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TUESDAY. . JANUARY 31. 1222.
tore show disaster witli their com- mine conscience and aaxden life,
blned death list of 2100. The other, through its gentler teach
Why not Investigate'' before? trigs and the softening influences of
There are officials in Washington, its philosophy bhilds character,
and officials ta every large city, strengthens conscience and lifts men
whose business it is to know that I up instead of pulling them down,
hniidinn are safe, especially build- i There can. be no controversy as to
.Via. iZ?rJTnuZ?JTi-1 toss ta which large numbers of peo- which one of these forces the church
k 1 r-wtiaad. ta
a art raw
Re . ae enefldvat, ba ob.aifnl aaa
ta eteare e fo weaaj baa.
- '
SI UK (Mabrf (x al Pertleed. OMM.
tea areva IB
pie assemble. Tbey draw wun its golden ruie.Detonga.
and the people pay them those sal- J f Perhaps.' in their daily life, all
aries to do exactly what is to be done I eburenmen do not practice wnat tney
But in spite of the salaries and the
ArJbXl in the Investigation now to take place preach. That Is not the fault of the
iion At. kU fiii-NTA-1 in Washington
TIV K. r.t.av kr.lMf Um.. Biaaaeira
Viim kaiWttM. "W-aet. I l&T.i tn new them and the officials
t'mt- frit II icmftcwr
VtiSiTS the disaster, keep on coming. Live-
imiM bniMiaf, B
mm leililiee Xan
nr. OREUOM JOLRAL mm U. rlckt
U men anrtfctakj opT whWw fc Ikm
MMmmMc It ales wfll not print ear
rv1 teal ta ear ai ilaiiila reaaina aaa-
hr ev tael
... . i VFTWPTHTrR are-will aenii art' Amer.
aire wuura vuk. - av , . . . . .
whole famines killed in a twinkling, y, pru,. w va.e
by a collapsed roof today, by careless to -the Genoa economic conference
at ' - ..t aim vAaa . V, 1 Wn-k. 1 UUUCWUCU.
sVAgfaf prOVaVwUfua AAiUVI a WW enhaave
downs of common prudence the next
Then come the investigations,;, in-
Py Cartar, Cttf awl Coonuy.
... s,J.roL?h.....r.e.Ue-tiations that cannot restore life
pn.X 1 ' sujiDA .. or bring back the dead or rehabiU-
axmtk . . . . 4 i ... I tate the lost limbs.
it stall AM. MTU rATABT.n rf AJVAnva
- UAH. I A.1U lUHUlI
All the Investigations can do is to
H :." Of jcourse,! we must be caref uL
Doesn't Hiram Johnson warn us that
if we. monkey with Europe, Europe
might - swallow rust And 'doesn!t
Hiram, know? The Genoa confer
ence will be the greatest business
meeting ever held by the nations.
I I . . .... .. . a. .
Tana BaottM.. .IS.Sf find out which' official blundered. 1 it sees: to restore international
Uaa amu,.
is oe
ita atoatlM..,, 4.2A
(WKaavA aaoiTl
ar. . ... .
lira awilW . 1.7
jaa annth . . . .
iT.rrry WaitpaxlaTl
a r I1.M
ii a.Mla .... .AO
TWa nut apply aai la Oia Waal
lUM to Kaatara paiiila famtahaA aa mplh.
taa. Mka najiKaaeai T Uoaay Ofdat. K-
w Ortto a I(L. II yanr poatofftBa
atanrytaar affkia. 1 at 2 -Mat ataatra vtn
ir 1 ' Mk U nmlttaaraa panbta ta
IV. Jaunal rasUahias CaawaaA Fartlaad.
Oaa aasr. Jf
Sn awntha...., 1.7
Tana BMaiha... 1.00
On yaw......
which official was in collusion with exchange, revitalize Eurqpean credit.
the builders, which official drew a get European economic resources In
salary for which he gave nothing in motion so-there will be European
return. x I markets for American farm products
. There lean be no excuse for the and manufactured goods, and incl-
Knlckerbocker disaster. Proper en-1 dentally get Europe in position to
gineering skill, if applied when the pay us the 110.000.000,000 and in
buildins; ! was under construction, I terest that she owes us.
could have made it safe: The city
of Washington paid for just that
thing, but what it got was its dis
aster and its dead.
... ,
Waaa Co4 iiliajiil aaama Wtae Hk
Wraiaa, n 4td ao ialaaA to . gaanjnlaa
- 1 ' " '
Senoa Conference the Key to the Situ
ation in Which the' World, at Wit's
End. Finds Itself JIo Nation Un
V affected and No Nation Can With -.
, Saf ety Befraln From - Making H
-the Most of This-, Attempt to ; '
. Bring Back Peace and Pros- "
' perity the World Over. -
But we must take no chances. If
we sent an American representative
over there, we might get hooked.
Might not, those wily diplomats at
Genoa decide to set aside the Ameri
can constitution and annex the Unit
ed. States to Canada?
rpHERB was a railroad wreck at J If, instead of an "observer," we
L Celilo December 1. The conduc-1 gent a real representative, might he
tor and engineer of No. 12 were dis- not pledge us to the payment of the
missed, and are now without work. German reparations and to the re
The report of the public service com- demption of Soviet paper money?
mission phows that they were not Worse still, might he not pledge us
alone at fault, if at fault at all. In to "shed rich American blood and
view of I that report, should these billions of American treasure" for
men not be restored to their posi- the restoration of William Hohen
tlons? If the contributing mistakes zollern and Kaiser Carl?
of others are to be condoned, why Perish the thought! We must be
not also overlook the errors of Con- careful about these conferences In
doctor J. A. Allison and Engineer Europe. And, in doing so, we have
Thomas Allen?
