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    isiting Bishops to Conduct 18 Services m Portland (CKurclies on Uncia37!
Eighteen services will be conducted
.Sunday in Portland Episcopal churches
by visiting bishops, -who are in the
city to attend the 47th triennial General
Convention. Practically every church,
except, the smaller missions will have a
bishop at one of the Sunday services.
The appointments in the city, in the
diocese and in the Northwest as an
nounced by the pulpit supply committee
follow :
St. Stephens pro-cathedral Morning
Bishop Anderson of Chicago ; evening.
Bishop Lawrence of Massachusetts.
St. Davids--Morning. Bishop Man
ning of New York ; evening. Bishop
Williams of aJSehiganf
Trinity Morning. Bishop Tuttle of
Missouri, and; presiding bishop; even
ing. Bishop Manning of New York.
Church of the Gnod Shepherd Morn
ing. Bishop Talbot of Bethlehem, Pa.
St. Phillips Morning, Bishop Hulse
of Cuba.
St. Marks Morning. Bishop Weller
of Fon du Lac. Wis.
St. Johns. Sellwood Morning, Bishop
In ley of Colorado.
Our Savior's, Woodstock Morning,
Bishop McCormick of western Mich
igan.' St. Michaels and AH Angels Morn
ing. Bishop Longiey, coadjutor of Iowa.
St. Matthews Morning, Bishop
Brewster of Maine.
St. Andrews Morning, Bishop Reese
of Ohio.
Grace Memoria' Morning. Bishop
Shaylor of Nebraska ; evening. Bishop
LaMothe of Hawaiian Islands.
Greek Orthodox church Morning,
'Bishop Darlington of Pennsylvania.'
St. John's, Milwaukie Bishop Darst
of Kast Carolina.
Grace church. Astoria Bishop Faber
of Montana.
St. Pauls, Oregon City Bishop Lloyd
of New York.
St. Pauls. Salem Bishop Johnson of
Good Sam an" tan, Corvallis Bishop
McElwain of Minnesota.
Alt Saints, Hillsboro Bishop Mize of
Kansas. .
Grace church, St. Helena Bishop
Moore of Texas.
St, Marys. Eugene Dean Gresham of
San Francisco.
Calvary, Seaside Venerable Arch
deacon Maltas of Kansas.
St., Lukes," Vancouver Bishop Mann
of Florida.
Vancouver Barracks, Vancouver.
Wash. 10:30 a. m.. Bishop Brent of
Western New York.
St.. Lukes pro-cathedral. Tacoma,
Wash.. Bishop Burleson of South
Trinity church, Tacoma. Wash.
Bishop Root of China.
Epiphany, Chehalis Bishop Tyler of
North Dakota.
Trinity. Seattle Bishop Stevens of
Los Angeles.
Al! Saints pro-cathedral, Spokane
Bishop .Moaher of the Philippine
The Portland Ministerial association
will hold a special session Mondav aft
ernoon, September 11. at 1 :30. in the
Y. M. C. A. auditorium. Bishop Wil
ViamM of Detroit. Mich. : Bishop Roots
of China and Dr. Edward Pence of
Portland will be the speakers. These
addresses will be of great interest and
vrv rtrrvmbn In urer ti DttAr4 t Vi
11 a. m. "rivE minutes after
:S6 r M. V. R. U.
(East Merrlsen or Hawthorn At. Can)
Holy Eneharltt at 7:M, 7:M
11:00 A."M.
At the High Celebration (11
o'clock) of the Holy Eucharist, the
special preacher will be the Bt.
Rev. Dr. Weller, the Bishop of
frond da Lac.
First Congregational
Broadway and IJ Cars to Block of Church.
! Pt. McElveen answers three questions:
14 Mhould the Divorced Be Permitted to
Remarry ?
2 Is, Herbalism Commended in the Old
Testament Psalms?
8s Should the Chnrch Teach and Prac
tice rHvine Heating?
:S A. M. Church School.
1S:S0 IVokJen Bule Forum. H P. le.
;S0 P. Nh The Two Christian "Endeavor
i Societies.
flit P. M TWE7STT MIXrTE PRAISE SERVICE, led by Mr. William
Mansell Wilder, who will use the new song book and both quartets.
Special Features: Male Quartet. 'The Wayside Cross"; Duet, "When
the Shadows Shall Flee": Baritone Solo, "Love I-lfted Me": Church
Quartet. "The Good Shepherd." Dr. Villera speaks oa "A SONGFUL
OPEJf HOflR." Selections by the new quartet. "Appear, Thou Light
Divine" and "The Comforter Came to My Soul One Day." Soprano
; Solo. "In the Garden."
Sunday School, 9:45. A. Mj -Morning Worship, 11:00 A. M.
Children to 3Laise
Jfuncl to urcliase
Haunch for Jiishop
Children of Episcopal churches in
Portland will have aj taste of General
Convention Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock at a special church school
service. at The Auditorium.
Each child in Portland Episcopal
Sunday schools will j give a- birthday
offering a penny for each year of
age. These offerings will be taken
to The Auditorium Sunday afternoon
and presented to the Right Rev. Peter
Trimble Rowe, missionary bishop of
Alaska, in order thU he may have
funds with which to purchase a new
The bishop needs ia launch in the
Alaskan mission, asj he must visit
many islands. The launch he had for
man years was sunk recently, when
it struck a rock. The service will be
preceded by a musical practice serv
ice in charge of Dear Peter C- Lutkin.
Sunday night at Tlje Auditorium the
nation-wide campaigii department will
stage a mass meeting with special
speakers. The service will be open to
the public.
Bible Classes Will
Eesume Tomorrow
The Portland Union Bible classes
will begin their fall work tomorrow.
Last season the .attendance numbered
about 8000. representing about 14 evan
gelical denominations and nearly 30
different local churches. It would
seem from tilts' that the popular Ftudy
of the Bible has not lost its interest
for the Christian public. The teacher.
Dr. B. B. Sutcliffe. thinks the attend
ance will increase as: the classes have
now a permanent home in Calvary
Presbvterifin church, where all tlie
sessions are held. There have been
many express appreciation that the
teaching excludes all hobbies as well
as all denominational! differences. The
studies for the fall months include :
The Epistle to thei Galatians, f Sun
davs at 3 :30 p. m. i
The International Sunday school les
sons. Mondays at 7;15 p. in.
The use of the Bible in personal
work, Mondays at 8p.-'m.
The Book of Genesis. Tuesdays at
7 :45 p. m. .
The Tabernacle. Wednesdays at 2
p. m.
An hour for prayer, Thursdays at
7 :45 p. m.
j, j
Corvallis. Sept. 9. -ioorvallls has lost
three prominent ministers of the city
during the past three weeks. Rev. J.
P. Clyde of the Congregational church
preaches his final Bermon next Sunday
and then goes to Seattle to become as
sistant to Superintendent Baird. cover
ing Washington, Idaho and British Co
lumbia territory. F$ev. J. E. Snyder
srtd his family have gone to North
Bend, where Rev. Mr. Snyder will
organize a new Presbyterian church.
