The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 08, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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W SATURDAY CANDY SPECIAL! Delicious Chocolate-Dipped Mint Ring
Very Specially Priced for Saturday Only30c Pound.
New Writing Portfolios
Birthday Bargains at $ I
Some of the portfolios in the sale would ordinarily
sell at three times this special price $ 1 . There's choice
of leather and leatherette? and many styles.
Ob the First Floor Lipnsao, Wolfe Co.
Women's Silk rSport Knickers
Sensationally Priced; at $2.95
Beautiful glove silk bloomers in three-quarter sport
length at $2.95 they are priced less than regular whole
sale cost. All wanted colors.' . !" - l'H -1"
of c Merit Only
the Tint Floor Llmao, Wolfe & Co.
.. 1 "t.. ...... ' -
Many Less Than Half Price
i c" Merchandise
Finer Quality Shirts
in the Birthday Sale
$1.49 $1.89
Shirt values such as men have not seen in a
number of years shirts of imported fabrics
and every pattern "woven through." ' Wonder
ful madras, shirts corded shirts oxford shirt3
all the colors guaranteed not to fade the
tailoring perfect An opportunity no man should
miss at any cost.
Mfl'l Section Ob the First Floor
Tomorrow (Saturday) These Birthday Bargaihs
and All the Others Earlier Advertised, if Quantities Permit. See the Windows, Too !
Surely This Is the Good Time to Be
Buying the Boys' Good Suits
And Here Two Marvelous Groups
of Boys' All-Wool Suits in the Sale Tomorrow
at Two Sensational Prices
Just 400 of these better-grade suits every suit
of sturdy all-wool fabric every suit in a new style
the trousers full-lined and with taped seams.
Suits for which mothers' are used to paying much
more than these extraordinary sale prices.
r-Tweed suits cassimere suits cheviot suits
serge suits and most every suit with two pairs of
trousers. All boys sizes. See the windows.
f On the Fifth Floor Llpman, Wolfe Co.
Remarkable Selling of
Boys' All -Wool Sweaters
qEpur Very Special Prices t
$4.35 $5 $6.45 $7.45
Warm, woolly wool sweaters heavy sweaters in
jumbo knit and in shaker knit and colors for every
prominent Oregon school fcnd college. Sensational
pricing made possible only through a very special
purchase consummated before raw wool prices took
their recent jump.
The sweaters in the slipover style with roll collars
and heavy elastic knitted wrist boys will be
wantingjhem for school wear and especially are
they desirable now since the races 'are so very low.
Boys Section Ob theHFlfth Floor
Sensational Price!
Wonderful Quality!
No blouses that can com
pare with these and the same
can be said about the values 1
$1.29 is really a phenomenal
price, and mothers should be
buying these blouses tomorrow
by the half dozens. Size 6
to 16.
Fifth Floor
Special! Girls' Coats $ 1 1 .95 and $ 1 2.95
At Such Prices Such Exceptional Coats Are Truly Marvels
New Polaire Goats for the Girls of 6 to 14 Years th
Wanted Shades the New Style Features
Difficult to tell of all the meritorious features of
these coats the picture shows you the style and
they'lj be in our windows Joday however, we can
say that they're the BEST girls coats to be imag
ined at prices at all close to $11.95 and $12.95.
See them in .our windows. On sale tomorrow.
Real Bargains These!
Girls' Raincapes $1.79
All With "Billie Burke" Hood
don't remember having seen any raincape values
equaling these, at least not in a good many years. They're
of rubberized sateen with plaid-lined "Billy Burke" hood
and slip arm openings as pictured. Sizes 6 to 12 years.
Very Specially Priced!
Girls' Sweaters $4.95
Warm wool sweaters in the sweater coat style they're
in fancy block weave with Dutch collar or in plain weave
with roll necks all with pockets and belts.
Girls' ScUo 0 tk Foartk Floor LIpraaa, Wolf. Co.
Sale of School Shoes
Girls' and Misses' Shoes Underpriced
Lace and button shoes in black kid and calfskin. Also
brown shoes in the skuffer .style, with wide toes and heavy
soles unusual values at the following prices:
Sixes Sixes Sixes
6 to 11 , 11V to 2 2a to 7
$2,95 $3.45 $435
Shoe SecUoft Oa the Sni( Floor
Girls Sateen
Birthday Sale
Bargains at
5uch splendid quality and
so well made are these bloom
ers the' 59c price is emphat
ically "special." Of black or
white4 sateen -reinforced and
with elastic at waist and knee
Sizes 6 to 1 6 years.
v Font Floor
A New Millinery Sensation in Saturday's
Birthday Celebration
Women's New Felt Hats
in- Astonishing Selling
at $4.00 -
New felt hats in every conceivable style and in. a host
of the wanted Fall shades. Just 300 in the selling and at
this extraordinary price the whole three hundred should
be gone in a few hoiirs tomorrow.