' ' Frwa tha waaVhutaa BinU
The heat of the French situation vffl
be omewht cooled h March, and
France will be found In attendance at
Genoa with the rest of the powers. The
question Is not. whether or not France
will be represented bat whether or: not
America -will be represented. As .the
invitation to attend has been extended
to America and as Queationa ot vital
importance to America will be discussed
and settled, it would seem natural for
.Vmerica. to take an active Dart. The
burden; of proof is en those advising
keeping oat Of course, there is anxiety
on tne part of some concerning - the
political effect of sanctioning American
panicipauon in European alfairs. but
the American people have beem learning
something about .world, interdependence
in the last six month, if the question
of participation in the Genoa economic
conference were left to the American
people, the people would say participate.
America look the lead in calling
conference on reduction of armament
and the Pacific situation. Thia confer
ence has certainly concerned itself with
world affairs. Can America consistently
refuse to take part in a more important
conference called by other powers?
a a -
The necessty of a great economic con
ference to straighten the tangles of
Europe has become more 'and more ap
parent. : The Versailles peace infer
ence did really settle a lot of political
Questions; it may have done i seme
political injustices, but it righted a great
taany political wrongs,-' It did notsolve
the economic situation. Economic tangles
after the war were inevitable. The y er
sailles conference, resulting in new
political divisions, ' created rather than
solved economic problems. Europe hat
gone along to a point where it see
that the tangle must be unsnarled. Per
haps a great economic conference sooner
than this would, have been prematura
In hardship, in sorrow, the European
nations are now ready.
a a i
Some of the questions to be taken up
at the Genoa conference will be: Public
finance and national expenditure (in
would do. and he did It. How long wiQ
it take to make the majority of our vot
ers Bolshevists, with Our legislative offi
cers ignoring honesty and uprightness TJ
To quote from your editorial m Cine
Journal of January 11; "The morals of
government rarely if ever rise higher
than the morals of the people. VI tn kind
put up with the silly Institution- of war
torougn 10,000 years of written history
because in their massed Ignorance they
did not realise that war ia a moral crime
and an economic tragedy. --. .
And yet Debs was sent to prison for
10 years foe his attitude. When we are
guaranteed the right of free speech 1
don't think: Newberry would grant the
wilful 41 who ; voted against him tree
speech. - He would give them eternity in
abeol If he was , the trial Judge. -
. Cum, Tux.
Here . Pronounced One ' of- Three, . That
Should Be FouKht Hardest.
Portland. Jan. 29. To 'the Editor of
The Journal Your editorial of January
2S suggests aa inquiry as to the cause
and prevalence of heart disease. - To the
physician or layman who baa read the
works of -Alfred Foamier, the cause of
locomotor ataxia, softening ot the brain,
heart disease, and many other chronic
diseases affecting the nervous system.
heart and blood vessels and digestive
apparatus appears plain.' A. S. Warthln,
the greatest pathologist In AmertPs. and
who has been a teacher at the University
of Michigan (Ann Arbor) for years, has
found and demonstrated the spirochete
of syphilis in the heart muscle in a great
majority of cases where autopsy was
performed. . on those dying of heart
Syphilis, tuberculosis and alcohol have
been well described as the three greatest
plagues of society. Alcohol has been
legislated out of the United States, tuber
culosis has been legislated out of the
city limits, but false modesty prevents
an educational campaign from being car
ried on against syphilis, notwithstanding
the fact that it has been often demon
strated that it affects a tenth of the pop
ulation in- an active form. It seems that
it- would be well to put on some kind
of: active campaign to prevent a tenth
of the 'future generation, from being
hereditary syphilitica. .
.A Student of Fournier.
'- - u ; . ' "
The end of the artna conference Is
near. Where is the end of arms?
- - . , . , . a a
Lots of tut woald be rich If we didot
have to support fuel dealers out ot our
meagre earninga
Some more ocean liners are "IlmntnsT
tnto port. Probably -skidded Into the
oaten t the side of some so
.- - .
The eld-tima neraata tank ha eavlnv
iouu wui be served.- to mean that
yoatb should be served at the sacood
tDie. iloeeburx News-Ke Tie w.
One never knows the real qualities of
an aatomobile until he has to walk to
work because the streetcar power is off.
" a at.''
Mrs. Aserulth has mm to America tn
learn about the dry law. We know sey.
eraj people in . foruano wno couia ten
aer a whole lot about It.
' . a a a .
If the Amazon army that is riotina In
Kansas is anything like the army of
Amazons that invades local bargain sales
we u be- content to stay away from
The -most marvelous- phenomenon of
this chilly weather is the way very mod
ern young women keep warm with lace
hone and nothing but powder around
me it necks.
a a a
California is lashed by snow and rain,
but those southern enthusiasts will find
some other name for it if they follow the
plan adopted, at the time of the San
rrancisco "fire.
. a -. a a
The mltlirating circumstance about the
atmoepneric unpleasantness Is that w
be suffering the same fate lust now in
almost any part of the country even In
sunny California.
The Oregon Country
to Bnaf tm
- -OREGON : -
Joe rf. Parke of pastdwtso. has yeat
completed his thirtieth year aa Jusuco
of tho Htace la thai city. - -
And now cornea now In artw .that) TetaJ h I omenta of apeiUe to data fr
e shall not rrow liml of a lanr aM Hoo4 KSar eoaiaty have raarhi s 14A
snelt. -Weather to order might weUleara, and It is eeumated that (tot soere
become a saying of Baker resKieaU.-- 1 "'a iif carloads remain. .
Baker Democrav I The tr rwn.a i. .