He has served as pastor of the Pres
bvterlan church during the past four
years. Rev. L. M. Boozer, student pas
tor of the same churich. is en route to
Ames, Iowa, to becotne student pastor
in the church there.
' IS 1
TOIko. Wash.. Sett. 9. Dr. F. F.
Nalder. head of the general extension
department of Washington State col-
lege, will speak at the Kelso Presby
terian church Sunday evening upon
the subject of "Getting an Education."
This church has an durational service
every year when educational activities
are stressed. I
Church I
10:80 A. M,
"The Buoyancy of the
Human Spirit"
7:4S P. M. !
"The Blind Spot"
First Spiritualist Church
Chartered by National Spiritualista" Assn.
Conference meetinE and messages. 3 p. m.
Children's lyceum and Bible class, 4:4 5
p. m. . i
Evening lecture, 8 o'clock; subject, '"Body,
Mind, Spirit, Life."
Messages WIN Be Given by Mr. Hills and
Mrs. Downs.
day evenina. devoted entirely to messages.
ple's Kismet Club will give an- entertain
ment and dance in. the church. Admis
sion, inctudini refreshments, 35 cents.
I 1
3mportant ews
Advent Christian
A service of more than passing in
terest will be held tomorrow- morping
at 11 o'clock at the Advent Christian
church on Second street, between Hall
and Lincoln streets. It is called. aa
after-vacation service. The minister
has sent out many pastoral letters and
the various organizations are working
with him to bring together a large
number of members and friends of the
church. The sermon text will be Neh.
4 :6. "So built we the walls : and all the
wall was joined together unto the half
thereof : for the people had a mind to
work." The topic of the evening ser
mon is. "The Meaning of the Messianic
The Portland Baptist Ministers' con
ference will resume its sessions at the
White Temple Monday morning at
The special feature in the Praise service,
with tlie new mag book and the two qqar
tecs, at the First Baptist church, (White
Temple) Sunday evening at 7:45 will be "The
Wayside Cross" by the Reed organ male Quar
tet; a baritone sole. "I.OTe I.irted Me"; dnet,
"tVhen the Shadows Shall nee." and "The
fiood Shepherd" by the ehnrrh auartet. Dr.
Villera rpeaka on a "Sonifu! Heart."
At the roornina service at 11 o'clock Dr.
Villera preaches on "The Challenge of the
Open Door." The. new church quartet will
Rtne "Appear. Thou Lieht Divine" by Mor
rison and "The Comforter Came to My Soul
(me Day," by Nerin. Mrs. Marion Bennett
Iuva. soprano soloist, will sing "In the Gar
den," by Miles.
ReT. T. ;. SJolander, pastor of the First
Swedish Baptist church, ha returned from
his vacation, part of which was spent with
his brothers at Astoria and at the mouth of
the Columbia in the salmon fisheries. He will
orrujjy his pulpU at bjth services next Sun
day. The trustees of the church were instructed
to place the property now used for the serv
ices of the church at 15th and Hoyt streets
on the market, with a view to tile early rum
mencement of building on the new loca
tion recently purclmed near the ea-t nd
of the Broadway bridge.
Beginning with a home coming service to
morrow morning at 11 o'clock. "Round-Vp
week" will be hekl at the Arista Baptist
church throughout next week. Entertain
ments and ypecial services have been ar
ranged. Cards bare been sent to all members of
the church afking them to attend the services
tomorrow mornii g with their families. The
Kev. Owen T. Day, pastor, will speak on the
theme. "Together." At 6:43 p. m. inter
mediate and senior young peoples' rallies will
be held. Special program have been
planned. Special music, featuring an or
chestra, has been aranged for the evening
service at 7:30.
Tuesday evening at 7:4 5 a get acquainted
entertainment will be given by the women s
society of the church, and on Wednesday eve
ning at 8 an enlistment prayer service wiD
be held. The young peoples' society and
the intermediate and senior choruses will give
Thirteenth Sunday After Trinity
-leaching lods 1-aw." Neh 8-1
(iolrtrn 'lent "Teach me. O Jehovah, the
wao! r Th, ' statute-, and 1 shall keep it unto
the end. ' H:3a-
hrwtian Kndeavor''iodjS rommands and
Our Obedience Fs. 11M 3 4-
Epwortb laeue Institute tchoes. Mark
9 Zptet 1 nion'The Supreme ."
Jesus.'' John 13:13; Horn. 10 S 15, Phu.
-511 Baptist
T Fr ATjr'."-'"1"
Open l)or;'"7:45. "Songful Heart. '
East Bide E. 110 th at Baimon. J::.
Mlfrr it "rive Minutes After Death.
"Ts "The Uapture and the Kevelation.
ar?oirfenner"Vl.,t"8eVltin 7 CoS':
Sr "; 7 30. Fashion.. Ancent
Ss'th are. at 4U st. . B.T.
Tl4v its .tyrant. Bev
Thomas. 11. "HaPPY Christians; 8.
i. K.
'"VleneoK. 4 6th at Main. Kev. W. B.
Stewart- 11, o. v Tacoma.
Sellwood snnio, . - -----
Rev. V. S.'lnnneU. 11. 7-. J H
Grift E. lu av m.
elberry. 11. J 5. mian-
Swedish lom - -
der. 10 HO. 7, SO. , ,. 7
SkiuStt -t Al"r KeVValter
. iV? lireat Thins Krom
f;"cd and Attempt tireat Things Tor God; .
"Tte lhmes Shaken ana t uii..v...
Tahernacle K. 45th ave at 4.M St. 11,
Tour Honr. ' hy W. P. Hansen
Ln verMtj Park Drew st Ftska.
Kev. U.
sat- olivet (colored) Broadway st Everett.
Rev. J. W- Anderson. 11, n.
Ksv. E. A.
lents asm il wv"
Smith. It. .
Seconrt oerman nuul '
F. Hotiman. 11. 7 :.
Italian Mission r- m f
Eugen. t-antettl. 2:30. school: 8
Jciim Swedish B. 0th at Alberta.
Harold Nelson. 2:30.
Cathedral 1 5th at Paris. Rev Georg. J.
Campbell. . 7:16. 11.46. 11.
t Peters L-enU. Ksv. J. P. O tTynn.
-1 '?-j!!L-iiA ! Hhprmin Kev. J. O.
Hugh 7:15. 8:30. 10 ;30 7 80
ht. nvuni xj- x
McNsmee , 8. . 10. 11.
ImmaculaU Heart of Mary Williams at
SUnton! K.v. W. A. JJaiy. . . H.
7 Holy Kosary K. d at CUckamas. Kev.
Arthur To-nley, U. P. . 7. . . 11. 7:30.
u, K RHd at AUmeda. Kev. J. si.
O'Karrell. . 10:30. 4.
t. Andrews si. th at Alberta. Kev.
Thomas Kiernan. 8, 10:30. 7 80.
Tha Madeleine E. 24th st Siskiyou. Bev.
Usorgs K. Thcmpson. . 7:3". . 11.
Ascension K. 7Bth at, limuiii. lYanclscan
rathers. 8, 10:30, 7 :o.