Novelty shapes clever trimmings hats that ordi
narily would sell for several dollars more than this sale
price $4. A display of them in our windows. Extra
salespeople to give prompt and careful service.
Freshened Showing of These
. Wonderful Fall Hats So
Specially Priced at $9.00
Panne velvet hats hivetyne hats- Lyons velvet hats gold
and-silver cloth hats 4 wonderful showing and phenomenally
priced at $9. j
Every hat in the group hand made a dazzling array of new
colors and trimmings just one hat of a kind.
3iniinerx Sectloa On the Third Floor
They're Bargains, Fine Bargains-
You Can See That at a Glance
300 New Silk Blouses
at One Amazing Price
What woman but will recognize as "extraordinary"
this special pricing of crepe de chine and georgette blouses
- especially when she sees that they are trimmed with
real filet or Irish lace, or with new embroidery? They
are over-blouses and! tuck-in blouses in a fetching assort
ment of styles perfect in quality and tailoring. See
them in our windows today- the sale tomofrow.
BIoobo Section Om the Third Floor
Close to Wholesale Cost
Women's Hand-Embroidered
Handkerchiefs Special at 25c
Hand -embroidered handkerchiefs from Ireland 1200 of them
at about wholesale price) at 25c Made of the finest lawn and
embroidered in a variety of pretty new designs. All shire hem
stitched. ; "
. Men's Hdkfs. r-Special at 10c
2000 soft muslin handkerchiefs with taped borders full-sized
handkerchiefs with turned hems. Exceptional Birthday Sale
Bargains close to half price at 1 0c apiece.
. Haadlerehlef Sectiea Oa the First Floor
Never in Our History Have We Equaled This
A Sale of 600 Women's Pure Silk Umbrellas
With the Genuine Malacca Crooked Handles
At About the Price -
the Manufacturer Would
Demand Ordinarily
Beats any selling of the kind we ever have
announced you can see why when we
these umbrellas are made of super-wearing silk
with taped edges, have ivory and amber rips, guar
anteed 25-inch 8-ribbed paragon frames. "Prince
of Wales' crooked handles and shank of genuine
malacca. See the window display, and the sketch
at right. The following colors:
Green Red
Ob the First Floor Llpman, Wolfe A Co.
Tots' Creepers
Cunning Little Styles
6-Month to 2-Year Sizes
Little washable creepers for
the babies clever little gar
ments that are adorned with
embroidery, braid or lace. A
good selection of colors in a
variety of durable materials.
Sale of Just 100
Little Girls'
Hats at $3.45
For Less Than the
Manufacturer's Cost
- New silk velvet and duve
tyne hats, trimmed with fur.
silk ribbons, flowers and feath
ers one, style here pictured.
Sizes 2 to 4 years.
Fonrtk Floor
Impoii:ijumg'- 95c Yd.
.New JSrfc-r Style
Our Own Impor'z;onand Special ". "...
Pricing That Real Concern
' . The latest . novelty in veiling
two-in-one liexa go n mesh and. filet-;
and-hexagon mesh in staple shades
and. good range of colors. yr
The sketch shows , the 'style
veiling half small mesh and half in
large mesh wear it one way
turn it over and wear it the other
Oa the First Floor JIT"
Sparkling . Spanish Combs
at Unheard-of Price'
Fashionable Colors
Dashing' New- Styles
An unprecedented sale of
new Spanish combs values
never before seen in Portland. - r
Plain colors, two-tone effects .
; jades, jets, crystals, etc -the
styles the newest- all cleverly
carved at 95c.
Carved Bone Beads Special at $1 .49 :
Every woman wants a string of these carved bone beads and
now every woman should have her wish when these beads are
priced so low at $1.49 ; 32-inch strands and every bead
cleverly carved.
, Om tk Flnt Floor IrpHa Wolf Co. "
Six-cup electric percolators
of pure aluminum, with ebon
iced handles and ' six-foot
cord. They're guaranteed for
-one year. Quantity -limited---:
be here early.
SIxtn Floor -
Tpaster.StbVes, .
These the junior size' that
toast two slices of . Wad at
one time. Just 100 rat' this
very special price nand Sat
urday the day to get them. --The
style pictured I above.
sixtk Floor
."Elcb Roasters
$i.oo :
-. -t . -
-Large, two-piece roasters
as pictured above. - Complete
4 with rack at, this : remarkable
sale-price. Barely enough for
one hour's ; selling tomorrow.
Better be here early, i
- - vgjxta Floor - -
i - ,