Ben Sheldon hM L.aL.a Kla ln,.-1 -! .fT-
tlon of standlnrfor- reekon ,0 theiUrTlxh a nowTrrVw'1- V"
H-gisiatTire. and promisee to threeh out I a,.--. " . - -
the Tltal fixh aoesUoo ones aa4 for all. th. ea aT ton.
Medford Sua. I .aZZT. - aae oa-Mto4
EriUlnDoints In It death, fm. aiwl Uo" their IXX.OM tamsaa. .
holism In New York and says that to. The naaaas of ZS wbm ara Ia-uda4
whax the prohibition law doe. All I the baa. of roe tasnaxora of Oiataoo
wrong ! That ta what fereeklng Lh Uw I eownty saiociod by the coawty court aa
oe. L. u rand e observer. - leugiwe for Jury 4 sty dims nil. .
.It is a tone Uml hefc , . Ir.'.ff eTnh - Me-
hare a whack at Orecon'i Newbern I ZLaa3 ZZZL.ZrZ- ?TT?
U SO StsnReld and McNarr look I w . ." vTl.
a chance on their forfnxtlne. a lot l oonnnsoe tats
wute tsivsw vr rrauwm
FW weeks
Seaside snada a autoMaaital
during the year 1KJ, IU oew raIWona
oatng conatrwcied and coatracla tot tor
civic Improreroanu asaounucx u.
Oregon veterans will in a fe
receive their ad lusted ramwi
and thia Is one expense that the masses
demanded and were a-lad tn imiimh
Oregon was always first when It was I Kntarpriao has decided to raoanae e:
a rawer ot justice, lliiuooro Argus.
If for no other reason than from the
standpoint of health, one would think
that several of Dallas' parents would
The Kast Oreroa Lumber ootwpany at
decided to raearae m.
both la tha anal aa4 Lkv.
This tneaas work tor lit
Random Observations About Town
aitona at
glng camp,
more men.
Matthew Thompson Pattoa died at his
heme in Piiim . . .
prevent their eons and daughters roam-1 Tuesday, lie -rosui tli plataV ta ikTi
in around Ute at night. Nobody but and had 1 1 oiUit iir i!TrJ ai
Kdlaon or a cross baby can ret along died staee iml
on four or five hours' sleep. Polk Coun-1 r n .
ty itemuer. I rati. aaxaa
. aiannua, nua. on
KTlaf PTI" rilS Checks
ia irtJand. also U wasted la oaiem
the same charge.
Miss Florence Coffin of Portland and
Miss Margaret Morris of Springfield
will leave shortly for San Francisco,
whence they will sail on the Maui. Feb
ruary S, for Honolulu. They will re
turn February 22.
a a a
Kdward Welnstein. Isobal Gilbaugh
and Jacob Winkler of the Lipman &
Wolfe firm will leave shortly on their
regular buying trip to France and other
countries of Europe.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Osborn of Eu-
Citizen of ' Paisley Predicts Desirable
Changes in Road Plans.
. Paisley, Jan.- 25. To the Editor of
The Journal I have Just read your
editorial comment on the new slogan 1 gene will leave shortly for a trip to
Europe. While there they will take in
adopted by the Lake County Chamber
of Commerce. If you will read the list the Passion play at Oberammergau.
oc xoaas aesignatea oy tse state roaa
oommisslon as the primary and second-
the highest precedent: Turkey will eluding the balancing of budgets), cur-1 of regon you may perhaps
;More U Involved than posIUon. for send no representative to Genoa. "9 Tor Lake, county VDaviT and hYr'aauVht
Mrs. T. Lv Davis of Corvallis U visit
L. and
the men. There Is a principle at Turkey will remain discreetly and
stake. It is the great principle of safely aloof.
Justice and the square deal. Turkey and the United . States pru-
The report of the publlo service dently remained out of ithe , League
commission shows that train No. 17, of Nations. Turkey and the United
west bound, should -not have been State in their international policy
routed against the current of traffic are as sound and safe as the rock
on the east track. That routing was I of ages
the primary cause of the accident.
The ' Eugene Chamber of Com
DRAlSiJ and bannv Dh rases are one
thing. Aid is another. , The laU The conductor and engineer ot No. 12
tar U far more substantial and help-l had nothing to do with that routing.! merce is preparing to. raise a promo- I cessation of propaganda, recognition ot
Danas oi issue, . commercial relations 1 : . ua.,j. j
(including tariffs and Import and export v,n. rv. . T.-.iifaT,ia
reflations). transirtation, legal guar- Uatweei Bend and - Klamath Falls Is
auwes lor reestaousmng commerce, ana lm ,nrimary -road, a road
tecuuicai assistance tor imemzuomu re- jv,.. :- v . traveled usually not to
, ZZZ,r" . I exceed four months tt . any One year.
tenance of peace and the restoration of
confidence. This item will be pointed
principally at Russia, but, in lesser de
gree, at other states. It will include
matters mentioned in the invitation to
and leads nowhere except into the moun
tains and wOl never be used as a high
way between Oregon and California. -
But Lake county is waking up, and 1
through the reorganized Liaxe county
Chamber of Commerce at least this one Mrs. John Chambers and her daugh-
Leonard Davis, and her daughter, Mrs.
Earl Webster.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. George Todd of Portland
are . entertaining their old-time friends,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mlllertng and daugh
ter of La Grande.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Clark of Hood
River are spending a day or so in Port-
- cessa? Helen ofThe Dalle. are visiting at
ful to the man who, la attempting to
earn his 11 vtn g. 't
Many were the . words of praise
from the president and others at the
farmers national conference. Sweet
the work of higher-ups. The tlon fund of $12,000 or more to carry Property rights of aliens, recognition of
uauonai ueDis, luuuimcui ui asreo-
comratsmon says but for that routing on contemplated work during 1922
The amount is a -tidy sum to put Calif ornia n. atj.ew
and progressive center of all that The Genoa conference holds mighty
city's community activities. The Possibilities which the world cannot af-
kii , kk ford to forego; Nor can the United
public spirit in the proposal has been staUa afford to ntuBe to participate in
a factor In the rapid and substantial converting the possibilities into realities.
growth of Eugene.
changed and The Dalles-California high-Jthe ftome 0f Mrs. 1L K. Ehrsam.