Blessed Sacrament Mtrjland at Blandena.
Kev. H. V. KellJ. . 8. 10 30. 7:80.
Holy Cross 774 Bowdoin. Bev. C. Ray
mond. . 10:30, 7 .80.
St. Ignatius 3220 43d st. S. E. Jesuit
Fathers. B :30. 8, 10:80. 7.
tSt. Stephens E. 4 2d at Taylor. Kev. War
ren A. Waitt. . 8. :15. 11. T:30.
Holy Uedeemer Portland Wvd. at Vancou
ver ave. Kev. I'. Bregenzer. C. 8. B. K.
, 8. 10:80. 7:30.
St Philip .Nen (PauUft lathers) '-t. 16th
at Hickory, lit, at. 1 -erry. C. S. P. 7 :30.
V, 10. SO. 4.
Church of the Assumption S. (smith ave.
at Newton. Bervita athers. . 8. 10:8,
Sacred Heart K. 11th at Center. Iter.
Gregory Kobl. O. t- B. 8. lO SO. 7 :SO.
St. Agatha K. 1 5th at Nebaltm. Kev.
John Ctunmisky. S. lo 30. 7.311.
4st- Stanislaus (PoUsW MaryUnd at rail
tog Kev. M-tusewaki. 8. 10 :30. 7:30.
-St. Joseph (tiennant 15th at Cooch. Kev.
Frowin Epper. 8. 10:30. 7:30.
St. MM-nael (luiiani 4th at Mill. Kev.
U. Bales ta. E. J. 8:80. 10:30. 7:80.
St. Clares Capitol Hill. father Aioymius.
O. M. 7:15. :15..
St. Charles IS. 83d at Alberta. Kev. 11:
Wallae. 8, 10:80.
All Saints K Stftb at Ulisna. He. Wil
lis an Crania. 8. 10:80.
S. fa tricks lth at Savter. Bev. Ctaaztsc
U. Smith- Masses. 7. 8:80. 10. 7:48.
8u Birgitta's Chapel Llnnton - Glen Har
bor, t Attended from St. Patricks.) 8:80
S. so.
Ml Lao); of Sorrows E. 6-d at Wood
stock. Kev. U. 17. ralln. 8. 141:46. 7:45.
k St. Anthony Chapel 7022 4Lh ave. Be.
G. M. Sntderbons. a. m.
Holy rtmiir Chapel E. 17th at Bex. Key.
G. ii Jfailu. :4S.
! OSPttttaM
First Sunday services temporarily at the
Lincoln kigb schooi. Park and Market streets.
He. Harold Gntrts, pastor. 11. "Saence
and the Higher life;" 7:4. "Ibe Religion
ct the Home."
East Side- 7C 12 th and Taylor. Be. W.
S. Crockett- 11.- S.
Chstrch of Christ Rodney and Knott. Bee.
Joseph Boyd. . 11. 7:45. .
Moots villa E. 7th and Glisan. Bee. J.
E. Hoasana. 11. 140.
Ktrn Park Rev. 1. F. Ghormiey. 11,
Ttie Gleme ot the Chnrch;" EdticatioBal
Day program at 7:45.
St. Johns Central mnd Oswego. Be. U-r-tfart
Jeawa. 11. S.
Ingtewood E. 36tk at Etllings worth. Kev.
W. K. lwa. :4. 11. T:30.
SUwood E. Sth and Spokane. Bee. J.
H Johnsos 11. 7:80..
Advent ChnsUae--488 3d. , Bee. George
Armstrong. ,11. T:30.
Christ tan ttelenea
A Xeeaon- Sabject "SttbHanee."
of Portland (5hurches and joung
a joint concert Thnrfday night at T :4 a. Oa
'riday nigtil the Sunday school rally will be
held. '
The week will close Sunday. September 17.
with (iwcial services. 8unday. September 24,
will be rally day.
Highland Bai.ttt church has b?en favored
In securing the services of Mrs. C. O. Pot
ter as its mu-ical director. For 1 7 years Mr..
I'ottef was dean of the Conservatory if slivoe
at JicMuinville college, where she mite hers
one of the outstanding deiartments iff tliat
fiiMatauon. Before she came West she was
engaged in higher institutions of learning in
the Ka.-.t. Mrs. Potter luu had wide ex
perience in directing glee clubs in concert
work. For two year ahe was the director of
the glee club of Colgate university. New York.
The past year ahe has been with the Keystone
academy, Pennsylvania, but has returned to
the We-!t as she prefers it as a place of resi
dence. Part of her time Airs. Potter will give
to teaching vocal and instrumental music.
Sunday morning Dr. W. B. Hinsoo. paftor
of the East Side Baptist church. Ea 110th
andj Salmon, will preach at 11 o'clock from
the subject "Five Minutes After Death.'! The
ordinance of believer's baptism will be ail
ministered at the cloe of the service.
Sunday evening at 7:45 Dr. Hinion s; theme
will be "The Kaptnre and the Revelation,"" The
public ia welcomed to all ot the services of
this church. :
The young people's meeting, which is held
in the tower hall at 6:50 will be led by Jack
Jordan!, whose topic will be "My. Favorite
Book of the Bible." Miss Mildred ; 1'ratt.
soprano, will sing "Jesus lorer of My :Soul."
with violin obligato by Mrs. H. A. Hampton,
and Miss Eva Pitman, acompanist.
On Thursday evening will occur the an
nual meeting of the teachers and officers of
the Bible school. A dinner will be served at
fi :30 followed ly a conference at ft i'clock.
The Bible pchcbl has had an average attend
ance of over 400 for the month of Aujruxt,
which is considered very good for the va
cation time. The goal is 1000 in out Bible
school this year. The 700 mark as; nearly
reached last year. "
The Rev. Harold H. Griffis will
preach tomorrow both morning and
evening in the Lincoln high school
auditorium, where the First Christian
church is now holding its Sunday : serv
ices. In the morning worship at 11
o'clock the sermon will be for the spe
cial benefit of young people leaving
for college, the subject of' the discus
sion being "Science and the Higher
The evening worship, beginning with sor.g
service at 7:45, led by choru choir, will
include a sermon on "The Heligicn f the
Home." The musical program for thee
meetings win be directed by I... Carroll Day.
tlie special numbers being the anthem: "Now
tlu- Day Is Over" (Speaks), the soprano solo,
"The Sacred Place of Ahe Most Hlgh 'i iMir
Dermid) by Eleanor Ixul: Stocktc-n. aind the
baritone selectional "RecwSUional" (DeKoven)
rendered by Paul E. Holm, whose solos . in the
pat have always been received with great
The September meeting of the Woman's
Mi-icnary society will be an all-day gathering
at the ciuniry heme of Mrs. J. M. Wells, near
Milwaukie. "China the Marvelous and Mys-
First 19th and Everett- 11, 8.
Second E. 6th at Hollsday. 11, 8.
Third E. 12th at Salmon. II; 8.
Krnrtli Vancouver at Kmerson. 11, 8.
Fifth 62d and 42d ave. S. E. 11.
Sixth Pythian tempie. 38 Tamhill.: 11,8.
