an elab
orate progrrajn of entertainment foil the
excursionists on the "l2i Special
which Kill leave Portland the night of
September 18 to visit Pendleton and
other Eastern Oregon points. In al let
ter to Mayor Buter, the. mayo, 'pi
Joseph says plan are being made to
take the visitors. 125 in number, on an
automobile trip to view the beiuties of
Wallowa lake, seven miles distant.
Then it is proposed to convey the
boosters to Enterp. Ii?e. five miles from
Joseph, by motor cars instead of by
train, as the schedule calls for. f Ac
ceptance of thia invitation will depend
upon how it may interfere with! ar
rangements made by the railroad Com
pany. :,-, i
However, matters such as this will
be left to the judgment of Monroe
Goldstein, who leaves tonight aaj ad
vance agent for th special. He will
call : upon the mavors and prominent
citisens on the route and make all
necessary arrangements to receive) the
visitors. -This is to make certain that
the meetings will be held without de
lays. William McMurray, general pas
senger agent, has notitied all agents
of the Union Pacific system along the
line to cooperate with Goldstelft in
making: arrangements. -
WiUiam P. Merry, with offices in the
Title & ' Trust building, reported last
night that more than one-half the 125
reservations for the trip had been
After cross conntryJ'un "from
Chicago with a young woman friend,
Miss Email-, Skarra of Port Arthur,
Ontario, is visiting Mrfe. H. F. Wilde,
a friend of her mother's, at No. 511
Bast 23d street. " - "
Miss Skarra. taught physical educa
tion Jin Oklahoma State Agricultural
She also is a Red
Cross life-saver.
It was In July that she and Miss
vlary Jane Gammett of Spring Valley,
Minn., decided to take a walk to Ore
gon. They were ta -Chicago-- at the
time both. of them 'arey graduates of
the Chicago Normal 'school.
"We walked ft an average of five
miles day. said Miss Skarra, "and
sometimes 12 and- 14 'miles. We rode
mostly through" Wyoming-i and Idaho,
because of the long desert stretches.
We each carried 10-pound' packs, con
taining a few personal belongings, a
smlll quantity of food and a blanket.
On the entire trip we slept under a
roof only three nights."
The ' girls confined" themselves' to
bare essentials, and after a few days
out, discarded one of their combs and
brushes, their mirror, jack knife and
camera, as being too much to carry.
Tourists helped them out. with tar
paulins or they would have been
drenched many a time. "They found
their one blanket apiece quite insuf
ficient for warmth in the mountains,
but they were often loaned bedding
and at other times they kept a fire
"Tourists were absolutely wonder
ful," said Miss Skarra, 'especially in
Yellowstone park. We were also
treated fine by the residents along
the way. In one little place j in
Wyoming nearly the whole town
turned out for as. We stopped at the
hotel for a little lunch and the woman
called the editor.
and all the poolhall gang came over
to see us, and one woman asked . us
to wait until she coaUTbrlnr her hus
band in three, miles from the country
to see us. Bt we couldn't wait.. .
' One of their experiences consisted"
in getting caught in nighttime in the
middle of a 6-mU stretch between
towns, with no water to drink.
Miss Gammell - picked up a position
at Mites City. Mont., and - returned
there by train almost aa soon as she
reached - Portland a week agol i Miss
Skarra hopes to remain here, for the
winter at least, and la now looking
about for a. position in the. direction
of, physical-: education,' --.JZi.i:J?:
"1 am just craxy about j Portland."
she said. - "I ;- will : have to write
mother how It "haa-grownJ She -was
here many years ago, and when I
asked for Mrs. Wilde's address before
she etarted, she told me I didn't need
it, that if I would stop at any drug
store they would be able to tell' me
where she lived."' ' . .-
Police Are Accused ,
In Liquor Scandal
Hoquiam, Wash., Sept. $. Henry
Fournier, traffic officer, and M. L.
Pettelle, patrolman, were ousted from
the Hoquiam police department yes
terday.: following uncovering .of "Infor
mation regarding an alleged illegal
booze seizure on the Japanese steam
ship Clyde Maru ia Aberdeen last Sat
nzjday night. " Donald Cooke, of the
Aberdeen police department, and John
Damitlo, a taxi driver, have been ar-
The town marshal rested in connection with the case.
Fournier ia satd to have departed and! of whisky are said to have been illegal
haa not been arretted.' Thirteen caaea I ly taken from Hid shin, i " r " "
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