;way win follow a line or least resist
ance : that is, througn laks county.
Letters From the People
there would have been no accident.
As a contributory cause, the com
mission points out the failure of the
phrases were cast forth to beat into company to have a telegraph opera-
the eare of the walling workers tor at Oregon Trunk Junction. Fail-
aboat their sacrifices during the ure to have an operator there was
war,- their aid to the nation and not the j fault of the engineer and
br1d during that conflict, and of conductor. That was probably due
'rmers In general. And II must be to the demands of the Wall street
said In fairness that real aid was owners ror cheap operation with in-fc
TVTrt tt A TTTTr T? wanta Vila nn a nnnl t Connmniiait3on test to The Jotimsl - o
pledged and helpful advice off .red. creased dividends. . But the conduc-1 1 Bp VburgUw ,7h hJhwayman. hSsTZJ?! TJTiS aS?
Bat there Is a very good reason
why the farmer's lot is hard at the an nT no 3obfc
present time. And II la entirely with- The commission points out that
tn the power of some of the speakers had been laxity in applying
who emitted pretty phrases to sweep safety rules, that the company knew ism and criminality from gang inl
that reason away. " trainmen s organizations tiatlon
Farmers can produce and produce had protested against it. This was
Richard Walker of Turner Is looking
up the peach and pippin market in
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Breske will leave
February 8 for a trip to the Hawaiian
to ward, becoming the world citizen he so
preeminently made himself, He was a
professok a historian, a cabinet - mlrv
iater, -aniambassador. He wrote books
A 4 1 . 1 - .V. . 9
.aa i - a i i. as . xrani neraunai DimmuuuB in iwu i
exploiter, pestroyer or womanhood i b Ui wrtt, yboa mji addraa is full sunt I rica and South America, the 'United
A From ths Chieasx Fast
Viscount Bryce, who died in London I islands.
on Sunday, was a liylna- embodiment
of Great Britain as a world power. He I M. L. Case and sons, Lawrence and
was an Englishman born in Ireland of Lonnie, are here from Heppner and are
Scotch, parents ; which was his first step I visiting Portland mends.
Mrs. Agnes Folsom of this city left
Saturday from New York city for a trip
to the Holy Land.
or bunko steerer.
Yet, if left to his own devices.
many a boy of today learns rowdy-
aocoapanj tbs ooctribatioa. )
Portland Citizen Denounces All New
berry Support; the Senator's Reply!
Herewith is . published the text of
letter addressed to Senator McNary by
There, are several Influences good IE. W. Eastman of Portland concerning;
Yet for him. The first is a home where McNary's vote to support of seating
States, the countries which had. com
posed the Holy-: Roman Empire; and he
finally rounded' out his career by a
close-up study of all democracies.
He war thus of the class which is
now, we fear, wearing thin that class
of the broad-viaioned, comprehending
British intellectuals who have for so
R.'R. Adams
of Salem is at the
..a i ii,.. anaaVaa la nrincloal contributory canse
an fiwiavv i w - . i lur uxiii. xuc xubi 13 a uuuio wucrc i - ; r' " .-J ( i . ,v I
If they have marUU they can -11 It waaAhe company, not Engineer reverence for sacred things is taught fe
ineir products m a juvuv. a i . "" i ajia tne nana ot aiiecuon noias tne
Mr. and MrS- A. C. Wilson of Leb
anon are sojourning at the Seward.
K a a . a
D. F. Casey of Astoria is registered
at the ' Seward. ,
a a a
Mrs. Roy Graves is here from Sheri-
good feeling between his own- country
and the United States, and his work will
continue to be so now that he Is gone.
His book on the American Common
wealth is the best existing estimate of I
our Institutions from the viewpoint of an
have markets theLean stay on the orougnt on tnis general laxity. But rod of discipline. Dear Senator: I dont see how the
farm and thiTcanwn their own they were made the goats. The Boy Scout movement. may al-??lL ?n
hemea But If they are without mar-1 The commission points out that it I most be named second. Boy stuff m his nefarious methods ta gaining a
ksts they produce at a loss, they I was the custom to move trains out is the only stuff in the world from seat in the United States senate. - It
caanot afford to stay on the farms I verbal orders. The "fired" engineer which men can be made." reads a wa another Stephenson and- Lorimer I outsider; and m. his service as amhae-
and the, cannot own l.btr - and conductor had no authority line of Boy Scout literature fXwslahTi much
chlnery, employ men and do the to cause the moving of trains on One finds polite and chivalrous footing, but it is another way of doing in common with Britain
other thlnga that farmers are ex- verbal orders. Only higher-ups could Boy Scouts. He encounters studious the same thing. James Bryce used o tell with great
Pectea to CO. I ao tnat. But tne comoanv declared and fun-lovine Boy Scouts. He dis- Jones, coran, larwueue et at were i r-.iish n inrli-!i,Titfrt.nivi ,ih v
Boy ngnt. i tnougnt you were a progressive uiustrated the deep intelligence of
R. 8. Hamilton of Bend Is In Portland
on business.
a a a
S. H. Arbuthnot of More Is transacting
business in Portland.