Seventh -Smith ave. and New Tork. 11. .
All chnrchea Wednesday. 8 p. m.
Congregational '
Firs-t Park and Msdiwn. Dr. V. T Me
Elreen. 11, "Adventunng tor jod and Hu
manity;" 7:45, quefcticms and answers.
Sunnride E. 32d and Taylor. Dn ' J. J.
Staub 11, 7:45.
Atkinsm Memorial E. 29th and Everett.
Kev. K. K. Flint- 11. 7:46.
Highland E. 8th and Preseott. Kev. Ed
ward "onjtant. 11, "A Witness for the His
toric Faith; ' 8, "The VaJue of lecisive Ac
tion." i
Waverteigh Heights E. 83d and Woodward.
Kev. OMver P. Avery. 11, "The Investment
of Life: H. !
I-aurelwood 45th ave. and 65th at. S. E.
7:45, community song service.
Pilgrim Missouri and Shaver. Bev. James
W. Price. 11.
University Park Haven at Iximtard st
Kev. J. Sinclair (supply). 11. 8.
Finnish Mason and Albina. Bev. j A. A.
Harju. 8 and 8 p. m.
St. Johns 8. Ivanhoe and Richmond. Rev.
D. Elmer Nourse. 11.7 .80.
Danish-Norwegian Mi. 23d and Sumner.
11. 7:3(1. ,
First German Ebenezer E. 7th and Stan
ten. Kev. George Zocher. 10:30, 7:80.
Second German E. 8th and Skidmora.
Rev. Henry Hagelgans. 10:30. 7:30. ;
Zion German E 9th and Fremont.: Re.
J. M. Hopp. 11. 7:80.
Alameda Park Community E. 81st and
Mslen. Kev. Robert Alllngham. ll:lS, "The
Glorious Gospel of the Son ot God."
Church of the Brethren Borthwick and
Brainard. Bev. J. U. O. Stiverson. 11, T. 8,
8L Stephens Pro-Cathedral 13th and Clay.
Bight Bev. Walter Taylor Sumner, bishop.
lr. Horace M. Kam.ey. dean. 7:45t com
munion: :4 5, 11.' rreaching by Bishop An
derson; 7:45, preaching by Buhop Lawrence
of Massachusetts. j
Trinity 18th and Everett He. IA. A.
Mcrnson, rector. 11, preaching - by 'Bishop
Tuttle: 8, preaching by Bishop Manning.
St. Davids E. 12 th and Belmont. Re.
Thomas Jenkins, rector. 7 :30, communion:
11. communion and preaching by Bishop
Manning : 7 :30, preaching by Bishop Charles
I). Wtlliam.v
St. Marks 21st and Marshall. 7:30. 11,
preaching by Bishop Weller.
St. Philips 242 Kussell. 10, 11, preach
ing by Bishop Hulse; H-
St. Andrews Hereford st., Portsmouth. Re.
John 1J. Kice. 8. 11, preaching by Bishop
Keese; 7:SO.
Grace Memorial East 17th and Wetdler.
Kev. O. . Taylor. 11. preaching by Bishop
Shaylor: 7:45, preaching by Bishop La Moth r.
St. Michaels and All Angels E. 43d and
Broadway. Kev. T, T. Bowen. 8, 11, preach
ing by Bishop Longley; 7 :3.
Church of Oar Savior 90th ave. and 41st
rt. S. E. Archdeacon J. C Black in charge.
lo, 11, Preaching by Kishop Mct'ormickj: 7 :8U.
Bishop Morris Memorial Good Samaritan
hospital. Rev. J. G. Hatton. 7, 9:30 a. m.
.St. Paul Woodmerg. Rev. Oswald W.
Taylor. 4pm !
St. Johns Memorial 15th' and Harney.
Meiiwoci. Arrhdt-acon J. . Blffck in
10. 11. preaching by Bishop ingley:
St. Matthews Corbett and Bancroft:
r . H. f lars, vicar.
Bishop Brenster.
10. 11, preaching by
Good Shepherd Vancouver and Graham.
Kev. John Kawson. rec-UT. 7:30, 11, preach
ing by Bishop Talbot.
Mission of St. John's Rickner's hall Re.
John D. Rice, vicax. 2 and 8 p. m.
St. Peters Chapel E. 80th and jtnkeny.
10 a. ra
St. James Chapel E. 7 2d st. and 87th
ave 10. 7:30.
Church of the Transfiguration E. 60th
and IHvision. 8. Eorharnt; 3.
East Market Street K. 6th and Market.
Ret. Ezra Maurer. 11. 7:30.
Clay Strrti 10th and Clav. Bevi Jacob
Stocker. 10 45. 8.
Saredish Tabernacle N. 17th and GUaan.
Rev. C. J. 1-din. 10:30, 7:80.
Swedish Free- Missonri and Sumner). Re.
George E. Bostrum. 11, 7:30 (English).
West Port land Multaouah siaticn. 11,
Lents Kev. r. B. Coter. 11, 8.
Free Methodist
First E. th and Mill. Kev. J. T. Taylor.
11, 8.
Central E. 65th and rianders. Kel. r. L.
Burns. 11. 8.
Alberta E. SOth and Wygant. Be". B. J.
Yates (supply). 11. 8.
St. Johns K. KiehiBond and Hodscii. Be.
S. Welter. 11. 8.
Lents Bev. O. .V. Blair. 11. 7:80.
First E. 35th and Main. Rev. Cheater A.
Hadley. 11. 7:45.
Second 9 2d s and 61st ave. 8. X. Be,
r. J. Cope. 11. 7:80.
West Piedmont Borthwick and Jessup. Be:
Carey Jesup. 11. 7:80.
rtngregaaovi Beth Israel (Reformed)! 12th
and Main. Rabbi Jonah B. Wise. Rafeal and
sermons in EncLah. Services Friday 8, p. as.;
Saturday, lt M i. m. I
Concreaation Abaai Sbolom Park and
Clay its. RsbW N. B. Krueger. Friday. 8
p. m. ; Saturday, 8:30 a. m.
" Congregation Novah TSedes: Talmnd Vorak and Hall. liev. .Abraham L ssasenerana.
Friday. S p. m. Satnnlay. at a. as, Sunday.
1 a. nv licligum school.
. Latter Day stabile !
Chnrch of Jesus Climt of Latter Day Saints
SSta end Madison. Hebcr C Iverson.
aoission president. 10. 8:30. ; .
Reorganised Chnrch of Jesua- Chrnt SY
Tta and Irving. C E Jones, elder. XI
terions" will be the subject of stady period,
the- program being in charge of Mrs. BnUi
At the Kern Park Christian church. 46th
avenue and 69tth at. Dr. J. F. Ghormiey will
speak at- 11 a. m.. taking for his theme
"The iiiones of the Church." Educational
day will be -observed at the evening service.
Professor S. Y. Ball of Franklin high echtol
will apeak on "High School and Collece
Preparation for Life's Tasks." Special" music
under the direction of Mrs. May Vail Blllins
ley. Congregational
"Adventuring for God and Human
ity" Is Dr. W. T. McElveen's topic at
the First Congregational church for
Sunday morning. At the popular Sun
day evening question and answer serv
ice the minister will answer three
questions : Should the divorced be per
mitted to remarry? Is barbarism com
mended in the Old Testament Psalms?