.1M..thoud rabWu were hilled Sew
oay in a drive along the WaUula-Ato
talla sector near Walla Walla.
ataOCOrtHS5 10 rport of G W. Gaston,
r,,--: toe grade
Clyde M. McKay of Bend la registered
at the Multnomah. Recent advances la
the prices Of wool and aheen and tha
loans mada lh. vnam., uk
- - - awva- ... . . . ... . . ' ,imi ad
men nave created a more optimistic ,,'J2 n, " hl chooi
feeling in Eastern Oregon. Mr. McKay ' Pia-
lys. ana tne outlook for HZi is brighter. I " ana uounty Fair
a a a i was roonranised at a meeting
Henry Thlele. manaeer of the Cnlom- I surr nd decision reached ta hold
hla Gorge hotel, is registered at the rcler 'ir Dext f" than ever before.
Multnomah hotel. Mr. Thlele reports the . WalU county has been divided
Ice on the Columbia highway U being Ullt.i4 nmunjtiea for the purpose et
blasted out by workmen, but that it f??-! ,tvTtocit to
wui take a long time to clear It unless tam bur move-
warmer weather comes soon. 1
a a a I " -rowus aro VWieTltly Mht
Mr. and Mra L. Snodrrass are rerte- by Tmoom burglars. Henry Ochls-
tered at the Multnomah from La Grande I V.J ZL.rrv?rvln .I- 5"- alaep he
Mr. Snod grass manager the Sotnmers 0f 7L oa UJea robbed
hotel and has forgotten the cares of c ar wm - --
hotel life to visit his friends ta the city. WsJlaWtoiSSf.i?f.t?
Clarence K ester ot Springfield is here i nil of wh CXTZ ZT x
on business. I nMKm. '-"www
Mr. and Mra F. M. Johnson of La I .v. rz.fn'1 1 taxpayere te en lot a
Grande are visiting Portland frienda. STfmarail ?S iT-tV?" ?amr r
a a a i -77 , awet railway
Mr. and Mra Orin Anderson of Albany JTf,! , ."Jfl JDaid has decided la
are business visitors in Portland. I ' TT " '
I - i-auihamua, the cannery man
R. S. Hamilton of Bend Is meeting ?r S""1, "d Puyallon, tnUmatea that
old-time friends in Portland. DrLcftl4.1u. next leo.
a a a I aVTi i. J""" -utoo btates aenator
ii. S. Wright of Toledo is a guest I Poindexter,
of the Portiand. I ..r. button narrowly escaped death
.. " . ?1 ErZJX ? overcome
l . unappeu oi u. a. is at tne i - -v, uinunc un in the I
Portland. um" wmcn aid izooe
a a a i ea v turn rwaiaence.
Mrs. P. C King of Bend la at the
Portland. I IDAHO
Wesley Hill of" Bend is a guest of the waTd VRur.0 .V, SH .1
Oregon. , I and not a single death,
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hughes ot Astoria Li A.ttf?T- J-Aul"'. as been
are Portland visitors. Srannr R," Vfi"4
R. H. Cody of Wheeler Is et the Ore- pI3 w- Buppiger. transferred
ton- - - I Th KnrtH RMa r-afu t
www a T w.aa VOU4 eVaTaeTiO OOlllfMaliy
B. A. Berry of Clatskanle is trans- J ifTff-Ti ocel1, two more ears
acting business lh Portland. ir. ieS ""
HoUteia. -tn thV hxL
ioor of claim for
Cotton is here from North
Paul Lang of Hood River is a Port
land business visitor.
a a a
H. S. Mee of Dayton is domiciled at
the Cornell ua
T aaiasj WUlity UK I Ii hiaas OJ
T against the dunct Ovar-
. nana ox Uolse by the
county commissioners.
The city of Kellogg has made a eona
Platnt against the Keilci Powora
Water oomnanv. aaki7TTL ZZll
F. W. Fluhur of Merger is in Portland ,5, f"" charged for water, for
. . iui cieaaer water.
.irJa AdAm. l-rear-old son of Mr.
and Mra Lester C Adams of Nes Peres.
J,",f Tll of blood pot.oin
contracted from haying Injured his kaea
while playing baakathaa.
on business.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lester of the
Capital City are visiting In Portland.
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Uutson of Park
dale are at the Cornellua.
By Fred Lockley
when you were elected, but you have .... ,ih. .. w-wm.
to laiuv a "i traveling out West, he fell into conver-
my opinion on una wui maw uo uu- -aUon with the brakeman of hi. train
Over In Europe people are starv-1 Allison and Allen guilty and made covers wholesome, vigorous
Ing, They cannot buy products from I them stand up for the reckoning. Scouts of outdoor types. :
American farm era. Before the war I "When the operating officials of But Boy Scoutdom has yet to grad
they had food and our farmers had I such railroad allow regulations, uate a gangster, a procurer or a yegg. J ference to you ; I do not expect it to, but I a agreeable to both that they
..v.a ..ii Aeeaalneal nroflta.. ; aliioh Vow. v... .unu ti t,o .u.v nanr.nM n. I certainly wish to register my disap-1
lUBaaVMi amm a w laiia - ar - - I wis.vm aa V W aV.U aOOUUU s,w OVUl O 1 A V 1 1 CfcaS a'' fcv V1VOA aa Tjaoavu WA I . . - . . m I mjj la fcWAiW vwui uicu UAIIirx).
But a great change ha. come over safety, to be violated continuously, generacy under the Boy Scout uni- m a m W conpanton wssjanfe. "SSL
the world. A few senator dlecov- they cannot reasonably expect to es- form. money alone can buy his way Into the cUUmed -Bry ? What. HoTv Rrhan
red It. They found that America cape the ooneouuences "of such viola- A busy father can place his de- senate, this country has certainly come M oHt. kv .
le isolated from the reel; ; ot the I Uon," says the commission most pendence that his boy is going right to Pretty state of affairs. And the viscount Bryce represented. Drobablv I thor: P0.1 and Plarwrigbt. He died re-
world, that ah. didn't need xnarkete pointedly, and tt Is clearly language If he Qualifies for Boy Scout mem-1 '.T 1 111 I Enhm of the I
orranisatloBwas behind it. tooth and I . JZ. I of Portland. Mr. Wright was a fre-
.. .y mA Thnaa BMUtara ara an-1 V, anMana ma nnnn tim. Ttwlno. IV. .tv tr.K I tr. a II a tt th Matilir hnva -vnt1 fop I . . . . "..tumpiaiin I nnmt visitor to Portland. -Ha was born
parently very powerful in their and conductor but upon the com- ruary 6, the eleventh anniversary of Newberry. That shows to me that the thlng, of inegtimabi, to dym.
..... a I ... 1 I oaariiloiisi enM mnftOV At i n A mr wteja
Party.. Their party. U a power ana pan,. the founding of Boycouts in Amer- "Vh. ; N. BUOn MU,ewwl1-
the party has apparently concluded J Can the company on conscience! ica will be observed throughout the berry. It is clear to me that we need
that they are right. I and In Justice do -other than restore United States by the million and a la new party. How in the name of God
Id America does nothing to aid I Allison and Allen tothelr positions? quarter Boy Scouts, their parents. nL humanity you can nack up ana
"Soma ton need ui n thrones
Thia place tbcj call the nUa of taus;
For abat's the oaa of beinc bluet
InaVaad of sob, let'i hara the ehaanv
T bra and know that now and then
We eomrtimt eanaa a cheerful soule,
aUkes life worth Urine e'er acmin.
Tboush wa loar not tha altawhaa
That was the kindly philosophy of
Frank L. Wright, newspaper man. ao-
relatives and friends and the friends I tLh ZTS
than 45.000 persons visited J of the movement Each one of these I Oregon, Is beyond the confines of logic.
Kurope back to Us feet, does nothing
to halo Europe produce. . America I More
rives Europe' no more. credit, allows I Utah in automobiles during 121, ac- Boy Scouts,' besides his solemnly aa-
the exchange rate to remain prohlbl- cording to official report published sumed obligation to keep the Scout
tlve and allows our markets abroad in the Salt Lake: Telegram. They oath and law. is pledged to a good
to dwindle tnto Insignificance. spent a total of nearly 400.000 days turn daily. Think of the Influence
Of course, America has most of in the state, and paid out $2,000,000 of 1,250,000 . daily good turns
the world's money. . But American 1 with the business men of Utah. It
farmers are passing through one of wasn't a bad; crop.
the worst periods In history, so are
American workers, and so are Amer
ican Industries. They; cant get at
the money, and Europe can't get at
the food.
Tours truly.
EL W. Eastman.
tn Indiana 43 years ago. He' early felt
the lure of the winding road that, runs
toward the far h orison, and he has
traveled all over the Union, visiting
every state, many of them time after
time. He was a newspaper man first,
last and all the time, and conducted
column on . the Denver Post and other
xen xi Helen, a Celestial visiting this naoera, He was a member ot the edl
country. recently said that the word 1 to rial staff of the Dally 8tates of New
Curious Bits of Information
Gleaned From Curious Places
Washington. Jan. 24. Mr. K. W. East
man, Portland, Or. My dear Mr. East
man: I am in receipt of your letter
expressing disappointment that I have
voted to seat Senator Kewoerry. x
"Yankee" is derived from the Chinese
words "Tang gee." which mean. "You
are a young foreigner." Numerous the
ories nave been advanced as to the
origin of the name. According to
Thierny, it Is a corruption of J an kin.
v"" " r. hich was a nickname given by the
" T.u,.r. Dutch colonies of New . York 4to their this capacity he traveled widely. Each
Orleans at the time of his death. His
column, entitled "Jest and Jingle, won
him wide fame as a writer of clever
Wrigrht's desire to see the world
caused him to become publicity man for
the Hagenback-Wallace circus, and in
Waat't the an
Bat wbkfa tha aaa ot talkia't
of takia eal
aUcbt at weD )at brace aifaaU Jaaaai
Wbitaaaab Rilr anna I
I aoakrbow can't behave it- If H'a aa Wt
foand a en
Wbera ha old boearly eartan
Better. Use aa eat.
The folk on there wUl Uke aha. 'auaw 1
eeeldat bate bat am&a
With ana and hat plrikanpbr. aad soexaj all
This world faQ of
of Saw -
winter when the big top came down
for the season and the snowflakes be-
Cherokee word I gan to fly he would resume his desk
vnn an ai frankiv anven your mental i .... - -
r .tt .v.. i neignoors in tne Connecticut settlements.
THE clearing of the Columbia river In , Va7t aa i believe I know them. Aubury. an English writer, says the
A hia-hw-av ta nrlmarilv tha rlntw of TV i f , wonld lworo 13 uenvea irom a Cherokee word gan to ny ne wouia resume nis oesa
. mghway is prtaiaruy tie duty of yoa Would not msapprove slrnifles coward and Job on some big paper and turn out
tne county commission. I commend, my course.- ia mi i, i . ti.
auavo. iiua cpiuici-wai oesiowaai on tne I vvwua, miu wm i. , . . i .