Should the chttrch teach and practice
divine healing?
Mra. F. B. Xewton, organLt. will preface
both services with brief organ preludes. Her
evening program includes "Audante Cantabile"
(Tcur-.) "Andante Maestcse" (Sullivan). On
Monday evening the executive council of the
church will meet in the pastor's study. On
Tuesday evening there will be a rehearsal
of the playlet by Mrs. Carrie B. Adam en
titled "The Heal Jubilee." Thursday evening
Dr. MrElteen will give, the third of his illus
trated lectures in the series "Around the WoDd
in 30 Minutes." Miss Elma Hehwadt is the
lecturer at the church school Sunday morning.
8 ike will show and explain 39 choice pictures
of Dr. Henry Van Dyke's "The Other Wise
Man." "Thou Shalt Not Steal" is the toric
to be discussed at the Golden Jtnle forum in
the pastor study at 12:80 o'clock Sunday
noon under tlie leadehip of Herbert Poyiell
Ie. Misa Dorothy Huhn is the leader of
the intermediate Christian Kndearor srxiety
and Miss Lillian Strand is the leader of the
Senior Christian Endeavor society on Sunday
evening. Boih societies meet at 8:80 o'clock.
Twenty-five of the boys of the church school
enjoyed a trip to Seaside and Astoria, where
they gave two concerts, last Sunday and Mon
day, under the leadership of Elmer Perkins.
William Klein was the bugler of the chorus
These boys are members of the pilgrim chorus
and in a few weeks will sing at the Sunday
evening service
Dr. J. J. Staub of Sunnyside Congrega
tional church will preach at both services
Sunday. The chorus choir, directed by Pro
fessor J. Hollingworth, will resume its work
The anthem will be: "O for a Thousand
Tongues" (Lerman) : aojo, "I Walk Alone
With God" (Abbott), Jacob Ferguson. Rcb
ert E. Millard will play a flute solo, "Souve
nir Des Alps" (Boehm) for the offertory.
The: ma Dudrow and Is Fergucn will jead
an echo meeting of the recent C. E. cenvenr
tion held at Columbia City. rladys Morgan
Farmer will resume her delightful pre-aervice
organ recitals at 7:45. She will piay "Sketch
es of the City" Hiordon Balch Nevin) includ
ing "The City From Afar Off." "On the Ave
nue," "The Grandmother." "Urchins Whist
ling in the Street," "The Blind Man." "In
Busy Mills" and "Evening." The evening
anthem will be "No Shadows Yonder" and a
duet "They ShalJ Hunger No Irr,-" by Isa
Ferguson and Bertha Freiheit, b-rtii taken from
"The "Holy City" (Gaul). Dr. Staub's sec
St. Jime W. Park and Jefferson. B
William E. Brinkman. 11. "The Church the
Servant of All"; 7:45. "The Greatest Bless
ing." ;
St. Paul East 12th and Clinton. Re. A.
Krause. 10:30, 7:30.
Trinity ( Missouri synod) Rodney and Ivy -Rev.
J. A. Rimbacb, 10:15, German; 7 :30.;
Church for Deaf Rodney and Ivy Re. X.
A. B. Beyer. 2 30.
Our Savioi' iE. 10th and Grant. Rev. M.
A. Christensen. 11 (Norwegian).
Betljehem 14th and Davis Bee. H.
Thorpe. 11. 8.
Bethel Norwegian (Free) Wygant and
Rodney. Rev. I. Tollefsen. :45. 11. 7:45.
Grace English (Misouri Synod) E. 24t
and Broadway. E. H. Bernhard. 11, 3:30.
Bethany Danish iCvangehcal Union and
Morris. Rev. R. Rasmuasen. 10. 11.
St. Johns Peninsula and KUp trick Re.
L. Ludwig. 10:45, 7:30.
Swedish Augustana Stanton and Rodney.
Re. V. G. Ogren. 10:45, 7:48.
Immanuel 19th and Irving. Bev. A. V.
Anderson. 11. 8.
Portsmauth Lovely and Fortune. Kev. 8.
C. R. Knuuon. 11, 7:45.
Zion Evangelical (Missouri Synod) Chap-:
man and Salmon. Rev. H. H. Koppelmann.
;15. 10:15, 7:45.
Immanuel (Missouri Synod) E. 15th and
Leo. Rev. II. C. Ebeling. 10:30. German
service; 7:30. English -service.
Church of the Redeemer (English) E. 18th
north and Wyeant. School 10, service 11- -
Finnish 179 Fargo. Rev. A. Salmiuen.
10. Sunday school; 7, service.
Methodist Episcopal
Carson Heights Eighth and Hume. Rev.
G. S. Brown. 10.
Centenary-Wilbur E. th and Pine. Dr.
Charles MacCaughey. 11, "The Significant
Sanctification " ; 7:45. "Nothing Higher Thau
i.'entral Vancouver and Fargo. Bev. A. R.
Maclean. 11. 8.
Clinton-Kelly E. 4 0th and Powell. He.
E. S. Mace. ll.
Epwcrth 26th and Savier. Re. Frank L.
Moore. 11. 7:30.
Errol Heights Darlington ball. Sunday
school. 11:15a.m.-
First 12th and Taylor. Dr. B. Earla
Parker. 11. 7:45.
First Norwegian-Danish 18tJ and Hoyt.
Rev. F. A. Rcarrie. 11, 8.
German Bodney and Stanton. Bev. F. A.
Schumann. 10:45, 7:30.
Hoyt St. 15th and Hoyt. Re. E. E.
Hertaler. 11. 7:30.
lrvington Community E. 27th at Fremont
(public school auditorium). Kev. C. C. Kanck.
9:46, 11.
Laurelwood E. 83d and Foster. Re. F. E.
Finley. 11, 7:30.
Lenta 86th st. and 68th ae. Rev. F. R.
Sibley. 11. 7:30.
Lincoln E. 5 2d and Lincoln. Re. W. Ni
Byars. 11, sermon by Frances Jone. returned
missionary; 7:30, combined Epworth League
and church service.
Linnton Robert M. Gatke. 11, 7:30. i
Montavilla E. 80th and Pine. .Rev. F. A4
Glnn. 11. 8.
Mt. Tabor E. 61st and Stark. Re. D. 1
Fields. , 11. 7:30.
Pa I ton Alberta and Michigan. Rev. George;
H. Bennett. 11.7 :30.
Pioneer East Charleston and Leonard. RerJ
W. E. Kloster. 11. 7:30. j
Kose City P-.rk E. BKtn and Alameda.
Rev. C. W. Huctt. .11. "Faith Healing "; 8,:
Hustlers' club in charge. )
Sellwood -E 15th and Tacoma. Guy Fiteli
Phelps. 11, 7:30. Whitney Boys' chorus in
charge. i
Sunnyside E. 35th and TamhiU. Rev. Ti
H (Jallagher 11. 7:45 ., j
Swedish Beech and Borthwick. Re. Oj
E. Kallatedt. 11. 7:30. English service.
University Park Fiske and Lombard. Ke4
H. T. Atkinson. 11. 8. i
Vancouver Ave. Norwegian -Da rush 8VM-
raore. at Vancouver. Kev. Gustav A. Storaker,
11, 7:30.