eu as
v t itrv,i 'nr.! foy endinr to the nelrhborhood con. I noon aer-r,td ita TnnEir.nirw anri consequently, ieei tnat x nave no ueieuso jjja-- ror not assistlne them Ik a war the Homer to describe daring feats. He
It c.nb..taud without iea odn- trovers oyer the Mission church announced that It would take the 5" Hi?r? 'willEm Jti?E CaerbigowfaTwetipdo
tradlcUon that. houghAl.nllT1,, lu"dln on Alameda Heights. steps necessary Immediately to clear KEWBERRTS CASE Ushed InWJ. Dr. Gordon advances he ormg stunts to satisfy his craving for
ears tingled after the polished ad- .--Mee non-eommnhlcants want the away ice and snow. He and Those Who Voted to Keep Him theory that it was a cant word in Cam- ILkJZL? SLTj
X re-see, their pocketbookg were church influenee In their eommunl- Sixty days have passed since the in Condemned Together. bridge. Mass.. as early as 171. used to whlm7, eZ? Hoo P.
mighty empty, and their credit not ee. maxes men anuaaer to tnink highway waa blocked by- the snow suverton, j an. m tne nuur w ' TltT' CZTLT. 'a ; "t hu so brisht now. the sky
overly good. In the long run they now about what the world was be- and Ice ot unprecedented etornv The orny SSL Ztt
tor-j v-uriBi.uum.jf came. v ery rew commission yields to tne pressure.OI hn ,t win take na to eet back to a by-word In the coUere. and bets I bar aort of aixh
there be who would ask that all the j public sentiment in its promise to I the beginning of .our present so-called J taken by the studenU into- different I Coae bom the ta aid Maplaa. and It brinsi
church buildings be torn down and I lose no further time. That ' public tivUisafion. Here is a case tnat is sot parts or the country, gradually obtained 1 rAJ
rraei the Baa riaai lam CaX
Tamil Ur Letters of Wuiiam James."
first published in the Atlanta
shows the rreet nhiloaonhee na i- v."
llnaas and humor aad eagerly Interarted
la every phase of Ufa lis must have
been amaxlngty successful in hie rela
tions with outer human bstnrn Here la
one that throws a light oe James aa a
father. It is written from Berkeley
CaL. August tt, ltM. to his sob, AJka-
emier. afaa i.
I saw a mevteg slcht the
ether morning before breakfast, ta a
little botaJ when, I siept la the daaty
Oelda. The young man of the ha use
had abet a little wolf called a coyote
fafl I earty raof-ning. The haroto mue
I animal lay on the KTotmd with a la ai
. ' he aald aa, whaa he wrata far rfurry ears, aad his else a white teeth.
Wa . TT j..- . sac nis jony. cheerrni UtUe body, bat
Id. """'"I x his brave little UXe was pea u made
Or etata ao rmal wr aeaaardy dew. with sear " bow brave ail Uveas living
Jha Kiiay dead. things are. Here Utile eeyeta waa. with
stay be ea the pasinUa. bet yoaTl Bad. out any clothes or hooae or books or
Tha tW, aria. Ua. wai Vrhw a waa, J'wa Jrrl
vaU ef testa. naaea sen to pay hla way with, and
Hew ad 'twin be te read a rene that always risking bis Ufa so cheerfully and losing
. . . 'W't a rne. It just to soe If be eould pick up a
And Batf it drop .tear! Tet. Cos meal near the hotel. He was doiag his
Goedbva JwSLSab nn: -a-ra .aa. - huatness like a hero, aad yw
ha t drop. I must ao your ooy nnsinsss and I my
vara pea, boa a ie great, as oat fkad man bnalneei bravely, toe, or else r
niece ta erne. I 't MM,w . . w . .
Tt aaaaabow Uu. daa't mmm la r-W. W. 7" ' a-"-IT ""t JaTl.l1'"
Aad mxf -The wwld to duTraat aew; Jasaat or him la those green books of aahwala.
waueeeab Kliaj'i dead.? I and I west yon to copy It. Tew krtiag
dad, "WUliam Jaaee."
And this Dararranh ta hla danrhtae.
A year or so ago I spent aa evening I ad
with Sir Harry Lauder. He told ma.1 -There U aa Immense mastiff In tny
with tears in his eyes, of the death of hou.. ber x think Lhat even you would
I1' oniL,on' PB, Joim?deI like him. he U se lender aad gwaOe aad
Zv- M.iT!jf Z . . - mild, although fully, aa, big as a eaJf.
WbAW" 'f ta "Hn. l .Frn?e' P?T I Hla ears and face are black, hi. eye.
W. are apt to think of Harry Loder
SB a aroll and nnmorana fh a n w Km. mi ra I . -. -
m feel that a few European mar
kets would be of far more use to
tim than the pretty speeches.
bare turned w yeOew. aad a i
That ' public tivHisaaop. Here is a case that Is sol parts of the country, gradually obtained j
tha eonerewatlnna Ka kV nr. T- I Mntmar - k.k -a . plain tnat oncy a xooi wouia err inerem. general currency in ew jngmna. aaa
beak where I bare of tea
. w ' I TT, a ?C . i -wwa.,- wnuLuvug irf if the DfcmocraU had had thia un- at length came to be taken np la-othetf-A aeadtn, dt a Bttle beok which I had
"Su r, weH help" la the Common, j If. for the sake of argument. Ittcllned to irritation at ;.kny rtherUpejtable Newberry on their hajwis mlparts of the country and applied i tot karaed te love
j Chest Slogan. ; xnere-wont oe i w iiuira iu ura vnrisuari i ueiay must nave oeea Tjaeni iromiaweno, wouia uie on um utoi mi(w t;njiHQen ,U!i wrm ot eilgnl
Hiy doubt about tt on the part of religion ta my philosophy. ; the the mere presence of the crowd " eOas-Js; I " i,--,!? 'lawa 't.twl!a I , v"0'
' v . I . . , .. .... . ... I . . . . .11 may eall him a man., is ajryUuna? but l koaanr. la - that the Indians. In un.