Westmoreland Milwaukie and Midway. Kev,
E, S. Jdsce. 7 :45. sermon y the iiestor.
WoodstBck E. '44th and Woodstock avei
Rev. Walton Skipworth. 11. 7:80.
Wuodlawn F.. 10th Bear Durham ave. Rei
J. H Irvine. 11,8. .
African Zicn 417 Williams ave. Re. L Aj
Moore. 11. 7:30.
Bethel African Larrabee at McMillen. Bev;
A. K. Fox. 11, 8.
Japanese 87 X. 16th. Re. 8. Uemura.
10. 11. 2.
M. E. South
First. Union and Multnomah. Tie v. J. B.
Harris. 2 :30. "The Chart and Compass of
Life." Mrj. J. Jeter; 11 and 7:45. Bev. Ji
Nagarene '
First 12th at Maim Re. D. Band FierceJ
11, "A God Who SUH Works Wonders"; 7:45
"Prepare Xe the Way."
Sellwood E. 16th at Spokane. Be. J. G,
Brinadale. 11. 7:30.
Brentwood 65th ave. and 87th at. S. E.
Be S. Ludlow. 11. 7:30.
Highland Park E! 14th and 'Jarrett. Rev.
Mack CanUL 11, 7:30. ;
Presbyterian . i
FirsV 12th at Alder. Dr. M. U. Bowman
and Re. N. K. Tolly. 10:30, "The Buoyancy
of the Human Spirit"; " 45-, "Tito Blind
Westminster East 17th and Schuyler. Dtv
Edward H. Pence. 10:30, 7 :SO.
Central E. 13th and Pine. Dr. W. H. Na-grct-
11. - !
Calvary 11th-at Clay. Be. B. B. But
eliffe. 11. "Why Christ Came Into the
Work!";. 3:30. "His Less) it ni a Place in
Christtantty." - . ;
Mt. Tabor E. 55t! and Betanont. Bev;
Ward W. MacHenry, 11.
Vernon E. 1 9th and Wygant. Be. J. O.
Uergler. 11. ?:30.
Piedmont Cleveland and Jarre tt- l'.e, J.
Francis Morgan. lljBonght and Fo4d'."i
T ;30. "The World a Greatest Fraternity." , '
- Foorth First and Gibba. lie. Monroe O.
Fverett- 10:30, "FnU Allegiance'; 7f80,
"The Gospel and Human LIe." p-
people s Societies
ond address on the general theme "Modern
Social. Reiigiows. and Political Conditions in
the Light of God's Work." will be "A CaU
for the Faith ' of Oar Fathers." The Men
league will meet Tuesday evening, with an ex
cepttoaally good program. Including selections
by a male chorus. All arer invited. Mia
Grace E. Breck, a member of this -church,
now on furlough from her missionary work
in Paotingfn. Chins, will address a -Joint
meeting of the four mtwionary circles next
Ttrarsdsy evening at 7:45 o'clock.
Heads of department are busy arranging
programs for the fall and winter in the Ala
meda Park Community church. ..This church
is honestly endeavoring to put the purpose and
spirit of the First .Centnry Christian church
into the twentieth centnry. It believes it
not only can be done, but that it must be
done. One of it departures from ancient
custom is its schedule of Sunday services:
First, tlie church school at 10. specializing
the children and in appropriate lessons; sec
ond, the hour of worship and sermon, main
ly for adults; third, the two-hour program
from 7 .30 to :30 for young people.
this program all hare a chance distinctly
their own and themes and program fit ! into
the needs and experience of the .separate
groups. The pastor preaches Sunday on
"The Glorious Gospel of the Son of jd."
Mrs. Eloise Hall Cook, soloist; Mrs. Walter
H. .May. pianist.
Full activities resume on Sunday at High
land Congregational church. The Sunday
school, under direction of M. R. Stuart, is
laying plan for rpecial and systematic work
so as to increase the educational value of the
work done. Pastor Constant preaches in the
morning on "A Witness for tlie Historic
Faith" and in the evening he speaks on "The
Value of Decisive Action." Mrs. Van Groso
will be the soloist for the day. The ladies
will hold heir opening missionary meeting
for the season Wednesday afternoon.
Atkinson Memorial Congregational church
will hold all regular services tomorrow. The
Sunday school will open at 0:45 with tlie
regular fall registration and classification of
The Women's association will hold its first
meeting of tlie year at the home of Mrs. E. E.:
Flint. 98 7 East Flanders. Circ'e No. 3 in
charge of til social hour. Tlie Missionary
vrogram will be in charge of Mrs. Charles
Gabler and Mrs. Atlanta Allyn, subject "Af
rica." ' " ;
Thursday evening a "Worker's Conference''
will be held at tlie church to confer upon plans
and work for tlie coming year. Church audi
troium, 7.4D.
At the 11 o'clock service in Trinity
church, Sunday morning. the Rt.
Rev. Daniel Sylvester Tuttle. who is
beloved by all who near him, will be
the preacher. There will be special
music by the large vested choir. In
the evening Rt. Rev. W. T. Manning,
bishop of New York, will preach. Or
ganization will take place In the Sun
day school at 9 :45 a. m. Plans for
the year will be discussed. '
Sunday will be a big day at St. Davids
Parish church. Beginning at 7 a. ra. the
holy rrmmunion will be celebrated by th
Iter. Henry Kussel Talbot, former rector. At
7 :30, Bishop (Juin of Texas will be celebrant
(Concluded on Page Five, Column Three)
F -nil worth E. S4tb and Gladstone. Ttvr'
1 K. Grimes. 11, "A Christian's. Power" J
7:30. "Helping and Hindering."
Hot-p 7Sth and Everett Re. J. A. Smith.
11.. 7:45.
Rose City E. 45th and Hancock. Re
Donald W. M. MacCluer. 11.
Forbes Grabaan ai uantenbein. Rev. Lloyd
R. ( 'arrick. 11..
Trinity: Virginia and Nebraska. Re. John
D. McLennon. 11. 7:80.
Anabel 56th and 87th ave. Bev. John M.
Paiton. 11. 7:30.
Millard Avenue 55th ave. and 73d st. Dr
Kenry White. 11. "Where Life's Lessons Are
learned '; 7:30, by Rev. Percy A. Smith of
suspah E. 19th and Division. 11, preaclv
ing y Kev. J. i. McFarlane.
Miipah E. 19th and Davison. 11
Unity E. 7 1 st and Sandy. Re. 8. W. See,
iriann. "The New Testament Ideal Church";
7:4S, "Like the Pattern."
Arbor Lodge Bryant and Curtis. Rei
Alerander R. Evans. 11. 7 :SO.
. Moreland-Sellwood Community House E."
15th at Spokane. Rev. W. S. McCullagh. 11,
7 :30.
Grange" Hall 82d and Division. Be. E.
R. D. Hollensted. 8 p. in. - ,
Holt Chinese 4th end Burnside. 7 and
8 p. m. i
Reformed Evangelical
10FJtlr12th ml Clay. Kev. G. Hafner.
second E. 83d and Columbia hlvd. 11.
Third LenU Rev. F. Lienkaemper.
(German) ; 8, (English).
Reformed Presbyterian
First Minnesota and Ainsworth. Be. F
D. Fraxer. 11. 7:30.
Seventh Day AdventlrU
Note Regular- services of this denomination
are held on Saturday.
Central E. 11th and Everett. A. B. Bell
minister. 9:4-5. 11:45.
Tabernacle 6th and Montgomery. E J
Hibberd. minister. 10. 11.
Montavilla E. SOth and Everett. 1. A
Gerhart. 10. 11.
Lent 4th st. and 68th ave. D. J. Chfl-
wuoa. in, li. ihs-Central ave. and Charleston. J.
M. Meiklejohn. 10. 11.
Albina fikidmoie and Mallory. Elder John
Isaac. 10. 11.
Scandinavian 6 2d street and 39th avenue.
Andrew Johnson, lo, n.
Salvation Army
. Cret, Va- ! 243 Ash st. Commandant
A. T. Pitts. 11. 3, 8.
.OTV No- 4. 128H 1st. Ensign Jessie
Millar and Captain Mrs. U Upton. 11, 8. 8.
Pirt E. 7th at Hassalo. Rev. J. W.
Hills. .8. .
Guiding Sttr 40 Alder. Kev: F. Lv Ingram.
11. 3:30. 4:30 to 7. 8, lecture.
The Mystic Church of Bethseda 409 Alder,
Rev. W. W. Aber. 8, messages and a physical
The Independent Bible Spiritualistic So
ciety '55 E. 47th. Kev. Ida M. Sehori. 8.
The Personal Message -312 Central build
ing. C. W. Shaw, pastor. 8. lecture and
Swedenberolan c
New Christian Portland hotel assembly
room. Rev. William R. Reece. 11. "The Re
turn of the Prodigal.
Chwreh of Our Father Broadway and Tstn-
hfll. Rev. William C. Eliot Jr. 10:30.
United Brethren
Conference Superintendent Re. G. E. Mc
Donald. 8 E. 18th st.
First E. 15th and Morrison. Re. Bymn
J Clarke. 11. "The Greatest Service"; 7:45.
"Light at Evening."
becoud E. 27tH and Sumner. Bev. Ira
Hawley. 11, 8.
Tlurd 7th at and 82d ave. S. E. Rev.
E. O. Shepherd. 11. "Loyalty to Christ"; 8,
"The Valley of Decision.''
Fourth 62d, ave. at 70th ft. S. E. Be.
B Hws Evans. 11, 8.
Cloverdale (Old Constitution) 446 Jessup.
Bev. Walter Reynolds. 10. 11, 6:80, 7:30.
United Evangel lea I
First E. 16th and Poplar. Bev. C. P. Gates.
11. 7:30.
Ockley Green Willamette Blvd. and Gay
Be. A. B. Schmallei 11. 7:30.
St. John's Ivanhoe and John: Be. H, H.
Farnham. 11. 7:30.
Unites! Presbyterian
First E. 37th and Hawthorne. Be. H. F.
Given. 11. 7:80.
Church ot the Strangers Grand ' ave at
Wasco. Bev. S. Earl Du Bois. 10:30.
Kenton Chatham and Lombard. Re. Carl
Scott Dunn. U.S. Lions crab' in charge. -
Multnomah Multnomah Station. Be. David
Steele Sharp. 10. 11, 6:45. 7:30.
Christian and Missionary Alliance E- 9th
and Clay. Be. John E. Fee, 41. 7:30.
Apoxtohe Faith tith and Bornside .treets.
Kev. Florence Crawford and K ; K. Crawford.
10:30. 2:30. 7:30; daily 7:18.
Pentecostal Assembly 112 First. Be.
Will C Trotter. 11. 3, S.
Volunteers of America 224 Burnside. Eve
nings except Monday, 8; Sunday 8, 8.
Bible Standard 162 Second, Be. Fred
llornshah. 10:3(1. 2 30 and b.
Church of Gwi 363 Failing. Re. H. A.
Schlatter. 11, 7:45.
ReaKaaUoa Igue 14S 13th. Be. H. Edward-
Mills. 11, 8. -
Divine Science 816 E. Clay, Bee. T. M.
Minard. 11, "Lsfe."
Personal Message Church tl Central
bldg- S. W. Shaw. 8. 8.
4 Greek Orthodox E. 17th and Clinton. Rev.
B. A. Keraniefc 9. school; lo, preaching by
Bishop DerHogten.
. Christadelpbian 712 E. 24th St. TsT. 11.
1 Society e.f Spreading the Knowledge of True
Prayer 40 S lleidner bide. Monday. 8 p. m.
"Lile Fiideratood" ; Toesday, 2UIU p. to.
4 8cndinavianv Holiness Free 64th st.
and 88th are. Kev. H. D. Jacobeon. 10, 11,
7:45 lEnrusbli .
I Tfaeoaoptucal Society 819 Central bide
8 u. as. ..
Jftorwcgian iianisJ
iHeCeConlerence to
ccur this SlHcek
Norwegian-Danish Methodist Episco
pal clergrymen and laymen from every
chnrch in that denomination on the
Pacific Coast will gather In Portland
during: the coming: "week for-their an
nual conference. The meeting: will be
held at the Vancouver Avenue Norwegian-Danish
M. K- church of whicn
the Rev. Gustav A. Storaker is pastor.
Bishop Charles "Wesley Burns of Mon
tana will preside. ' The program fol
lows : '
Tuesday. September 19
Evening at 8. reception.
Wednesday, September SO
9:00 to 12.00 Conference session. Bishop
C. W. Burns, D. D.
2:15 Conference sermon by Be. F. A.
Scsrvie and E. Andersen.
3 : 1 5 Address by tiie representative of
the board of deaconesses. "
7:3(1 --Song service. j
8:00 Sermon by the Re.- Melvin Olsen.
Thursday, September 21
2:lo Missionary sermon by Be. John
3:15 Women's Foreign Missionary society
and Woman's Home Missionary society.
7:30 Song service.
8:00 Address by Bishop Charles W.
Burns. D. D.
Friday, September 22
9:00 to 12:O0 Conference session.
2 : 1 5 r-Addresa by the representative of the
Board of Home Mission.
3 : 1 5 Address, Temperance.
7 :30 Song service. a
T:45 Greetings from Denmark. Re. A.
8:1 5 Sermon by Rev. R. B. Tangness.
Saturday, September 23
- 0:00 to 12:O0 Conference.
2:15 Address by the representative of the
Bosrd of Epworth.
3:15 Foreign mission.
4:13 Greetings from Norway, August
8:30 Alumni banquet.
.Sunday, September 24
0:45 The Love Feast, Kev. C. N. Hauge.
10:45 Sermon by the Bishop.