U, .lionaa man In T"t a -aheen thief I jt u. . i.. , wtjw.
oeophy.; that Its morals teachings If jammed another at the courthouse 1 would compare favorabry to hinx and ourji!" or -juiglais.- made It nrengees-
rouowea would redeem the - world I Monday afternoon. 1 senators from wegon wno votea roriOP -Yangees." and thus originated - the
from vice, from what w know-- as r Fiddling and fussing, however, will nsm "f,1 h .vl iVZi word "Tankee.-
1 Immorality, ,from , ware and from not clear the highway. : LVlay will J . -noa they are. and the voters
ft braatbad the mat Valow. ttw) fleacf
aoaos abeaa
f kriad I read that beok tsdar: 'aoaaaVew
asslda't set:
a 1
Asdat araae aad saeawd to star sitsias tha
vwAaVat Btawl wSba.
I'gedUr hud the book adda, aad olevdy walked
Uncle Jeff Snow. Says k
i i f lii . , i .)
at the darliaat.
raraea e aaaea sras.
I triad ta Onak twas ell a
. liaes I bad rrad.'
A aMmriny paper briaisht the
. 4. WaitoawA Bilay'a dead. .
which had
WASHINGTON Is going to investi- most ot the evils to which flesh is J not clear it. The best thing-the 1 would take a -.hunch: and, also think so,
gate the Knickerbocker theatre 1 heir.' On that hypothesis alone I county commission can do is to turnl nd t they get a chance to stay
';Kaster. : " ' ' ' r
They always "in veaugai e arter-1 mission Into every community and I Hauser. who offers to do. it without I jiewberrv assumed as to the amount of I ti. it's a owt old nr of ettin the I How pftea aaath aoaae old shade trae 1
ward. Everybody hurries to "levee- j should be an appeal for the approval profit, and let him get to work 1m- money spent in the election Is the most down and ouu through a hard winter,) J,llmr . .
tirnte" sfter the blow has fallen. I and patronage of men. - mediately. aodacioua thmg that has been
They ru,hed to -Investigate" after Two great force, are -it1 work in If not that, then create a body lJteT-
He IrtKiuoU theatre disaster, ' the I the World. One. thronrh its temnta-1 with' nnwer to aft. renreaentlne- thel if Ilia mar and nafAPtimta T i.oi. rm f 11 . . ,1.1- . ,v -. . . , 1 T rv. 4v. . !i 1 V M
I., . ' I 7 a- - - - - . j - iv. - 1 wrro aaoa rt uicir (ruv mo more iei-1 -- :'r " 1 a mwrnm vwa
ntngwooa scnooi a master, iu uen-1 uon na appeal to the greed of men. I county and the state highway com- think they -.are w luck: if y have no) fersil be pot outer work that saws wood I . - T"""f "y- :
. . . . . . ... ...... .... . 1 naDnm or iua lnouneim. : we - ev. 1 viatr a inner tt- m nna.. . it m mgmt 1 - . - -
a i.-vuiiiaiiii exorcisms: uuiuences mission. ' miDiie - EDiniea enstneerai . . - . . .. . - r !-"- - a-. -. va mj
'a 1 PWum dlsaeter. the Asch build-I la constantly exercising Influences I mission, public - spirited
g disaster wad the Boyartowa pio- j that tear down character," under-land business men.
pected something better from McNary; cue fer a eat to chase tU tail to keepl nd btwtu. v. fa&. s
l but Stanfleld. everybody knew what be I warm, bat vou'd think the cafd git tired. T.. wberaiLe teJbeJ .
thought is waggery and quaint, humor
ous sayings. This ' poem be wrote In
memory of his son shows him la a dif
ferent light:
' Oh, tanra's iiiflibsai t aai loaaly
Aad I'ai weuy a' the say
Te eaa the taea and eieaa the head
Of him waa to away.
The ealy eae Gad saaa aaa, -
Mr eae aad eel bar.
My hi. aad krae were 01
aty eae aad ealy bos.
I saw aha Is ato fafaat days
Grew ap fn
t ae wwaie aoeaa ear ke a saaa
I f-rr had a tear.
- Eto awher witebad ato every atow;
Twe ear aauad ley -
Te tank that he stbda be eaa ear
' . at f eae aad eah- sea.
Whae war broke wot he swale! ea
Ha award aad sua. "Uoorfbra,
. For I anat de mr eaty. aad;
TaU sMther net as err.
Ten bar taea m eaaaa beet
- What baanlii aad lev.
Bat ae. he dad tw liberty.
... m
I he makes on me the Impreaeion of aa
angel hid ta a clood. He longs te
Tas say. sa leas, the Bcsta ara asavf.
The ennueh beaaka aty heart,
aeu oai 1 at im aif eae aa
rar fiat knew. boa. Hm wtn be iamK
Hi tirao. doat bm swnWat.
I ee babsae III
s,- Mr a
Factt About thm
Income. Tax
nerewtth Is the first of a e-rWe ef
miormlcg artidea baaed oa the rev
eaoe act of 1IZ1 aad ocUlng forth tea
ealbsat features of the Income las:
Who? Kngle per eons wbe bad aw In
come ef fiooe or. more, or gross in
come et la. or more. Married
epopees who bad net Income of
tiooe or snore, or grows lscerne of
tbooe or- mora. -
When? March IS. 1IL is final date
for filing retarns aad snaking first
payments. .
Where T Coltecter of mtoraal rweaue
for the district tn which the person
Uvea, or has his praecipe! plaos of
How : . Fail direction ea Form IMC A
aad Perm lt; also the Uw and
WhalT Four per cent normal tax set
taxable Income up te Itooo ta et
. eeaa of exemption. Eight per coat
normal tax on balance of taxable
Income. Hurter. from I pr cent te
a per cent oe -net income ea
. tSOoe for the year ItSV .