2:30 Ordination sermon. Bishop.
7:00 Toung ' People's meeting, Bev. Don
8:00 Sermon by Rev. H. S. Haver.
Cross Is Memorial
To Former Chaplain
There has just been placed above
the chapel of St. Helens hall a large
wrolight iron cross of Flemish design
and exquisite workmanship, as a me
morial to the late Rev. W. S. M. Breck.
who was for almost twenty years the
devoted chaplain-of St. Helen's hall.
It is a fitting-, memorial to a man who
possessed that rarest of combinations,
freedom from self, courage and power
to love, and of whom it has been said :
"He belonged to the whole town." The
cross stands six feet high and is a
copy of one from the Cathedral of
Contre, France.
K '
, llidgefield. Wash.. Sept. 9. About 80
memoeru ana irlends of the Ridgefleld
Community church tendered its re
signing pastor, the Rev. George V. Mc
Olure and family, a farewell reception
Tuesday night at the church annex.
where a dirmer was served and an im
promptu program -was given. Rev.
Mr. McClure. removing here from Ore
gon, has occupied the pulpit for over
two jears and will take a pastorate of
tne Columbia Congregational church
at Seattle. They left this place for
Seattle Thursday afternoon.
7, 7 :30 and 11 A. M.. 7 :45 P. M.
11:00 A. M. "
7:45 P. M.
Calvary Presbyterian
Dr. B. B. Sutcliffe, Pastor
11 A. M. "Why Christ Came' Into the
World" ,
3:30 P. M. "Has Legalism a Place In
DR. SUTCLIFFE speaks at both services.
Ve Shall Know the Truth and the Thuth Shall
Make Ve Free
10th and Alder
rCBLIC CttftDIaLLY 1.VV1TKD -Inquirers'
class. Thursday, Sept. 14, S P. M.
Subject, "Reincarnation and Karma"
Portland Union Bible Classes
DR. B. B. SUTCLIFFE, Teacher
Epistle to the Galatians. ... ...... Sundays, 3:30 P. M.
International S. S. Lessons . .
The Bible in Personal Work. .
The Book of Genesis.
The Tabernacle ........
All Sessions
. t - .... "
A dJseassloa of sreadltloss " betweea labor asd capital ' from, a proslietle
T'ader the Aaeplces of the lateraaltosal Bible Htadeats Association
Sunda 8 IV M., W. 0; W. Temple "
'- KleTeath Street Between IVaihlsgton had. Aider .; ?
Seats Free Tos Art Welcome A - " . "2To Collsetlsm
Multnomah County Sunday ex-hoof
workers will gather in annual conver
Uon next Monday night and ill da;
Tuesday at . the First Baptist' churcl
(White Temple). 13th and Taylo ;
streets. L. R Marvin, county presU
dent, mill preside.
A novel feature of this conventtoi '
will be special music to be furnishtx
by a large orchestra composed of th
Sunday school mvsicians from vartou ,
churches of the city, Ths orchestri
has been . drilled for the occasion b.
Robert Louis Barron, choir leader m'
Centenary-Wilbur Methodist church. ,
SO-minute recital will be given Mom
day and Tuesday rigrhta as a preludi;
to the event ng mass meetings. Th
congregational singing will be led b
Dr. Earl R. Abbett of Kose City Part;
Methodist church. . ' "
The' annual banquet will be Riven it,
the basement of, the church at 4 p. rr
Tuesday, A mock trial; of a Sunda j
school teacher on a charge of f allur
to seize nia opportunities ana live up
to his responsibilities, will feature th!
hour. A potluck luncheon will also
held at noon. ' i
) Although the convention is planne
to be of material assistance to Sunda
school teachers In. any of the! Protest
ant churches, ' other persons will
welcomed to the sessions.
The program follows :
Monday, September 11
7:3(1 p. m.. Orchestra.
8:00 p. m. Devotions br the Kev. R
Close, executive, secretary ; of the Portlan
Council of Churches: special music b th
'Genuine Uospel Team: address, " r. venereum;
in the Sunday school" br Ir. Thotaaa J.- Ti f
lers. pastor of the Kirst Baptist church. : I
Tuesday, SeptemtMr f I
10:00 a. m. Devotional service led b,
the Rev. W. 8. Crockett, pastor, of the Ea-j
Side Christian church : address, "The Pnu 1
bilities of the Cradle Rotl" by Mrs. B. Ks
I-tuRois : discussion : eddreea, ' "The Hoeae li
partment in Action" by the Rev. A. J. Waij
otOtefon City; discussion. ; . 3
12 p. in. Potluck " lunch followed by ope '
discussion on "How to Observe Decision Day
Discussion led by the Rev. H. F. tilven, pes
tor of the First Cnited Presbyterian church. H
1 :S0 p. m.i-Sonc service; address, "Rail
Day in the Sunday Kchool" by A. K. Iarimf
of the T. U. C. A. ; address, "Is Bunds,
School Music a Failure T" by Dr. J. W. Mm
Michael of .Westminster Presbyterian churcl
2 :S0 p. m.Businesa session, rncluding rt .
ports of committees and county officers. '
8H)0 p. m. Debate: Resolved, "That th;
Sunday School Superintendent is in a Rut;
Affirmative by the Rev. J. B. Harris of tH
First Methodist chnrch. South and Mrs. M. 1
Meaehen of the First Christian church. Neat
tive by A. F. BRtner. reliaious , education)
director of Westminster Presbyterian rhurc
and Mrs. E. O. Shepherd of the Third Vntte
Brethren church. Open . discussion to follow.
4:00 p. m Address: "The -Real Mission r
the Scripture" by Dr. J. J. Staub, pastor .
Sunnyside Cortcrecational ebureb. ' I
0:O p. m.-T Banquet and mock trial c5
Sunday schooi teacher. Dr. Norman K. Tull
presidinc. Dc. tieorye II. Tourfs. proaecuUn
attornev: the Rev. H. F. Given, defense a-
tome ; and B. A. Thaster.j
Sunday school.
7:30 p. tn. Orchestra.
8 :00 n. m.SmiE service
led by Dr. Ea-
R. Abbett: installation of officers: solo b
Mrs. K. M. Kunyan; address, "Inspiration f
the Scriptures" by the Rev. J. B. Hsrrl
pastor of the Firsts Methodist church. South.
iLu -' yum L-iJ. ; , i i . "i 'V
Centenary Wilbur
Methodist Church I
The evenins service will feature another f -
the popular Community Sines.
Writ Preach at Both. Services
The Touns People have a sreat.' aerviea
at 6:15., j
Special Revival
New Apostolic Faith
Corner Sixth aad Barssids Ate.
lad by
A t nM.hAaa ' finlBl .ttumluH
by male, mixed and ladies' quartets.,
Services Rundsy: "10:80 A. M.,
2 :30 and 7 :30 P. M. Every evening,
7:45. , l ' .
"The Mission With a Vital
. . . . Mondays, 7:15 P.;M.
.. '. .Mondays, 8:00 P. M.
. . .Tuesdays, 7:45 P. M.'
.Wednesdays, 2:00 P. M.
Are Held in
7 '